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11/05/2006 7:56 PM

Erm... well, of course, you could have guessed I'm new here and I want to start off on the right foot. Therefore I need someone to tell me how ( as in what format) to post up a role play.

11/06/2006 2:04 AM

Hi there, since your question is so general I think it would probably be best if I directed you to the 'Free Form RP Forum Guide'.

Go to 'The RPGC' on the blue menu bar at the top of the screen, then click on 'Free Form RP Forum Guide' under the 'Help' section of the pop-up menu.

Here you should find an answer to most questions you might have and there are some useful videos you can watch. I hope you take the time follow the advice and enjoy yourself here by becoming a good roleplayer. :)

11/10/2006 2:42 PM

Thank you so much ! I'm still stying to figure this site out, but I hope I'll get around to it soon...

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