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11/06/2006 12:24 PM

Anika breathed in salty air, her hands hurt. In fact, all her joints hurt. She found that out as she rolled over and felt around. The night air was heavy and hard to breathe, and in the distance were two cold moons, full and pregnant in the inky darkness. She heard a light thumping noise, and then an ear shattering sqwak. She then realized that she was on a Terror Bird.
Terror Birds were giant raven like creatures, as wide as three buses (as long as four), their wingspan wider. The Birds had huge, wicked hooked beaks and talons that seemed to stay sharp no matter what. Their feathers were black with streaks of red. Anika crawled along it's back, till she was in the vertex space of it's wings. There was a ugly ridge of spines that rose out of the birds back, and allowed Dream Travelers to hold onto. Anika gripped one and sat still, looking at the gulf they were flying into. There were two other birds, younger, swooping down and looping in the air. Anika swallowed, her nightgown tangled around her legs and her brown/blonde hair blew behind her.
These birds were to catch falling Dreamers (only specific ones) and carry them to a Dream World. Each World differed compleatly from another. Some set in prehistoric times, others set in the year 5025. Of course, it was present day (2006 or so on) in the real world. But there were Travelers picked by each world to help 'complete' the world, which seemed to have a different definition each time.
Anika was a Traveler, and she knew every rule and word for the job. Sometimes she was able to visit old worlds and meet people that knew her. She'd never really seen another Traveler, only seen their records or plaques or even sometimes their faces on wanted posters. No one knew of her destiny, except her.
As the Bird landed on a small patch of land that smelled of rotting carcasses. It was like a landing pad, the Birds smelled it, scavenged around, and then left, going to catch another Traveler for some unknown purpose. Each world had deifferent looking Terror Birds, but they were all the same size. That's how you knew.
Anika looked around, and spotted a big tree with a hollow in it, food, clothes, and everything she needed (map included, the made her calm) for a two day hike. She had to get across the ridge ahead of her, like the night before. You could never leave the Dream World you were picked for until it a certain goal was Done. When it was Done, a Terror Bird would take you and drop you into the Abyss, where you woke up in your bed, safe and sound and only a small bruise in the shape of a hand on your back. It was a mark all Tavelers had, on only Tavelers could see.
As she pulled on her supplies, she lit the oil lantern and started on the trail she'd made the last few weeks that led to the big village of Zarkah. They were having problems with some dark creatures, and today was the day Anika had to kill off the mother. She'd been weakening the colony steadly over the period of six weeks, and soon the world would be marked as Finished.

Just another dream in the job of the Travelers. Anika loved her job.

11/06/2006 12:37 PM


Done- When a certain set goal for the World is compleated.

Finished- When the World you're in has been compleatly saved.

Dream Travelers- The hand picked humans from the real world chosen to save the Dream Wolds; people to keep the Dream Worlds from colapsing.

Terror Birds- Transportation for the Dream Travelers; sometimes used for giant battles, but rarely.

Hand Bruise- A mark the color of a bad bruise and in the shape of a hand in the middle of the back of every Dream Traveler; to let Dream Worlders know who is a Traveler and who isn't.

Worlds- Self explanatory.

Nightmare Worlds- Dream Worlds that have collapsed and have mutated. Nightmares come from poorly done jobs of an idiot Traveler or the death of the Traveler in that World; when the Traveler's fears become real and destroy the Dream World till it's past the point of fixing.

Taveling Job- From the starting time of a Traveler's entance till a Traveler's exit; the Job a Traveler must mark Done.

Job- Self explanatory; aka a Goal

Goal- Self explanatory; aka a Job

The topic of this story is rather general: You are a traveler, and you do your job well (sometimes poorly) and is pretty much the unsung hero of different Dream Worlds. But when you enter the world and meet another Traveler for once, a rumor is heard: There is something going on, and a few Travelers have been sent to Nightmare Worlds. Usualy, Travelers are forbidden to go to a Nightmare unless sent, and that has never happened before. It's also rumored that Nightmares are starting to seep into the real world, and running around in chaos.
The story has no set limit of people, although too many can get a bit confusing.
It starts when your character either wakes up in a Dream, on a Traveling Job, or when the character just starts to sleep. You'll see what to do from there.

So... does this sound interesting? Please comment!

11/06/2006 3:40 PM

This is nearly as detailed as my ANgels of Oblivion RP which never got off it's feet.

Ok, it sounds amazingly detailed. I will be involved with this one. Now I must ask you, what is the style of battle and weaponry and stuff???

11/06/2006 5:37 PM

The weaponry kinda has it's own applications: Depends on what kind of Dream World you're in. Whenever you arrive to your rendezvous point, there will be a op of the food chain guy waiting for you with your gear. The Traveler's visits are always planned and expected (except in the Nightmare Worlds).

Anything else?

11/08/2006 8:01 AM

so sorta like Time Travelers where the different worlds have different settings and different tech levels. Such as one in Medival or one in WWII type dream??? Is So I am even more interested.

11/09/2006 3:10 PM

Yep! Not really time travle, more dream travle. You/you char is hand picked by *IT'S A SECRET* to help rebuild/save/do jobs for a dream world. But other than that it can range from mythological to uber-in-the-future.

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