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11/06/2006 5:43 AM

The basis of this RP is that everyone knows each other from previous missions...
Everyone is in a tevern (Fantasy medieval ages [includes mythical creatures including elves, orcs, dragons, e.c.t)... like i said everyone is in the tavern waiting on Calis to return as he has been out scouting for quite a while since they will have to pass through the realm of Malidral who rules the southern land where the orks roam freely... The mission is to rid the southern part close to the Deadmines of the orcs and then scour the Deadmines and clear it of the evil that beholds it... (The evil is unkown as no-one who has entered it has ever come out save a few who have been frightened into slience for the rest of their lives)...
Please would you be able to post a description of your characters before you start the rp...

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11/06/2006 5:55 AM

Name: Calis
Race: Elf
Age: 2500
Class: Fighter/Ranger
Description: Calis is a tall fighter with long black hair. he has Elven Chainmail with Plate covering the full body which is lighter and is as if he only had a chainmail vest on. he has a longsword which is fasioned in the style of a Hanzo Samurai sword. He was trained as a fighter but with the many hundreds of years spent out in the wild he has trained as a ranger for over 1000 years and has picked up the skills of the trade as if it was his first trait.
Favoured Enemy: Since the orks masacred most of his kingsmen when Malidral's army took over the south of the land he has now taken a major dislike to the orks rather than pittying them for their tourtured lives.)
*Calis walks through the doors with a gash across his face and chest.* "I was ambushed. A party of orks attacked me from behind, I think they went after me as I was going closer to Malidral's underground base" *The Deadmines*. I only just got away." *coughs up blood* "Im so sorry about this guys." *collapses unconsious*

11/06/2006 7:02 AM

Name: Szzickra
Weapon(s): pair of bladed gauntles, two longswords, two daggers strapped to ankles, two bladed sword across back, and a bag of psychoactive darts.
Protection: Lorica Segmentata, shield slung across back
Magic: no magic just telekinesis and telepathy
Clothes: a pair of the finest Nauga hide breeches, a shirt made of diablo spider silk, a fedora made of cast platinum, and a pair of boots made of the finest hide carved from a horde of daemonhosts.

The snake-like Szzickra is seven feet, ten inches tall and three hundred pounds of pure muscle. He has no hair and has golden scales that occassionally shimmer silver. He looks like a cross between a human and a snake in physical form and has no need to drink due to his race's origination in a desert. His eyes glow with a golden light and lack pupils. He is only seventeen years of age but has seen more combat than most humans twice his age.

*Szzickra walks in with the hides of a small group of orcs slung over his shoulders.* "I found these things chasing an elf and I caught them and killed them. I took their skins as a payment for destroying my home."

01/27/2007 11:56 AM

Name: Zanen larthion
Age: 23
Race: half-elf/half wolf demon
Descripiton: A short half elf thief who used to spend his time in big city thieves guilds picking up work. He has long black hair spiked down, and dark green eyes. he is fast and limber.
Class: Theif/Ranger
Weapon(s): Scimitar, Thief daggers, Poison for weapons
Protection: Black studded leather vambraces, Black studded leather bracers, black leather shoulders, black leatherbody, and black leather chaps
Magic: He has read up on some venom and fire spells when he was a kid
Clothes: black thermal, black tunic, black pants, dark green cloak, and a black bandana
Favorite Enemy: Dragons, a dragon king wiped out the forest town that he was raised in and only 5 out of 3000 people lived.

zanen walks back into the tavern after his scouting mission and sees calis on the ground
Zanen: "holy shit! calis are you ok? wake up! come on, guys help me get him to a bed" he starts to pick up calis and yells to the tavenkeeper "otik we need a room to put him in"
Otik: " Right this way young ones!"

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02/02/2007 12:45 PM

Name: Tover Demetrach
Age: 24
Race: Human
Description: A tall human, with long brown hair, and blood red eyes.
Class: Ranger
Weapon(s): Long bow, a quiver of arrows on his back, an one great sword, strapped tightly to his back.
Protection: Brown leather Armor covering most of his body with streaks of green running randomly across his body.
Magic: He can control some wind, allowing him to direct his arrows at will.
Clothes: a dark brown shirt and pants
Favorite Enemy: Anything he can see, thats not people he knows.

*Tover walks into the tavern and looks around seeing Zanen carry Calis into a back room and follows* Tover:"What's going on?"

