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11/25/2006 2:02 PM

We will start this RP soon, look in the OCC section for details.

11/25/2006 7:07 PM

Ronnie was sitting at the bar, tomorrow was the banquet, he was planning on what to cover first. He would have to check his camera's batteries when he got back into the room. The bar was packed, people eating, bags upon bags of holiday items sitting next to them. It was a cheerful sight. It made Ronnie sad, his wife and kids left him when he was all into gambling. His only wish was to have them back, he wanted to show his wife that he had changed. He ordered another "Nutty Uncle" which is the New York name for Belgium rum on the rocks. The Michigan State, Texas game was on tv. Everyone's eyes were glued to the plasma, Ronnie laughed. He wasn't all into college football, but he was a huge NFL fan. The Jets of course were his favorite team.

An older gentlemen sat down next to him, he ordered pino grigot, a fine wine, and started watching the game.

"Michigan State is a power house, huh?"

Ronnie looked back at him, then at the tv, "Eh, yea I guess. Im not much of a NCAA fan." The man laughed, "Haha, well neither am I. I love the game though, so whenever a games on, Im there to watch." Ronnie laughed, "Yea, it's a great sport. I played highschool ball, a speedster I was." The man looked at him with a questionable steer, "Oh, runningback?" Ronnie laughed, "No corner, man I used to truck the living shit outta dem recievers." The man laughed, "Ha, sounds like the typical meat head. I played kicker in my day, but I always wanted to be a linebacker. Just didn't have the size." The man took a sip of his wine and looked back at Ronnie.

"Im sorry I didn't introduce myself, the names Terry J. Lundgren." Ronnie spit out some of his drink, "Wow, the chairman of Macy's." Terry laughed, "Yup, sad a rich man like me is drinking at a hotel. How long are you here for?" Ronnie began thinking, "Well I've been here since the 7th, Im staying for the whole month, going to do some reporting at the banquet tomorrow." Terry laughed, "Oh yes Im going to that too, damn wife drags me into politics, I guess I'll have to get drunk so I don't have to listen to that damn Harold." Ronnie laughed, "Yea, might be boring, but it's the biggest news since the fall of Bush."

Terry laughed, "Yea that tart couldn't govern a neighborhood let alone a country." Terry finished the rest of his drink, "Well Im going to go take a walk around this place, it changed so much, sort of like a mini city. It was nice meeting you ummm..." Ronnie took a sip and quickly put his drink down, "Oh sorry, Ronnie, Ronnie Polaski." Terry sighed, "Aww Yes, the reporter from the New York Times, some great work you have published." Ronnie smiled, "Gee thanks, well I'll see you tomorrow at the banquet." Terry smiled and shook his hand, "Yes, and we shall make the best of it, cheerio good chap." Mr. Lundgren tipped his hat, and walked out of the bar.

Ronnie began to watch the game. Tomorrow would be the biggest moment of his life.

11/25/2006 8:52 PM

Brutus was on the phone with his mother when he arrived at the Plaza, "Yeah mom, I just go to the hotel, when I check in and everything I'll call you back later." Brutus hung up the phone; he paid the cab driver $25 from the airport to the hotel, "Alright thanks man." Brutus got out of the car and grabbed his bags, and walked into the lobby of the Plaza.

Brutus walked into the Plaza, the hotel was magnificent, and Brutus was soon greeted by the bellman. "Good day sir, May I help you with you luggage?" "Yeah, let me check in first." Brutus headed over to the front desk, "I have a reservation under Brutus Maximus." "Ahh, yes here it is Mr. Maximus, that will be room 210 on the fifth floor." The receptionist handed Brutus the key card, "if you need anything Mr. Maximus to make your stay hear more enjoyable just call the front desk." "Thank you ma'am." Brutus signals for the bellman, and heads off to the elevators. The bellman hits the elevator, *Ding Ding* the elevators arrives. Brutus and the bellman head inside the elevator.

Brutus hits the fifth floor button, *Ding Ding* the elevator door closes. "What brings you here to New York?" "Me, I visiting family for the holidays and also came to listen to the president's speech." *Beep Beep* Brutus pulled out his phone, "Damn low batteries." *Ding Ding* the elevator doors opened Brutus and the bellman walked out of the elevator, "this way sir." Brutus arrived at his door, "Thank you, and here's your tip" Brutus pulls his wallet out of his pocket and grabs a five dollar bill, "Thank you sir. Brutus inserted the key card into the electronic lock *beep* the Brutus pulled down the door handle and walked in."

