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09/23/2006 10:09 PM

Autumn trips through the door, wet and cussing. She shakes her curly red head, spraying the bar room and it's patrons with the rain she brought in.

She slides her gloved hands like squeegees, brushing the water from her blue dragonscale armor, and looks about the room.

There he is, the minotaur who stole this inn and bar during a drunken bit of gambling.

All the minotaur barkeep heard before the dagger slid quietly into his left eye socket was, "This is my joint, bull man."

Autumn stomps across the room, yanks her dagger from the minotaur's face and tells the bar wench standing gape-mouthed to, "Feed the bull man to Boo Boo. He hasn't had meat in a week."

Boo Boo is resting outside the stables connected to this place, this Dew Drop Inn.

Boo Boo is Autumn's fat, blue dragon, the one she rode during the War of Lance. Boo Boo is a magnet for lances and arrows and giant slivers of all sorts. He walks with a limp because he has used hind legs to bat away the puny Elven projectiles launched at him and the love of his life, Autumn.

Satisfied, Autumn pours herself a shot of dwarven spirits, downs it, and slams the glass on the bar and announces to the room, "Welcome to The Dew Drop Inn!"

Her white smile is brilliant against her tanned face, "Let's party."

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09/23/2006 10:21 PM

A man heavily cloaked walks through the doors and looks around. He heads to a dark corner and waits for someone to wait on him. He keeps his hood pulled down low as he sits and waits. Finally, after not being noticed, he stands up and and pushes his hood back, allowing his sharp elven features to be seen. His emerald eyes gleming, and his long honey blonde hair flowing behind him as he walks to the over to the bar.

"Can I have a glass of your finest mead?"

A moment later a silver haired Elf with blue eyes walks in and sits with the other elf.

"Make that two glasses," the second elf states as he looks at the estabishment, and notices the dead minotaur. "Nice place you picked out here Pyranthas."

"The foods not half bad and the mead's cheap," he says as he drops a small bag of steel on the counter.

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09/24/2006 9:27 AM

Gunther had been half-asleep in his chair when things finally got interesting. Near the end of the war, Gunther had been seperated from his friends. Running from battle to battle, Gunther survived only to pay back those that had killed his friends. At least this was two friends that had survived. Perhaps there could be a place for the survivors afterall.

Gunther settled back in his chair to watch how things would pan out. Things were always interesting around those two, especially the fiery woman. Gunther had almost come to like that "bull man" that had been running the Dew Drop for some time now. Almost. Gunther chuckled slightly to himself as he recalled the time he had spent with Autumn and Pyranthas in the past. While he had lost his dragonmount in the end days of the war, it sounded as if Boo Boo was doing well enough.

Gunther took another pull of his ale. Things were going to get mighty interesting around here again.

09/24/2006 8:26 PM

Autumn sniffs the air, "I smell elf flesh," then her eyes settle upon the two elves sitting at the bar.

"Oh. It's you. You sure are purty," she winks and snatches the bag of steel and pounds a bottle of mead onto the bar, "This is mine. NEVER lay anything on this bar that you don't intend to lose. For your generousity, though, there's a stable out back for you and your friend to sleep off the drunk I'm gonna give you."

Autumn notices that the bar wench hasn't hauled the dead minotaur outside to feed Boo Boo.

"Bitch? What's your name?"

The bar wench cowers, "You killed my boss."

"Your name is You Killed My Boss?" Autumn asks kindly and scans the room for someone to help the wench drag the dead bullman outside.

"Tell him to help you take that thing outside," she indicates the burly knight sucking on a warm mug of ale.

"No..." getting a closer look at the knight, "Gunther?"

Autumn snaps her fingers and nothing happens.

Autumn marches into the kitchen and the music of iron pots dropping and pottery crashing can be heard.

A moment later, Autumn comes out of the kitchen pulling the cook by his ear with one hand, snapping her fingers in front of his greasy young face with the other, "Snap, snap, snap! SNAP SNAP SNAP! Learn to come, boy!"

The boy cook, fumbling about with a large platter of potatoes and venison hurries to place the platter on Gunther's table.

"Your alive. SWEET!" Autumn says triumphantly and she plops in the chair across from her old friend.

The bar wench, left standing by the dead minotaur, whimpers, "My name is Bella," and as quickly as the words left her mouth, the giant ax she had been concealing in her ample bosom flew from her hand and landed at the foot of Autumn's chair, grazing Autumn's boot.

Autumn looked down at the ax curiously, "Nice ax."

