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09/20/2006 1:17 PM

[i]Upon learning who he was, Henry murdered the remaining survivors of the Silent Hill crisis, Freeing those who were trapped in the world or killed in the nightmare, causing them to awake from the dream into their own homes once again. The 21 holy sacrements had become succesful. And in the real world the nightmare had returned, this time for keeps. Death meant death, not a pass out of your horrific dream.

The shroud of darkness has been lifted, and replaced with the hellish world and the blanketting mists. No one knows how to end the evil that envelopes them, only that they must survive. The coming of god is on the horizon. And only then will the fog break...[/i]

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09/20/2006 7:45 PM

Either I die in the other RP or I'm no longer a survivor of Silent Hill...

09/20/2006 8:11 PM

You are dropping out of the RP????

09/29/2006 2:58 PM

why !!!

10/07/2006 7:28 PM

Josie jerks awake, swallowing a scream as she slowly realized she was still inside her car. Her forehead ached where it had been pressed againse the steering wheel. Feeling her shirt, and noted that it was still on her body. Sighing a breath of relief, Josie looked around. She could barely see, what with all the fog surrounding the parking lot like an eerie scene out a bad horror flick.

Shaking her head, she slowly climbed from the car. Once again grabbing her black zip up hoodie, and put it on. She wrapped it around herself to ward off the chill. She looked around, and saw the apartment building in front of her. Blinking, she looked around...completely confused.

Trying to recall how she had gotten there, and why she was here. She vividly remembered her dream. But nothing before it. So, standing in the middle of the fog shrouded parking lot, arms wrapped around her waist. The wind fluttered her dark hair, lifting it slightly, her skin pale from the bitterness of the cold.

10/08/2006 7:32 AM

Rand heading out of the apartment he shot off many creatures that came at him. This was the real Silent Hill and the destruction of many lifes. Rand looked around the stairs and a small creature looked at him and opened its mouth screamed very loud " MAMA !!!!" Rand started shooting with his MP-5 killing it, then the place rumbled

" o shit" Rand made out of the apartment building before somthing smashed out of it from the otherside. He looked at the dark streets. " Jeez " Rand shouted. " HEY ! ANYONE AROUND " Rand looked around and saw no one then a voice came out of the silence " im here Rand" Rand could reconize that soft voice " H..HALEY !" HE ran up to her and huged tightly, she huged back.

"Rand i missed you so myuch i thought i was really dead !" Rand didnt say anything he didnt want the happyness to end. " We gatta go and here " He handed her his Beretta and 4 clips. "We gatta find Josie" Haley raised an eyebrow "who ? is Josie !" She said Rand laughed "shes a rookie cop i was met during this disaster. We need to get her before Henry does " Rand started walking away and Haley followed " But Henry was one of us ? good right ? " Rand shook his head.

10/08/2006 7:49 AM

Josie spun around as she heard something behind her, drawing her weapon. Not seeing anything in the dense fog, she goes behind her car, and drops to one knee, peering around, her weapon up and ready. "Hullo?" Josie shouted, only hearing her echo.

Cursing, that she left her keys in the car, she slides around the car, her back pressed up against it, and fiddles with the door handle until it comes open. Without looking into the car, she gropes blindedly for the keys. Finally locating them, she snags them. Shutting the door quietly, she slides back around to the back of the car. Opening the trunk she looks inside. Still keeping her eye on whats around her, she slides the weapon case to the ground beside her. Opening it, she pulled the pump action shot gun, standard police issue, from tis case. After loading it, she grabbed a black duffle from the trunk. Sliding the weapon inside, she also puts extra rounds inside the bag as well.

Josie knew something was not right, and could not shake the feeling that she was being watched. After making sure her extra clips were in the bag, as well as the ones on her belt Josie zipped up the the duffle, and slipped the strap over her head and shoulder so that the strap was diagnal around her chest. When she stood up, she saw a creature loaping towards her from her side. She popped off a few rounds into its chest, before she took off at a run, disappearing into the fog, and onto the street. She ran down the center of the street, not realizing that she did not even see any cars or people around.

10/09/2006 9:44 AM

OOC:Henry is dead, he is no longer the threat, the tthreat is the town and the rising of the god, so you guys could possibly find him dead, with his family in his house. He shot himself in the last episode.

"Hunny, come in here..."

The soft concerned voice, crept through the hallways of the apartment building, in the semi-bustling city of South Ashfield. Drowned out by the cacophony pouring out of Helena's headphones. She often as found in these sorta states, much like any normal teenager, rebellious, confrontational, and seemingly unconcerned with what "could" happen, and instead what she "wanted" to happen.

"Hellena Allyssa, you come in here this minute."

"ERR Fuckin parents..." she said under her breath as she stood defiantly. "WHAT MOM!!!"

"Don't you take that tone with me."

"What tone!!!! I'm going to the mall, I need a brake from all this stress."

"No you are not, you are staying right here young lady!!!"

"GO to hell mother!!!! Man I wish you wouldn't Hide who my father is!!! He probally could be a better parent than you!!!"

"Wait hunny," Heather Morris, Helena's Mother, worriedly called after her as she darted out the door in anger. "Damnit, Helena. Their is so much i wish I could tell you."