Brutus dropped his entire luggage down; he took his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed his mom's number. The rang for a bit until it was picked up by the answering machine "Please a message after the beep" "Hey mom, I just got in my room, tomorrow I'll be at the banquet for the president's speech, the I'll check with you soon, love you mom."

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11/25/2006 9:02 PM

Ronnie tipped the bar tender and walked right on out of the bar. His room was 220 on the fifth floor. It was pretty big, considering the floor it was on. Ronnie headed to the elevators, quickly he ran right into one that was about to close. "Thanks man." The man smiled and nodded at Ronnie and the elevator rose. *Ding Ding* It stopped and Ronnie got out. His cell rang and he picked it up. "Hello?" Before there was an answer, Ronnie accidently bumped into someone.

"Whao, im sorry man." Ronnie accidently knocked him down, he quickly gave a hand."

11/25/2006 9:09 PM

Jenny sat motionlessly at the Bar. She was here this night for one thing, and wouldn't leave until she made progress. That thing was money. Scanning the Bar Room over her shoulder, she surveyed the crowd. [i]Damn, not to many good catches here tonight. Just the College Football Types. Meat heads.[/i]

Swiveling smoothly in her bar stool, Jenny continued to keep her ears and eyes open sipping a small glass of pino grigot, what she had found to be one of the finest of wines in New York. Finally she had found a target. Sitting down the bar four seats away an older gentleman had engaged in conversation with another about the game.

The Words, "names Terry J. Lundgren" and "Chairman of Macy's" stuck out like a sore thumb in Jenny's mind. [i]MACY'S!! He has got to be loaded.[/i] Taking action, Jenny stood from her chair and eased over two a seat two down from the Chairman's. Finishing her drink, the bartender came over and asked for her dues.

"But sir, I...I don't seem to have the cash," she ensured the words were loud enough for the people around to hear.

"Lady you pay up, or I'm calling the cops."

The old man fell for the trap. Stopping from his exiting course, he handed a large sum of cash to the Bar tender, "Here I'll get that for you, and another for both of us." Jenny smiled at the sweet old man. His gesture was truly chivalric, and she knew it was only a matter of time before she could tap into this.

"Thank you sir, the names Jenny O'Connell," jenny leaned back flaunting her body a little bit. "Thank you very much." And with that she had begun her trap of seduction. It was only a matter of time before he fell to her charm.

OOC: Stopped him in his tracks as he left, fixes that problem.

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11/26/2006 9:58 AM

"Here I'll get that for you, and another for both of us."

OCC: Hey Animus, please follow the RP, I posted that Terry left the bar after he was done talking to Ronnie, how could he pay for her drinks if hes not there at the time?

"Yes, and we shall make the best of it, cheerio good chap." Mr. Lundgren tipped his hat, and walked out of the bar.

OCC: See? Please edit

11/26/2006 12:16 PM

Brutus was on the ground with a headache, he grabbed the stranger's hand, and pulled himself up, "Thanks, the names Brutus Maximus." Brutus shook his head. The stranger looked nervous, "Hey, im sorry man, you seem like a fun fellow, we could get some drinks, if you want?" Brutus nodded, "Yea sounds good, let me just drop off my things and we can go to the bar." Brutus walked into his room and dropped off his luggage; he exited and walked back into the hallway. "Let's go."

11/26/2006 12:37 PM

"Let's go."

Ronnie nodded, he completely forgot about charging his batteries. The two went back into the elevator and it closed. Ronnie looked at the man, "Hey, the names Ronnie Polaski, sorry about that back there, I was in a rush to get to my room, im usually a numbskull like that." Brutus smiled, "It's ok, everyone is in a rush for the holidays. What brings you to the city?" Ronnie sighed, "Well actually I live here, not in the hotel per say, but the city. I live in Staton Island. Im just here for work, gotta cover the Presidential banquet tomorrow." Brutus looked at ronnie with a suprised face, "Oh really? I got tickets for that too, im really into politics. But thats not the only reason why im here, im here to visit family. My brother lives in Manhatten."

