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10/11/2006 2:38 PM

Hello evryone i am clow yakayi.
I just joined this website as one of my other favourite roleplaying sites was down. But as i learned more of this site i became entrested to stay and roleplay.

But being new to the community i dont know much how to get around.
I went to training roleplays and well i guess it became for quastions. And so now i dont know if i should join roleplays before prooving myself of being able to roleplay in your leagues.
If any of you would like to test or simply let me join you to roleplay please reply. I enjoy this mindfull sport.

Sincerely Clow

10/11/2006 2:47 PM

Welcome, Clow.

I'm glad to see you're attempting to follow the 'rules' such as they are. If you have any questions of the site, please do not hesitate to ask :D as either I or another Sage (those with the purple badges under their name) will be glad to help you.

As far as any joinable RP's if you're familiar with the Dragonlance setting (and then, even if you're not) I have one called "Dragon of a Winter Moon" running and could use a fresh face with a competant bearing to join. :D

See ya around, and again, Welcome to the RpgC!

Exec. Producer for the FFRP

10/11/2006 5:23 PM

Well ofcourse Kalia!!
I know i can now come to you as you already helped me and i am glad to have you as a guide. I hope you aprove of me saying your my guide, if not i opologise and take it back.

other members, i am officialy wrong, kalia put a great effort to guide and help me to start of in this guide, and opened a few roleplays for the training.

10/11/2006 5:30 PM


this one is going to give me a huge head ;) I don't mind what you call me, as long as it's not late for dinner or a derrogatory remark. I try to reach out to all members, but there's something about you that sparks my interest... don't ask me what, because it's not something I can actually put into words.

Meh... ignore the ramblings of the pregnant woman....

[Edited by Kalia_Majere on Wednesday, October 11, 2006 5:30 PM]

10/11/2006 5:40 PM

Heh i am glad i am sparking your mind. I in reality am a very special person. The mind that i put on this sites is nothing related to me, my frineds tend to call me a "retard" becouse i am hyper and i tend to make very stupid remarks. It isnt true i know, becouse i dont twitch yet.
But i am one of those trouble making, illigally active kids. Dont know if i am proud of it or ashamed of the fact but i am happy being who i am.

And pregnant woman. Congratualations, heh do you know if its a male or female yet?
I love babys i have a year old brother, sweetest child in the world.

10/13/2006 6:32 PM

Welcome, clow :D

10/14/2006 4:05 PM

Heh thank you very much lunatari, nice to meet you

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