Turning from the door, Heather was startled by a form standing in the room. She was tall, adorned in a long drab gown, semi-wrinkled face, and long frizzy silverish locks. Her stance was sorta dreamy, and mezmerizing. Heather fell back breathless on the door.

"I see you know longer hold the seed of Alessa inside you."


"In sorts. I cannot imagine why you had haulted the coming of paradise Heather, but now you have chance to atone for your sins."

"No I will never help you and your cultish devil religion."

"Hahaha, I see so it is that girl, your so called daughter. She is the daughter of Allessa, the living God."


Heather lifted a small knife from a dirty plate on the counter beside her and dashed toward claudia. In seconds her knife passed inches from the old ladies grinning face. Heather lost her balance falling into teh recliner before her collapsing, the blade dropping from her hands. Claudia stood feet away from the chair, as Heather became more and more bound to the leather cushins.

"Just like your father Heather. He also tried to protect you, and you will die in teh same way..."

10/10/2006 4:58 AM

Haley and Rand headed to Bowl-a-rama. " There may be some answers there." Haley looke at him strangley " Why would there be anything there at all ?" Rand showed her the map and on it a bloody circle was around the bowling alley. " All these maps and letters are driving me crazy " Rand smiled. Haley huged him " Do you think we will make it ? " Rand looked at her and kissed her cheek "if hope is lost all is lost , i read that in a holocaust book."

Rand Haley reached there, Rands radio bugging out. " Haley just stay by me ok" Rand walked in Haley behind him , once they got in the doors locked behind them. Rand knew this might happen, in the alley was a corpse it was half flesh have bones basically. Rands radio turned louder. Then a laugh came and creature apeared with eveil eyes. " RAAHAHHAHAHAAHHAH !" IT ran fast but Rand shot at it with his gun on auto as Haley started shooting it to.

10/10/2006 6:36 AM

Josie stopped in the middle of the street, unsure where she was. She could hear an echo of shooting, but was not sure as the what direction it was. The fog was obscuring everything.

Josie leaned over, and placed her hands on her knees, and attempted to catch her breath. Her black ponytail fell down, and swung slightly. Her bangs were plastered to her forehead with sweat. Josie walked down the street, still hearing the echo of gunshots. Jose had her gun out of her holster, as the gun shots became louder. She still could not pick up what direction they were in, but she was going in the general direction they were coming from.

After a few minutes, she knew she was very close. Jose looked in every direction, spinning about. After walking near the curb, she could see the bowling rink. She ran up to it, and tried the doors, but they were locked tight.

Sliding her duffle around to her front, Josie unzipped the bag. She slid her shot gun from the bag, and then took the duffle bag off her shoulder. Setting the bag down, Josie took aim at the doors. Just before she was able to fire a shot, she was knocked off her feet. Landing hard on her side, Josie had her breath knocked out of her.

Gasping for breath, Josie looked up and did not see anything. Sitting up, still trying to catch her breath, she looked around for her shot gun and duffle bag. Both were missing, and Josie started cursing. Now pissed, Joise got up and started firing from her hand gun at the lock on the door. After emptying a clip, she used her booted foot to kick the doors open.

10/10/2006 8:19 AM

Helena, had reached the mall, all but forgetting the arguements she had just had with her mother. Though she disagreed most of the time, she knew her mother ment best. No matter, she was young, and a rebellious teenager. Her parental control was considered the enemy. Jogging to the bathroom, cutting through the hustle and bustle of the large crowd, Helena reached it swinging the door open and stepping into the semi-dirty empty restroom.

As the door shut all the noise of the outside mall silenced as if cut off by the door. helena thought nothing of it. Walking slowly through the room, Helena Morris approached the mirror looking deeply into her eyes. She looked almost exactly like her mother. sdmae pale creamy face, same beaty eyes, and most of all the large thin lipped mouth. Nearlyu the spitting image of her younger pictures. Her voice was nearly identical yet was a slight bit deeper.

From behind a noise like something dropping was heard. Helena turned, startled, and began to yell.


Waltzing closer to the closed bathroom stall teh sound came from, no one answreed. The door was open, and a pungeant smell, whiffed out of it. Holding her nmose, helena pushed the door open, jumping bakc at the morbid and macabe scene. In teh chair a woman and a man sat locked in fornication, yet they werte dead decayed. Missing their eye4s, and mouths were sewn shut. Barbed wire surroudned them.

Closing her eyes and leaping backward, Helena kicked teh door shut, vomitting in the sink behind her. [i]What... the... Helll????[/i] Finally ceasinjg her vomit fit, Helena looked up into the mirror, tears pouring franticall dowjn her face. however the mirror had changed. In stead of the clear reflecting surface was a red circular image, a symbol of some sort. Mezmarized, Helena gfrasped her head as pain began to take it ovger and her eyes blacked out. In seconds she was on teh floor of the South Ashfield Mall, unconcious.

10/11/2006 2:15 PM

Rand killed the creature after a clip and Haley held her head " im really dizzy" Rand helped her o a seat. "you ok ?" She stared at the creature that they just killed. Rand hovered her eyes and she grabed Rands hand and feel on concous. "HALEY !" Rand picked her up " shit this is not a good time !" Rand could only wait here until she awoke he couldnt shoot his gun and carry her.

