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11/30/2006 3:03 PM

"Hurry up Thor!" Crow yelled as he grabbed his brother's hand. They quickly rolled down the hill getting brused and cut as the plants tried grabbing on to them. Crow took a small silver rectangel only about an inch wide and five inches long. He pressed a black button on the side and a beam of light shot out of the top.

This weapon was called a beam knife and he had found it in his pocket when he had first arrived. He started carving away at the dense bushes that were in his way. He could still hear his followers so they were close. "KIll them, KILL THEM" they kept chanting though he did not know why. Neither of them had done anything to make them want to kill them. "Crow I can't keep on running im going to rest" Thor started to slow but Crow grabbed on to his shirt and started dragging him.

Suddenly Crow felt his legs crumble beneath him and he tumbled face first into the ground. He tried to get up but his legs would not budge, he turned around to find two small darts in each of his legs. "Crow help me!" Thor yelled. Crow rolled over to fing Thor not to far from him with three darts in his back. He tried to reach for Thor but then felt a sharp pain in his neck and then nothing.

He was numb, unable to move any part of his body. With his last effort he managed to roll on his back. He stared at the sky waiting to be killed by whoever was chasing him. For once during his time on the planet he relized how peaceful it was. The nice cool wind against his face, and the pleasent smell the plants gave off though one thing troubled him, every now and then he could swear he felt the earth beneath him move.

Suddenly Crow saw a shadow moving towards him. "Who are you?" the voice said. It was a man and he sounded angry. Trying to say something Crow found himself mumbling. Not being able to say anything because of the numbness. "oh yes, I almost forgot" the voice said as it began to come closer to Thor. He then took out a needle and stuck it in Thor. He yelled in pain and tears started to form in his eyes.

The man then came towards Crow and stuck the same needle in him. In an instant he felt peacefull and worry less and he could feel his limbs but then it felt as if he was being cut up into small peices, ALIVE! Crow bit down on his lip trying so make it look like he was stronger but on the inside he wanted to screem with all his might.

Not relizing, Crow had bit through his lip and was now bleeding bad. he quickly jumped up and wiped the blood from his face. " What do you want with us?!" Crow yelled. "Crow" Thor quickly ran to his side staring at the shadowed man still standing close to them.

Then the man walked from out of the darkness. He was a big man, much bigger than what he seemed. He wore torn pants and a messy white shirt. He had Short balck hair and a green band around his head. As he walked out Crow noticed many more shadows coming closer to him, still quietly saying "kill them" Suddenly one launched itself from a tree and charged at Thor. Crow steped in the way to take the hit but there was not hit. When he opened his eyes he found that the Big guy shot the other guy with one of those dark things.

The man fell and stared mumbling fast. "friends, they are not here to harm us. Leave them alone." The man said as he faced them. Suddenly they lept out from the trees and landed in the light. They all looked like kids, very dirty kids. "Welcome to the Wild, we are the ones who do not wish to belong to anyone. Only to be free."

Glancing past the man Crow noticed two shadowed people in the trees. Apart from the rest of the group. "Now..." the man said as he approched Crow and Thor "Let me have all of your fancy stuf and you can go free." The man took another step closer. He was close enough that Crow could notice all of his scares, probably from past battles. "okay, here you can have this but let me show you how it works.." Crow took out his knife and started to slowly walk over to the man. "Crow" Thor wisered as Crow passed by. "Thor, watch my lead and stay out of the way."

Now the wild kids were back wondering what gift the man was about to recive. "Here, you hold it like this and place it here." Crow took the blade and handed it to the man backwards with the tip facing himself. Crow then quickly pressed the button to activate it. The blade hummed to life and went right through the man's chest. The children roared in anger and charged Crow and Thor.

Crow then grabed on the man and jumped off of him towards one of the kids. He quickly slashes and a fine spray of blood came from his chest. He quickly jumped to the side avoiding a dart and slashed the next two kids closest to him. He glanced back to see that Thor had picked up a large stick and was swinging it at them.

Sudenly one of the kids pulled out an old fashon pistol and aimed at Thor."Thor!" Crow yelled running to Thor before the bullet. Bang. Everything seemed to stop, Thor looked at Crow and wispered, "Sorry" Thor fell in a heap bleeding out a steady streem of blood from his face."No you fool!" One of the Kids yelled and started to run away.

All of a sudden a large earthquake started and the ground started to split. Huge vines sprang from the ground and lashed about wildly. Many of the kids began to run but the vines got to them first ripping them into half. "Thor" Crow said as he heldThor's limp body in his hands, "Im sorry" Tears began to stream down his face. Suddenly without warning he was wipped into the air. Struggling Crow took out his Beam Knife and slashed at the vines, instantly cutting them. Before he could hit the ground another vine had grabed onto him. This one started to pull him down into one of the holes. As he got closer he began to see sharp teeth nad relized that the ground was actually a Large plant.

Crow was still slashing Wildly but too many vines had a hold of him. Looking aroung he could see more kids falling to the same death he was about to face. The vines stared to cover Crow and soon the light fadded. As he screemed he saw the same person in the tree he had seen earlyer. One threw a small string and it wrapped tightly aroung his arm. Looking closly Crow could see the person's hair and eyes. Could it be, he thought as he stared at the person's eyes. he had seen those eyes before. The eyes of a girl, he had never seen a girl on this planet and was soon about to be doomed to never see one again.

Then it happened, the world started to spin and he slipped from reality. Still holding on to the string with all his might. The last thing Crow felt was the cool wind against his face, and then nothing.

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