"After the banquet i'll be headed to his house." Ronnie smiled, "Well theres no place like home for the holidays." Brutus laughed. *Ding Ding* The elevator stopped and the two got out. The bar was in a rich new chinese bistro, P.F. Changs. It was a very expensive place, and only the rich ate there. The two sat down at the last two seats at the bar. The USC, Notre Dame game was on now. Brutus ordered a miller light, and Ronnie ordered a corona. The bar tender handed them their drinks and the two watched the game. Brutus spoke up, "I have USC winning this game." Ronnie looked surprised, "Oh you gamble?" Brutus nodded, "I gamble in the Ace Silver club, the richest men gamble there, im a skilled gambler so I got access. Thats how I make my money, that and through stock. They play poker, and gamble through sports and horse racing. I prefer sports." Ronnie was quite interested, but he quickly lost interest when he remembered what gambling did to him.

Ronnie ordered another round for the two of them. He spotted an attractive waitress, he called her over. "Hey, can we get some appatizers?" She smiled and nodded, "Yea what will it be?" Ronnie ordered the lettace wraps, and the mo shu pork. The waitress smiled and said, "It will be ready soon. Hey arn't you Ronnie Polaski, its me Jennifer, Jennifer Cruise." Ronnie's mouth was wide opened, "Wow, Jen I havnt seen you since highschool, oh wow, how are things?" She smiled, "Good good, working so I can pay off med school." Ronnie smiled, "Oh awesome, hey maybe we could hang out sometime." She smiled, "Yea that'd be nice." Jennifer walked off and Ronnie was all smiles.

Brutus looked at Ronnie then at Jennifer, "Pretty hot girl."

11/27/2006 3:05 PM

Brutus looked at Ronnie then at Jennifer, "Pretty hot girl."

Ronnie laughed, "Yea.....the one that got away." Brutus snickerd, "What happend." Ronnie shrugged, "I don't know, I guess I wasn't the coolest jock...she was always with the the typical three sport athlete. I just played football and was in the photography club. I guess I never had the courage to ask her out." Brutus burst out in laughter, "Hahahaha....what a pussy."

Ronnie smiled, "Hey knock it off, I admit I was stupid, but come on its over, now let me just enjoy the holidays." Brutus turned back to his drink, "suit yourself." The two were finished and tipped the bar tender. Brutus looked at Ronnie, "What time is it?" Ronnie checked his watch, "8:00." Brutus put on a suprised look, "Whao, kinda early?" Ronnie nodded, "Yea...hey wanna walk around the city, I need to look for some gifts for my two daughters." Brutus looked at Ronnie, "You married?" Ronnie shook his head, "Once...we got a divorce, well...I was forced into it. It was her decision, god I miss my little girls. Alexia is elevan and Jackie is eight." Brutus started following Ronnie, "What happend?" Ronnie shook his head, "I don't want to talk about it, let's just go, the city awaits."

The two put on their coats and went out into the snowy weather.

11/28/2006 5:58 PM

The air was cold and the smell of the city was wafting through their noses. Brutus was about to call taxi when Ronnie caught his arm. "Hey man, we arn't going third class." Ronnie whipped out his cell phone and began talking to some gentlemen. [i]"Yea, Benny its me Ronnie, yea come around to the front, ok bye."[/i] Ronnie looked at Brutus and smiled. They waited and around the corner came a stretch limo, dark black, very high class. It pulled up to the two. A man came out and shook Ronnie's hand.

"Hey uh, Brutus? Yea, this here is my friend Benny, he runs the biggest limo business in all of New York. Funny thing is, hes also a driver." Benny smiled and shook Brutus's hand. "I started as a driver before I made my own business, I loved it so much I sorta became an owner and driver." Benny laughed and so did Ronnie and Brutus.

The two got in the back, pino grigot and merlow were poured in wine glasses. Ronnie eyed Brutus, "Help yourself." The two took glasses and began drinking. "Benny lets hit up central square." Benny turned around from the drivers seat. "Right away Mr. Polaski." The privacy window closed and the limo took off.

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11/29/2006 1:05 PM

The two remained at the bar counter laughing hysterically. Jenny had truly found a good catch this time. Rich, Funny, Gentleman like, and not to mention for being so old he really was quite handsome. It was time for her to move in. He was quite drunk long before this moment and already made little advances onto her.

"SO Mr. Lundgren, I am sure you are quite tired by now, I mean you being a major business executive and having to deal with you seemingly controlling wife. How would you like to relax for the night."

