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11/06/2006 5:55 PM

Anika breathed in salty air, her hands hurt. In fact, all her joints hurt. She found that out as she rolled over and felt around. The night air was heavy and hard to breathe, and in the distance were two cold moons, full and pregnant in the inky darkness. She heard a light thumping noise, and then an ear shattering squawk. She then realized that she was on a Terror Bird.

Terror Birds were giant raven like creatures, as wide as three buses (as long as four), their wingspan wider. The Birds had huge, wicked hooked beaks and talons that seemed to stay sharp no matter what. Their feathers were black with streaks of red. Anika crawled along it's back, till she was in the vertex space of it's wings. There was a ugly ridge of spines that rose out of the birds back, and allowed Dream Travelers to hold onto. Anika gripped one and sat still, looking at the gulf they were flying into. There were two other birds, younger, swooping down and looping in the air. Anika swallowed, her nightgown tangled around her legs and her brown/blonde hair blew behind her.

These birds were to catch falling Dreamers (only specific ones) and carry them to a Dream World. Each World differed completely from another. Some set in prehistoric times, others set in the year 5025. Of course, it was present day (2006 or so on) in the real world. But there were Travelers picked by each world to help 'complete' the world, which seemed to have a different definition each time.
Anika was a Traveler, and she knew every rule and word for the job. Sometimes she was able to visit old worlds and meet people that knew her. She'd never really seen another Traveler, only seen their records or plaques or even sometimes their faces on wanted posters. No one knew of her destiny, except her.
As the Bird landed on a small patch of land that smelled of rotting carcasses. It was like a landing pad, the Birds smelled it, scavenged around, and then left, going to catch another Traveler for some unknown purpose. Each world had different looking Terror Birds, but they were all the same size. That's how you knew.
Anika looked around, and spotted a big tree with a hollow in it, food, clothes, and everything she needed (map included, the made her calm) for a two day hike. She had to get across the ridge ahead of her, like the night before. You could never leave the Dream World you were picked for until it a certain goal was Done. When it was Done, a Terror Bird would take you and drop you into the Abyss, where you woke up in your bed, safe and sound and only a small bruise in the shape of a hand on your back. It was a mark all Travelers had, on only Travelers could see.

As she pulled on her supplies, she lit the oil lantern and started on the trail she'd made the last few weeks that led to the big village of Zarkah. They were having problems with some dark creatures, and today was the day Anika had to kill off the mother. She'd been weakening the colony steadily over the period of six weeks, and soon the world would be marked as Finished.

Just another dream in the job of the Travelers. Anika loved her job.

11/20/2006 1:49 AM

Mablung woke with a huge yawn, he like so many 'travellers' had slept along time in the dream that he called the emerald dream. But now the time the action was calling, pulling together some supplies, being his staff, vials and sicle (for cutting herbs) he knew now that he was needed.

The problem was on a plnet based in what we would call a fantasy enviroment with creature not known on this planet, yet to mablung all were known as their languages were too.

Carefully He sat outside his door, he knew other travellers existed, he had seen records, he knew that one lived in this same time on this planet, although Mablung had not originated here, he had chosen to base himself here on Earth, but went by the name James. He waited patiently while the terror bird landed, damn did it stink but mablung was to proud to pull a face and instead remembered the mission.

This planet had recently repelled an undead scourge that threatened to wipe everything out, but now though victory was secured all around the globe corruption was spreading quite why no one knew but mablung felt the undead were just the beginning, he wished that another would come to help, he knew that this was beyond just one traveller.

But, he was abover worrying, he knew he had to do this task or do as best he can till he dies.

11/20/2006 5:16 PM

Darius Enoch Torvyn crouched, crawling slowly through the thickets of the darkened forest. It was night in the plagued dream realm. Senstations of fear and terror simply hung around Darius not piercing into his soul the slightest. Seldomly did any emotion even break the tough skinned Traveler.

