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09/18/2006 2:20 PM

[i]Grekthalamar Barafang was a young man of the world of Ferwynn, who sought to learn everything that his world had to offer. He was extremely talented and brilliant, and quickly passed through his early years of training the old ways of the world. He was good at almost everything, but he was expecially adept at strategising and in battle. He mentor quickly moved him on to training for the army. He took his skills and learning too far, and was soon kicked out of the training after killing some of the members of his squad in excersizes. He began to delve into darker arts. He became a master of the forbidden art of magics in his world, but even that unique skill was not enough for him.

The exiled Grekthalamar travelled across the known world of Ferwynn, gathering an army of followers and murderers who shared his hatred of the world. They disappeared into the unknown world for over 20 years, and no one knew the fate of Grekthalamar. Soon he reappeared with his army, which was now over 400,000 strong, and he confidently sacked the Sacred Kingdom of Gheron, the strongest of all the Kingdoms in the known world. One-by-one he slowly branched out and conquered all the other kingdoms in the known world, forcing them to bow down to his rule. Soon he had control of all the kingdoms of the known world. He was cruel, and anyone who would not or could not join the army was forced to work in a slave-like manner, growing food and gathering supplies for his wishes. He abolished all of the other kingdom's governments and formed a council of his greatest warlord allies. This council was known as the council of five, and using it he ruled over the kingdoms with an iron fist. He renamed all of the kingdoms he had taken over the Dumiar Empire.

Grekthalamar seems to have become invincible while he was in the unknown regions of the world, never aging, and never getting hurt. Upon the forming of the Dumiar empire, there have been many attempts at his life, but they have all failed miserably, not even succeding at touching him. There have been many rebellious groups that have formed in his Empire, but whenever he finds them, he easily destroys them with his powerful army. There may be no beings that can challenge his might in the land of Dumiar. The only hope for the lands he rules may be a power from the unknown parts of the world.[/i]

[b]Somewhere in the Unknown Regions of Ferwynn[/b]

A mysterious man turned, throwing a mix of powders in his hand to the ground. A fire flared up from the powder, mysterious and green. This fire lit up the faces of the others around him, showing him the excitement and wonder on their faces.

"I have brought you all here to tell you of the past of these lands and of the history of Grekthalamar," the man began, "and even though what I tell you may frighten you, only you will be able to bring him down." A wicked grin appeared upon the man's visage. These men around him were worthless, the leaders of broken nations, hoping to gain back what was taken from their forefathers.

"Although you are weak now, soon you will be strong enough to take on his power," he murmed, "but first I must tell you all I know of the man known to you as Highlord Grekthalamar. He was once just a normal mortal like you are. His past begins almost 100 years ago...."

[b]A few hours later...[/b]
Once the old seer finished his tale of the past and present, the men standing around the fire had all turned pale, fearful of the man they would have to take on. The seer had enlightened them to the truth about Grekthalamar and his immense Empire.

"In truth you will all fail miserably as you are now," he stated, another wicked grin rising to his face. "The only real way of taking down Grekthalamar is to gain the allegiance of the Seekers. They have a power greater than his, but no one knows when or where they appear." A quiet whisper rose throughout the circle of men. The seekers were legendary beings, and they only we said to appear randomly throughout history. The task ahead of the men seemed hopeless.

"If any of you wish to find the seekers and end Grekthalamar's reign, i suggest that you work together. Together is the only way to bring him down. FIND THE SEEKERS!!!" With a flash of light the seer had disappeared, and the men were left standing before the fire, lost and confused.

[b]Diz's Lair[/b]
With a flash of light, Diz appeared back in his lair. He loved to fool around with the minds of the mortal races he was protecting. The disguise of the seer melted of his body, and his normal form was free once again. The man Grekthalamar threatened everything he was trying to protect in the world above, and he did not know if even the power of the seekers would be enough, so he summoned the leaders of the pathetic resistances he knew of in a hope to band them together in one larger force that the seekers would be able to command.

He chuckled to himself, and slowl walked up the stairs of his cavern to the eternal chamber of the seekers. It had been quite some time on the world above since he had unleashed them, but to them it would only seem like a few days in their sealed chamber. He waved his hand over the seal on the chamber door, and it melted back into his body. The door slid open revealing two humaniod beings sitting on the floor. They appeared asleep, but Diz knew that they were channeling energy through their bodies, keeping themselves fit as they waited in the eternal chamber.

"It is time," Diz's voice commanded, it's deep tones reverberating throughout the cavern. The seekers' heads cocked at the exact same time, and they both stood from their meditations on the floor.

[b]Some time later[/b]
Diz finished his explanation of what was happening on the world above, and the two seekers understood their mission. They walked towards the nearest wall, and with some quick movements with their hands, the created portals to the world above.

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09/19/2006 12:47 PM

[b]Darius Enoch Maximus[/b]

Marching commandingly up the seemingly never ending set of stairs, the hulking monstrosity of Darius headed confidently toward the Council chamber. He had summoned a meeting with the Emperor himself and his other 3 advisors. The thought of the others sickened him, [i]Beauracratic Politicals!!! Damn them if they attempt to interfere with my master plan...They know nothing of power, nor military might!!![/i] Reaching the top of the spiraling stair case of the Barafang Palace, believed to be the highest point of the Dumiarian Empire, Darius Enoch looked across the vast metropolis of the Imperial City that sprawled beneath the towering Structure. [i]All of this will spread across as far as any man can travel, and I will defend it with my blood...[/i]

Continueing down the long hall, lined with Legionare Imperial Guardsmen, Darius accepted the gracious and loyal bows as he filtered down the line to the large metal and jewel encrusted doorway. Through the door whispery words drifted into the ears of Darius:

[i]"He cannot be trusted with our military any longer." "Yes he is a threat to Dumiar's security and sacredness." "His lust for power will be our undoing. You must abide to our warnings your graciousness!"[/i]

Hearing enough of the heretical balsphemy pouring into his mind, Darius pushed the door open with extreme power, showing his angered emotions. Walking to the three who sat in the center chairs of the long rectangular table, Darius waltzed in a pacing motion back and forth, asserting his glances of terror into the fools.