02/03/2007 12:06 PM

zanen looks at tover " im not sure what happened, he was attacked by something. from the looks it could be orcs...." Zanen heaves calis into his arms and places him on the bed "I think he will be ok, Im going out to see if i can find that orc camp. Maybe i'll be able to eliminate some of them." "would you care to tag along?" Zanen walks toward the table where his things lie ands starts to strap on his weapons.

02/04/2007 1:46 PM

(OOC: I am brand new to this so if I break a couple rules tell me so I can edit it accordingly.)

Name: Kith McDurnan
Age: 17
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Weapons: Rapier, Long Bow
Protection/Clothing: Celtic Knotwork Steel Gauntlets, A poets shirt, black leather leggings that tuck neatly into black leather boots, And black leather gloves. A brown leather fedora with two ostrich feathers attatched by a band of suade across the crown.
Magic: The feathers on top of the hat can be dipped into a vile of what looks to be ink that she keeps in her shoulder bag. Dip the feather in draw where you want the skin to heal and vuala; instant cure light wounds!
Favorite Enemy: If they want to scrap, bring it on.

Kith jumps up from her pint of ale and fumbles around in her shoulder bag for a vile of black ink. She begins muttering something about being more concerned for Calis than killing orcs.

"You two go ahead and see wht you can find. I will take care of Calis."

02/05/2007 9:12 AM

*ok, im not sure if you guys know this but calis and metalstorm havn't posted since sometime last year, so if we want to continue with this i think they gotta die. We can redo this on a different thread but we gotta start over a bit.* PM if you want to redo this

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02/05/2007 1:01 PM

(OOC: Aye I say slay em'. If they happen to post then we can bring in a random high level cleric to raise them from the dead. Could actually be more interesting that way. So on that note I shall continue this the best way I know how.*

Kith pulled one of the feathers from her hat and was about to dip it into the ink but stopped. Calis was no longer breathing and the gash across his chest bubbled. Whatever had attacked him had managed to punctue his lung. She felt for a heart beat but it was too late, he had passed onto the other side. She looked at Zanen and Tover who had not moved. She placed the feather back into her hat.

"I'll make those bastards pay," she squeezed the hilt of her rapier. Her whole body rigid with anger.

02/05/2007 10:29 PM

Starting over eh? Mind if I join then? I'll post my info here for your judgement

Name: Zero
Race: Demon
Age: 180 (18 in demon years)
Description: (A picture of Zero,http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/DarkSora265/ZERO.jpg) Zero looks like a human except for a few distinct features. His eye color is gray which is highly unusal among humans. His hair is black with silver tips, it grows like this naturally. He has fangs that are sharp but not long enough to be very visible if you aren't looking hard. His main weapon is a massive sword with a blade 8 feet long and 1 foot wide. It is thick at the bottem but gets thinner at the end. It has special runes carved into it which make it lighter than it actualy is thus allowing the weilder to use it more efficiently. Combat is instictive to him and he is skilled with many weapons
Favoured enemy: Anything he can sink a blade into.

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02/06/2007 12:26 PM

(OOC: Sounds good Lad. So here is what I suggest. We start from the death of Calis as being our motivator to hunt orcs. Every other character beside Zanen, you and mysef we shall assume has gone off on their own to fight off the orc tribes. If they so happen to want back in then we shall say bumped into them while hunting orcs ourselves. If this sounds good then by all means continue on this thread is what I say.)

Kith loosed her rapier from her belt and stomred out of the backroom unsire if Zanen would follow or not. She looked at Zero as she walked by, her gaze was murderous.

"Are ye coming?"

02/06/2007 2:45 PM

Zanen turns to zero "we shall avenge his death, let us go and deal punishment to the orcs" Zanen walks out the room with a very serious expression on his face, he then meets up with kith at the door and waits for zero.

02/06/2007 2:45 PM

Zero did not respond but instead simply walked along with him. Glancing back only slightly, but still moving on. He did not seem to show any emotion towards Calis' death, but thats was natural. That was just how he was.

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02/06/2007 3:55 PM

Zanen opened the door and motioned for the others "come on lets go kill us some orcs!" zanen steped out the door and leapt down the spiral staircase landing with a thud. He took of towards the edge of town to wait for the others.

