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12/05/2006 11:02 AM

Rules are: no overly vulgar terms, light swearing is allowed.

Story: Takes place during the Third Age of Middle Earth, During the time of the Fellowship. If you've read the stories or watched the movies, or both then that'l make things easier for you. My character, Drakovi, is traveling from Rivendell to Edoras, to meet with King Theoden. Characters can be in any storyline as long as its during the war of the ring and has to do with LOTR.

Joining: Characters absolutely must be LOTR related. Just post or ask in the OOC to join. Characters may be anything LOTR related, anything from something small like a soldier of Gondor to someone big like Gandalf or Aragorn if you really want. it would be better if you created you own character though.


Drakovi wakes and rolls onto his back and looks up and stares at the branches hanging over him. Sunlight trickles through the branches and reflects off the dew on the leaves. He smiles and stands up and stretches then straps on his sword belt and begins to clean up his camp and prepare to leave. Drakovi sighs as he mounts his horse and rides out of the small patch of trees that lined the side of the road. He planned to head south and ride around the bottom of the Misty Mountains, through the Gap of Rohan and head for Edoras, and the Golden Hall of Medulsed. He sighs and kicks his horse into a gallop. It would be a few days before he reached Edoras, he might as well get comfortable in the saddle. Overhead some birds fly peacefully by, it woul dbe nice, he thought if the world could be that peaceful, but that world was not that way. His horse whinnies as Drakovi shifts to get more comfortable. This was going to be a long day.

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12/13/2006 1:47 AM

Taris Elkia an elven archer woke from his sleep to gaze upon the face of his beloved sister Everia.Everia was quite enchanting actually her dark curly black locks of hair strung about on her shoulders.She was never seen in mere peasants attire it was not likely of their blood.They were of noble blood and acted accordingly.Taris stood and stretched his rather frail looking limbs.He wasn't very powerful but like most elves he was an outstanding marksman.He eagerly awaited the oncoming day where he'd go to Rohan to meet his future general Elrond had decided to send him to help Rohan's troops and follow under the command of Theoden which he found to be exciting.He walked outside his small humble home in the trees to untie his horse for a ride.His horse was grey with white hair hanging down the left side of its head.Taris put the saddle ont he beautiful horse and hopped on over it commanding it to gallop.

12/14/2006 10:44 AM

Drakovi sighs and takes a drink out of his waterskin and smiles as the refreshment ran down his throat. He slings the waterskin back over his shoulder and pushes his horse to go a bit faster. As his horse speeds up he senses something up ahead. He stops his horse and looks on ahead. He quickly glances to the distance to his right, then to the left. To either side there are mountains off in the distance and fields up ahead. He had reached the Gap of Rohan. To his rightm in the trees several sticks break and three arrows fly from out of the trees unaccurately. One sticks into the ground a few feet to Drakovi's right and the other two overshoot Drakovi and land in the trees behind him. Following the arrows comes four Very big orcs carrying roughly made long swords. Drakovi jumps draws his sword but stays on his horse. The first Orc attempts an overhead attack only to have it parried and to catch a kick to the abdomen. The orc yells and swings again and yet again Nathan parries it. A second orc throws a spear stabbing into his horse chest peicing a chest. The Horse screams and stands back onto its hind legs before falling backwards knocking Drakovi off. Drakovi lands on his back with a thud a slight "whoosh" noise as his breath forcebly escapes his lungs. Drakovi's grip on his sword loosens as he lays on the ground helpless. These orcs were stronger than any orc he had ever fought. He had heard of Stronger, bigger orcs wandering the lands near the Gap of Rohan, they had been called...Uruk-Hai, of Saruman's creation. The rumors were true. Drakovi grips his tighter as the Uruks approach him. Drakovi crawls backwards, still laying on his back as the uruks move closer. The first Uruk raises its sword to make the killing blow as a single arrow whistles from the trees to the left catching the Uruk through the temples. It makes a grunting noise and falls to teh ground. The other Uruks scream and look around cautiously. Drakovi stands, his breath back and takes one Uruk's head off as another arrow screams into another Uruk's chest, impaling its heart, killing it. The last Uruk charges Drakovi and catches an arrow to the thigh, but keeps running, its sword now raised over its head, prepared to make an overhead swing. Another arrow catches it below the left arm and Flambeing, Nathan's sword, takes its head off. Drakovi sighs as he resheaths his sword and looks to the trees where the hidden archer was now walking towards him. She was human, had brown wavy hair that hung down over her face. She stood maybe 5 foot 6 inches and had a very beautiful face, Drakovi smiles.
"Ah, Crystal, you followed?" he says as he walks up to her.
"Yes, i had heard of the Uruk-Hai patrolling this area for Saruman. We must move away from here with the utmost haste," she says as she turns leading Drakovi away from the battlefield. Crystal had been Nathan's best friend since childhood. There had been almost nothing that they hadn't gone through together. Crystal was one of the most skilled archers Drakovi knew besides the elves. When Drakovi first left Rohan, their home, shortly after becoming a General in King Theoden's army, Crystal followed.
"Alright, lets get moving, there should be a village a day or so down the road, there we can pick up some horses," says Drakovi as he picks out some food items and other important things, that he placed into a pack and slung over his back, leaving everything else by his dead horse. The two walk down the road, silently, on their gaurd, hoping for a quick and easy journey.