Rand sat next to her, He felt her head but her temp was normal. HE then kissed her on the lips and sat back waiting. The bowling alley wasnt hot in fact it was cold. He started to look around and saw a pin was cracked and opend on lane 34. Rand ran to the pin and looked to see a paper. " knew it !" He checked the paper and saw there was a didgit number on there. Then somone kicked down the door

"WHOS THERE !!!!" Rand aimed his gun at the entrence and turned on the flash light. " Joise ! your ok !" Rand walked over her to greet her.

10/11/2006 2:48 PM

"Yeah, yeah. I'm okay, but completely confused." She said to Rand, discarding her clip, She pulled one of her back up clips from the back of her belt. "I was going to use my shot gun to blast the door, but something hit me from behind. And when I got back up, my gun and bag were gone. All my bullets were in that damn bag." Josie said, muttering the last part mostly to herself.

Josie walks into the bowling alley, and looked around. "So what is going on?" Jose asked, placing her gun back in her holster, and stared down at the creature on the ground.

10/11/2006 3:51 PM

Kyth had visited many places around that he remembered from the dream, and one he hadnt been to before. The alley that the first creature had come from was free of the hole in the chain link fence but beyond it he had found a house smelling of rotted flesh and blood. Inside he found the heartless body of Henry and what seemed to be others. Leaving quickly Kyth decided that there had been some reality to the dream. Deciding to go to the hospital to see if it really had happened Kyth set off down the empty street...

10/11/2006 3:53 PM

[i]A Dense Fog....engulfed....no signs of contact. Silent Hill has been offiacially considered alock down area by State Governor. ....Relief....not....get into the city. Pray for... folks still stuck in the weather.. anomaly. We will.... keep....dated.... situat------[/i]

The red finished and began a loud screetching cackle, as Helena hurried up from the floor, throwing it against the oppiste wall. [i]What the ell was that noise. No normal interferance.[/i] Looking around the room, Helena found the door and exited into the now empty Mall. SOmething was darker, more silent, and definantly insideous about the scene. The music still played though much more raspier, and the floor was covered in teh normal gum and garbage. The lights however were dimmer, the sounds older. Turning to her left Helena headedtoward the entrance, or exit in her case of the mall.

10/11/2006 6:43 PM

" Me and Haley are here and as for ammo i use 9mm's" Rand checked Haley " Josie she is on unconsious .... wait a minute !" He checked her " Shes .....asleep .... dreaming perhaps." Haley shot up. " gatta get it we must get it now" She said in a low voice " Haley your starting scaring me whats wrong !" She ran into the bar area and took out a map that had safe zones marked on it and enevitably a way out.

" we can also use this !" it was a Axe "But the front doors are open " Rand said " I know we need to go to The Silent Hill Museum." Rand looked her " im guessing we need to place the axe somwhere" Haley nodded " it came to me in a dream." She said "We gatta go now !" all of a sudden birds flew out of the place.

"Darkness ! agian !" Rand ,Haley and Josie started to walk quickly out " WHERE DO WE GO !??!?" Rand started running and so did the others. " I saw somthing like this in the movies ! TO THE CHURCH !" They ran franticly towards it , the darkness hit as they went there. Rand turned on his flashlight until they got in the church doors. The church was pure grey and had all holy candles lite around it.

" I think we can say that we are safe here for now" Rand said sitting down tired " R..Rand .. we.. should go to the museum as soon as we can ok ? " SHe sat next to Rand and huged him. Rand kissed her and she kissed back. Not going further into the love thing He turned to Josie. " save your ammo stay by me im loadded. Rand said as twisted and devilish sounds could be from outside the church.

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10/13/2006 5:05 AM

Josie stayed close to Rand, holstering her weapon. She was confused as to what was going on, wondering what Rand and Haley were talking about. She leans over a bit, and catches her breath.

"So whats going on? Why are we here?" Josie asked. She looked nervoulsy towards the doorway, wondering if that the sounds coming from outside could get in. The sounds were sending chills up and down her spine, and making her hair stand on end.

Getting down on one knee, Josie lifted her pant leg, checked to make sure her back up was still in its holster strapped to her ankle. She had one full clip in her weapon, and one more strapped to the back of her belt.

Standing, and growing frustrated Josie started to pace. Walking from one end of the room to the next. She then walked down the long isle between the pews. Glancing briefly into the rows, after reached the other end she walked back to the other end. "What are we going to do?" Josie asked, rather loudly. Her voice echoing throughout the church.

10/13/2006 6:20 AM

"Dont worry do much ok " Rand looked at her pacing around " The darkness is here this is our safe zone and after the darkness we go to the museum. I couldnt imagine whats there"

OOC: sorry for short post

10/14/2006 9:20 AM

Josie stopes abruptly, and stares at Rand wide eyed. "You want me," Josie points at her self, "to now worry so much?" Josie lets out an exasperated breath.