"I have sat idle long enough. My forces are poised to conquer the weak lands of this rumored Resistance!!! However with every delay by you pathetic souls allows for them to prepare; Every sun that goes down they are one step closer to Building up their defenses, fortifying their Nations, and Eventually gaining a force large enough to threaten ours!!!!"

"Yet if we cease to pressure they wont have probable cause to even worry about our presence," The Advisor to the left of the Emperor, and sitting next to the Emperor's personal guard, messanger, and health carer, spoke with compassion.

"And what happens when we Run out of Land, what is living without growing in power!!!! I assure you Duke Azingard that your lands will not be safe within a year!!!! Word of Resistance will reach your citizens and [i]I[/i] will be the first to smile at your pathetic and weak carcass. You see gentleman the people of the unknow Regions, of my former home, fear nothing but the loss of their power. And even our presence threatens that very principle. It is time we invade, and destroy any possible threat to our Empire!!!! I have planned this campaign for over ten years, ever since I was elected into the Legion War Lord position. It is flawless, but only if we act now!!!"

Darius exasperated turned from his war path throwing his cape over the back of his chair and sitting gently into the chair below. Looking across the table at the inquisitive yet dark eyes of the Emperor himself, Commander Maximus could only wait to see what his dark masters orders would be. Not breaking eye contact, Darius fed his confidence into his master. Tension had built at the table, and upon it's snap destiny would be made.

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09/20/2006 10:33 AM

[b]In the Council Chambers[/b]
Darius was finally in the chambers. All of this petty squable that the advisors were bringing up was completely meaningless to him. His eyes lowered to the table in the center of the room, and he began to slowly laugh.

"Darius, you have always been my trusted right hand," he boomed, "and i thank you for trying to calm me, but there is no need." Grekthalamar raised his hands and darkness poured forth into the chamber, it's strands reaching out towards the advisors in the chamber. It slowly wrapped around their necks, tightening menacingly. He closed his hand into a fist and around the room necks began to break.

"I suggest that you all find new advisors that seem to share my views. I will not accept insubordination from anyone, not even council members. I will not hesistate to kill the next person who disagrees with me in this chamber," he stated menacingly. His head lifted back up and his eyes glared at the council.

"Darius, I have a special mission for you. All other council members who do not wish to suffer a slow death get out of my sight now," he threatened. The other members rushed out of the chamber. Grekthalamar raised his hands again, and the darkness shot out again. It wrapped around the dead corpses and absorbed them. The darkness receded back into his hands, and he turned to face Darius.

"Darius, you are one of my most trusted Warlords, and i have an important mission for you. In the outskirts of my empire, there are whispers of the new resistance. In my meditations, i have forseen trouble coming from this one. It will be the worst that my empire has evr had to destroy." He turned away from Darius, facing the door to his private chamber. "Gather a small patrol. I care not who or how many you take, just find and squash this rebellion. Do not fail me...."

09/20/2006 12:32 PM

[b]Darius Enoch Maximus[/b]

Standing from the table, Darius smirked at the Five dead bodies, of the former advisorial staff of the Council of Five. [i]Slpendid, Now without those insolent advisors corrupting his majesties vision, our work will move much faster. I pray the new buch will be more competent.[/i] Bowing before the Emperor, Darius never broke eye contact. It was considered a sign of weakness from his clan of long ago.

"As you command, Your holiest of Emperors," Standing from his bow he continued, "I request that all my garrisons remain on the borders of the Unknown Regions to ensure victory will be had."

"Your wish is granted young WarLord. Darius I have entrusted you with the life of my Empire. Defend with yours..."

"As always miLord. I will ensure a messanger is sent upon any news. I bid you adue Master."

Turning from the room, Darius motioned for the guards to enter and clean up the mess before heading down the unending spiral stair case. His head full of lust, power, and satisfaction, Darius Enoch was ready to prove himself to the Emperor. [i]Some day this could all be mine. God forbid our most gracious of Emperors finds himself upon the wrong end of the sword...Hehehe.[/i]

[b]One Full Cycle of the Moon Later(29 days)... Nachtun Ani Chutalan[/b]

Nachtun Ani Chutalan, stood before the towering rock structure of Haldinar's largest Structure. He had traveled for many days, in the scorching sun and cool majestic nights of Ferwynn. His Icnotarian background greatly hindered his understanding of the world above and the sun seemed to beat just a little bit harder on his charcoal black skin.

Yet now, after nearly an entire moon cycle, Nachtun and his other Assassin's guild brethern marched onto the cobble stone streets of Haldinar, the capital of the confederate like Ferwynn. Ferwynn had a central system, yet like a daisy it only was a powrefrul as the center leaving most the rule to the endless list of soveriegn nations, clans, and tribes that speckled the surreal landscape. Being of Dark half Elven heritage, Chutalan had grown up trapped between to of these very different powers. No Elf race seemed to completely get along with the humans, who seemed to have a disrespect for the land and for patience, where as the elves lived long years and allowed slow progression utilizing the land only as needed.