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12/17/2006 2:38 PM

Joseph waking up after a long nap dreaming of his contiunally degrading abillity to spell and poor judgment. quikly regainig his bearings he lifted his elven bow and shot an arow at a passin flock of duck. the arrow spining as it sailed clipped the bird and sent it straight down to josephs feet. one fetal tuck of josephs hand brok the ducks neck and ended its life but opened opened up the possibility for luch fore its after breakfast. then joseph drew his might broadsword, nicknamed the giver by a freind, he drug the tip acros the ground in asingle swing but a fire sprouted from the scare it left on the earth and in a green flash a horse sized wolf erupted from the blade whilr it was in the air. taking its place next to joseph." ah sabertooth" said joseph "if masters Gandalf and Surroman could see me now they'ed kick my can i should be meeting the general of Theodens army and his freind, but you know im one the main path and have a duck roasting for us"
the duck took only a short while to roast and the two feasted on its bounty till the only remains were a pile of bones. "better burry these keep good with the master of all true" said joseph with a smile then jumping onto sabertooth the road twards the town. but insteed of staying silent like usual the sords " To the tavern " erupted from his mouth loud eniff th be heard for miles

12/19/2006 7:53 AM

Drakovi and Crystal walk into a small town to find it completely abandoned, or so it appeared. Several burnt buildings still smoldered. Bodies lay strewn about, with the look that they did not fight back about them.
"What happened here?" asks Crystal looking around, Drakovi crouches by a body of a ragged clothed body.
"The Woodsmen," says Drakovi.
"Why, though, would they attack Rohan all of a sudden?" asks Crystal walking farther into the town, followed by Drakovi.
"I don't know, our best bet would be to keep moving, hopefully we can get to the next town before they get to it," says Drakovi kicking the body of a woodsman.
"sounds good, we should see if there are any horses left first," says Crystal, Drakovi nods and walks towards a building that appears to be a stable. Out from between two buildings to their left runs four woodsmen, screaming in their native tongue. Drakovi whirls around bringing out Flambeing as Crystal fires an arrow with speed and precision, hitting one woodsman in the forehead. He goes down tripping the man behind him, Drakovi walks towards them, and takes off the fallen man's head, before parrying a very poor overhead swing, and thrusting his sword forward through the chest of the woodsman, piercing his lung. He falls to the ground wheezing, before dying, the last woodsman takes an arrow to the neck.
"Lets go find some horses and get to Edoras," says Drakovi as he resheathes his sword and jogs to the stable to find to horses trying to escape from their bonds in the stables. Drakovi smiles at their luck and calms one horse, a black one, and is able to swing his legs over and get into the saddle he had put on it. Crystal, calms hers down and does the same, they kick their horses into a gallop and leave the town. After leaving the town they kick them into a sprint for they need to get to Edoras, now with all speed.