02/06/2007 4:17 PM

Zero ran fast after Zanen, not looking back to make sure Kith was near.He slowwed down a bit, sensing something close by. He reached into a pouch attached to his belt and pulled out a couple knives. He could feel the eyes watching him as he walked by. Zero was unsure if it was orcs or something else.

02/06/2007 4:58 PM

*OOC:I'm In*
Name: Reivien DroInnines
Race: mostly human ;)
Class:Darknight (an assasin-mage hybrid)
Description: Here's a pic (http://www.danscottart.com/Images/RAV_assassin.jpg)
Favoured enemy: humans
Magic: manipulation of gravity.
*I'll post later*

02/06/2007 5:05 PM

Zanen hears zero's footsteps stop suddenly. Zanen sensing danger whips around while drawing his daggers, ending up in a crouched like position. He speaks to zero in a low whisper "What is it zero? something on the roof?..."

02/06/2007 5:10 PM

(OOC: Nice pic Dark)

Zero whispered back to Zanen, " I'm not sure what it is...it could be orcs or something worse". Just as he finished speaking an arrow with a flaming tip shot forward and nearly hit Zero. It slammed into a tree and exploded. A huge orc with a loaded crossbow jumped froward. "Orc!" Zero shouted and he lunged forward, a knife in each hand.

02/06/2007 5:16 PM

The air around the orc shimmered momentarily as it came to a halt mid-air and exploded. The menacing form of Reivien (Rei) glides down from the tree on an obsidian globe, bone daggers in hand, scrutinizing Zero and Zanen..."human-blood?" is all he says to them...

02/06/2007 5:30 PM

Zero grimaced as the orc exploded and the gore splattered all over him." Who the hell are you?" he questioned as the being floated down. He stashed his knives and wiped some of the grime off of himself.

02/06/2007 5:34 PM

Rei smirked."I am Death...I am a DroInnines...I am that which will devour humanity...so...Human blood?" With that, the globe disintegrated and he stood casually facing Zero and Zanen.

02/06/2007 5:35 PM

Zanen speaks to zero "i don't like this let end it quick" Zanen charges with a smirk at rei while yelling at zero "assassin by the looks he must use magick..be carefull" About 5 feet from rei Zanen drops to the ground and does a baseball slide under rei with his daggers up for protection, Zanen hops up behind rei and attempts a strike at rei, knowing that it will probally be blocked. Zanen gets in a defensive position waiting for the next move.

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02/06/2007 5:40 PM

"Human blood...? What are you talkng about?" he whispered as Zanen ran by, "Zanen wait!" he shouted. He stumbled after him nbut couldnt move. He felt heavy, and as he watched Rei it became clearer that he was someone who should not be messed with.

02/06/2007 5:44 PM

"Ah, I smell it now...the humanity in you reeks in your sweat." The strike connects with Rei's back, black blood spurting. He grins and his eyes open wide as a globe of black energy surrounds him for an instant, sending a pulse of gravity out and away on all sides. "Try harder now..."
*Rei was a boss of mine from a White Wolf game, he's no easy foe, but he's not invincible ;) However, he respects strength*

02/06/2007 5:53 PM

Zero grabbed the hilt of his sword, thinking over whether or not to attack. The odds didnt seem that bad, but he was unsure. Then he thought of his comrade who had been knocked back by the powerful gravity feild. He pulled out his giant blade and took a few steps forward, now sure of his actions. "I warn you....if you wish to harm my friends you must go through me first". He slowly walked forward.

02/06/2007 5:59 PM

"I wish to harm only those of human blood...so...human blood?" He lifted into the air on another globe of darkness, the force of the ball leaving a shattered half-circle in the ground.
*your char was right about not messing with me ;)*

02/06/2007 6:12 PM

"Now I see...No I am not of human blood" Zero said. He sheathed his blade and rushed over to Zanen to help him to his feet. He stared at the circle on the ground and then at the ball." I take it you're a master of gravity..." He said.

02/06/2007 6:16 PM

"I am Death...I am a master of pain...If you wish I will allow you to live to serve the cause of ending Humanity..." With that he threw two small metal balls that expanded into shoulderguards with strange symbols and long spines. "First and second officers?"

