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10/13/2006 3:35 AM

10 years after the storm of chaos, Archaon, the lord of end times had fallen and the free peoples of the planet draw a sigh of relief, the free peoples built up their cities and quieter times appeared... so the history books say.
However history books tend to tell lies for at this time although Archaon was killed many other evil things still lurked and it is up to warriors and wizards to band together in order to track these foul monstrosities.

10/14/2006 10:57 AM

Cyrantir watched from behind the trees, he had been following these humans for some time. Since he had been split from his kindred after the rise of the kingdom of Athel Loren which came as an aftermath of the storm of chaos he had wondered the human lands, and now near Kislev he watched this warrior priest lead his group of men further into the forest. he had no intention of killing them but he knew they would not hesitate, his appearance was that of his fallen kin, the Druchii, but he was Asur and proud of it. His ears caught the sound of heavy footsteps, too heavy for any of them humans, he turned to the source and there readying to ambush the humans was a group of beastmen, mutated half beast half men whom followed and worshipped the gods of chaos.
"Asha nor." He whispered to himself. he turned to the warrior priest and saw that he too had seen the ambush.
"Son's of Ulric!" the warrior priest shouted. "Let us show no fear!" Without more words the humans charged, for a while the humans had the element of not being ambushed which the beasts were not ready for but soon numbers began to tell and Cyranthir readied his bow and arrow. Poised ready he saw the warrior priest go down and with it the hopes of his group, Without thinking what it might lead to he let loose his arrow and watched it kill the beast that had been looming over the warrior priest he would let loose two more killing wounding one and killing another. the humans seeing this took heart and continued to struggle on, Cyranthir chose to reveal himself and somersaulted in and moved as only one in touch with the valor could, drawing his sword he managed to slice the neck of one and stab into the stomach of the other, then he noticed, there were only 3 humans left and the beastmen were starting to surrond them.

10/17/2006 6:00 AM

A Elven warrior had been watching from the bushes and been tracking Cyrantir. The elf had saw the ambush aproching and ran as fast as he could but by the time he got in range the warrior priest had allready fallen, but he still saw the humans were surrounded so he drew his bow and took a shot and hit one the the beastman in the back of the head and he collapsed then i ran toward the group of humans and shot at another beast man hittin him in just the leg and drew my sword and jumped next to one of the humans and was battle ready to fight

Aripheus "my name is Aripheus it looked like you can use my help, I am always ready to help people in need"

10/17/2006 9:39 AM

Cyranthir saw the arrow fly at the beastman and hit him.
'that was too good for a human' he thought to himself then he saw the elf jump in amd introduce himself.
"Your help is greatly appreciated, brother elf." But the other merely looked at him, Cyranthir knew that many of the Asur were uneasy around the Shadow warriors but he cared little.
'now if only one of these humans had a back bone, and i hope at some point that damn priest wakes up' one beastman came to close and cyranthir, like a crack of lightning drew his sword and slashed the throat of the Beastman. the numbers were tough but Khaine, Loec and Asuryan willing he at least would get out of this very tight squeeze

10/17/2006 12:46 PM

knowing that all these humans need is to have someone show them these beastman can be taken down he looks at Cyranthir and pulls his sword "Let's go show them what we are made of" runs towards the closest beastman and cuts off his arm, then stabs him through the neck then throws his sword at another beast man running at him then pulls his bow out and takes aim....but another beast man come out fron behind the trees and is behind him...without him knowing

10/18/2006 4:46 AM

Cyranthir hesitated, he was good at stalking and killing in stealth, this was an outright battle, he saw Aripheus charge forward, he laso saw the beastman circle round to his rear, quickly drawing an arrow he took aim and shot, piercing the shoulderblade straight to his black heart killing him outright.
"Fall back!" he screamed, picking up the priest and dragging him backwards.
"we cannot hold!" then all went quiet. the Beastman semed to fall back and then he heard it, those flapping wings, it was no sound a dragon could make and for the first time Cyranthir let the feare of death creep into his mind.
"Bloodthirster!" he screamed, the humans went into a blind panic until they heard something else, the priest had woken and was praying. Cyranthir turned to Aripheus.
"Run you fool." He said as he drew his final arrow and readied himself for the onslaught that was coming.