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12/21/2006 2:36 PM

Once arriving at the town joseph found that it happened to be called somthing like Endorasbut its not all that important now hes in a bar talking to a young lady he meet.
"being a wizard you know is a curse because not only do you have to draw mana frome the land to use magic, you are expected to protect and help the land or then your called an evil warlock. its hard and it seems every time i gewt a staff that suits me the plainswalkers order me to give it to a grey as the convert to white or black. i made every staff that wizards use including Gandalfs new one. i still dont get why he had to kill my belrog all he had to do was call me." said Joseph
" i dont get why your telling me this what if i was one of Surromans minions and told him all that you've told me " said the young lady
"Because Lady Anzu with my work with the plainswalkers i perfected a form of tellepathy and can read minds to an extent. i can also tell that you dont me and that ill have to teach you to show you so i guess were off to the forest edge to train."said Joseph as he got up and approtched the door to the stable.
"but arnt you waiting for some one?"said anzu redundantly
"your right "bartender when a realy offical man rides into town on a horse ask him what is the name of his sword if its Flambeing tell him the giver would like to meet him at the tents by the forest." said joseph as sabertooth once again excavated its self out off the sword. then the three set off all on the wolf's back.

12/22/2006 7:49 AM

Drakovi and Crystal ride into the town and release a sigh of relief as they see that the town had not yet been attacked by Saruman. Drakovi rides up to the Pub and hitches his horses to the post out front and leads Crystal inside. He walks up to the bar and sits down.
"Two ales please," he says sighing as he sits.
The Bartender smiles, "Yessir, i can do that, oh and, thats a very nice sword, what, by chance is it called?"
Drakovi grins and replies, "Tis' called Flambeing, Forged in ancient times by the elves"
"Oh, in that case i am supposed to pass a messege on to you, and man named Conderoga, wishes for you to meet him by the tents near the forest"
"Conderoga? Really? Sorry, but forget the ales, we must go now" Drakovi says as he stands and tosses some gold coins onto the bar and leaves. Both him and Crystal mount their horses and prepare to leave as a deep toned horn sounds in the distance. Some scattered screams come from the opposite side of town.
"Come, we must help them, for Saruman has come!" says Drakovi, Drawing Flambeing, and kicking his horse into a sprint towards the other side of town. Nathan and Crystal ride into a clearing, that must have been the town center to find a horde of woodsmen charging through the town, people running away from them and a select few men fighting back. Drakovi kicks his horse into a sprint again and charges into the horde, taking three woodsmen down with his horse. Flambeing in his right hand swinging from side to side taking down woodsmen, his shield on his left hand beating and parrying. Crystal keeps her distance and assists Drakovi with a volley of arrows. A woodsman jumps in front of his horse and scares it into rearing back onto its hind legs and throwing Drakovi off. It then runs off from the battle. Drakovi blocks an attack with his shield as he struggle to stand. When he finally gets onto his feet he takes down a woodsman before dropping his shield and pulling his horn from his belt and blows three long, mournful notes, the warning call that was used in Rohan, Conderoga, should hear it and come to his assistance. Now all he had to do was wait, fight and hope.

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12/22/2006 9:20 PM

the sound of a horn rang threw the two posted tents along the forest. joseph clambered to gather his sword and the staff he just finiseh with the help of Anzu. "Can you shoot a bow accuratly " he blurted to her as she ran in the opening of the tent. " yes why i used to hunt with my brother in the forest " she replied then joseph lifted an onatly carved elvin bow from the recesses of his bag " i have to tell you my birth name is Joseph but the world knows me as Conderoga. take this bow were going into battle the spell for accruacy is ah... oh Scrop'e. just dont break it or die in battle. then sabertooth erupted out of the sword in full battle padding.
Minutes later they were overlooking a grotesk battle scene but it was mainly centered around two fighters slashing down woodsmen by the dozen." Anzu stay here with sabertooth and pick the army down from the edges and if you must use the short sword strapped to his back.im off " was the last thing Anzu herd from conderoga when suddeny he shoot forward like a bolt of lightning sending a crack just as suddenly and violently. then conderoga stopped while running right next to Nathan sending the end of his staff into the head of a charging foe the head explodded on contack sendind pices of grey matter and scull every were.
"Its been too long Drakovi"said conderoga with a wry smile