"I just woke up from a horrific dream, where some guy..cut my heart out..and "Met", Josie makes little quotation marks with her fingers, " you in that dream,then I wake up in my car, not remember how I got there. I get chased down by some creature, and then I get knocked to the ground, and my weapons and ammo taken by some unseen something, and then I get into the building your in and here I was thinking you were just part of the dream, and theres a dead someting on the floor. I have no idea whats going on. Now we're locked in a church with something making God awful noises outside." Josie stops.

She makes a small laugh, and smacks her forehead, and says sarcastically to herself, "What WAS I thinking?" Shaking her head, she heads down the isle to the back of the church and lays down on one of the pews, and lets her breath escape her mouth slowly.

10/15/2006 4:39 PM

Finally reaching the exit, Helena stepped into a misty world, void of life. Eerie sounds engulfed the air, and silence filled what she thought was the truth. Further examining the state of which SOuth Ahsfield became, she suddenly felt a gut wrenching in the lower most part of her stomache. [i]Mother??? I shouldn't have ran out like that, I pray you are alright???[/i]

Taking off in a spirnt down the low visibility streets, Helena used her memory to navigate. Nothing seemed in chaos just simply stopped, dead. Roads were a set path herding her back home not allowing her to stray from that destination. Turning the into a alleyway that was her normal short cut, Helena's radio started to screetch. [i]WHAT THE HELLL!?!?[/i] Unable ot switch it off, Helena squelched the noise down beofre hering the small gurgle of a close by anomaly. Stopping her run, Helena creeped leftward toward the sickening sound, and looked down uppon a slimy, blood covered humanoid form. AS she became in in range in wriggled to its feet, showing it had no arms and a simple slut in the chest.

Backing to the wall, Helena hit hard and a spray of something black crashed beside her splashing her face. It burned and induces a frantic scream. Falling to her knees, Helna looked to her right, spotting a large led pipe. Wielding it, Helena stood, and swungb the massive metal into the creature creating a meaty thwap. Unable to control herself, Helena continued one after another, until she did not even notice the radio had ceased screetching. Finally getting a grip, Helena stepped on the creature and took off in a Sprint toward her home.

[i]Mom please be okay!!!![/i]

10/15/2006 8:05 PM

OOC: sorry i havnt been here I got sick unexpectantly and could not acces the computer.

Memory from the dream lead Kyth down the streets half expecting the strange kid like creatures from the dream. Then again there it was, the massive heap of debris that blocked the road going any farther than the elemantry school. Climbing the heap was a much easier task without the backpack of suplies from the dream. Mounting the top of the mound Kyth was hit with deja-vu as the droning started up from the other side. It was fight his way through or head back to the school, not liking the odds of the school Kyth bolted down the mound and towards the droning...

10/19/2006 3:09 PM

OOC: OMG I'd love to join this... but I have no clue of where to jump in. I think I may post my *whimpy in comparison* SH RPG in here too... and I hope some of you will join... If you don't then that's okay, I'll join this one! But... what would be the best place to join...
Gah, so new to this weird but wonderful site...

10/20/2006 6:14 PM

OOC: Where is everyone?

10/24/2006 8:04 AM

OOC:Im back. Anika just jump in just start your own little story. The main idea is the Goddess Allessa is being risen. Outside the door of her cozy Apartment, sounds sweetly poured out. Music was being played giving both comfort and an eery feeling to helna. something was wrong??

Pushing the door in with all her might, Helna toppled onto the cushioned carpte. A warm substance soaked through her hands and clothes. It was crimson and pungeaant smelling. Slowly pushing herself up a silohette ina chair became visible. It was Heather, dead with a large dagger protruding out of her throat into teh open air. The room was suddenly darker and full of a sullen mood. anger and despair surged through helena. Grasping onto the dead mother, helena weeped with a vicious ferocity.

"Child their is no need to cry..." A Soft yet meniachal voice sounded from the shadows.

10/25/2006 5:07 PM

OOC: Can I just use the story I made for my topics in my other thread (laziness)? I want her to be connected to Pyramid HEad somehow... but that's all I know for now...

10/26/2006 8:18 AM

OOC:Post your questions in the OOC section please, pm wme with your idea and I will approve of???

10/28/2006 10:45 AM

OOC: Oh noes! Sorry for being so noobish!

10/29/2006 12:46 AM

Kyth was bleeding by the time he made it to the amusement park he wondered if it was just him or if the things had gotten bigger scince the dream... heading to the same shack he had stayed in back in the dream slightly comforted him... A place to rest.

Only after the door was baracaded did he notice the backpack sitting by the bed with a near identicle rebar and the knife from the dream hoping to find what he had left inside it still there he quickly opened the bag. Inside were his pain killers bandages and what seemed liek a black claw of sorts. Taking out only what he needed he closed the bag and passed out on the blood soaked matress...

11/06/2006 5:46 PM

The shadows of the huge, old buildings loomed over the girl as she walked past, the thick wind whistling through the chared remains of what used to be a quaint town... until something had shaken it to the very foundations itself.