However as the guards at the door moved away, Nachtun realized these differences no longer mattered. A greater threat had risen. It was his job to discover how great. Ahead arguing could be heard over the hustle and bustle of the capitols Castle. Approaching a large door a man clad in rennisance style garment inquired, "And you are the delegates from where???"

"Icnotar, the realm of the Dark Elves..."

"You are clear to enter."

The posse of 5 dark elves pushed the door open entering a room full of panic, and utter chaos. Different races, different ethnicities, all collide in out right anarchy and unorganized debate of the issue of Resistance and War. Moving into their seats, the Brotehr hood of Elves awaited as the room silenced and the speaker of the room, with his booming voice announced their arrival. [i]Under this kinda leadership nothing will ever get done!!! It will take an attack to pursaude these fools!!![/i]

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09/20/2006 4:43 PM

[b]Location unknown[/b]
It was quiet in the forest. A squirrel was pulling seeds out of a pinecone. It had a long way to go, storing food for the upcoming winter. He had been gathering for quite some time, and he had hidden stores all about the tree he lived in. Another squirrel was approaching, and in fear of it's hidden stores, the first squirrel chirped a warning at the one approaching. It looked around and turned away.

A whispering rustle began to brush through the trees. The squirrel cocked its head and stood still. There was nothing around, but something was causing a feeling of disturbance. The squirrel ran up into its tree and hid in its den. Shadows began to creep up and gather on the bark of the tree. The whispers grew to a roar, and all the animals in the surrounding area retreated to safety. The shadows turned into a dark portal, and with a pop, two figures walked through. The squirrel was frozen in place as the two mysterious strangers appeared. A thin blanket of dirt wrapped around the squirrel gently and lifted it into the air. It chirped a warning, and then squeaked in fear.

"It has been quite some time since we were last here," one of the strangers murmured, "but it appears that nothing has changed." The person appeared to be a woman, and the squirrel was carried down to her hand. She gently cradled it and stroked it until the fear she could feel emanating from it resided. She set it down on the ground and it sat down staring at her.

"I do not sense any human presences in the direct area," the other stranger spoke. He appeared to be a man, yet he had a cloth covering his eyes. He lowered his body to the ground and placed his ear upon the earth. "There is no sign of human life within two miles of this area."

The man and the woman both stood together. The man looked menacing and dangerous, and the woman looked stunningly beautiful, but no one would mistake them for anything other than what they were. Their white and black armor told everything about them. Anyone who saw them would immediately know that they were the creatures of legend. They were the Arian and Lenari, the seekers.

Diz had made their mission clear. Any hostilities they crossed would be dealt with as enemies. They could not be careless. Once again an empire had taken over most of the world, and was threatening the continuation of life in the world of Ferwynn. The seekers only ever appeared in the direst of times for Ferwynn, and they had never failed their mission. The land called Dumiar must fall.

"We will head to the nearest town and search for the path to Dumiar," Arian commanded. He began to gather air at his feet, and a solid platform formed. He stood atop it, and it lifted him into the air. "Come Lenari, we have no time to waste." She nodded at him and a wave of earth carried her after him.

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09/20/2006 7:56 PM

"Sir!!! It seems the defenders of this city are not taking lightly to our request of martial law," Looking down from his towering steed Darius saw the small dimunitive runner.

"How many are their, corporal???"

"Umm, no more than 50 sir. Seems the remainder of the troops have been moved to another location."

Grinning malaciously, Darius answered, "Very well than, destroy them. Leave no survivors. And bring their highest commander to me."

"But sir!!!!"

"Now, now Genral do I sense a bit of resentment in your tone..."

"Ummm Of course not sir, I will carry out your orders."

In minutes a series of blood curdling yells, and crashes of metal upon metal arose over the long line of troops, 150 strong. Finally crawling into the open fray of the now bloody cobble stone street, Darius looked upon the dead and dieing opposition. Running to his side the same messanger stood ready to speak.

"I would like a Status report upon the end of this skirmish."

"Yes WarLord!!!! 46 enemies killed or wounded, and we have the main commander detained."

"Mister Lex correct me if I am wrong, but did you not say their were fifty soldiers??? where are the last two!!!!" Darius reached down clenching the runner around the neck.

"Th...The....They retreated into the city... We tried to pursue, but if the line would have broke we would have taken casualties."

"MR. LEX THIS IS [i]WAR[/i]!!! Sacrifices must be made!!! I want them found and made examples of!!!!"

"Yes sir, I will coordinate the search!!!"

Darius again smiled and let go of the Messanger, "Good, see to it that the Commander of this infidel sector is brought to me at the town center here. What was teh name of this city prior to now???"

"Ummm I believe Arsingoth due 65 km West of the Dumiarian line sir."

"Hmmmm??? Rename it Azingard after our dearest deceased advisor. Hahahahaha..."

Taking to a light gallop along with his most trusted knights and legionaires, Darius moved toward the town center parting the frightened and very oblivious citizens of the newly annexed city. This is where the search would begin. Set into the heart of a the most traveled and busy section of the unknown regions, it was here he would find his information. Moving into new positions the soldiers of the scout expedition spread out amongst the city showing their power and new authority. Stepping off his horse, Darius floated into the Town Center along with 10 soldiers and the trailing prisoner, [i]Let us see what this incompetent fool can tell us...[/i]

09/20/2006 9:47 PM

[b]On the outskirts of Arsingoth[/b]
The town rose into view and Arian slowed and hovered in the air, beckoning Lenari to halt behind him. Something was not right in the town. Arian was picking up the faint smell of smoke and burning flesh, and screams rose in the streets. The clash of metal soon followed, and it was apparent that there was fighting.