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12/27/2006 3:23 PM

Drakovi grins as Conderoga rides into the Battle. He Replies to Conderoga, "Ah, Nice to see you my Friend!!" as Drakovi expertly parries a blow and twist his sword forcing it under the blade of his enemy and through his neck, a muffled cough comes from him as he falls to the ground. An arrow strikes Drakovi in the thigh and he drops to one knee and pulls it out and stands as a woods man charges him with his axe held over his head prepared to bring it down on Drakovi's head as an arrow streaks over his shoulder and hits the woodsman in the forehead. Drakovi smiles and fights on.
In the middle of the fight a horn sounds amoung the ranks of woodsmen and the woodsmen turn and run back teh way they had come. when the battle scene clears, Drakovi, Conderoga and Crystal see teh damage they did to the enemy army. Scores of woodsmen lay dead in the town center before them. Drakovi spits and resheaths his sword before turning and walkin ginto the town followed by his companions.

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12/30/2006 12:27 PM

the three fellows past by Anzu and sabertooth and they joined as well "i see you took to the sword reather quikly"said conderoga
"you didnt leave me any arrows you bloody fool"
" ahh yes but i left you by a wonderful tree with many branches close together and arrow sized. my aprentace should try a little more inductive reasoning or become a swordsmen the trials i leave you with are their to expand your area of thought and nothing more though i do aplaude the fact that you managed to stay alive in this battle, you could ask Drakovi here, no other apprentaces have ever lasted this long"replied conderoga solemly" so off to the bar im in the mood for a little talk money making and wasting also dinner" as the point of conderogas staff shot into the air sending a bolt of lighting into a flock of pheasents and a stray bolt shot infront of Drakovis face narrowly missing him. "sorry that was almost like the elves Rick Blany acedent over the pigion " as conderoga finished Five fully cooked birds fell into the grasp of the party " Dwarven Knob wiskeys all around" said conderoga as the entered the threshhold of the bar.

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01/17/2007 8:08 AM

Drakovi walks into the bar folowed by his companions. Crystal and Drakovi sit down at a round table with four chairs and waits for Conderoga to sit. When he does he speaks.
"Its been to long my friend," He says before ordering an ale. Drakovi remembered the day when he had last seen Conderoga. Years before, in the north...
Drakovi stands on a small cliff overlooking the field surronding the Lonely mountain. Conderoga stands to his right, Crystal to his left. Four armies approach stand on the field below. The Humans from Long Lake and the Elves from Mirkwood, sit camped at the nase of the mountain. In the Mountain are a small group of Dwarves, whom the entire incident was caused by. Drakovi sighs and begins walking towards the human camp. Conderoga and Crystal follow. As they enter the camp soldiers give sidelong glances and watch them from the corner of their eyes. Drakovi and his companions walk into the command tent to find Bard and his commanders and Gandalf standing around a table with a map layed on it.
"May i ask who you are?" says Bard as Drakovi stops and smiles,
"I am Drakovi Nitsena, this is Crystal Dunnings, and this, is Conderoga, we come to aid your fight." says Drakovi as Crystal and Conderoga nod as each is introduced.
"I see, and you are from?" says Bard
"We come from Rivendel, we were traveling through Mirkwood and we caught the news of the imminent battle when we stopped at the palace, so we came here." reports Drakovi as everyone else listens quietly. Gandalf looks from Crystal to Drakovi and then Finally Conderoga, he smiles and turns to Bard, "They mean no harm, i know them all, Drakovi is one of the best swordsmen i know, Crystal has the most accurate shot of the age, and Conderoga is a mage, but a powerful one, not as powerful as Me or Saruman mind you, but working. They will all do fine" he says to Bard who nods, then says, "Tommorow we must go to the wall again, for now we have something that may change Thorin's thinking. Bilbo has brought us the Arkenstone, we will use it." he says.