Anika had heard of the ghastly place, and that many a person had come here to live it out or think it was the 'Ultimate Thrill' or something like that. He brown hair with big blonde streaks caught in the wind and made it push past her shoulders and stream in front of her, and then finally lay at rest on her breast as the wind stopped. A leave skittered away at a slight breeze, stirring up dust.
Anika's hazel eyes made her lihtly tanned skin seem to glow in this eerie place, she was quite developed for a run-away seventeen year old, and she knew that she took her looks for granted.
She mostly wanted to be alone and think, or read and draw. She knew monsters really weren't... real, or anything like that. She looked up at the dull gray sky, and the big white ball that was hovering on the horizon. It would be night soon. Her tight, dark blue jeans had been rolled up to her knees to reveal long, knee-high navy blue socks, a pair of sleek sketchers at the ends. Her big black hoodie that had a jangling of useless keyes she found, a sketchbook, and a piece of lead pipe bounced around in her big pouch pocket when she suddenly took off at a dead run.

Her footsteps echoed through every single alley she passed, sounding far away and lonely, like her. She didn't mind, maybe she could live here. Well... she had time to think of that later. She didn't like the rapidly approaching darkness on her tail. She leaped over a fallen column that had supported a barber's front porch and signs. Good thing she'd been in track at school... too bad they chased her out... too bad...

Anika quickly found an old abandoned church with a few scattered pews. It looked like many people had left in a hurry here, at one time. She found a padded pew, pulled it into the corner, and stretched out on it, sighing and blinking slowly. A crow cawed outside, and then suddenly squawked in a surprised manner, and flew away. Anika watched it, then closed her eyes, but not before she knew she had a tight grip on the iron pipe in her pocket, cool against her warm touch.
Little did she know that she would need more than a pipe to protect herself from her own monsters and others...
Much more than a pipe, at least.
So much more.

11/06/2006 11:21 PM

Kyth awoke on the matress hair once again matted with blood. Streatching he got up slowly and hobbled out of the shack back pack on and rebar in hand. Heading the way he knew he started the long jog down the road. At least he wasnt planning on taking the boat unless he had too. Wandering out and away from the amusement park a breeze blew making the fences behind rattle adn scrape. It didnt bother him much compared to the horrors that he knew lived in this place...

It was about half an hour down the road when he began to wonder if he was the only one back here in this hell hole but at the moment his curiosity to see how much of the dream seemed true. Only the hospital could answer these questions...

11/08/2006 8:14 AM

"Allessa, it is you..."

"You killed my mother!!!"

""Calm you self child, i did not kill her, she was sacrificed ofr the ressurection of Salavation. She is a martyr!!! Alless..."

"Why do you keep calling me ALESSA!!!!"

Turning from the pale woman, helna collapse into teh lap of her dead mother. Tears trickled violently down her blushed face. Anger culminated inside her mind leaving to a self pitty. [i]I should have been here for her!!![/i]

Behind her malevolent plots forumlated ina swirling motion inside Claudia's head. Stepping forward to attempt and sooth the child, she was forced back.

"Child thier is a way to bring her back..."

"What?!?! HOW!!!???"

"The answrs you seak lie far away, Follow these directions," Claudia handed a parchment full of directions and riddles. "Go to Silent Hill Child of allessa, their your secrets will be answered."

Bending over to pick up the paper, Helna looked up to see Claudia had dissapeared. Reading over the parchment, helna dashed out of the Apartment complex, and into the closest car. Conveniently it had the keys in. Starting it she sped off into the darkness and mist toward the mysterious destination. With little experience in driving, this would be a momentous road trip.

11/09/2006 2:15 PM

OOC: Hey everyone. I would post but I don't really know how I would be able to considering my character was waiting for some sort of reply from Rand. Plus my character is with him and is completely unaware of whats going on. Did Dyingstar drop out of the thread or does anyone know? Is there anyway of continuing my posts even though Dyingstar has not posted?

11/09/2006 3:00 PM

Anika groaned and opened her eyes, curling into a tighter ball again against the blowing wind. It had steadily been getting colder and colder since she found the broken down place. She sighed, sitting up. There was no way to sleep.

Quietly she got up and stretched. Her grip was loose and the pipe fell on the ground with a loud klang. She jumped slightly to pick it back up, and heard something behind her. She spun around, looking around, her head swinging gracefuly. Then she grabbed the pipe and ran outside.

She walked along the sidewalk, hugging the old crumbling wall.

((Meh, not sure really what to type...))

11/09/2006 3:21 PM

It had been hours of seemingly unchanging road when finally the town came into view. Sighing Kyth slowed to a walk and wandered up to the town wondering if anyone else was back here. It didnt matter much, but the company would help him cling to his remaining sanity. Although finding the truth would break his sanity even with people around but that was something to come. Wandering the empty streets Kyth began to wonder what the dream had meant and what was in store...

Passing by one of the many stores he started to guess that here was no one left here and that he was fighting for a lost cause. Just when he started to turn back he caught a glimps of the hospital through the fog and rushed towards the doors now was his chance to confirm the dream...

((The hospital is going to be fairly normal just some of the things that happened in the dram here will be real in this...))

11/09/2006 4:39 PM

((I guess she'll meet Kyth in the hospital, if that's okay with you))

Anika stopped and looked up at the loomng building. Clutching the lead pipe tight in her hand, she walked twords the entrance and swung one of the double doors open, treading lightly as she breathed deep, heavy breaths. Somthing here scared her.