"That would be stupendous!!! Yet my wife doesn't allow it really."

"Well Mr. Lundgren, my room is free for use. 1500 dollars and I am free for you to do whatever you want with me."

His eyes widened as he coughed in shock, "You, you, your selling yourself to me??? I..I have never not been faithful to my wife..."

"Mr. Lundgren, " Jenny proceeded to place her hand on his inner thigh and rubbed upward. "Anything you want. No one even has to know I swear the secret is safe with me." She moved in real close and whispered into his ear. "Anything... here is my key I will be in my room if you want to accept the offer I will be waiting."

She then dropped the key into his breast pocket kissed his cheek before gliding out of the scene. She had gotten him she knew it. One more nights work had already been successful.

11/29/2006 2:51 PM

Terry's eyes were fixed on Miss O'Connell's [i]behind[/i] as she deviously walked out of the bar. He quickly shook his head and smacked himself in the face. He was an old man, with a loving wife, he couldn't have his way with Jenny. It just wasn't morally right. Hell, he didn't even know what was right, he was pitch drunk, but he knew deep down, he couldn't do this. Quickly he staggerd his way out the bar to Miss O'Connell. He grabbed her hand and put $1500 dollars in it. He had $3,000 in his wallet for Christmas shopping. She steered at him with a confused look about her face. He smiled, "I know you do this stuff out of desperation, but you seem like a bright girl, you don't have to sell yourself for a living. Here take this, I know you need it more than I do, and Jenny...can I have a Christmas wish?" Jenny nodded. Terry smiled, "I want you to find someone special, maybe start looking for a real job." She smiled and nodded and started to walk away, he grabbed her arm before she left.

"Oh, and one more thing, Merry Christmas."

She smiled and hugged him. Terry smiled back and watched as she walked to the elevator. She didn't notice but he slipped her the key she gave him, back in her purse. Terry stood with a blank expression. How could a drunk, come up with such a beautiful speech?

[i]Meanwhile in the city[/i]

The limo stopped in front of Harold Square. They got out at the biggest Macy's department store in the nation. There was still debri left from Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. The two closed the door and Ronnie tapped Benny's limo. "Hey Benny pick us up round 11:00." Benny smiled, "Will do, Merry Christmas." Ronnie smiled and tapped the car. The window rolled up and the limo drove away. Ronnie looked at Brutus, "Wanna hit up Macy's first?" Brutus laughed, "Yea, you know I have never been here." Ronnie laughed, "Well your in for a treat."

11/30/2006 1:04 PM

Jenny was stunned. She had had him. He was hers, what supernatural force could have freed him of his cell of seduction. Looking into her palm at the wad of cash he had given her, a tear poured down her cheek. [i]What was that?[/i] Jenny had led a deprived life. Yes it was true she was wealthy now from her less than legitimate practices but the things that truly mattered she never was given.

Her parents abandoned her to an all girls academy at a young age. Her relatives never contacted her. And now she was a single mother keeping her family's status by selling her body to remain wealthy.

Yet at that moment she looked down into her hand and remembered his wishes she felt something knew. Something unfamiliar. It tingled through her bones, convulsed in her mind, and her heart beat faster than ever before. It was love.

Stuffing the cash into her purse, Jenny headed out of the bar, and waved down a taxi. "Take me to the Harold Square." The driver nodded and took the cash from the lady. The drive was long. Or at least it felt that way now that her heart hung heavy. Falling into the corner of the back seat, she closed the blinds ensuring no one could see her and began to well with tears. She truly was a failure. Realization had brought this back.

11/30/2006 5:49 PM

Ronnie and Brutus stepped into the enourmous store. It was late, and yet the store was packed. Thousands of people were running about searching for the perfect gift. Brutus was in shock. He hadn't saw anything so extravagant in his whole life. Ronnie smiled and said, "Come on, I have to go upstairs to the toy department." The two walked over to the esculators and rode them to the 2nd floor. They got off and then took the other esculators to the third and final floor. They got off and entered [i]"Santa's Toyshop"[/i]

Brutus smiled, "I guess i'll get my nephew something too, while im here." The two split up looking for their gifts. Ronnie found two American Girl dolls, Jessie and Maria, the theme for them was Italian-American immigrants. Ronnie lit up and took down the two dolls. He then began looking for Brutus. Brutus came back with a NFL standard football. "Joey needs a new football." Ronnie laughed. The two waited in the large line to buy their items.