02/06/2007 6:28 PM

Zero considered the proposal for a minute." I will accept your offer....but let it be known that I serve no one. I am not just a pawn that you can simply manipulate"

02/06/2007 6:53 PM

Zanen gets up "Ah nasty little trick there" he brushes himself of "Give me a moment to think this offer over" Zanen pauses and thinks critically for a moment "I will accept this offer on the terms that not all half breeds be killed"

02/06/2007 7:27 PM

"Human blood is human blood...but...we shall see. You have your terms...now let us hear more screaming."

02/06/2007 7:31 PM

Kith crashed through the woods a fleeing orc before her.
"Come here you good for nothing piece of -"
An explosiong of some kind sounded to her right. She stopped momentarily and looked where the orc was fleeing. She heaved her sword at him but it crashed harmlessly beside a tree. She swore fluently in an unknown tongue picked up her blade and walked towards the sound. It was clear that a fight was being held close by and if it was with orcs she wanted in. She hacked through the underbrush and came to a clearing. three men stood talking about some dark lord and the end of humanity. She looked at the gore left by the orc and spat, dissappointed that it was not she who had struck the killing blow. She advanced toward the group recognizing two of them to be Zanen and Zero, any friend of theirs was a friend of hers. She sheathed her blade.
"Ho now, what have we here? Another man with a need for vengeance perhaps?"

02/06/2007 7:33 PM

Zero breathed in deep. A heavy mist was pouring in. His cold gray eyes scanned the area looking for more orcs. He spotted a small few and unsheathed his blade. "There are more orcs to the west. I dont know about you guys but I'm taking them down.....I need something to do..."

02/06/2007 7:35 PM

Rei issued a long, loud hiss as Kith approached. "HHHummanssss!!!" His eyes began leaking a dark red mist and around his hands were globes of crackling energy. "DO YOU WISH TO DIE!?" Rei shook with rage...

02/06/2007 7:46 PM

Zero jumped in front of Rei and snatched him up by the cape. "This is our friend....she will not die by your hands or you will die by ours". He nodded towards Kith then released Rei.

02/06/2007 7:46 PM

Kith smelling the thrill of a fight instantly unsheather her sword. If this possessed hell demon wanted a scrap then he got it. She charged after the being ignoring the fact that he could very well perhaps devour her and thrust in with her rapier. She was not completly surprised to find herself on her ass as her blade should have struck home. She got back up and took a fighters stance twirling the blade occasionaly to loosen her wrists.
"Come on ye yellow livered malt worm, I have orcs to slay and I shan't be delayed by yer sorry arse."

Surprised at the delay of his attack Kith shook the red from her eyes. Zero held the beast by its cloak. She listened to him speak but did not sheath her sword. She did not trust this creature.

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02/06/2007 7:52 PM

"First officer?...Hmm...well then you will all just have to DIE!" And with that the world around the group became rather heavy. Rei glided backwards, twirling daggers that pulsed with dark energy as he stepped out of his shadow, it seemed. It solidified into a copy of Rei and they stood, side by side, smiling with blood-filled maws. Energies at the ready.

02/06/2007 7:57 PM

(OOC: Since you fellows seem to be able to post much more often than I assume that Kith at least for this battle his contributing her fist and blade here and there if I am unable to post. Don't need to go into detail for her but just don't leave her behind.)

Kith was quite glad that she had kept her sword at the ready and grinned at the thought of a good fight. She took her stance and waited for the beast to make it's first move. Her fists didn't look like they would be enough for this.

02/06/2007 8:03 PM

Zero let out a heavy sigh as he drew his blade."Why must it always come to this...?" he whispered as he stepped up with Kith. The alteration in the gravity made his sword a little bit heavier. Even with the runes that made his sword lighter and his demon strength the sword felt so heavy.

02/06/2007 8:16 PM

Rei had slain thousands...he would not act foolishly and attack first.

02/06/2007 8:16 PM

it was a good thing Zanen still had his weapons drawn "Well I knew this wasn't going to end well...." he said quitly to himself. This time he wasn't going to be caught of gaurd by that gravity trick. Zanen tightens all his items to wear nothing clanks or rattles, He then (during this little conversation) stealthly walks behind Rei and poisitons himself....waiting for the right moment...

02/06/2007 8:23 PM

Zero noticed Zanen and gave him a slight nod. He then walked forward slowly, his demon senses feeling for any sort of sign of attack from Rei.

02/06/2007 8:25 PM

Rei's shadow clone had only to turn to be face to face with Zanen. "Fool, I AM DEATH!" and he kicked the orb out from under his feet towards Zanen. Leaping to catch the next one being summoned in midair and stand atop it, arms crossed.