As she wandered around the old hospital, she began to think, trapsing around on broken tiles and runing her hand along the dusty walls, she began to feel lighter, calmer somehow. She liked it here...

11/09/2006 8:33 PM

((Ok then by the way he's half insane and covered in bood jsut to give you abit of waht to expect))

It was a long way to the roof but the stairs were the only way up so he had taken them. Having just passed the second floor he became more an more anxious about what lay ahead. Calming himself he heafted the back pack and continued the way up. The walls seemed normal compared to what they had been in the dream. Nothing more than dirt coating them now, as oposed to the blood and skin he remembered from the dream. Third floor he thought as he passed the door. One more flight of stairs and I learn waht really happened...

11/10/2006 1:37 PM

((Yay! She gets to meet someone!))

Anika turned the corner to go back down the stairs and looked down. Her grip on the pipe suddenly tightened and she half raised it in a defensive stance.
"W-what..." She held it like a kendo stick, breathing hard, her knuckles white.
She saw Kyth coming up the stairs (He going up, right? Correct me if I'm wrong.) She swallowed and backed up a bit, gritting her teeth. She opened her mouth and squeaked a little, then cleared her throat and said,
"Hey! Who are you?!" She yelled, almost tripping on her own feet as she backed up further.

11/12/2006 5:16 PM

OOC Katie I invoke my right as GM for you to take control of him and explain how you two get split up. It is what must be done to allow you to continue, Say something attacks you as you begin to speak and you run the opposite direction.

The road ahead swiveled back and forth amongst the darkness and misty fog. Helena had assured herself for years driving was easy, yet as she found now she couldn't even the keep th car marginally straight on the long stretch of Highway.

By now though she was close. Signs had already ensured her that Silent Hill was just a mere mile away. THe length seemed much longer amongst this mist. As the Buildings began to give shape, Helena found herself not slowing down.

However as she approached the first street, something smashed into the back again. Fighting to keep the already unsteady vehicle Steady, Helena looked back. A Large creature of about 8 feet tall, holding what seemed to her punching bags, pursued with great speed.

Reacting quickly, Helena turned the corner violently. Whacking the pursuer with the tail sending it onto the floor. Hwoever it was too late. Helena could not regain control. Swirving viciously, her car careened to the right ging through a brick wall and crashing into the side of a big building. The explosive force of the crash filled the air with a cacophony of noise.

Helena jolted forward crashing her head of the steering wheele, cutting a great gash. Looking up for second before she passed out, she read the sign on the front door of the building, Brookhaven Hospital...

11/16/2006 12:06 AM

Kyth blinked, it was only natural after all he hadnt thought there was anyone else in the building let alone above him. That though was beyond the point, as the only thing he had im mind was getting onto the roof. The only reason he wanted to get to the roof was to see how much was just a dream. Sighing he kept moving up and as he did so his cold half insane voice filled the silence. At first all he could do was laugh but eventually he simply replied, "I'm Kyth," before passing the confused and afraid girl...

11/16/2006 1:57 PM

Anika tilted her head, a little frightened. But after what she'd been through back at the Asylum, she wondered if he'd been to a place like her as well. She followed a little, then hurried and walked next to him.
"Why are..." She didn't finish, looking at the ground and gripping the pipe tightly.

11/16/2006 4:42 PM

He galnced at the girl when she began to speak but after she said nothing he once again returned his attention to the door in front of him maybe five paces away. The door onto the roof. Moving with renewed speed Kyth aproached the door and truned the handle...

It was there on the roof that his sanity broke. The halo of the sun was there painted on the roof in the same red paint, and in the corner was the forgotten paint bucket. What it mean was that the dream had been all too real and that waking up was only shifting and not actually waking up. He didn't have much time but the last amount of his sanity was spent yelling for the girl to run before falling to the ground...

Roaring on the roof in the mist the instincts for blood reawoke and he found himself dashing down the stairs after the girl who had until a little while ago been another survivor along with him but now all that existed in Kyth was instinct, the instinct to kill...

11/17/2006 1:56 PM

She heard him first, saw him second. All those expirements had paid off, and Anika used her extream speed to leave as fast as she could. She leaped over a broken pipe, walls... dust... suddenly, nothing. The side of the building had been crumbling away and she'd leapt right out the side of it.
Arms flailing, she remembered what the doctors had done to her, made her think... She gracefuly bent her knees, hit the ground and rolled. She laid on her back, panting hard, her legs shaking, she bumped against the wheel of a car, blinking. She sat up, looking around, unsure... She stood, and fell, her ankle was already blue and swollen. She kicked of her shoe, adrenaline keeping the pain away.
She knew it would come back.
Quietly, she limped inside an old abnadoned house, sitting in the small space of a closet, the door open, the closet closed. Anika began to weep.

11/20/2006 5:20 PM

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11/20/2006 5:30 PM

OOC: My character has lost all of his remaining sanity for the time and isnt really something you'd want to see...

Roaring once again Kyth started to move. The world around was twisted by madness but he found his way quite easilly down into the hospital. Moving form room to room he searched, for waht he wasnt quite sure but the hunger for blood was strong as ever. Finally he reached the stair way again and proceeded to the second floor tearing apart the room searching...