10/18/2006 7:47 AM

Aripheus shot one final arrow into one of the fleeing beastmans back, killing him. aripheus fell back and stood next to Cyranthir and pulled out another arrow readying himself to kill what ever monster comes in his range. he throws his sword and a short sword next to the human party "Get ready to defend your selves, arent you sick of running in fear why not make a stand here and now!" he pulls back on the bow and with his elven eyes he watches then he releses and arrow high up into the sky and you can hear a loud screech in the distance "i didnt kill it but i hurt it!, IF THEY CAN BE HURT THEY CAN BE KILLED, now ready yourselfes and hide in the trees ...ill draw the attention of it and when it gets close enough jump out and attack" aripheus looks at the humans still starring at the sword and it dawns on him that him and Cyranthir are going to have to do this alone. He looks at Cyranthir as he was frozen stiff... aripheus takes his hand and slaps him across the face to snap him out of the daze "Wake up! i have never ran from a fight and i never will! i will stand here today and accept death as it aproches, but death will not win without one hell of a fight!" Aripheus takes another shot and hits another fleeing beastman. "cyranthir take my longsword so you will have two swords to fight with" he looks at the humans who are starting to come aorund a little bit and then looks at the priest "i hope your cooking up somthing that will help us" he looks back toward the humans "if you want to fight for your selves then stand fast and get ready, dont jump out too soon and give aways the surprise!" They stand there battle steady but the humans are still realy shaky and the beast in the distance gets louder

10/19/2006 6:09 AM

Cyranthir shook his head, he realised that he had almost admitted defeat, taking the longsword from Arphieus he stood ready. 5 Beastmen came running towards, in a swinging arc Cyranthir slice one open and wounded another, but still there were 3 left, then suddenly a human raised his handgun and shot blasting the rains out of one of them. The other two beastmen turned to him, ignoring cyranthir who capitilised and stabbed both through the back. No sooner had he done that than another came forward and thus it carried on and not once did he falter, but neither did he forget the bloodthirster that was waiting, but for what? Then he heard it, whispers on the wind, not human, elfish, he turned round quickly, but this turmed out disastourous as a flail manged to catch him ripping his arm open. grimising in pain he turned to his attacker and as if gripped by Khaine he placed both sowrds around the beastens head and then executed the beast spewing foul chaos blood everywhere. The humans back away from Cyranthir, who had started laughing manicly and any beastman that cam close met his fury and all the time Cyrantir was laughing, a blood frenzied laugh as though he was possesed.

10/19/2006 8:05 PM

Aripheus shooting at anything that moved relized the beastman attacking form the rear so he turned aimed and took a shot, the beast man dove to the ground and the beastman behind him was hit. aripheus looked closer at the beastman that dove to the groun and relized it was different...it was bigger than the rest, it had warpaint on, it had to of been the one that was leading the attack. aripheus took our a iron arrow, pulled way back, released, the arrow passed through the beastmans head killing him instantly. after that aripheus saw Cyranthir on the ground laughing like he was a madman, as he walked over to see what was happning a black elf jumped out of no where "Aripheus i am arkhan i have come to kill you, you have slain our leader 3 seasons ago, you are snetenced to death!" Aripheus jumped around and grabbed a sword. "attack me and that wil be the last thing you do!" aripheus getting ready to fight couldnt help to notice Cyranthir still laughing

10/20/2006 6:53 PM

"attack me and that wil be the last thing you do!" aripheus getting ready to fight couldnt help to notice Cyranthir still laughing

This was Lolindir's cue to come. He stepped out from the shadows nearby, knives borne in each hand. For now, scare him, the deal was. Let him see fear, let the pain of inevitability be the last thing Aripheus feels before the warrior kills him. He should feel outnumbered, but fight fair. One on one.
If the warrior fell, they'd decided, let the mercenary kill him. So long as it happened, they'd accept an outsider taking their revenge.

Lolindir didn't speak, his gaze fiery and wild. Ready to give the elf a fight they all knew he'd lose.

[i]Let that haunt him to his death,[/i] he thought satirically. [i]And if his killers try to avoid paying me, let them have the money nearby when I kill them.[/i]

10/31/2006 2:27 AM

Cyranthir's blood curdling laughter finally came to an end, every beastman that had come near him had met his blade, that he had spun in such a weave that some swordmasters would of been proud of. Now though he saw two new comers, both were obviously of elf origin. Without thinking Cyranthir replace his sword and drawn bow and arrow aiming it straight at the Dark Elf.
'Druchii' a voice not quite Cyranthir's spoke inside his head. Cyranthir watched this dark elf, ignoreing the other newcomer who after a brief glance was an asari a wood elf, he noted that this was a Shade, not the most powerful Dark Elf but an extremely good foe. he gave only the briefest look around and saw that the priest was still on the floor bloodied. While looking around he remembered the bloodthirster, where had it gone and why now had the beastmen decided that they would back away? Cyranthir was very confused what did the wood elf want, he had two blades drawn, surely he was not going to help the Druchii?