Torvyn, this expedition, much like those before, decided to leave early, putting distance between him and his fellow compatriots. Most thought it to be arrogance, yet truthfully it wasn't even slightly the case. Darius's soul was heavy with the past. It was a natural reaction to seperate from those around him.

Ensuring his reticule of his BowCaster were set on his target, KYp allowed a beam of purple energy to silently cut through the trees and darkness sinking into the skull of a a dream creature. Without a sound it dissapted. He was on the right track of the source of this worlds cancer. Alone, sliently, and swiftly, Darius continued on, as he always did.

11/20/2006 5:24 PM

Leo was sleeping in a tree a little ways out of town and having quite a pleasant dream before he rolled off the branch. Hitting nearly every one on the way down didnt help his mood. It was still before dawn and that increased his frustration. He wasnt quite sure why so many of them were gathering here and why. After all couldnt just one of them take care of it? Not comming up with a satisfactory answer he headed towards the town...

People were just starting to wake up as the sun started to rise. He quietly made his way around the town no particular aim in mind. Yawning he moved over beside a house and leaned against it...

11/21/2006 11:01 AM

Mablung woke in front of a tree, not just any tree for this tree was actually an inn ouside he saw no one, and inside he saw no barman although the patrons had got drinks somehow.

Mablung blinked one of the patrons disappered, then clicked with reality, he was among the kaldorei and ancient people that had battled the forces of evil for many a century.

Mablung entered the bar and listened for a while, within minutes he knew what he needed he went up to the bar and ordered a drink and drank it savouring the taste he sensed that he was not the only traveller here, or was he sensing something else he wasn't quite sure. What he did know was that he must learn about the corruption.

Finishing his drink he exited the inn and looked around the town was it morning or evening he wasn't sure but he knew where to go, and knew what to do.

mablung looked at the hut, it said 'En'duly druid, raffet ma di'argo' which roughly translated read as druids only, this is the house of the trainer. mablung entered the tent.

11/24/2006 5:49 PM

Anika shouldered past some vegitation and broke into the side of the town. There were street lamps here, burning with a gentle flame. She turned her oil lantern off and stretched.
Casual glances her way and the busy street made her feel a little better. The people were used to the pretty girl, coming in clean and leaving covered in monster gore. She cuckled and headed to the tavern to rent her room and get news from the tavern.


She dropped her bag on the bed, confused by what just happened. There were other Travelers staying in this room? But how? She leaned back, thinking and staring at the ceiling.
There was a knock on the door. Anika sat up.
"Yeah? It's me, Anika." She said, looking at the door. A gentle voice like rain echoed from behind the door.
"And it is I, Tanto. May I be allowed in?" He asked gently. Anika smiled. She'd known the gentle man ever since she first became a Traveler, the Descider had made him her mentor and guide.
The door creaked open and a tall, tan man stepped in. He had a lean body and gentle curves, a very feminie face and soft, rabbit-fur like hair that had a big white patch in the front. One eye had an eyepatch over it, the other had a small teardrop tattooed on his cheek. His visible eye looked like it was carved from ice, so blue and intense.
"What is it, Tanto? Why are there other Travelers here?" She asked, standing up. He blinked slowly, and looked down
"When they get here, I'll explain everything, okay?" He said, looking up.

11/25/2006 1:48 PM

The Inn was dim and dank, and smelled of the normal drunkard fragrances. Darius had sat discreetely in the corner of the room, for an hour. Though he was hot on the trail of the Nightmare creatures it he had lost the search. [i]Dammnit where could they been stationed.[/i]

Inspecting the flourishing tavern room, Darius watched as a stream of curious people entered the room all greeted by the same person. COuld this be where he was to meet the Dream TRavalers?? Sitting back he waited till spoke to.

11/25/2006 5:42 PM

Sowly a terror bird carried him and left him he knew there was an inn nearby It could take about one march so he got up and kept going. He did find strange creatures in this dream world and found some dark signs he started going faster so he wouldn't get caught by whatever was there.