"Hmmmmm, not even a day and we are already running into signs of the decay brought about by Grekthalamar," Arian sighed. He wondered if there was anyone in the town that would bring them trouble, but he seriously doubted it.

"Your not truly surprised are you?" Lenari asked.

"No," Arian calmly stated, "and we will move through this town as we planned, whether they are fighting or not."

"I didn't expect you to feel any threat from these people," she said, "so lets go."

Arian lowered himself to the ground, and began to walk next to Lenari. He knew that she got excited whenever there was a chance to fight. It had been some time since they had been challenged, and he wondered if her eyes had changed to an orange color to match her excitement.

"Try not to kill everyone in the town if you can Lenari, we still need to find our way to the center of the Dumiar Empire," he requested, knowing that in her excitement she might forget the mission.

The edge of the dark forst appeared, and the city was just on the other side of a field. It would not be long. They would be out of this world in no time. The sounds of the struggle in the town resided. The fight must be over. But the peace would not be long lasting.

"You know Arian, it is a shame that this town has been blemished with battle."

"Sometimes i wish i could see it," he said as if he was imagining its granduer, "but only sometimes."

The town grew nearer and the seekers' black and white armor gleamed in the sun. They both stopped suddenly. Lenari slammed her hand down into the ground, and a shockwave shot out in all directions creating a wave of dirt for 10 feet. She pulled her arm back out of the ground and in her fist was Durandle, the blood red ashandari. Arian raised his arms into the air and it began to shimmer and swirl in towards his hands. It slowly formed and hardened into Craxion, his blade. When they were finished they continued to walk in to the town.

"Let's finish this quickly," Lenari commanded and she charged off towards the city, Arian at her heels. As they entered the town, the battle was evident as blood and corpses filled the street.

"Make sure no one gets out," Arian told Lenari. She nodded and closed her eyes. She placed her hands upon the ground and slowly a wall of earth rose up around the town. Immense power emanated from her as she lifted the wall around the town, and it began to close over the buildings. Shadows grew as the sun was blocked out by the earth, and it sealed into an impassible dome. Now the hunt could begin.

09/20/2006 11:34 PM

[b]Yaruth Ak A'lar, Perimeter city[/b]

"It's the fourth soldier we've found this week."

Three Dumiarian soldiers stood over the mangled corpse of their newest recruit, who had enlisted only a few days previous. The highest in command, an older soldier, shifted his weight subconsciously, a sour look on his face. A bell rang in the distance, signaling midnight.

The body was nearly identical to the last three; the armor was completely unscathed, and the soldier's neck was slit. It could have an assassination, the soldier having been caught off guard, except for the fact that the soldier had his sword drawn. They always had their sword drawn. There was little sign of a struggle at all, at least what was evident on the soldiers. The soldier was also found in an empty barn off to the east of the town, nowhere near where he should have been.

[i]Perhaps he had been chasing the killer?[/i] the older soldier thought, scratching absentmindedly at his half-bald head. It was as though they were ready to fight, then gave up mysteriously.

One of the soldiers was walking around, looking for evidence, when he stumbled upon a slash mark made in the ground near the soldier.

"Captain Fillock, what do you make of this?"

The older soldier, Fillock, opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it a moment later, having said nothing. He hesitated only a moment longer, then spoke with the authority of the war-hardened captain that he was.

"Clean up the body. I want everyone here to make finding whoever did this our top priority. This blood is fresh, he can't be very far!" The soldiers shuffled uncomfortably, still staring at the body.

"What are you waiting for? Get on it!"

"Sir!" The soldiers snapped into action, picking up the body and taking it out of the empty barn.

Captain Fillock waited until everyone left before bending over and looking more closely at the slash mark. After a moment's inspection, he realized it was made by the soldier's own sword.

[i]So the fight happened here, after all,[/i] he thought. As he was bent over, the pile of hay behind him suddenly exploded as a man jumped out. Fillock whipped around, sword instantly in hand. A figure stood menacingly, hay floating down from his violent appearance. Fillock stared as the stranger, wielding two daggers, slowly crossed his arms and bowed.

"What's this?" Fillock snarled, raising his sword to point at the stranger. "You are the bastard who's been killing all my men, aren't you?"

Before the stranger had time to respond, the Captain stepped forward and thrust his sword at the neck of the still-bowed man. In one fluid motion the stranger deflected the thrust, slipped under the extended arm, slid to Fillock's back, and placed the shorter of his daggers directly on Fillock's neck. He then placed his mouth right next to Fillock's ear, and began to speak in a heavy accent, his breath scented of herbs unfamiliar to the captain.

"The name of your killer is Nihaj," he whispered softly into the captain's ear, "and he asks of the Te'aht clan." At first, it looked as though Fillock may not have heard, but then he started to laugh, a hysterical, terrifying laugh.

"You fools just don't get it, do you? You can't beat the empire! The empire will always prevail!" With his last word, Fillock flipped his sword over, and thrust back towards Nihaj. Nihaj, however, reacted instantly, using his left foot to kick the flat side of the blade, forcing Fillock to miss. This gave the captain enough leverage to twist away, and he stumbled forward out of the man's grasp. He quickly regained his balance and turned to face his would-be assailant, but he was no longer there. In a rage, he began to spin around, only to finally look up and see Nihaj hanging on one of the wooden rafters in the barn. He began to raise his sword, but Nihaj was already on top of him, knocking him to the ground and once again having a knife to his neck.

"I will not ask again," Nihaj said, his face cold and emotionless, as if it were made of stone. The Captain only spit at the assassin, who easily blocked it with his larger dagger, which he could now see was made of bone. Fillock, enraged, began to scream at the top of his lungs.


