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10/03/2006 12:42 PM

Okay. Here's my idea for a role-play. This is another modern times idea, but in this, I'll accept the use of guns and other modern technology. Just be realistic. For instance, if you're just an everyday gangster, I'll accept that you have pistols, shotguns, even things like AK-47's. However, don't be a gangster and pop up with a 50-cal. or rocket launcher. That's just not realistic. The range of characters is extensive. Anything of modern day, as well as the inclusion of slight fantasy aspects. The point is to play off the admittedly overused idea that the world really does have things like witches, vampires, and demons, but the average people go by with their day-to-day lives without ever really knowing about them. So, all ideas open. Law enforcement, gangster, hit-man, fantasy being, or somebody from one of those "secret organizations" who knows what reality really holds, make your pick (and of course, there's so much more).

I will allow the use of magic, but please, keep it subtle. I like the idea that, though some humans and creatures have magic, that it is very specific and not almighty. Like, instead of being an all around fire mage, you can create fire, but not control it, or vise-versa. And if you can teleport, that is ALL you can do. I'm more into the magical artifacts idea. If I must use an example, think Talisman from Jackie Chan Adventures or Xian Gon Wu from Xiaolin Showdown (and don't criticize me using kids shows. They just happened to hit the idea perfectly). The can be in anything, and of course, most of them derive from an enchanter who bestowed upon them the power. Enchanters have a wider knowledge of magic than most, but the drawback is that 1: They can not use any magic from items they enchant; and 2: They need a lot more time in between use of magic. So no being like "I enchant the knife I pick up with the power of fire control and the trash can lid with fire creation, then create a fire that surrounds you." In truth, unless this role-play goes on for an incredibly long time, anyone who chooses to be an enchanter will probably only use their ability once.

There is no real plot line to this story yet, but I will set guidelines. No matter who you are, fantasy creature, law enforcement, secret agent, or some nobody on the streets, don't try revealing to the world what is really out there. The agencies, law enforcement who know, and some of the nastier creatures that "don't exist" will be very upset. So this will mean the downing of your character, not immediately, but trust me when I say there is nowhere that they could hide. Also, to keep from too much repetition, no more than a few of any mythical creature. The max of any type of character I'll allow is three, which is for gangsters, law enforcement, and agents (which they must be working together for such).

I would request that you PM me before entering with a character description, but only for those with abilities and/or enchanted items. This is a power check so nobody is too powerful. If you know something you want that most would think is too powerful, make some sort of limitation and/or explanation of why you have it, and I'll be more likely to accept it. Thank you for taking the time to read my horribly long description with too many unanswered questions. If there's something you need to know, just ask and I'll be happy to explain!

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10/09/2006 6:38 PM

Well I am intrigued... however I sorta need a little bit more of a goal of this RP, or if it is all free to us to choose.

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