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11/29/2006 7:13 PM

Crow quickly rushed across the field, bouncing from shadow to shadow. He had to get out before they came for him. He pulled his hood over his head and ran into the forest. There was a clearing just beyond where he could escape. The cool night air rushing past Crow as he ran between trees, accidentally hitting one now and then. The moon was full but the clouds covered most of its light. In the distance he could hear the dogs barking and that meant that he had to get to the clearing fast.

As he ran through the dense forest he the air around him tightened up and he quickly ducked. Just as he did a bullet whizzed past his head. Since he was four he had always had a sixth sense about danger. Always seeing it in his mind just before it happened. He ran faster now with his new found adrenaline, he was not going to die, at least not here. The air tightened and he dove off to the right as another group of bullets came towards him. About a minute later he could finally see the opening in the forest. He pulled down his hood and took out a knife from his pocket. He then made two big slits down the back of his coat.

Once he broke out of the forest he unfolded his wings. They came out of the slits with perfect ease. He now needed to get enough speed so he could take flight. In an instant he jumped in the air avoiding a bullet that was supposed to strike him in the ankle. Running as fast as his legs could go. With all of his strength he leapt into the air, his wings instantly caught the wind and he madly started to flap, trying to get as much distance between himself and his followers.

He was finally free, after two years of torture and tests, he was free. He gracefully flapped his wings in excitement. He knew that they would still hunt for him but for now he put that in the back of his mind. He only wanted to take a long nap and get some food to eat. He would not reach the nearest town for another three hours so he rose up past the clouds and enjoyed the warm glow of the moon.

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