Before he could finish, his throat was cut. His last words became no more than gargles as his throat filled with his own blood, and his eyes rolled back into his head. Softly, Nihaj began the ritual of transcendence, releasing the soul of the captain to its resting place the underworld. He softly sang the song of the dead;

"[i]Talouk Ky'rim, Ja'aht Ha Kalehm[/i], may this man's soul rest for eternity." The longer dagger, Ky'rim, began to glow a soft light, and hum softly to match with the song. Shortly after, the glow was gone, as was Nihaj.

"Sir, there are rumors circulating that this man is in fact not a part of the resistance," the soldier said as he entered the barn. "He might actually be-" The soldier stopped short at the sight of the body of his very recently living captain.

"Caelesducis save us..."

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09/21/2006 1:21 PM

[b]Arsingoth/Azingard occupation: Darius ENoch Maximus[/b]

"Take him to the top steeple of the local cathedral, along wit hthe two prisoners you've found. Impale them and Burn them at the stake. I will not have any insubordination from the citizens of this town."

"Yes sir."

"Wait no, I told you everything!!! You promised me immunity!!!!"

"This is war Captain Vos Echto, immunity is a sign of weakness and a path to mutiny... See to it he is unable to speak, cut his tounge out."

The soldiers acted wit hextreme speed, brutally disembodying the man's toung and then dragging his unconccious body out of the room, leaving a trail of blood. The city leadership was quck to hand over authority after the show of might, back in the town square. Sweeping over the city in the last 10 minutes of occupation the osldiers had detained, or killed any who showed any signs of resistance. [i]So the rest of the army heads to a place called Haldinar???? Just if I knew more of this unknown regions. Seems I will have to hire scouts and informants.[/i]

"Corporal Lex, see to it that their are four checkpoints around the city recruiting new men, spies, and scouts. Promise them compensation upon victory over the Resistance," Darius finished is sentence looked for the knod and turned to leave the town center.

"Wait where might you be going my liege???"

"I need a drink, I am going to the Local Pub. Corporal, you are in charge until I return. If their are any urgent decisions please come retrieve me."

"Yes miLord."

Turning from the room, Darius mounted his steed, and galloped up the coblle stone street. Piled along the edges were bodies recently killed and cleaned up. Darius took solence in his beautious work. Rounding a corner, Darius spotted the two story, Teutonic style Tavern. Leaping from his steed, Darius read the sign: [/i]Half Way House Pub and Brewery.[/i] Pushing the door open the dim light poured into Darius' eyes, [i]Hehehe... Now this is my sorta crowd.[/i]

The room was full of mostly humans, all dressed in low class peasents garment, yet carrying weapons, lock picks, and a series of other considered illegal items. As his loud boots pounded on the wooden floor the room went silent. Looks of disgust and anger flew toward him.

"Patrons of this fine establishment. Their is a new order in town. I will have everyone of you either hand over your weapons and you mostly illegitimate careers, or join the Dumiarian Empire as a theif, scout, smuggler, or soldier. Assassins and spies will be rewarded exceptionally."

"BOLLOCKS ya filthy bugga!!!! Wees work fer ourselves!!!!"

The voice initiated a series of swords being drawn and a rustle of distaste. Unsheathing his massive and astonishing balde Darius readied himself. His face glowed with excitement and arrogance.

"Tisk Tisk.... SO be it Fools."

The room moved all at once as a series of men leaped from all directions attempting to take him down. Leaping up away from the accurate sword thrusts, Darius retaliated with a massive and powerful circular slice, striking nearly 5 assailants, killing them instantly. Reforming, the group attacked again. This time Darius allowed them to strike his sword numerous times before perrying and impaling a series of 3 fighters all standing in a row. Freeing his sword a final attack commenced. Grappling one by the collar of his throat, hurling him into the crowd, and the other by his kneck snapping it beneath his clenched fist, Darius slit the throat of another. 5 remained. Sheathing his sword, Darius pulled his hands into a ball forming a black globe of energy.

Chanting, "Oh goddes of all that is pain and anguish, grant me your darkest dreams. I instill them with my deepest devotion, and pray for your power gain."

With that the dark ball exploded into a streams of darknes reaching into the minds of the remaining assailants. Before their eyest he world decayed and the screamed as if being engulfed by a night mare. Curling up into fetal positions. Darius watched as too of the five slit their own throats. As the remaining three dropped their weapons, Darius wlatzed to them lifting his fist up again, and they collapsed onto teh floor. The dreams had left. [i] Errr... If only I could master this skill. AS of now it only works on these weak and pathetic fools.[/i]

"Now for the rest of you, I suggest you get moving, or you will be found atop teh cathedral burning like the leaders of your town!!! Go to the Towncenter if you seek a contract mercenaries, otherwise hand over your weapons at the town square or be reassigned there."

The door swung open from behind, "MILORD!!!!! You must come with all due haste!!!"
Turning Darius followed the Runner into the street."

Inspecting the towering earthen walls that rose around the city, Darius smiled, "It seems the resistance has found us... Withdraw all troops to the Town square and Town Center, we will hold what ever threat this is from their. Get moving!!! Pronto!!!"

Mounting his saddle again, Darius turned and rode swiftly up the streets back to the Town Center. Standing upon it's Steps he watched as the forces drew in and his army grew with the new, forced recruits. The soldiers drew into lines and the Bowman stuck out of the windows of the Town Center Tower. Darius simply waited.

"Mr. Lex, Ride to Yaruth Ak A'lar, Inform the general in charge there to begin marching, with all speed this way. We will encroach the city and catch any flank attack of guard."

"That ride will take me 4 days!!!"