02/06/2007 8:28 PM

Zero shot forward fast as lightning with his blad raised high. He was right behind Rei and could easily get a hit. He slammed his sword down as hard and as fast as he could hoping to hit Rei and end the fight as quickly as possible.

02/06/2007 8:38 PM

Zanen smirked, then jumped in the air while hurling a dagger THROUGH they orb. As zanen landed he sheathed his dagger and while quickly grabbing his bow, he jumped backwards onto a tree branch and notched an arrow "Don't underestimate me because I am a half breed demon, I also have the grace and strength of an elf. This will not be an easy fight!"
Zanen quickly casts a spell of minor invisibility and moves back in the tree a bit keeping his aim on Rei.

02/06/2007 8:44 PM

*there are two Rei's now Rath...one is still facing you...*

02/06/2007 8:45 PM

*OOC: This will be my last post of the night since its 11:42 PM over here and I have to wake up at 5:30 for school*

Zero's blade was much to heavy for him to make an accurate swing and he missed Rei. He jumped back and looked at his blade. "This will be useless here...". He set it aside and pulled out some knives. He lunged forward again slamming one knife into Rei's side.

02/06/2007 8:49 PM

Rei accepted the blow from Zero and wrapped his arms firmly around his neck, using the gravity to crush his throat and him, hoping to suffocate him...
The shadow clone missed the orb as it shattered and began to fall, another set of smaller orbs appeared, two going to the tree, one to the top, the other, the bottom, and the last one underneath the clone. Helanded on it like an acrobat on a ball.

02/07/2007 12:23 AM

Zero struggled to breath and fell to his knees. He reached for the handle of the knife he jammed into Rei's side. He grasped it and with all the strength he could manage he pulled it down, ripping into Rei's side. He took the other knife and stabbed it into Rei's arm hoping it would make him release.

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02/07/2007 4:59 AM

While Zero had been attacking Rei, Zanen had been aiming for a good minute now "Well this should be good enough for now" He murmured to himself. Zanen released the arrow and immediately started moving away from the tree while switching weapons to his scimitar.

02/07/2007 1:01 PM

With Zero struggling underthe arm of the beast and the clone being distracted by Zanen Kith founs herself with ample oppurtunity to attack. She drew back her blade and charged at the creature who was crushing Zero's windpipe. Her charge was more of a quick trot under the gravitational circumstances but she troopered on anyway. She went to Stick Rei in the side hopin the blow would distract him enough to release Zero.

02/07/2007 1:20 PM

Zero was fading but he mustered up all his strength and took the opening Kith had given him. He pulled on the dagger he stuck in Rei's arm cutting it open along the vein. He kicked at Rei's knee and hit. The creature buckled and Zero kicked out of his grasp.

02/07/2007 1:26 PM

Kith jumped back fearing a retaliative blow. She kept closer to the beast than Zero though knowing he would need time to catch his breath. She raised her sword and went to strike again but with her heavy air around her she was not quick enough to avoid the concrete blow to her lower jaw. She stumbled back cradling her bleeding face making sure however that she had not dropped her sword.

02/07/2007 2:13 PM

Zero fell back breathing heavily.He looked over at Kith and then at Rei and searched for Zanen. He watched Rei as black blood spilled out of the rips he had made. He was covered in the stuff as well. It had a horrible scent to it, like rotting flesh. He could stil lfeel the monster's ice cold grip on his neck. Maybe it was true, maybe Rei was death.

02/07/2007 2:38 PM

zanen walked stealthly back to his friends zero and kith, He then realesed the invisability spell. "Well your hurt and your clones got an arrow through its skull" Zanen gives Rei a little grin "whatcha gunna do? Huh? I'm waiting!" Zanen then charges rei with his scimitar aimed right for his "heart". "Come on guys charge him in a triangle position!"

02/07/2007 5:28 PM

Kith shakes the concusson from her head and gathers enough balance to fall in beind Zanen. She draws her blade back and charges with the grace of a drunk Irishmen, hoping to stay on her feet long enough to strike with Zanen.

02/07/2007 6:48 PM

Zero finally caught his breath. He dashed for his sword and slid over to it just close enough to grab the hilt. He snatched it and jumped up and over towards Kith and Zanen. He charged towards Rei and jumped behind him. He landed with ease and swung his blade into Rei's side, holding it in with all his might.

