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10/23/2006 8:24 AM

It was a good series and an awesome movie. I was thinking possibly something set after the end of the movie. Summary thingy:

In the far future, the 'Earth that was' has been destroyed. Humans have moved out into space. The two cultures that survived time intact were the Americans (USA) and the Chinese. The government is the Alliance, and on the central planets life is a technologically advanced paradise. There are few things medical technology can't cure, and almost nothing you cannot have a machine do for you. On the outer planets and satellites, life is different. It is very much like the 'old west' frontier of a young America. Horses carry people and goods along with hover transports, crime is ever present, and law is left up to individual mayors or crime lords. And then there are the Reavers: Humans, legend says, who reached the end of space and were driven mad by it. They file their teeth, inflict scarring wounds on themselves to decorate their bodies, and ride their ships with barely any shielding around the engines. When they attack, it is far from a pretty thing. Better to put a hole through your head than let yourself be taken by a Reaver.

The truth is out. The Alliance created the Reavers in an attempt to 'calm' people and eliminate aggression completely on the planet Miranda. Most of the population was calmed, so much so that they simply lay down and let themselves die. A small portion of the population reacted adversely to the chemicals used. Instead of becoming calm, they became extremely aggressive. The crew of Serenity, using Mr. Universe's broadcasting equipment, recently let all of civilization know how the Reavers came to be: An Alliance experiment that was kept a secret from all but a few.

Now there is a war brewing. The government has betrayed its people, and they are not happy about it. Several different pockets of dissent are forming on the frontier, and will eventually gather together for a full on assault of the core planets.


Alternatively, we could do the war before the start of the series, but we already know how that one ends. The brown coat resistance is put down solidly by the alliance.

Any interest?

10/24/2006 7:44 AM

I happen to think thats sounds pretty good. I like your description, and how I didn't see no grammar mistakes, and I actually understood. I've never read the books, but I love the movie. I'm very intrested if your still wanting to do this RP Thread.

10/24/2006 7:24 PM

Seeing as i started this thread less than 4 days ago, I'd say yes, I'm still interested.

By the way, you used a double negative:

and how I didn't see no grammar mistakes

But my lack of mistakes is due to a run through MSword. It was a mess before that, as I was half asleep.

I haven't actually read the books. Didn't know there were books, but I should've guessed. Almost all good scifi shows or movies have books behind them.

I have the entire series and the movie, and need to watch it again when I find where the disks got to.

I'm a little skatterbrained at the moment, but if there's more interest I'd love to get into this.

10/25/2006 6:51 AM

Heh... I tried to do a Firefly/Serenity RPG a while back that never got anywhere... kind of made me mad 'cause I put a lot of thought into it.

And the books for this were made after the fact... actually, they're graphic novels that Joss Whedon produced. From what I understand (haven't read them myself) they fill in a couple gaps between the show and the movie, but other than that they're pretty repetitve from both.

Anywho... here's how far mine got...

[url:http://www.rpgconsortium.com/rpgforums/archives/index.cfm/o/268159-f4-p1.htm]OOC Thread[/url]
[url:http://www.rpgconsortium.com/rpgforums/archives/index.cfm/t/268159-f4-p1.htm]RP Thread[/url]

There's a little bit of drama in the OOC thread that can be ignored... a member that is banned now was being a little shit.

But, erm... yeah... I forgot what I was getting to now... ^^;

10/25/2006 11:11 AM

Well I "normally" don't make any grammar mistakes, but I guess we are all human. I do make mistakes sometimes. I have actually only seen the movie on this, never saw Firefly, and I also have not read any of the books. But unlike anyone that I know, I actually really liked the movie. I am very interested in this thread, but after looking at Arianas old Serenity/Firefly thread, it kind of looks daunting. I mean, I am sure I could do decently and even really well if I did the research. But if you two have both seen the Firefly series I'll feel like I do not know very much. Guess I'll be doing a lot of reading in the next few nights. More research than I normally do before I start on a thread. Well, hope this is able to start up soon.

10/27/2006 2:01 PM

's a lot of work into that. And Katie, i was just messing around picking out your mistakes. Poking fun and all that.

You're welcome to help me some, Airiana. I just brought it up since I thought it was a cool idea. Was planning to put more effort into it once I saw some interest. Not sure exactly How I plan to set it up. Depends on if there's enough interest to get two sides of the conflict, that'd be wonderful. Some die-hard alliance folks, either higher ups or fighters, and at least one small crew that ends up spearheading the whole thing.

....Err, I was gunna say something else, but I started paying attention to the TV. Bother.

Edit: I'm gunna start up a thread. Maybe it being in the RP area will get some more interest.

[Edited by setsuai_kijo on Saturday, October 28, 2006 9:31 AM]

10/29/2006 5:42 PM

Oh I kind of figured that out, I didn't take any offense. I've been thinking up my character, but I'm stuck on a name. I'm going to check out the thread you put up, and see if i get anymore ideas.

10/29/2006 8:18 PM

The names are a lot of what you might find around today. Malcom Renyolds was the captian's name. Kaylee was the mechanic's nickname. nothin to farfetched. Just check out a baby name list or some census based name generator?

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