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11/07/2006 9:11 PM

From shadows close by Jegsar was watching the engagement very closely. He thought to himself :

[i]When, when is the proper time? Who, who will my aid be for? Why, Why did that bloodthirster flee? I know he didn't see me and even if he did it takes more then my appearance to scare them off. Who is the dark elf? Could it of been him that scared off the daemons? I must act now before this turns into another win for the side of evil. This dark elf obviously knows what he is doing but seems to be out numbered. I now know i must get him to run, run away.[/i]

Suddenly out of the shadows comes 5 streaks of bright red fire. they all head straight for the dark elf. The dark elf freezes in place, the streaks pass him but just barely. He then jumps off into the woods. Then Jegsar says:

"I don't think that will keep him away for long. We should get the wounded and continue to move."

11/09/2006 6:12 AM

Reacting as only an elf could Cyranthir changed his focus to this new mortal. He saw straight away that this human was tainted by chaos. His eyes narrowed, and watched this human. His focus was not entirely on him though, the wood elf was still in his thoughts, the bloodthirster had fled, and that disturbed him and also the dark elf would have to be eliminated, whether with honour or not. This in mind Cyranthir as quick as a flash let loose an arrow into the dark elf's neck and replaced the arrow with another and aimed at the human, all in the space of a heartbeat.
"Who are you?" Cyranthir asked, not to the mortal but to all that would listen, so much had changed, he was meant to of died, he should not of lived, he and the priest should be dead, but now he was still alive quite how was beside him but he muttered a brief prayer to Aenarion, he didn't know why but he did, causing the mortal to shudder, which caused him to raise a single eyebrow.

11/09/2006 2:29 PM

Jegsar: "I assume you elf, have felt my taint of chaos. Yes i am tainted by the dark gods but i have turned them down. I realize there cannot be order without chaos but their cannot be chaos without order. The dark gods are currently winning this battle so i will do everything in my power to stop the. (raising his voice) I am,Jegsar Naga, the guardian of balance. you have nothing to fear from me i am here to stop the evil from spreding."

As jegsar speaks these words he is making motions from his hands and orange colored fire is beginning to spread around him. After a short while it goes away.

Jegsar: "I know your not going to attack me. At least not right now. We shouldn't waste time bickering we need to help these people."

Jegsar begins to move towards the priest.

11/11/2006 4:08 AM

Watching the dark elf flee, Lolindir wondered if they'd known he'd have friends. No sooner, the druchii jerked neck-first and fell. In the same instant Lolindir surged forward, drawing his knives - from nowhere to the untrained eye, then as he was about to stab, froze.
They weren't worrying about him, but each other. Curious, and lucky. He wouldn't win against them all.

Amid all this, Lolindir tried to keep his head from spinning. It wasn't right. Still, he wasn't dead - that was something.

Watching the man glow and catch fire, unfazed, he felt oddly drawn to this crew. The feeling he got finding a good business prospect, but stronger. This could only end well. Fine, he figured - the druchii job was meagre anyway. Lolindir stepped forward.

"I'm joining you," he frankly announced, hoping they'd pay attention.

11/13/2006 4:44 AM

The wood elfs outburst came as no surprise to Cyranthir Asuryan had spoken to him, he knew now that these fellows were intwined with him, their destinies were his, his, theirs. There was no denying it no stopping it, then he heard it, the flapping of deamonic wings, how his ears picked it up was beyond him, it was a good 5 miles off but he knew that deamonic flight could put the deamo in amongst them within minutes.
"Human, pick up the priest as you are the strongest, we head to the temple of ulric, its only 10 miles west." Noting that noth the arsai and the wizard were just looking at him he followed up the sentence.
"Look, i have ran out of arrows, my blade is old and could brake, we don't have time to mess about we have to move before it comes back!" he saw the realisation in both sets of eyes, none of them were ready for a bloodthirster.

11/14/2006 3:55 AM

(Hey, don't take this as a Grammar Nazi comment, but make sure your spelling, punctuation and all are okay. The other members get ... grumpy if you RP messily.)

Lolindir's cold gaze caught the wizard's. He took the crossbow from its latch on his back and, calmly, nodded his agreement.

"Us two will go on ahead," he suggested. "Let them follow, while we scout. It'll be easiest to hide from your enemies. But if we stay high and quiet, if we really have to fight, we'll pick them off before they can close in."
As he strode ahead, loading the bow from his quiver, the Asrai turned and asked without stopping "what do you say?"

Striding through the shadows, shooting down dangerous foes from the high ground. It'd been a while since Lolindir did this last. He looked forward to it.