02/08/2007 1:03 PM

(I'll join too, i may be late to join but i will!!)

Name: Drokunbra -goes by Drodel-
Race: 1/4 human, 1/4 elf, 1/2 dragon
Age: 1800 -18 in dragon years-
Height: 6 foot 4
Class: Draknight -dragon knight-
Weapon: 2 handed sword named Dragon's for it ability to burn anything it touchs
Describtion: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, and wears steel armor over small flexible leather that gives maxium relaxation when wearing any armor over it. Also has a unique ability to change into a dragon, but only at times of despret needs(doesn't destroy armor), ex. near , minor magical abilities, and great mindspeaking.
(Dragon: http://www.linkmesh.com/english/Dragon/dren1.php)
History: An odd hybrid that s all orcs, for reasons unkown, i will tell history later

*Drodel heard heard fighting and couldn't help but wander toward the fight, seeing a deamon, another hybrid, and some elf fight some strange like creature. Not sure what to do, Drodel casts a minor illusion spell to create a harmless explosion to startle the fighters into stoping.*

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02/08/2007 3:34 PM

*OOC: A new character eh? Good thing too since Dark hasnt posted in a while Nice dragon pic by the way.*

Zero noticed the explosion and his rage built, he kept his blade stuck into Rei's side. "Great...another enemy..." He muttered as he kicked Rei off of his blade. He shuffled over to the explosion to notice it hadn't left any markings on the ground or debree.

02/08/2007 5:11 PM

As zanen's sword bit into Rei the eplotion blinded him momentaraly, He turned towrd th edrogn human hybrid "AH, what the hell! Can't you see were fighting here?!? " Zanen takes a few steps and stops next to zero "What do you want? Friend or foe?"

02/08/2007 5:12 PM

As zanen's sword bit into Rei the explotion blinded him momentarily, He turned toward the dragon human hybrid "AH, what the hell! Can't you see were fighting here?!? " Zanen takes a few steps and stops next to zero "What do you want? Friend or foe?"

02/08/2007 6:36 PM

*OOC Hey, you guys win, I was pretty sure it was against the rules to proclaim any action successful without the opponents post...but seeing as how I had no say so in my character's defenses, theyre dead, you win, I'm out...*

02/08/2007 7:37 PM

*OOC: Yea sorry about that...we thought you weren't gonna post again so we sort of made you char an NPC, anyways it was an honor to RP with someone such as yourself.*

Zero stepped forward and demanded an answer again. He gripped his blade ready for another fight. He looked over at Zanen and whispered "Get ready for a fight, Elf boy".

02/08/2007 7:42 PM

Zanen grined at zero "im half demon too, ya know?" Zanen prepared to fight the half dragon if he had to. "Ready for this one zero?"

02/08/2007 9:40 PM

* OOC: We might not have to battle if Red_Sould doesnt post*

Zero looked over at Zanen and smirked. "Always ready" he said as he stepped forward towards the being.

02/09/2007 6:50 AM

(So you know i forgot to add the part to where you can't tell i'm part dragon, only human and elf:-)

Drodel looked at them both, "Deamons, alwas fighting to the bitter end, now stop this nonsense and help me take out a petty orc camp a few miles out of town. If you don't, i will let you just settle right there. Now do not forget that i am your friend, not some hired orc muscle, filthy orcs." He then throws both Zero, Kith, and Zanen potions of greater healing, "Take em. I sure don't need right now, you do." With that, Drodel walked away, "by the way, names Drodel."

02/09/2007 11:56 AM

Kth put the potion in her sack ad took out her ink vile pulling one of the fathers from her hat. She dabed the feather in and circled her ow numb face. She placed the feather back put the stopper in the in the ink well cradled her head a few moments while the ink sank in curing her pounding headache and broken jaw.
"Thats more like it. Oh well hello there lad i was fairly certain there was three of you. Another elf i see well then. Nice to be in the company of such fairskinned people I suppose."
Kith placed her rapier back in its hilt still a little loopy from her head injury.
"Kith is the name and brawling is my game, that is if i'm not drinking you under the table." She gave drodel a playful wink.