"Lex you will make it in 2!!! Ensure they are here in a total of 15 days from now!!!! NOW GO!!!! RIDE FOR THE EMPIRE!!!!"

"ANd it Is his grace I defend!!!!!"

The runner leaped unto his light weight, light armored horse and rode toward the Earthen Walls that slowly errected. He would barely escape the clutches of the wall prison, but would make it, for he rode this day with a greater passion then ever before.

Bowing his head as the forces present in the vacinity trippled, Darius simply smiled and waited for the enemy.

09/21/2006 4:16 PM

With the town enclosed, all natural light was blocked out. Although a few might have escaped the wall of earth, it was likely that every man opposing the seekers still left here would die. Although Lenari's eyes had not yet adjusted to the dark, Arian was in his prime scenery. With the loss of light, many people would be wandering around the town hopelessly trying to find fire and candles to light their way. Arian could hear and sense everything around him. This was one of the benefits to not having eyes. He pushed Lenari towards him with a cradle of air.

"Stay by my side until your eyes adjust. I will take care of things until you are ready," he told her comfortingly.

"I'll be ready in no time," she replied.

There were a few corpses in the street, and if his nose was serving him correctly, there were still a few fires nearby. He pulled Lenari along with the air and his hand tightened on Craxion. He could hear slight movement from the nearby buildings. It would soon be apparent whether they were survivors or hostile troops. His normal frown turned into a jocular grin. A faint whistle and twang could be heard from a distance. [i]So they have adjusted already. So begins the fun.[/i] He focused walls of air around his and Lenari's bodies, and with a few clacks the arrows impacted and fell to the ground.

"I was going to let you all live, but I do consider this a challenge," he chuckled out.

His arms raised into the air and in an instant he had formed sickles of air and was throwing them in the directions that the arrows had come. Within a few seconds the screams had resided and three sickening thuds resounded through the alley. No all that could be heard was the trickling of fresh blood. Lenari laid her hand on Arian's shoulder, bringing him to a halt.

"I am ready now. Let's have some real fun," she whispered, and then took off running down the street.

"You are already three kills behind my love," Arian retorted, and took off after her.

Arrows began to rain down upon the two seekers, but none of the appeared to be hitting them. All around walls of air were being thrown up and the arrows fell harmlessly to the ground. A six man unit stood in the street in front of the two seekers, and many more stood in the buildings.

"You take care of the hidden ones, ill get the idiots in the street," Lenari ordered.

She pounded the ground with her fist and spikes shot up from the ground under two of the six men, impaleing them. She hurled Durandle, it blood red blade slicing through the air and tearing through one of the other men's head, gore pouring out all over the streets. She raced over and kicked one of the other men squarely in his larnyx, and a satisfying crunch was heard as his neck was crushed. She pulled Durandle out of the man's head and swung it around cleaving off one of the last men's arm. He screamed and fell to the ground holding his blood-gushing stump. The last man began to run away. Lenari closed her eyes, and a small mound of dirt raised under the man's feet, tripping him. Dirt began to pour over his body, surrounding him completely. Lenari raised her empty hand and closed her fist, and the man's body was crushed by the dirt. She walked over to the man with the arm stump and cut his throat with Durandle's blade.

Arian had used air to lift himself up to the second floor of the buildings on the side of the street. There were a few men inside with bows and swords. He jumped over to the nearest one and Craxion cleaned shaved his head off of his shoulders, the dead body stumbling to the ground. The men began to shoot arrows at him again and he raised a wall of air in front of his body. He created a thin razor-sharp string of air across the room. This was the end for all these men. They had been judged as the enemy, and now they would pay. The string of air shot across the room. The men did not move, they just stood there. What had just happened to them? One by one they fell down, their bodies falling on two and their innards spilling out. The line had cut through every single last one. A ring of metal came from behind Arian, and he raised a wall of air. There was a warm feeling along his forearm. Blood began to trickle down into his hand. There was another thud as a body hit the floor.

"You know, you've grown a bit weaker since we were last here," Lenari said, stepping over the body of the man she had just killed to save Arian. "He almost had you. And to think you havent been scratched since that man cut you across your face," she teased him, grinning.

"Thank you Lenari, but we are not done here," he whispered as he jumped back to the street.

Lenari followed him into the street and they began their patrol, looking for more opposition. Anyone who had just witnessed the carnage brought about by the seekers would be petrified, mortified at what had happened.

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09/21/2006 5:22 PM

[b]Arsingoth: Town Center Fortification[/b]

Silence engulfed the Town Center and enveloped the fortified tower. Over the distance the lsight screams of dieing soldiers, and people filled the land scape. It was concentrated, as if not an army but a small squadron. Poised above his army now 150 strong in infantry and nearly 100 in bowman, Darius marched down the steps gracefully through the rows of men. The darkness was no problem for Darius, he could see his way through teh dark arts he learned.

Stepping out of the illumination of torches and lit bonfires of bodies, Darius could feel the presences approach. Their movements seemed to be graceful and swift as the screams were quick and rapid. [i]They know not of a large force here??? Hahahaha, we will see what they do when they see an army poised strike...[/i]

[b]Corporal Liz's Ride[/b]

Ten hours had passed, it was now the dead of night, and in the distance the calls of battle were still not heard. Liz however rode with extreme speed. He cared not for if his orders were right or wrong, nor possible, just that they were the only orders he had, his life and family were at hand.

Arsingoth dissapeared over the horizon long ago, and now he found himself riding through the forest with all possible speed. This would be the beginning of a long war. Ahead lie 40 or so hours of straight riding...