Brutus looked at Ronnie, it was the right time to ask him about his wife, and why they split. He sighed and took a deep breath and tapped Ronnie on the shoulder.

12/01/2006 1:18 PM

The cool crisp night broke into a winter wonderland. Speckles of crystallic snow batted down softly to the earth tickling her rosy nose and freezing her open skin. Her tears had dried and stuck coldly to her cheeks. Walking gently down the side walk of the square she truly had a sense of loneliness. Looking up to the brightly lit Macy's Building she shrugged and sighed turning to enter it's doors.

As the heat enveloped her, she immediately warmed up wiping the runny make up and frozen tears from her face. Turning to head up the escalator toward the children's section she vowed this money would be fore her daughter, little Jackie. Inside though she knew she traversed to the childish area to relive moments she had been robbed of. It was an escape to her.

12/01/2006 8:45 PM

OCC: Hey AnimusAniKorSaxcian, Im kinda confused on your post.

her daughter, little Jackie

Now are you trying to state the fact that Jenny was Ronnie's wife?. If you are thats wrong. I am going to make a post about his wife and children soon, and his wife's name is Carla. Please fix the post if you were intending to make it like that. Anyways if you weren't and supposedly Jenny's daughter was named Jackie too, please carry on.


Ronnie turned to Brutus. "What is it?" Brutus had a nervous look on his face, "Hey back at the hotel, you mentioned your wife and you spliting up. What happend?" Ronnie looked at Brutus. He knew he would ask sooner or later, everyone wants to know. Ronnie sighed, "Well, we met in college. She was studying Italian, and I was studying literature and photography. We met a few times and began to fall in love. Now towards the end of college, we wanted to settle down and get married. I had college bills to pay, and I still was searching for a job. She on the other hand had everything payed for. Her dad was a multi-millioner, owned an Italian fur chain. She kept begging me to take her fathers money to pay off my bills, I refused. I was brought up in a hard working family. My dad was half Polish half Italian. He ran a small grocery store, it had its ups and downs. My mom was full blooded Italian. Anyways, I wanted to stick to my roots and work. But, I had no place to work so I turned to gambling. I started poker, then more cards. Then when they went south, I hit up the Italian mob, asked for jobs and gambled against them. I had trouble with them, but managed to pay them off in due time. By this time I found a job at a local news paper agency. We just had our first daughter Alexia. We were in debt over our head, and I wasn't trust worthy. One day I woke up.....divorce files were on the kitchen table...and my wife and kids were missing. I finalized the papers, but had a search for my family. I found them, but my wife gave me the cold shoulder. Ever since....I was determined to have my family back, so I worked hard, and now im a rich man. Im the head cheif editor/reporter and photographer for the New York Times."

Brutus was shocked that Ronnie told him all this, all he could say was "sorry." Ronnie nodded and they continued to wait in line.

12/02/2006 8:14 AM

Felix entered the hotel and made his way to the reception.
"Reservation for a Mr Lighter, Felix Lighter." He spoke kindly to the receptionist who handed him his keys.
"Your car is in the multi storey on the 3rd floor, Aston Martin."
"Thank you." Felix took the keys and and aloloked at the room number.
"Wow 1st class, americans sparing to expense."He muttered to himself and then made his way to the room and dropped off what little luggage he had and made his way to the bar. Apart from a couple the bar was empty.
"What will it be mate?" The barman asked him quickly, looking at the what was on offer.
"G and T please." Felix said after noting that bar's in America were obsessed with only one beer, lager something he couldn't stand. Paying for it he chose to stay sat at the bar.
"So you here for banquet tomorrow?" The barman asked him "Just asking cause you look like the type." Felix raised a single eyebrow but said nothing. Instead looked at his watch.
"I think not, unless i'm having a surprise." felix smiled downed his drink and started to head towards the door.

12/02/2006 12:11 PM

OOC: Coincidence, I just didn't notice you daughters name was Jackie too. Sorry.