02/09/2007 2:11 PM

Zanen stood upstraight and sighed "Thank the gods it's not another enemy" Alright men lets kick some ass!" zanen walks in line next to drodel "Names zanen nice to meet you"

02/09/2007 3:01 PM

Zero sheathed his blade and looked at the potion on the ground. He picked it u and stuffed it into one of the pouches on his belt. He walked over to Drodel and eyed him. He extended his hand and said " Im Zero".

02/09/2007 4:15 PM

"Alright then now that we all know eachother, why don't you show us where this orc encampment is, eh? My blade is hoping for a good fight."

02/10/2007 3:08 PM

Zanen turns toward kith "my blade also thirsts for some orc blood. The encampment is not to far from here, It's just around the bend up yonder"

02/10/2007 4:15 PM

"Then let's get moving. I have a score to settle with the greenies. Calis's death will not be forgotten. Lead the way Zanen, I am right behind you."

02/10/2007 6:39 PM

Zero nodded towards both of them and walked along. He could smell the orc filth from here.I wouldn't take long to get there he thought. Then he realized, the scent was moving towards them. He heard a few heavy foot steps and some grunts from all around them. They were surrounded.

02/10/2007 9:51 PM

Zanen's ears twitched "Were surrounded, get ready!" Zanen draws his bow and nocks 3 arrows, He draws back waits a moment and fires. The second Zanen releases he changes weapons to his scimiter "Arrrrrhhhhh!!!" Zanen charges an orc and cuts it left arm off with a quick clean slice "2!" (one orc droped from the arrows, 2 are wounded)

02/11/2007 12:54 AM

Three orcs stepped forward towards Zero. He pulled out his blade as they charged. He slashed at them cutting one of them completely in half. The others attacked him but he dodged their blades. He jumped behind one of them and cut him down the middle. He sweep kicked the last, knocking it to the ground. He slammed his blade into its skull, finishing off his attackers.

02/11/2007 7:19 AM

Kith charged into the brush after a couple straglers who were intimidated by Zanen and Zero's skill. She lept over a fallen limb and sunk her blade into the back of a fleeing orc. She listened for the other one crouching down into the underbrush. A grunt to her left tipped her off and she rushed through the forest towards it.
"Ah Ffff- Gah my foot!" Kith's foot yanked behind her as a crude bear trap clamped around her leg. The orc she was chasing extended its mouth in a grotesque smile and she watched as three others stepped out of the woods. She lifted her rapier and tried to stand on two woobly legs.
"Bring it you filthy greenies, I'll take you all on at one time!" She dodged the first spear thrown at her and sliced futily at an orc entering her strike zone. She only managed to knick a piece off his ear.

02/11/2007 2:21 PM

Zero heard Kith's cry and jumped into the forest after her. He ran close by and waited for the opportunity to strike and take them all out with one swift blow. He jumped high and landed right above Kith. He swung his sword in a wide circle and the blade hit all of the attackers at once. Most were gashed and others were dismembered. He knelt down and attempted to lift the trap off of Kith's leg.

02/11/2007 2:59 PM

"Kiths head whirled in pain as Zero pryed the trap open. She fell backwards and landed on the ground clutching her bleeding leg.
"Zero- Ow, holy sss ow- my feather and my ink- Mother of!- it's in my pouch.- Oh I'm gonna dismember those little- Rrr."

02/11/2007 4:18 PM

He stared at her blankly as she spoutted her obscenities. He smashed the trap up. He grabbed her pouch and pulled out the feather and the ink. Not knowing how to properly do it he awaited her instruction.

02/11/2007 4:31 PM

"Alright." She gritted her teeth. Dip it in and draw on my- F*ing greenies!- draw on my leg where it is bleeding." She watched as he did as she instructed. Instantly the pain ceased and she laid back in satisfaction. "Oh by the good goddess that is much better." She watched the ink seep in and the flsh come back together. "At this rate I am going to need to buy new ink soon." She stood and slid her rapier back into itssheeth observing the havoc Zro had just reaked. "You are certainly a very useful man." She patted his shoulder and continued back towards Zanen. "Well lets get started towards that camp then."

02/11/2007 5:08 PM

Zanen snapped toward kiths direction just after he decapitated an orc "OK, follow me everyone its right over here" zanen takes off along the trail

02/11/2007 5:17 PM

Kith ran after him remaining close at his heels. She was not having much luck this mission and she feared getting into even worse trouble. She could smell campfires nearby with strange smoky smells emitting from them. Whatever it was, it was not something she had ever eaten.

