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10/17/2006 7:21 PM

Sorry the title was crap, just wondering. On this forum, should I stick with one character or just variate whenever I want to? What is the proper ettiquette here? In my friend's RP Forum, you're supposed to stick with one character, but this is so much different.

Just want to know before I start posting.

10/18/2006 8:18 AM

Hi there and welcome to the RPGC. Here we support a wide variety of different roleplaying setting, eg. Dragon Lance, Forgotten Realms, Star Wars etc, and General Roleplaying (anything else which doesn't have it's own forum here). For this reason it's completely fine to use a completely new and different character in any of the RP threads you join, as most people tend to do. It's also fine to use a character in more than one RP too, so long as he still fits in with the theme and meets the thread master's approval.

What is the proper ettiquette here?

The only real etiquette you need to know which should avoid getting your head bitten off is to read the OOC (out of character) section of any RP you are interested in joining. If the thread master has done his job properly (rarely these days), here you should fine any rule he wants you to abide by. Use the OOC section to ask questions about that particular RP or to ask permission to join. Most thread master's (me included) don't like people posting in RP section until you have permission in the OOC.

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