He knew of the meeting but could he be too late? this ran through his mind along with other thoughts. Later he finally got to the inn, he noticed someone announcing something he went into the crowd and sat on a nearby table, waiting. He noticed he was at the right place. People looked at him as if he was just a nuisance eavesdropping on the meeting then they turned back, he knew it was of his age. Somehow he was picked as a Dream Traveller, although he did not have knowledge of that along with his past.

Out the window he noticed terror birds lined up in a position. He stopped thinking about it for a while then he thought many things during this wait "[/i] what is this about is there a war? A dangerous plague of nightmare worlds? No there cant be anyways if it was a war why would I be here then?[/i]"

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11/26/2006 8:56 AM

Mablung knew that on this world there were others, where they were he did not know, all he saw were kaldorei.

Surely if they were trvellers they would stick out, then a voice in his head told him that he would meet them when the time was right, for now he must go alone. After sepaking to the druid he came to realise that something was making docile and harmless creatures, like the nightsabres turn vicious and hostile, in the human lands things were much worse.

Mablung soon decided that by stying here he would learn nothing, he must travel to the Kaldorei capital of Darnassus, from there travel to the human lands, there he would learn, there he woul;d begin to understand.

11/26/2006 11:10 AM

Tanto stood, looking around. There were about twenty here, he could pick them out just by glancing. He sighed, and waited. He looked at Anika, who seemed uneasy at his side. His face was cold and hard, of course, he never had really anything smile about. He blinked slowly.
Tanto was a production of a Traveler who had become stuck in a dream world. In his his case, he'd been horridly wounded and died just before the Terror Bird dropped him into the Abyss, which is where he would have returned, safe and sound in his room. No, he'd become stuck, hurt and wounded, nothing to live for.
Anika looked up at him, and then took a deep breath, standing up.

She'd pressured him into telling her in the room earlier, when no one was around. Her punishment was to help tell, although it didn't seem like such a punishment, Tanto knew that she was gentle and shy by nature. She would hate this.

"C-can I have your attention, Travelers?!" She said, her voice quavering. Tanto set her on a table so she had more of a leverage on the busy room. He held her hips softly, steadying her. She was shivering in his hands.

02/04/2007 9:03 PM

There was a red flash of light as Rath slowly oepned his eyes. They widened in shock as a fireball flew past them. He was dangling from the ribcage of a what seemed to be the Skeleton of a Terror Bird, yet the bird was functioning like any other normal Terror Bird. He looked down at the catapults and the green creatures manning the. "A goblin camp?" he thought to himself as he looked out upon the vast fiery wasteland of the new world. It seemed on the verge of collapsing. He screamed at the bird "You could've brought me someplace a little safer y'know!". The bird rolled to the side and he fell from it's ribcage. He started falling and noticed a bag tumbling to the ground. He also notced the silhouette of his blade, shaped like a dragons wing. He dived after them and snatched them up just as the bird grabbed him with its boney talon. It drew its leg back and threw him farther away from the camp. He shot forward at high speeds and watched the bird shrink smaller and smaller as it flew away. He reached into the bag and rushed to pull out the gear and put it on. It didnt matter what it was as long as he got it all secured with him. He was almost toward the ground as he finished with the last of the equipment, he held the bag over his head and used it as a parachute.He landed with a thud on the blackened ground. He dropped the bag and slid the blade into the sheathe on his back. He looked around at what seemed to be millions of red eyes peering at him from the dark. "Great...." he whispered as he reluctantly shuffled towards them. "Duty calls" He thought to himself as they emerged. They were giant, many times bigger than him. They shouted at him in a language he could'nt understand. "This sure isn't going to be easy....and I still have to get to that world with the Inn....Gotta work fast!". Work fast....those words wracked his brain as he reached into one of the pouches that he had fastened on before hes arrival and pulled out some razor sharp knives. Their bright red eyes darted towards his hand and their roars seemed to echo throughout the entire world. He knew this would be no easy battle.

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