[i]"Jenny you will have a fine ol' time here. I promise you that."
"Yes and it will take way those rough edges you display!"
"But Mommy Daddy, please don't make me, I want to stay with you."
"Hunny we can not stay with you. You will have to learn to live on your own, be daddy's strong little girl."[/i]

Jenny woke up to the edge of a heel nudging into her side. Look up from the pile of toys she wallowed in, a strong beam of light pierced her eyes. Above hovered a broad shouldered African American, adorned in Police Garment. [i]Great store security, I cannot believe I fell asleep.[/i]

"Excuse me ma'am but their is no Loitering in Macy's. I am gonna have to ask you to leave the premises immediately."

"Forgive me Officer, just had a long day. I--"

"Ma'am I am not gonna ask you twice leave now!!!"

"Sir, I was just trying to apologize--"

"You better not be getting hostile with me. Whores are illegal in this country and I will not deal with your type around here."

Jenny froze. Others knew about her, but how??? Not only had she failed in life yet now it was advertised what she had become. Filling with anger, she slapped the officer. It was weak because of the fatigue she had taken but still started a ruckus. The line of customers, stopped in their tracks to watch the scene. Crying hysterically the nights wear was taking it's toll. Continually she wailed on the chest pf the broad shouldered officer, who simply fought to hold her back. The crowd looked on in confusion.

12/02/2006 2:47 PM

The crowd looked on in confusion.

Ronnie turned to see what was going on. A women with striking features was beating on a security guard. He shook his head and had a quick flash back.

[i]"GET AWAY FROM ME"[/i] screamed Carla. Carla was being harassed by some of the football players. [i]"Come on sweet cheeks, just come home with Louie boy here. We will have a great time."[/i] Carla began crying, [i]"Louie I said no, please get your goons off of me and just let me be.[/i] Louie looked pissed. He struck Carla then shoved her to the ground. [i]"Look you deago bitch, come with me or your going to get a fuck'in pole through your head."[/i] Carla shook her head. Out of no where there was a shout. [i]"Hey prick, lay of the lady. Don't use that language buddy."[/i] It was a young version of Ronnie. Louie came up to Ronnie and pushed him. [i]"What'd you say?"[/i] In a split second Ronnie gave Louie a clean right hook. Louie rubbed his bruise and tried to hit Ronnie. Ronnie dodged and then hit Louie in the stomach. Then the face. The scene was hysterical. It was like seeing a lightweight fighting a season vet. One last uppercut knocked him out. Louie's goons tried coming after Ronnie, but he broke a beer bottle and they ran like chickens. Ronnie walked over to Carla and kneeled down. [i]"Are you alright?"[/i]

Ronnie shook his head and looked at the police officer. He ran and tackled him into a pile of legos. He looked down at the cop and said, "Hey buddy, she had a tough night, can't you see. By the way, shes with me."

12/03/2006 8:32 AM

Ronnie shook his head and looked at the police officer. He ran and tackled him into a pile of legos. He looked down at the cop and said, "Hey buddy, she had a tough night, can't you see. By the way, shes with me."

Felix looked on in mild amusement.
'americans' he sighed to himself as a smile crept onto his mouth 'always so violent.'
Felix decided that he would try and organise this mess, or at least calm it down. Without anyone knowing felix had gotten through the crowd and was standing next to the two fighters.

"I am the law!" He shouted, smiling at the use of a quote from a film. Whether it would have any effect would remain to be seen, but now people were looking at him.

Pulling out his wallet he drew out his i.d stating he was with the royal marines intelligence.
The woman whom this had started over appeared to have noticed but he couldn't be sure. if this didn't break up soon, he would have to break it up himself with force.

12/03/2006 1:58 PM

Ronnie got up and looked at the man's badge. He was part of the marines alright. Ronnie helped the officer up and held the woman stedy. Ronnie shook the man's hand. "The names Ronnie Polaski, sorry about this. Just a minor incident." The man smiled and shook his head. The woman began crying and walked off towards the elevator.

The police officer tried going after her, but Ronnie held him back. "Hey sorry man, but you gotta let the lady relax." The officer steered at Ronnie then shook his head. "I guess your right, but if you assault another officer again, I'll have to report you. I'll let this one slide, due to the fact that I was a little bit pushy." Ronnie shook his hand. "Fair enough."