The last room heald a small sink and a window. This he had troubles with stalking his own reflection sizing it up trying to think of a way to kill it. Eventually he threw himself at it cracking the mirror and making himself bleed. Disatisfied he continued the assult on the mirror untill the pain finally registered and he made his way into one of the empty rooms to recover...

11/20/2006 5:38 PM

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11/21/2006 3:48 PM

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Anika crawled out of her safety zone, walking slowly back to where she was... quite by accident, she saw something. Cautiously she called out,
"Hey! Is anyone there?" Stalking around the hedge that grew in front of the crumbling Hospital. She saw something or someone, she just wasn't quite sure...

11/21/2006 4:15 PM

[i]"Mom why am I so different???" A Young child looked up to her mother.
"Darling, something inside of you is very special. You hold something many others don't have."
"It is something I hope you use but never know. It is just all those feel goodies inside you hunny. Never let them go."
"Awwe but mommy I wanna know!!!"
"Baby it is for your best that you never know."[/i]

Jolting into slight conciousness, Helena could smell the noxious fumes of the gas leaking from the smoking car. Unable to move Helena could only panic inside. SOmething cauaght and the car began to heat up even more. SMoke filled the drivers cabin as flames rose from the front of the car. It was only time before it would go. ANd All Helena could do is sit and wait, and accept her fate.

11/22/2006 3:19 PM

A waft of smoke drifted in through the poorly maintained windows and awoke the sleeping Kyth. Jerking awake he bolted downstairs instincts telling him to flee the fire. Finally he reached the first floor and looked around the smoky lobby. Growling, he bolted to the door and wrenched it open finding only more smoke, by now he was coughing heavilly but still trying to get away...

Stumbling through the smoke he happened uppon the car, and the flames reflected menacingly in his eyes, as he approached the girl standing by the car not quite sure what to do. He was about three paces away when he knoticed the person in the car. Focusing on them his madness was murdered by the unconcious girls face. Throwing caution to the wind he leaped onto the hood of the car ignoring the flames. Smashing the windsheild set his hands and forearms bleeding a new but all he could think about was saving the person...

It was shortly later that he was away from the car in flame. His job was done he could now rest. As the last thoughts passed from his mind he collapsed in the middle of the streed wondering if he would wake up once again no better than one of the monsters that inhabited the seemingly empty town...

((OOC: your saviour!))

11/22/2006 3:55 PM

Anika coughed, searching the car for other belongings, then looked at Kyth. She was nervous, but wanted to help in some way. She edged closer.
"You... y-you need any help? I... I know a lot of meical things... herbal things..." She figited, and amazingly still held the pipe.
"I know! I can go back in and look for... for... medicine! Or... tell me what to do!" She said in a desperate voice, getting on her knees next to him, still scared. Her brain pulsed in deep thought.

[i]"What went wrong with this one, Doctor?"[/i] Anika's mind flashed back... laying on the white table, now ruined with dark red stains...
[i]"Abosoloutely nothing. She's perfect. I made a perfect human!"[/i] The maniacle laugh echoed in Anika's ears, along with a throbbing in her arm and spine. She remembered twisting free of the steel restraints and looking at her body. Metal... Metal everywhere... Sharp fangs... Claws... blood... chest ripped wide... see her heartbeat...

Pulse... gone...
Anika shook her head, shivering and rubbing the back of her head lightly.
"Is there anything I can do?" She asked again, gently.

11/22/2006 5:58 PM

Helena, slowly woke up. Lifting her beaten body up from the cold concrete of the street shpuld here a woman's voice. It was panicky and almost terrified. Looking to the smouldering car she had just driven into the side of the building she thought to herself as she looked back at the strange forms [i]Could these be my saviors???[/i] Finally regaining her stability, Helena limped over to the woman reaching out to put her hand on er shoulder. She jumped lifting the pipe she held into her hands ready to strike.

"Hold it miss, please. I...I mean no harm. It was you wasn't it, you saved me??"

The woman looked down at the unconcious form unverbally correcting Helena's assumptions. Kneeling down to meet the face of the peaceful man, Helena automatically stuck his arms over her shoulders.

"WELL ya gonna just stand their or ya gonna help me here. Let us get him into that convenience store over there. Maybe we can find firstaid there?"

Helena waited to see whether the new accomplice would bend down and assist her. For some reason she was hesitant, almost scared of the man who had saved her. [i]Why?[/i] Shrugging off any bad thoughts, Helena awaited a helping hand.

11/22/2006 7:17 PM

Kyth awoke in a room it seemed farmilliar... Almost like one of the ones from the dream. Putting a hand on his blood encrusted hair he looked around the room wondering what had happened. Looking at his hands he saw that they were haphazardly bandaged as if the person had tried to cover as much as they could with the little that they had had. Kyth realised that he was still wearing the backpack full of supplies and slipped it off.
Getting up he wandered to the door and silently edged it open. He couldnt see anything out of the ordinary and walked along the room cautiously...