-----The Next Day-----

"Let Him Speak!" Says Gandalf who has just revealed himself from under his cloak. Thorin backs down from nearly attacking Bilbo. Bilbo explains, and Thorin has no choice to give in. Just then The Dwarven Army rounds the mountain and the elves and humans almost fight the dwarves, but just then darkness covers the sun and Gandalf turns,"A new danger has come, and Army of Goblins and Wargs ride against us" he says as the army he spoke of appears over the hills at the edge of the field.
"We cannot all fight each other, we must fight together in order to defeat this new foe," says gandalf, and the leaders if each army reluctantly agree. The armies charge. They collide and the battle begins. Drakovi who charged into the battle in the front line bashes a Goblin over the head with his shield and cuts down a Warg by slashing at its legs. It flips over forward throwing its rider off. Drakovi then parries an attack by another Goblin, he twists the sword, and slides it smoothly into the Goblins throat. The battle rages on, halfway through Conderoga disapears from Drakovi's sight, but he can hear his spells exploding. The battle ends with the Humans, Elves and Dwarves winning. Drakovi walks among the dead searching for Conderoga, he finds his quarter staff but nothing else. Drakovi and Crystal leave before all is done, heading for Rivendel. That was the last time Drakovi saw Conderoga, until now.

"Where were you? I thought you for dead." asks Drakovi to Conderoga, now very curious as to what he did over the last hundred years.

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01/21/2007 6:49 PM

" In a way I was" replyed Conderoga " in that battle a completly random arrow hit me in the lower chest shaterring my left lung. Then a goblin with a twisted cross swing slashed my chest open down to the bones... pausing slightly to exposse his large chest comsuming scar... then Gandalf took me to the seven plainswalking sages who treated and healed me quickly. then over the course of fifty years i was the pupil of all eight sages. two women and the rest male. once i trained to their level the rewarded me with a floating castle twards the north pole. in the castle i found an undepleatable supply of herbs and medicens. also i created replacment seeing stones for the sages and one for myself.then i traveled the world to explore and develope new magic. im wanted dead in a little place called manocarasa because i broke it off from the main land. then as i returned Gandalf requested my help and here i am. just as conderoga finished the bartender brought them all glasses and left. they all started to drink and Conderoga had only one thing to say "needs salt ... ok i lied two things ... so what have you two been doing latly?"

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01/22/2007 7:34 AM

Drakovi smiles, "we've been up to a lot lately. as of now though we are headed for Edoras, to meet with Theoden. But lately, as you have seen, Saruman has been...making things difficult" he says as he takes a drink from his mug.
"And strange things have been occuring in the north, I Hear," says Crystal after she too drinks from her mug.
"Yes, and the rumors speak of a new evil in the west, based in Mordor, do you think the legends could be true?" says Nathan looking to Conderoga.

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01/24/2007 6:50 PM

a solem look appeared on conderogas face " bad juju. you see Suron an entity lives in the mountains. At one time he was very much like me. a skilled mage on his way to becoming a plainswalker and goining the sages. but he grew impatient and applied many curses to himself deeming himself almost undefetable. he got hurt badly and lived in that mountain for years. an odd conglomeration of clouds is his way of saying im getting my powers back. FAST. also that was his voice or whats left of it he throws it to only the strongest warriors to recruite them."
then conderoga took a long drink and shot a look to Anzu who had been very quiet today. seeing she was asleep he turned back to the rest of the party to talk when suddenly a srceam rose out from outside. a frail old man berst threw the door and blurted out a jumble of words " Woodsmen. army, help . we're so screwed" the man dropped to the ground dead from exaustion. another man in th bar stood "we'll fight " he screamed confidently and another stood next to him " your right we will you backstaber"then the second live man punched the first.
" i dont know whats worse the attaking army or the ideots we have to fight with" said conderoga " Silence, if you want to live, sober up and get ready" conderoga also said but this was louder and booming therw out the tavern.