The police officer went to the crowd, "Ok it's alright, everythings over and done with. Make your final purchases, the stores about to close." Ronnie looked at his cell phone, the time was 10:45. He had a message in his voicemail. Ronnie pulled it up and listened. [i]"Hey Ronnie, it's me Brutus. Yea, I left right after you tackled that police officer. Haha nice going. I took a cab back to the hotel, it was getting late and you were in a mess. Thanks for the ride, I guess I'll see you at the banquet. Anyways, later and goodnight."[/i]

Ronnie totally forgot about Brutus after the incident. He felt a tap on his right shoulder. He turned and right behind him was the marine officer.

12/03/2006 4:19 PM

Angela was in a cab on her cellphone, "Yes, Prime Minister. I believe the Lumber Dispute will finally be over by the end of the week. If nothing goes wrong of course. I will continue to open trading opportunities. I will call you if anything comes up," she payed the cab $50 and offered her thanks. Walking up to the clerk she ask, " I believed I have a reservation? My name Angela Yun Lin." she thanked the clerk and went to the elevator.

"Hello! Name's Brutus." Brutus spoked in the empty elevator with only the company of Angela.

12/03/2006 4:53 PM

Brutus put out his hand, the woman shook it. "Hi, I am Angela." Brutus laughed, "Sorry for laughing but, I havn't heard an asain with that name before. Not to be racist or anything." Angela rolled her eyes and looked straight ahead. Brutus knew he said something wrong. "Uh, you here for the banquet tomorrow?" The woman didn't answer. Brutus understood that the cold shoulder was brought upon him. After a moment of silence Angela spoke. "Yes, but thats not the main reason. Im only going for an interview with the President. Otherwise, I don't have much business with his speech."

Brutus nodded, "Sounds fair." *DING DING* The elevator stopped and opened up. Brutus got out, "Well nice meeting you." The door closed and Angela said nothing. Brutus shrugged and began walking to his room. "Wow....someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

12/05/2006 1:53 PM

Jenny had suffered enough for one night. It was late, and tears had dried to her cheeks. Mascara ran down her velvety skin and her faced was blushed with fatigue. Collapsing onto her Hotel Room bed, she cried herself into a slumber, chasing away the realizations of the day. Tomorrow she would have to continue her career. The banquet would provide her with a way to convince someone into hiring her. She would have to use her self for one more time.

12/05/2006 1:53 PM

Jenny had suffered enough for one night. It was late, and tears had dried to her cheeks. Mascara ran down her velvety skin and her faced was blushed with fatigue. Collapsing onto her Hotel Room bed, she cried herself into a slumber, chasing away the realizations of the day. Tomorrow she would have to continue her career. The banquet would provide her with a way to convince someone into hiring her. She would have to use her self for one more time.

12/05/2006 3:49 PM

Angela sighed as the elevator door closed, leaning against the wall she waited until the elevator door opened. Walking out, she searched for her room number, unlock the door she step in. "I can't wait until this whole Lumber Dispute is over."she said while bringing her fingers up to her temples. "It going to be a long day tomorrow good thing I bought extra batteries for my laptop." she set the laptop on a desk before settling down on her bed and allowing sleep to engulfed her.

12/05/2006 6:40 PM

Ronnie shook his head at the officer and walked away. No one stopped him, might as well head home. He walked out of Macy's and pulled out his phone. The time was 10:50, Benny would be here any minute. Ronnie called Benny, "Hey Benny, yea its Ronnie, umm...you don't have to pick me up, my friend took a cab and well, I'll walk home." Benny said ok and Ronnie hung up. The night was cold and snow had fallen. He wrapped his scarf around himself and started walking home. He came to Rockefella plaza, the angels that led to the ice rink and tree were all lit up. Ronnie decided to head to the tree.

He came to the tree and looked up, the tree was enormous. It glittered in the night. Right above it was the north star. It was breath taking. Ronnie began to cry, he was thinking of his family. He missed his mom, dad, and sister. They all died when he was sixteen, in a freak plane accident. He was sent to a orphange, moved a lot, basically he had a rotten teenage life. He wiped the frozen tears from his eyes and said something to God. "God, wherever you may be, I...want my wife and kids to be happy this holiday season......I want everything to be ok. Also I would like for the banquet to be a success, I want to finally hit it real big. Eh, what am I saying...being greedy. Just...tell me wife I love her and tell me mama and papa....Merry Christmas."