09/22/2006 1:20 AM

Normally Chaos kept him self away from the Arsingoth and away from the armies. But when beauty that is all of 5'3", blond, with exceptional breasts requests a special audience with you, you dont refuse. Exquisite she was too, soft curves, full welcoming lips and moves that would make water jealous kept his senses entangled for six hours before she fell to sleep and he was off in the city that he once abandoned. The hustle and bustle of the city was definitely something not to be missed. A place for smooth talkers and show walkers, he thought to himself.

His cloak waved gently in the wind as he inquired about the markets and smaller temples. He loved the temples large or small, expansive or petit; it was the feeling of them. He could just walk in and soak in the energy given by the people to the gods. Fortunately for him this city was far enough from the capital that neither the Emperor or any of the generals who deface them selves my entering these temples. There where four of them in this city all four small and dainty.

He passed through the Achmed and Shimarr temples. One was to praise Amed the bringer of life and the other, Achmed, was to give offer to the death goddess Kamira.

He strolled along and making is way towards the slums of the city where people of all races eyed his metal gauntlets, which where worth more in gold then five blocks of homes. His sword stayed hidden and for good reason. A sword of this caliber would easily point him out as some one of importance. Most people didnt look to hi on him to notice that his eyes glowed and that his face was engulfed in shadow.

Traveling down back roads and ally ways he, kept out of sight of the patrols not that he noticed most of the new faces anyway but taking a chance was and odd he wasnt ready to ante up. Suddenly two soldiers stepped around a corner half a block in front of him. He didnt look strait at them and hopped that they didnt know him. Slowly they passed him lightly chatting about rumors of a resistance. Then one of them stopped a few feet behind him and turned around.

"Hey, you! Dont I know you?" barked the guardsman.

"I dont think so..." Chaos muttered back.

"Aye, I do know you...your...your...YOUR CHAOS, THE TRAITOR!" With that they both charged.

Chaos sighed and readied his mind, ok make this quick, no noise. The first man got to him and heaved his sword down at the 6'3" merc's collar bone. With in those few seconds Chaos drew his sword blocked the attack, then snapped his wrist across his body cutting the man's neck clean. The poor fool gargled on his own blood as the other had jumped and tried to get a butt end in over the head. Bold, inexperience was no match for skill and speed as his enemy's head was impaled by the smooth blade.

Quickly taking a glance around and noting that nobody else was there, relief swept over the ex-militant's body and mind. He dug a hole in the ground with his mind and placed the bodied in it, covering them up again with the remaining dirt. He continued on his way and started out of the city. Without warning he was caged by a wall of earth. It wasnt just him though, the whole city seemed to have gotten swallowed with no light to assist anyone that wasnt born in the darkness.

His eyes gave great accommodation in circumstances like this. Dimming down to black the light pulled itself inward assisting his eyes for night vision. Amongst the panic he could hear a battle going on. He sprinted toward the action and waited to see the people causing it. To his surprise he watched a woman smash a man with earth then help some another man with blind folds over his eyes. Chaos ducked behind another building. A resistance huh? Maybe this could be his chance. Darting back out to offer his services he was too late they had left. They moved with such a quick silence that he had a very difficult time fallowing them.

They shot around a corner, and he followed from the top of the buildings. Looking around as they moved down the streets dispatching anyone in their, or his, way he saw an army not more than four blocks away. The army! His old regiment with a few new faces, mercs and archers. He used his energy to increase his speed and catch up with the two in front of him, gotta warn them...he jumped down in front of them with his arm out stretched...


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09/22/2006 1:54 PM

[b]Arsingoth Streets[/b]
Within a few seconds of running, it became obvious to Arian that they were being followed again. Yet the mysterious follower had not striked. They continued onwards down the street acting like they had not noticed the man.

"Lenari, the man following us is watching us from the roofs of the buildings here. Create some distractions for him," Arian ordered.

As they ran Lenari closed her eyes and two mounds of dirt began to form next to them. THe mounds continued to move with them and began to gain more human-like forms. Soon they were perfect body doubles, and in this darkness, no one would be able to tell that they were just dirt. Lenari and Arian slipped away into an alleyway and waited for the clones to move off a bit before they continued their rampage, taking a different street.

"DONT GO THAT WAY! THERE IS AN ARMY WAITING FOR YOU!" a mysterious voice yelled.

The man had obviously been a survivor of the battle here in the city, and was aligned against the men stationed in the streets. Lenari stopped the flow of life to the dirt clones and they collapsed in front of the mysterious man. They were a few streets away from him now. [i]An army eh? This may become quite interesting.[/i] Arian could sense men in the next street, and motioned for Lenari to stop.

"This is it. The center of the town is just on the other side of this street," he said.

"Yes I know, i can hear the whispers of fear in the men," Lenari replied.

"If this is an army, then we will attack from everywhere at once," he explained, "and they army will think there are many men attacking them from all directions."

Lenari nodded in understanding and created a stairway of dirt lifting herself to the roof of the nearest building. Arian use air to lift him to the roof of another nearby building and they silently moved to opposite sides of the town center. Anyone standing in the group would begin to hear a low rumble that was growing into a roar. [i]Maybe this time it will actually be a challenge,[/i] Arian thought.

Lenari quitely laughed at the perfectly formed ranks standing in the towns center. Archers in the back, infantry in the front. It was a perfect textbook example of a defensive formation. Lenari closed her eyes and Arian began to focus air in random places around the army. The roaring grew louder and Lenari began to see soldiers raise their hand to their ears. They were weak and pathetic. A ten foot wave of crushing earth swept over the first few men on the left. Random spikes of earth raised from the ground with deadly effects, impaling men and instantly killing them. Sickles of air cut through a few men standing close together. The attacks were completely random as they had hoped and anyone trying to pinpoint where they were coming from would thing that there were at least 10-15 men causing this destruction.