' i guess we better go help fight " said Anzu now entirly awake " we might be the only help this town gets"

02/19/2007 11:43 AM

Nods and stands, "Yes" he says as he draws Flambeing and heading out the front door of the tavern. He steps into the sun to find a large group of Uruk-Hai running into town killing and burning as they go. Drakovi smiles and stands at the center of the main road, with his friends on either side of him.
"Prepare, Crystal, Knock an arrow, and draw, but don't loose it just yet," crystal nods and does as he says. As she draws back, Drakovi nods and speaks in a tongue long since lost. The tip of Crystal's arrow glows a faint red color. Drakovi smiles, "Now, LOOSE!" he says, she releases the arrow which flies faster and stronger than any normal arrow. It collides with a very large Uruk in the chest and explodes, sending the blood and ripped limbs of the hit uruk and of the uruks around it flying everywhere. As the debris settles Drakovi and his company come charging through the settling dust. Drakovi runs into the crowd of fifty or so uruks. Flambeing hews one head off and impales another uruk. Arrows fly in from behind from Crystal, before she too, draws her twin scimitars and charges into battle. In the distance a horn blows, Drakovi ignores it, as he parries blow after blow. The battle continues to rage on, in the distance, besides the horn call Drakovi thought he could hear the sounds of pounding hooves.

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02/19/2007 6:36 PM

the mass fight started to engulf the town, houses and stabbles cathing on fire. conderoga and anzu stood atop the tavern with their weapons ready. conderoge gripped his two katanas so tightly his knuckles started to turn white.
"Where did you get those?" asked anzu
"They were always under my cloke " he repled " you have arrows this time id rather you stay here" then conderoga took a few steps back and ran forward. just as he reatched the ledge he jumped strait into the battle. with a spin he picked up speed and came down opon a small group of uruk. heads and limbs started to fly when a rather large uruk ran up behind conderoga. the uruk bore a large ax heaving it over his head. conderoga turned and froze in the fear of memories.

02/20/2007 11:46 AM

Nathan smiles as he watches Conderoga soar into battle. This was the conderaga he missed so much. His thoughts soon turned back to the battle as an Uruk bearing a broad sword, steps up in front of him. He grins and strikes. the Uruk parries and punches out with an armored fist catching Nathan on the chin. Nathan stumbles backwards and catches his breath. Blood pours out of the wound on his chin and runs down his neck.
"Damn," he says as he charges the Uruk who swings his sword down in an attempt to take Nathan's head off, Nathan sidesteps the attack and lashes out with Flambeing. The Uruk, suprised turns into the blade, impaling himself on it. Nathan smiles as the Uruk slides off the blade onto his back. Nathan steps up and cuts its throat killing it. Given a few seconds to think Nathan hears the horn call, now sounding like it was on the edge of town. Nathan Turns to Crystal, who now stands besides Anzu, and points to where he thought it was coming from. Crystal smiles and signals back. There was indeed a mass of horseman charging into town.
"Conderoga, the Riders of Rohan have come!" he says as he fights on. Help had arrived.

02/21/2007 7:04 PM

a sharp pain hit conderoga snapping him back to his sences. conderoga pushed the tip of his sword into the uruks chest and uttered a spell sendding a mass blast off fire into the creature. the ax fell in almost slow motion and softly hit the soft ground.
"you right they have' replyed conderoga to Nathans statment as an arrow pounded past conderogas ear into an uruk.

02/26/2007 11:39 AM

The mass of horses collides with the horde of Uruks, the horde falls beneath the might of the riders. Drakovi smiles and continues to fight until the riders reach him. He looks up when they reach him and smiles as he see Eomer, leader of the Riders.
"Eomer! Its been too long!" says Drakovi resheathing his sword. Eomer smiles and drops off his horse.
"Drakovi where have you been? What brings you out here?" asks Eomer.
"I have been in Rivendell and the lands that way, i was actually coming to find you, your King called for me a few weeks past, i have come to answer his call."
"The king is corrupt, he forced me and my riders out of the city into banishment."
"I must head to the hall, there are people there who i need to speak with, and maybe me and Conderoga can do something about the corruption, we just need four horses, can you supply those?"
"Yes," replies Eomer before whistling, four horses are brought up from the rear and handed over, "May they bring you better fortune than their riders preceding you, i feel we will meet again on some distant battlefield, until then take care, and fight well!" says Eomer as he climbs onto his horse.
"And you also" says Drakovi as he hands Crystal, Conderoga and Anzu the reigns to their horses, "We must ride my friends to the golden hall of medulsed"

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02/26/2007 2:23 PM

Conderoga had lunged both blades into a uruk chest from the stomake up killing it then he proceded to flip the cadaver over in a wresling move. the head hit the ground and arrows pounded into its chest then conderoga sprung back launtchind the dead uruk into the battle scene.its over now on to Rivendell

