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10/19/2006 3:17 PM

The shadows of the huge, old buildings loomed over the girl as she walked past, the thick wind whistling through the chared remains of what used to be a quaint town... until something had shaken it to the very foundations itself.

Anika had heard of the ghastly place, and that many a person had come here to live it out or think it was the 'Ultimate Thrill' or something like that. He brown hair with big blonde streaks caught in the wind and made it push past her shoulders and stream in front of her, and then finally lay at rest on her breast as the wind stopped. A leave skittered away at a slight breeze, stirring up dust.
Anika's hazel eyes made her lihtly tanned skin seem to glow in this eerie place, she was quite developed for a run-away seventeen year old, and she knew that she took her looks for granted.
She mostly wanted to be alone and think, or read and draw. She knew monsters really weren't... real, or anything like that. She looked up at the dull gray sky, and the big white ball that was hovering on the horizon. It would be night soon. Her tight, dark blue jeans had been rolled up to her knees to reveal long, knee-high navy blue socks, a pair of sleek sketchers at the ends. Her big black hoodie that had a jangling of useless keyes she found, a sketchbook, and a piece of lead pipe bounced around in her big pouch pocket when she suddenly took off at a dead run.

Her footsteps echoed through every single alley she passed, sounding far away and lonely, like her. She didn't mind, maybe she could live here. Well... she had time to think of that later. She didn't like the rapidly approaching darkness on her tail. She leaped over a fallen column that had supported a barber's front porch and signs. Good thing she'd been in track at school... too bad they chased her out... too bad...

Anika quickly found an old abandoned church with a few scattered pews. It looked like many people had left in a hurry here, at one time. She found a padded pew, pulled it into the corner, and stretched out on it, sighing and blinking slowly. A crow cawed outside, and then suddenly squawked in a surprised manner, and flew away. Anika watched it, then closed her eyes, but not before she knew she had a tight grip on the iron pipe in her pocket, cool against her warm touch.
Little did she know that she would need more than a pipe to protect herself from her own monsters and others...
Much more than a pipe, at least.
So much more.

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