11/14/2006 8:38 AM

Jegsar picks up the priest and starts moving towards the temple with unreal speeds. He turns around and says "if i need to carry this priest the least you can do is keep up.". Jegsar then turns back around and starts his sprint again never even checking if anyone is following.

Jegsar thinks to himself: [i] Why am i putting up with this. I am no slave i am Jegsar Naga. Whatever for now i will put up with this nonsense.[/i]

11/14/2006 11:14 AM

Cyranthir noted the change in the wizards face, he was unshocked to find detest.
'let him be petty, i care little other than that i survive to report to my lord tyrion what has conspired here.' For now he realised that the wizard would not openly befriend him, to be honest to him self he realised neither would the wood elf, but he would rather be with him than with the ex chaos mage. Without uttering a word he followed the wood elf, then he struck him, he couldn't believe he hadn't seen it before, the beastmen had not left through fear, but merely to see if this group would end up killing itself, the beastmen were still here, and as if to signify this he heard a low growl.
"Oh no." he whispered to himself "Please, let me be wrong." The others turned to him.

11/14/2006 5:27 PM

Jegsar turns around and says "I told you! you must keep up my speed! try harder!" then as he turns back around he lets another array of flames streak out of his hands as he begins to lunge in the direction he shot the flames. "NOW! MOVE! Ignore the beasts and run. Live to fight another day." Jegsar yells as he darts off.

11/17/2006 5:30 AM

Cyranthir knew he had to run to survive, and seeing as both the wizard and wood elf had already ran so too did he. For all the wizards boasting of trying to keep up Cyranthir found that he was strggling to let the wizard keep up, the wood elf too appeared to be slower to keep them as a group.
'where did the other high elf go?' he thought.
Without another thought though he turned on to a road to find a unit od White Wolf Knights.

Cyranthir stopped dead, as too did his other comapnions, what would happen he did not know, but something had to happen quick, those beastmen were ight behind them.

11/18/2006 3:48 AM

Seeing their comrade before a unit of knights, the beastmen on his other side, Lolindir touched his finger reassuringly against the crossbow's trigger and darted to the wolves' flank. This could be a blessing or comical increase to the danger they were in.

"There are beastmen coming this way!" he called to them. "Are you ready to fight? If you're with them, you'll die with them. Otherwise, be on your guard!"

As they came nearer, though not as convincing as when he wasn't readying to kill, he added "There are many more of my type waiting either side of you. Not enough for a little unit like you to handle. What'll it be?"

11/19/2006 8:23 AM

Cyranthir knew of only one way in which to enlist the aid of these knights of ulric.
"Your priest is here with us, he was ambushed by them we saved him, as best we could."

The knights looked unsteady and for a moment Cyranthir thought they would charge but then as if asuryan was out to save him the beastmen appeared bellowing.

"Knights of Ulric!" The champion bellowed, the knights readied for battle and charged, not as elegant as an elf would do it, but it was impressive at the speed at which they carged the oncoming beastmen.

"There's no point running, they'll finish here and come after us, we better just help the humans."

11/22/2006 6:37 AM

"Go ahead," the Asrai answered lightly, charging to the high ground. He aimed, took out a beastman, realoaded too quick to follow with the eyes. After the third bolt, preparing to run, he realised their leader was right. Things had been too quiet lately, anyway.

He kept loosing, looking for the leaders, hoping there'd be enough bolts to really anger them. With this many, there had to be an important one somewhere. Ignore him, hit the ones they cared about but had more of. They'd fight furiously and come after them harder. Chaos followers were far too predictable.

"Beastmen?" he teased, yelling load as he could over the din, "How do you get a beast and man in one body? Your mothers must've been bored!"

Lolindir fired again at one of the tallest enemies.

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11/22/2006 3:10 PM

Jegsar put down the priest he was carrying. He charged towards to battle shooting flames.

"[i] This Battle is pointless. We can't kill that many of them! We must get out of here![/i]"

11/24/2006 1:22 AM

Cyranthir was doing something that even some elves struggled to do he was jumping on the shoulders of the beastmen aiding the knights whenever they seemed outnumbered, being so quick and light the beastmen, by the time they swung their blades had only air to hit.' Another horn blasted in the forests that made, man, elf and beastman stop.
The tide was changing, more humans were close and the beastmen had no thought of dieing here, knowing what would come they chose to retreat to the cheering of the knights of Ulric.

Joining the other two Cyranthir whispered to both of them.
"We must be like shadows, we will get away while they celebrate then discuss where we go next," noticing Jegsar go for the priest Cyranthir shook his head. "leave him, he is with his kin." and with that pulling the cloak over his head Cyranthir became on with the shadows.

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