03/05/2007 7:35 AM

Nods and kicks his horse into a gallop. Their destination, Edoras, and the Golden Hall of Medulsed. They we going to see the king. Drakovi turns and looks at the town as they ride off. Smoke drifts from the roofs of building burnt in the attacks. Soldiers circle the outskirts cleaning up bodies and such. Crystal sees this and brings her horse beside Drakovi's and sets her hand on his shoulder, he turns and realizes that he had stopped moving and he sitts in the middle of the road staring back at the town. He reaches up and touches her hand before smiling and kicking his horse into moving again. They had at least two days of traveling ahead of them. And with the bands of Uruks loose on the plains of Rohan, the trip was bound to be eventful.

03/07/2007 3:45 PM

conderoga rides off in almost the opposite direction as Drakovi " ive got to get an item for a young warrior in rivendell. ill met you in Enodoras he should be their by the time i meet you. i also have to get a few things from my castle in france. Its conected top the one i have in the north pole. i wish you god speed" said Conderoga as he rode off with Anzu opon the light driven horizon

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03/12/2007 7:32 AM

((OOC: i hope i can join, if not just delete this))

Bazhmul opened the letter that had been given to him by an elfin messenger only minutes ago. As he read it his eyes seem to fill with sorrow.
"So our order collapses." Bazhmul, the yellow wizard, shook his head as he thought of the consequences of this turn of events. "it would appear that Elrond was right when he did not trust Saruman."

Of course though he could not ignore this, he as an Istari must make sure that Saruman and Sauron did not manage to enslave the world. Bazhmul picked himself up off his chair and made his way out of the house and whistled, his grey steed, which he called hex mark galloped over to him. Once ready upon Hex mark he spoke softly in its ear and the horse galloped hrad towards Edoras, he had only one thought and that was to reach Edoras before it was too late.

03/12/2007 1:31 PM

conderoga rode threw the feild almost to rivendel and as he traveled at incredable speeds with anzu they passed by a man on hoarse back dreesed in mostly yellow. conderogas head turned ever most slightly to see an incantation branded into the horses side the yellow man was ridding. the thought of the incantation remined his of a couner spell but he rather not meddle chances are the wont ever meet again. thought conderoga unknowingly.

" who was that? " questioned Anzu
" some kind of yellow wizard the special ize in curses and hexes thats why he was so fast didnt you see the spell ?"
" no but if he's a yellow wizard what does thet make you and and we were going just as fast a hime does that meen our horses are hexed as well"
"no we are just aided by my magic not cursed hexes are incredablely hadr to remove. and im a purple semi walker only one step and a tragic or near death experience to set my spark and i'll become a god or at least as powerful as one. but nothing can replace knowedge. " said conderoga solemly

03/16/2007 6:47 AM

Smiles as the hill edoras sat upon comes into sight. The sun breaks through the overcast and casts rays of light over the field they rode upon. Drakovi kicks his horse into a gallop and crystal does the same. It had been two days since they left the village and luckily they had encountered no Uruks on their journey. They ride up to the gate to find it open, they ride through to find people looking solemn. The feel of the city was quiet and solemn. They ride up the hill towards the Hall of Medulsed to find people standing around the stairs to the hall, all focused on the king who stood above a man who was spralled on his back and slowly crawling backwards down the stairs with the king following. Theoden raises his sword to strike at the man, but another, ragged looking man comes up behind him and stops him. The man on the ground turns and runs. He sneers at Drakovi and Crystal as he passes. Drakovi, confused rides forward and dismounts, Crystal does the same. They tie their horses to a hitching post and ascend the stairs. The gaurds on either side of the doors look cautiosly at the two but allow them in. They enter the hall to find Theoden with none other than Gandalf. An Elf, the ragged man and a dwarf are amoung the group. Gandalf stops talking and looks to the two.
"Drakovi! My dear friend! Come, come, speak with us, give us news of the events from across the plains," he says and steps towards them. Theoden stands and smiles as the two approach the throne, "I have known these two for a very long time, In fact they fought valiantly at the battle of Lonely Mountain." Drakovi and Crystal smile and bow slightly.
"Come, friends, for you are in fact friends here, join us," says Theoden.
"Yes, Thank you" Says Drakovi.
"So, what of the news?" Asks Gandalf.