02/11/2007 7:02 PM

Zero rushed to catch up with them, running as fast as lightning. He caught the scent of orc filth as he reached his companions.

02/11/2007 7:11 PM

Zanen turned around the bend sword drawn and went straight in to the orc encampment hacking away "raaaaaaaa!!!" Zanen drops 4 orcs in rough succession "I'll kill you all you filthy orcs!" Zanen spins and ducks and cuts a rushing orc in half.

02/11/2007 7:16 PM

Zero pulled out 2 daggers and rushed through the camp cutting up all the approaching orcs. A mighty orc ran up behind him and grabbed him. Zero knocked the or off his feet with a few swift kicks. slammed the daggers into the orcs skull and continued the assault on the camp.

02/12/2007 6:50 AM

(couldn't post cause i in hospitle and i forget on weekends, almost broke leg, just sprain)

Drodel left when they told him their names, and watched them fight. Muttering to himself,
he jumps down in front of them, "I am convinced that you 3 can help me, now the camp is near the mine shaft/tunnle, the fithy orcs are tring to tunnle into the center of town." Drodel then heals there minor wounds and runs along side of them, "Now shall we go to the camp?" He then runs of to the east.

02/12/2007 1:05 PM

(OOC: Ooo good thing you didn't I hear it is a bitch.)
Kith charged in after them determined not to et herself cut up this time. She fenced with a particularly lanky orc before slicing it through proceeding forward one hand up in the air just for flare and the other working furiously at two orc blades and a spearhead. She passed through the array of weapons allowing two of them to run eachother through and driving her blade back behind her to scure the other orc.
"Ah now that feels much better!"

02/12/2007 2:24 PM

ooc*we are in the camp red_soul*

02/12/2007 9:28 PM

**this should add some spice to the forum**

The orcs scrambled for their weapons but it was to late. Several orcs had already been slaughtered by the strangers invading the campsite. Landrul, the orc shaman and acting cheif stepped forward from his makeshift hut. He leaned against his gnarled staff the few of his bretheran that managed to grasp hold of their weapons were putting up a discracful fight against the intruders. The ground was stained with blood. Kron, the god of death, smiled upon the massacre. Landrul knew this to be true when he himself was smiling and the genocide before him.
A small golem no more that 3 feet high appeared at Landrul's side. Candles, Parchment, and knapsack burdened the little homculus's movement but the liitle creature managed.
"I think it best to abandon or fellow Tar." stated Landrul, looking at the still waging battle.
The Shamans tent had been set up just outside the perimeter of the main campsite. Seclusion was Landrul's number one concern, especially when communicating with the demi-gods that serve Kron.
The intruders continued to destroy everyone and everything with a vengeful zeal.
Landrul mounted his nearby horse who had been tied to the small tree outside his tent.
The little golem was already mounted on the stallion his burden placed in the saddle bags.
"Tres Tuk Nel!" commanded Landrul as he raced away from the battle undetected.

** I would recommend that someone captures an orc and you "learn the whereabouts" of where the new boss is hiding too. I think with me as a type of GM this could get interesting... I will play the part of acting villians.. and feel free to mercelessly slauhter any pawns that i might have control over.. it makes it fun**

02/13/2007 6:48 AM

*As a my character's history, how bout we have the orc leader be immortal and killed my character's mother? It'll explain why Drodel hates orcs, sounds good? No?*

Drodel looked at the filled grass, he d orcs, their gods, and their leaders. He would love to slauter them all, but their comes a time when a prisoner is required. Drodel walked up to a hut, in it were a male orc, his wife, and a small child. Using a simple bound spell, he bound them all. "Now, where is your chieftan, shaman, or leader, and don't play with me, i don't like games." Drodel then went out side, grabbed a fleeing orc, went back in, and slautered it in front of their eyes. "Now, any questions?"

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02/13/2007 12:15 PM

(OOC: Do what you want dude. This whole thing seems to have gone down hill so Im out. It was cool while it lasted, Scrapper and Zanen)

02/13/2007 12:36 PM

(OOC: yea I am kind of wrapped up in my new posts but feel free o recruit new people into this. ;-P Nice playing with both of you Rath, Zanen.)

02/13/2007 7:09 PM

ooc*yeah it was unorganized for awhile but im sticking with it (something to do)

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