09/25/2006 6:36 AM

Gunther sat there grinning to himself the whole while. Life was just too boring without Autumn around. Even in the midst of battle, Gunther would think, "I know Autumn would have the best snyde comment rightabout now. Something like, "Would you really want to hurt a lady? ... Of course you would, you insensitive prick! Now DIE!" " Oh, the good ol' days.

Gunther took one last long pull of his ale when Autumn sat across from him. Gunther's eyes barely moved when the ax flew from You Killed My Boss's hands. He knew instantly that it would miss its mark. She always had been a bad aim. Once, he had pinched her bottom and she spun around to slap him in the face, but missed slapping him and twirled around like a dancer and plopped right on her pinched bottom.

Gunther gave his most charming grin to Autumn, "Nice place ya got here."

09/25/2006 10:02 AM

Pyranthas gets up and walks over to the table. He shoves Autumn out of her chair as he grabs the bottle of Mead from her.

"Sorry, but I was giving you payment for the mead," he says and then looks at the human knight. "Gunther, how are you. It has been way to long. You know Kalthois."

The silver haired Elf bows.

09/25/2006 10:34 AM

With Py replacing Autumn in the chair, Gunther was left grinning at the elf. When Kalthois bowed, Gunther gave a nod of his head. Some things never changed, and that could be a good thing. There were others still missing, but hoping for the entire gang to gather again would be like hoping for a pair of lovely young twins to hop on his lap, one meek and supple to be his wife and the other bold and kinky to be his mistress. It [i]could[/i] happen, just not likely to in his lifetime.

Gunther gave a little bark of a chuckle as memories of the old days washed over him. Those days were gone, but with the three of them together once again, new memories could be made too. Perhaps even a new face or three to push around.

But, if there was anything that Gunther had learned during their time apart it was that you have to take things as they come. Grab life by the balls and go with it.

Gunther glanced back behind the bar to see the young cook struggling with the massive minotaur body. "Wench girl, You Killed My Boss, you should probably help him as well, unless you want to see just how good at axing people questions Autumn can be. Why, this one time at concentration camp. . ." Gunther trailed off for two reasons. First off, her imagination could almost describe what had actually happened. Close enough at least to provide proper motivation. Secondly, because explaining would take so much time that the minotaur would start rotting by the time Gunther was done. And Gunther was trying to expedite the removal of the corpse, not hold it up. Besides, even the most hardy of the patrons here would likely lose their lunch over the story.

09/30/2006 12:58 AM

"That wench is one Amazon Fairy Princess if I have ever seen one. So how have you been Gunther," the Elf says with a smirkand pours them all a round of the mead, (including Autumn)

09/30/2006 7:22 PM

"How have I been?" Gunther replied. He grabbed the mead and took a deep swallow. A mite better than the ale he had been sucking on a minute ago. "Well, I've been stabbed by spears, shot by arrows, slashed by swords, singed by fire, and shit upon by a swallow. Can't say that I've been the best of times. There have been times I thought this life so miserable and not looking to get any better." Gunther scratched at his chin with a now-growing beard. He wasn't quite used to it yet. He had always shaved it off, but someone had told him to grow it out, so he was.

"But, y'know, then I think about it and know that there's so much more out there for me to experience. You can't dwell on the things you have no control over, instead you've gotta concentrate on what you can change. So, I've been trying to do the one thing that guys do: get a wife." Gunther sighed then. "But I don't seem to have much luck there at all." Gunther gave a shrug and took another drink of the mead.

04/15/2007 9:34 PM

"Wow... all of that? I just gave up my immortality and now I am the High Priest of Habakkuk," Pyranthas says as he takes a sip of his mead.

05/04/2007 7:44 PM

Gunther shrugged. "Well, ya gotta start somewhere?" Gunther wasn't quite sure where Py was going with that. Giving up immortality seemed a bit . . . foolish? Well, a mortal, at least, would think that. Who knows how the immortals think. Forever is a really, really long time.

Gunther tried to think of something to cheer up the mood a bit. He looked around the room and a grin flashed over his face. "Wanna play 'toss the dwarf'?" He said as he stared at two dwarves sitting in the corner drinking some ale.

05/05/2007 1:19 AM

"I know that it may sound strange to you, but it was a sacrifice I can live with. How I long to be together with my wife once again. Autumn Half-Elven was the one woman I have ever loved, of all the thousands of years I have ben alive. Being trapped in the Abyss through the whole Age of Mortals really got me thinking about how much I wanted to be with her after each and everyday I had my own sword shoved into my chest and Takhisis she would watch me bleed and laughed as I begged to just let me die,"he says as he takes a long sip of his mead. "It really wore me down."

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