11/23/2006 6:07 AM

Anika's grip loosened on the pipe, she chewed her bottom lip silently, thinking and remembering... Back in the church she'd slept in, there were tons of boxes in there.
She set the pipe down, a blackish vein popped out in both her arms as she lifted the man from the other woman (Helena), grunting under the weight, her legs straining. It had been a while since she put her alterations to the limits, but this was far from it.
"P-point me in the right direction..." She gasped, holding him in a piggy-back style, his feet hitting her kneecaps as she walked, stumbling lightly. There was a loud [i]klang[/i] and Anika stood straight, no longer huffing. Little spidery black veins showed on all her skin, her eyes had no pupil, but she half smiled anyways.
"Guess I'm a freak, huh?" She said, hefting Kyth higher on her back.
Yes, she was a freak.

A super soldier with two major flaws:
A mind of her own.
And a lust for love.

11/23/2006 6:51 PM

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"Welcome Back."

Helena spoke softly. SHe didn't want to startle the stranger. Handing a Bottle of Propel Water to the man she insisted he take a swig. He did.

"I know you don't know who I am, but you. You saved me back their. DO you remember that???"

A New form entered the room. Anika had continued searching for supplies while Helena patched up the savior and her own wounds. For some reason unknown the women named Anika was quite cautious around the strange man.

"So either of you know what is going on???"

11/23/2006 10:58 PM

Kyth blinked, he didnt know what to say. Thinking hard he tried to remember what had happened. Failing to find and answer he asked "Are you sure it was me?" He put the bag on the ground and rummaged through it finding one of the many rolls of bandages. Begining work on his arm his mind tugged back at the bag almost as if there was something in it that was important to him...

His arms were bandaged and tended too when he finally looked through the bag. At the bottem next to his knife he found it the black claw. With it flooded thousands of images most of madness but a few he could make out. The cleares was "the halo of the sun" but that was all he got. Looking up he proceeded to pack his bag readdy to answer any questions even his own...

11/24/2006 2:49 PM

((My brain just got lost... what happened? *Feels embarassed*))

Anika watched him and then moved to the other side of the room, she was nervous and sick feeling. She shouldn't let people know what she was... who she was.
She decided to try.
"Where did you two come from? What is this place?" She said, swinging from foot to foot, a sort of pacing. A nervous habit she'd learned when they all had been crammed into those little cells. Her heel klinked when it hit the ground.
She remembered the doctors, cruel and malicious, full of hatred and "ideas" to creat a soldier that wouldn't die.
Too bad they all died.
Her and maybe that boy was left. That's all she knew, the S.W.A.T had come in right before she was executed and set the place on fire, destroying documents and people. Anika coughed lightle, anxious and irritated.

12/04/2006 10:09 AM

Kyth got up and simply said " I will answer what I know but I also want to know waht is happenning," Waiting for answers he tried to peice together memories of the past day. It confused him as to what had happened for him not to remember what he had done. All he could do was wait and try to understand his situation and connect it to the dream if they were connected...

12/05/2006 12:54 PM

"Well, I had gotten into a fight with my mother, and left for the mall. Then everything changed this world engulfed my home as well." Heather stopped as the two turned to hear her tale. "I made my way home and found my mother murdered. A woman then approached me and told me of this place and said somehow I could bring her back here. That is all I know."

The tale was interesting if not cryptic. Sitting down on a crate in the back of the room, Heather waited for what the others had to tell.

12/11/2006 3:12 PM

After listening to the story Kyth thought hard on it. As far as he knew the only thing that ever happened here was death and pain, but that was just him. Eventually he answered "Well if thats why you came here then I cant really help you... The only thing I know of is nothing any sane person would want to encounter," finishing he began to wonder what it ment and also what the hell was happening here...

12/15/2006 7:00 PM

Anika shifted her weight. She never really could be in a room with more than one person in it.
"Is there anything I can do to help? I'd... I'd like not to be quite so alone, although, my body demands it." she said, looking down. Her blackish veins were slowly fading off her body.

12/19/2006 2:35 PM

"I don't know what we can do for each other, but I know we cannot stay here." Heather paused and looked into the foggy hell outside. "I believe we have to split up, search the local hot spots for clues on why this is happening and how to stop it. Find Others even."

The group looked confused by the comment. Heather was not offended and really couldn't believe she was even saying such things. Moving toward the door, Heather took one last look backward.

"Do what you two must, but I know I must find out what is going on and how I can bring my mother back."

12/19/2006 6:01 PM

Anika stepped gingerly over to the corner, thinking. She didn't really know what was happening, how it was happening, or what to do when it happened.
She glanced at Kyth.
"You're insane." She wasn't really saying that, but more of an assurance for herself, like she was telling herself that he was insane. Or was he?
"Are you insane? Or are you just un-tamemable? Like me..." She crouched next to him, tracing her finger in some dust, making a symbol of a sun, then smudged it out with her thumb. She watched the other girl leave, wondering...

01/09/2007 3:08 PM

Kyth laughed and finally replied "I know I am insane, but that is beyond the point as I sometimes wonder what I am and if I am some sort of machination," he trailed off realising that he was a danger to them. With this realisation he laughed again before looking at her considering eventually he said, "I have to go... for your sake," after saying this he got up slung his pack on and bolted out into the town. No purpose just searching...

02/09/2007 12:02 PM

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