He wiped his tears and turned. Benny was waiting at the end of Rockefella plaza. "Hey Ronnie, you think i'd let you walk in the snow?" Benny smiled and so did Ronnie. Ronnie headed to the limo and hugged Benny. "Your a great friend Cheech." Benny playfully punched him in the stomach, Ronnie smiled and winced. "Anytime Ron."
They rode back to the Plaza hotel, Ronnie got out and handed Benny money. Benny shook his head, "Nope your money isnt good here." Ronnie smiled and shook his hand, "Lets grab a beer sometime, eh?" Benny smiled, "of course." Ronnie left him and went inside, it was warm.

He rode the elevator to his floor and went into his suite. He took off his clothes and hit the bed. Tomorrow would be a big day.

12/06/2006 4:31 PM

[Day- Dec 20: 6:30 A.M]

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12/09/2006 9:10 PM

The alarm clock went off. Ronnie rubbed his eyes and rolled onto his side. He grabbed the clock and read it. It was 6:30. He must have set the alarm earlier. Ronnie shook his head then rolled back onto his back. He looked up at the ceiling. "Fuck." He didn't want to wake up this early, but now he was awake. He slowly got out of bed and went to the shower. He stepped in and turned on the water. Today was the banquet, many famous "richies" would be there. Donald Trump, Previous Mayor Giuliani, and even some politic driven movie stars. The water dripped off his face, the cold chill felt good. Today was the day. He turned off the shower and dried off. He put on his work clothes and went down to the lobby for some breakfast.

He closed his door and headed to the elevator. It opened up, inside was a young asain woman, very exotic yet beautiful. She was in executive clothing so she must of been of some corporate standards. Ronnie got in, smiled, and pressed the lobby button. It was a silent ride down. He got out and headed to the breakfast hall. He walked up to the waiting area. "Uh hi, how long of a wait for a table for two?" The hostess looked at the computer, "Just twenty mintues sir, can I have a name?" "Yea, Polaski." He went to go get a paper, then he sat and wait.

12/10/2006 1:52 AM

Felix wok with a start.
'ugh' he shouldn't of gone back to the bar, he felt like a sad old man drinking on his own, but what had woken him, he looked at the clock on the bedside table.
"Bloody Hell," Felix cursed "6:30, what am i doing?" Then he noticed his phone lit up, shaking his head he picked it up.

1 New Message, it read.
'Hey Brit,' it said 'We've got you a ticket to the banquet, just a test to see if you Brit's are as good at noticing things as you say you are, see ya'

Felix couldn't believe it, he'd have to sit in public and be sociable, that was not his method, he needed to go for a drive, he needed to see what car he had, so he got dressed in his suit and made his way out of his room.

With the message Felix's paranoia rose about 10 degrees, so he pulled out a hair and dampened it, looking around and not seeing anyone he placed it on the bottom of the door out of sight, then locking the door he made his way down the 1 flight of stairs to the reception.

"Mr Lighter?" The receptionist spoke, Felix turned to acknowledge he was Mr Lighter, "A package came for you, its say from Uncle Q." Felix only nodded and took the package, looking in side, he saw the briefcase.
"Ah, my insurance policy." Felix smiled leaving the receptionist to think.

02/25/2007 12:10 PM

The headlines read, "President Wants a Ho-Ho-Happy Holiday" Ronnie chuckled. This wasn't such a great catch phrase. He shook his head and put the paper away. A man wearing an overcoat came over to Ronnie. "Ronnie how are you?" Ronnie got up and shook the man's hand. "Everything is well here, we should be seated soon." The hostess called Ronnie's name, "Two for Polaski." "Aw, yes here we are." The two were led to their table. They sat down and took a menu.

The man pulled out his suitcase and put it on the table. "I assure that everything is running smoothly." Ronnie nodded, "Yea, or I think so. Peterson has no lead, and Jameson is bullshiting his way through the assignment." The man shook his head, "If this continues, then we will surely not make the deadline. We need a lead and fast." Ronnie nodded, "Yea...is this it?"

The man nodded and opened the suitcase. Inside was a 400mm sniper lens, used for long range targeting. Stealth photographers use it. Ronnie took it, and pulled out money from his suit jacket. He gave the man the money. "There and thanks." The man tipped his hat and walked away. The waitress came up and said, "Just one?" Ronnie nodded, "Yup, I'll have two eggs over easy and ham off the bone." The waitress smiled and took the menu. The speech would be in a few hours.

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