03/16/2007 7:02 PM

the tired hourses reached the edge of the elven forest and elrond quickly ran out with two fresh horses and a sword wrapped in silk and freshly woven adamentite chest armor.

" take this you mage and give the reforged blade to the real king of gondor a rouge by the name of arogorn or somthing to that effect, it was what won the war the first time maybe it will help once more." said the elf " i also give you these horses and each an enchanted weapon. for you melady a special quiver for that magnifecent bow and for you old freind i can only give you the spellbook for another form of tellepathy but like al others it cant be read by magic. only by normal abillitys now be gone i wish you god speed." conderoga then sadles up and smiles ...

" but with this spell i can obtain it. come Anzu i fear we will be needed in the seven citys in four or five days me must ride fast" with that they rode off onto th horizon

03/18/2007 3:47 AM

ooc ((yellow wizards don't specialise in curses and hexs, yellow just shows how high up he is in the order, i think yellow was 4th after white, grey and brown))

Bazhmul pressed hex mark on towards the gap of Rohan, he had a thought that Saruman would not yet realise that the order knew that he had betrayed them, he had thought of going to Radagast but realised that to find Radagast would be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, you did not fiund him, he found you.

Bazhmul appeared young for a wizard and that was why he had been proclaimed a yellow wizard though his powers were on par with both Sarumam and Gandalf but of course he never used it, he had not been called upon to use it but now, now he would have to protect Rohan, the people whom he had chosen to protect although his chosen lore was before the sundering, when elves were numerous, it mattered little now, but he still remembered the power of Gil Galad and Glorfindal, perhaps somehow this knowledge would help.

That day he came upon the scar that was now Isengard.
"oh my, what in the light has he done." Bazhmul's face dropped the head of the Istari had truly fallen "Well if it comes to it, i shall make sure this should never happen again" Bazhmul whispered in the horses ear and great speed did it create more speed than it had ever gone before but if they were caught how would they ever protect the people of Rohan.

03/22/2007 6:00 PM

ooc ((i take it we have diffrent views upon the world of magic i might of ment sorcerer their is a diffrence even though its small ))

the two came up on a small castle in the area of endoras they hitched their horses and approtched the door.
" sorry no weapons on the inside only the king gets a sword"
"but the things i carry are gifts to the king the true king'
" then you will be permited to enter with the gift only"
" so you have said it so it shall be " replyed condeorga then he lifted his arm and an arrangment of weapons drifted to the ground. the two stepped inside and proclamed " we need to get to the seven citys and arogorn this sword is for you " he threw the silk wrapped blade and the guard ran in " i thougt the ... conderoga stopped him and wispered into the guards ear ... oh"
" ah gandalf what a plesant suprise"

03/22/2007 11:22 PM

ooc ((yellow wizards don't specialise in curses and hexs, yellow just shows how high up he is in the order, i think yellow was 4th after white, grey and brown))

Ever Helpful: The Order of Wizards went as such: White, Grey, Brown, Blue -- there was no yellow, and only five wizards all told, one white, one grey, one brown, and two blue.

04/12/2007 7:23 PM

Alsont, a human assassin walks through the forest. A sound eminates from a bush behind him and he turns. Drawing his bow and an arrow simultaniously he releases the arrow almost instantly impailing the critter inhabiting the brush. Slowly he walks over to the critter, noticing it's a rabit and carries it back to his camp still impaled by the arrow. As he waits for the rabit to finish cooking he relaxes and drinks from his store of Dwarvish Ale.

05/08/2007 11:05 AM

From atop the peak of a high rocky outcrop an elf stands and surveys the land. he stands at 6 foot and is adorned in grey travelling gear, as is the custom of the folk of Lorien. Aeglos stands tall, his elf eyes seeing far and wide. a black column of Orcs makes its way to the borders of Lorien. he begins to sprint lightly. drawing his sword as he meets the small band of Orcs of the White Hand.

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