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10/08/2006 5:29 PM

Ok this RP, in my words, is basically the sequal to George A. Romero's "Land of the Dead". The story will take place twenty years after "Land of the Dead." Here is the gist of the Land of the Dead plot.

Some time ago, an unimaginable catastrophe destroyed much of human civilization. The recently dead, for an unknown reason, had returned to life and taken the lives of their living siblings. These "zombies" multiplied rapidly by adding to their ranks with every new victim. Many years later, the dead greatly outnumber the living. The still-living in the vicinity have fled to the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where a feudal-like government has taken over. Bordered on three sides by three rivers and on the other by an electric barricade, the city has become a sanctuary against the undead threat. Fiddler's Green, the center of this fortress city, is where the rich and powerful live in luxury while the rest of humanity live in poverty around them. Paul Kaufmana tyrannical businessman, rules with an iron fist and overwhelming firepower.

In order to ensure his dominance and upscale lifestyle, Kaufman financed the construction of Dead Reckoning, a heavily armored vehicle that can venture out into the zombie-populated territory with relative ease. Armed with heavy remote-controlled external machine guns and video cameras to spot zombies on the sides, Dead Reckoning primarily functions as a moving fireworks display base: zombies are fascinated by fireworks, and (just like humans) will stare up at the sky gaping at them while ignoring the humans moving through the streets around them. Riley Denbo, the designer of Dead Reckoning and leader of the expeditions to retrieve salvagable goods, has decided to retire and leave the safety of Fiddlers Green. Unlike Kaufman, Riley is respected by the citizens of the fortress city for his work to protect them from a dangerous world. However, after a series of incidents, Riley winds up in jail with his best friend Charlie Houk, a slow witted member of the Dead Reckoning team who happens to be an incredible shot with his old M1 carbine, and Slack, a female soldier who has been pressed into prostitution.

At the end the Dead Reckoning retreats back to the city just to find the electric fence to be ripped apart and an enourmous amount of zombies invading the city. The zombies go out and seek Kaufman's elite. After the zombies destroy the class system created by Kaufman by killing most of the city's elite ranks, the playing field is leveled and the zombies withdraw.

Now here is the plotline for War of the Dead:

Twenty Years have past since the fall of Kaufman's society. The evolving dead still run the outside world, but the living begin to re-populate. While the living re-populate, they too evolve and begin to rebuild a new society, one which was more powerful than Kaufman's. This brings an imbalance to the playing field leaving the Humans with more power over the much more populated Dead. The Dead become furious and begin to rally and raid the humans. With more blood, the smarter the Dead become, now with the power to wield weapons and operate vehicles. The Dead declared war on the living. The first battle took place at the original base, Pittsburgh. The battle ended in a massacure of both sides, but the dead had one. With the morale from the battle the dead began striking other cities, taking more lives. North America is now called the "Dead Lands". The Humans were able to take all of Russia and Europe, but the Dead inch ever so closer. War is raging between hell and earth, if the humans don't stop the Dead, all of humanity will die and become a food product for the damned.

The Living rallied an army together and named it after Kaufman's project, The Dead Reckoning.

Ok here is the player Resume:





Physical Description-


hopefully this sparks interest.

10/09/2006 6:33 PM

Sounds like an interesting idea and would be glad to participate. However with the zombie evolutions I must as how much changed they are. What are their abilities.

10/10/2006 6:00 PM

They can think now, but still not very smart. Some are smarter than others. They know how to use basic instincts and eqaulivilant to early cavemen. They now how to operate vehicles and wield small weapons. They can run at full speeds now and walk upright, without limping.

10/17/2006 11:10 AM

Guys, what the hell's going on with zombies these days? They can run, they can think, they can use guns and drive vehicles!! Hell, they sound more capable than most of the guys I see lurking around the local job centre these days. This aint no zombie RP!

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