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10/11/2006 2:56 PM

Astaries ducked his head as a blast of wind slammed into him... He glanced down at the sea below and shivered. He knew that if he failed at this, the sea would claim him.. and he couldn't swim worth a damn. His tail lashed as he forced himself to look back up and spread his wide wings.

the leathery membrane was tugged at by the wind, and Astaries knew that if he could at least glide, he may survive this... good thing the wind was so strong....

Spreading them as far as they would go, keeping the membranes taut, Astaries gathered his limbs beneath him and lept into the wind....

To his horror, the wind abruptly died, and he wasn't flying... but falling!!

Roaring in panic, he struggled, flapping his wings madly.... He saw the sea rush up to meet him, and closed his eyes... at that moment, he ceased to think, and instinct took over... his wings snapped open, catching what wind there was coming from the surf and he flew low over the waves.

Opening one eye cautiously Astaries noted that he was close enough to the water that he could reach out one claw and trail it in the waves....

A laugh escaped his jaws and he allowed his instincts to guide him as he moved up away from the water and circled high in the sky catching thermal after thermal...

Now for the human lands.....

He knew that humans feared dragons, so he would have to ready his spells to walk among them..... while he flew the words of the spell ran over and over in his mind... while the land came ever closer.

10/14/2006 4:30 PM

Clow was walking for hours in a deep forest, he begun walking from the beach where he left his small boat. From the beach he entered the woods that over time turned to a large forest. Clow did know anything about the navigation, he was tought it but he never payed attention to his fellow elves. As time past by he he found himself finding the exit onto a bright green field , and then yet he still did not show any emotion, he was a patient hybrid yet living with out a point... Yet.

Clow looked to the right of him and he noticed the body of water again, he thought to himself "I guess the only way i learn is by trial and error" he loughed as he watched the area knowing he did not know where he was.

Then he noticed a figure in the sky comming down closer and closer. He stood still as his eyes focused on noticing that hybrid came his way. He watched the hybrid coming down fast, yet no emotion or gesture was made he was calm. To him he knew either someone who interacts with him knows what they are doing, or that he himself knows how to deal with things when they come to him.

10/21/2006 4:36 AM

Eudai snorted a grunt. He had found an book entitled "Elvish Magic: A Beginner's Guide" while looting an abandoned inn. The inn was by the main road through The Forest By The Lake.

As Eudai was a dwarf, he hated all thing elvish, and most thing magical too.

"This is no grand adventure for a Master Engineer," he muttered to himself. "It's all the fault of those damned Dragons."

Dragons had invaded Eudai's home many years ago, and there were very few survivors. He vowed someday to return to slay the Dragons and reclaim the fortress as his home. Eudai glanced out the window into the forest, and the mountains in the distance. A silver tear slid down his cheek as he remembered back to that day.

He gathered up the rest of the loot he had ransacked from the inn, and headed outside. He spotted an elf carelessly walking through the forest. The elf stopped, and Eudai slipped behind a tree.

"Bloody elves," he grumbled. "Stupid, bloody elves."

He readied his axe for an encounter of the painful kind (for the elf, of course). He suddenly realised what the elf was looking at, a hybrid that was swooping down fast.

Eudai put his axe back, and tried to conceal himself as much as possible. He looked on at the elf and the hybrid . . .

12/06/2006 8:45 AM

Arithorn walked out of the forest into the glare of the sun, pack on his back, and the rabbit he has just caught hanging limp in his hands. He was gonna need to find something decent to eat soon or he was gonna go insane, the half demon needed to keep his strength up if he wished to survive in this brutal landscape any longer.

Ari looked around and a glint of silver caught his eye, focusing on the figure in the distance he saw it was a dwarf with his axe out, at first Ari mistakenly thought the dwarf was brandishing his axe at him, so readying a ball of red hot energy in his right hand he approached it. As he got closer he realised the dwarf was not looking at him but peering into the sky, following the short little creatures gaze he glanced up into the clouds, and there, soaring towards the ground at an annerving speed was a dragon. 'Oh shit there's gonna be trouble now' he thought as he watched the hybrid getting closer and closer, Arithorn dropped his pack and got ready to defend himself.

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12/11/2006 9:55 AM

Eledwen quietly walked through the forests, her goddess Elune had come to her in a dream, here would be where she would those her destiny would be intwined with, here she would her, her full sister status.

She saw the half deamon eating the rabbit and quickly melded into the shaodws, perhaps this deamon was a foe, then she saw it, a dragon up in the skies, this was not good, especially seen as the other two beings she could just about make out were independent and proabably wouldn't work together, drawing her bow she walked forward revealing her self to the half deamon.
"I suggest we work together half blood."

she began to channel a spell bringing down shards of stars wounding the dragon on every hit, but soon, unless it turned back, she would be engulfed, as too would the half deamon.

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