There were a lot of men to begin with in the middle of the town, and even with the numerous attacks, many were still standing in their ranks. Some began to shoot of arrows randomly in the darkness and Lenari and Arian retreated, all of the earthen and air attacks ceasing. The smell of fresh blood and carnage rose once again in the streets.

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09/22/2006 9:51 PM

The objects standing infront of him crumbled into dirt piles and melted away. 'They tricked me! They tricked me? Wow, been a while sence that happend...' his thoughts piercing his consentration. Snapping too, the sounds of cries and yelps where muffled only by the rumbling of earth and wind. The old faint shiver ran down his spin and filled his bones. Magic. His owen energy shifted and swayed pulling at him. A spark snapped out of his hand.

"Ok, ok," he readied himself, "lets get this over with." The buildings hardly made a sound as he pounced from one to another, circling around the formation. He settled beind the archers when a large hammer of wind knocked him off the building and onto the ground. Luckly there was so much noise nobody heard the thud. Then silence hit.

Chaos pushed himself up to his knees and slowly swayed his balance to his feet. 'gotta keep this low key, too many of them to take on at once.' Creeping up to the first archer, sword drawn, his blade arced the air and through light armor. A slight clank than a loud thump. Not one of the soldiers missed it. They all turned towards him pointing bows, swords and torches.

"Oh, crap..."

Telekinesis pushed him higher than he could normaly jump and back allowing him to back flip to the building he had just been knocked off of. All the soldiers saw was as crouching lump of black, shining steel and piercing red dots. The first row of archers, minus one, drew there bows and let a singe volley of arrowes in to the darkness. None of them seemd to hit him. The next two rows fallowed the exapmle yet not one arrow drew blood.

'Dont know how many more arrows I can deflect, hope the other two strike soon...'

09/23/2006 11:14 AM

[b]Darius Fortifified Lines[/b]

"Men Fear Not, your whispers and thoughts decieve you. You are the finest of the Empires Soldiers. The killing and screams are concentrated, whatever comes is a small force. Fight with honor, Fight With courage, DIE FOR THE EMPEROR!!!"

The men lifted their wepaons letting out their bloody war cries. The moral had been bolstered, the men would not fall. Moving through the parted crowd again, Darius stood out in front of his brave killing machines. Their lines were impecable and impenatrable. Tower Shields and long spears in the front, followed by pikes and short spears. Waiting in reserves were the infantry with broad short and longs swords ready to deal their driving blows. Perched upon the steps were cross bowman and calvary, and towering above the long bows ready to reign terror upon any approaching disturbance. The defense was perfect, born from true military genius.

"Hold the formation General Zarcov Straneetsivitch, Ensure your lines hold along with the new recruits. They are still raw."

"Yes Glorious War lord. May inquire where you will be going."

"I go to find this resistance. Send a dispatch at the sound of this horn..."

Walking from the crowd into the darkened streets, of the night life of Arsingoth Darius leaped onto a building grappling the walls of the building before climbing to the roof. Now above the streets, Darius Enoch relied on his instincts, senses, and knowledge of previous kills to pinpoint the enemy approach. Analyzing the last scream, Darius was able to pinpoint a loacation South West, leaping between buildings with a graceful yet menacing persona.

Seconds into his bounding travel, Darius could here faint words before a loud call let out to the East. [i]"DONT GO THAT WAY! THERE IS AN ARMY WAITING FOR YOU!"[/i] Reeling back from his slightly off course path, Darius redirected his target destination. Now bounting with simple menace and speed, Darius leaped toward the voices. Finally above the street the words drifted out of, Darius heard [i]"If this is an army, then we will attack from everywhere at once, and the army will think there are many men attacking them from all directions."[/i]

Leaping at the words the forms dissapeared toward the town center. In pursuit, Darius finally heard teh first erruptions and then a series of arrows and sword clanks. Appearing into the ligh of the Town Center once again, Darius could see the ranks were holding even under the brutal magick attacks.

"HOLD THE RANKS!!! KEEP THE LINES!!!!" darius yelled with commanding power.

Reforming the the lines were again impecable. Darius scanned the area looking for the enemies. Finally 100 metres to his right standing near a building and palisade, two forms stood watching their barrages try and disorient his men. [i]Ahhh and they even think they are weak. My men are strong and stand still.[/i] charging toward the two, Darius drew his massive long sword crashing it down right in between the two magick practitioners. Leaping at the last moment the attack missed. Reforming his stance Darius readied himself for their counter...

09/23/2006 9:18 PM

[b]Arsingoth Rooftops[/b]
It would have ben easy to take out the entire army, but Arian knew that it would leave Lenari and him drained of energy and defenseless for a few days. He couldn't manage to stop for a few days. If they kept up just killing a few dozen at a time they would also end up drained of energy by the time this was over. This was not the proper place to fight an army like this, and they were no where near their goal. Continuing this battle would be completely pointless without some help.

A sword crashed down in between him and Lenari, startling them both. [i]How did anyone find us so quickly?[/i] Arian wondered. They had been focusing on the attack and had not expected anyone to be there on the roofs with them. They both leapt back from the man. He had most likely missed on purpose jsut trying to take their attention off of the army.

"Hahahahahahahaha. I hadn't expected anyone competent in this city," Arian said mockingly.

"We do not have the time for this Arian. We must ge..."

"I know Lenari. Perhaps someday we will truly get to fight this man. He must be quite skilled, having snuck around the both of us," Arian remarked.

Arian threw a few balls of air at the man and pulled Lenari off the roof into the shadows of the alley, disappearing into the artificial darkness. He felt bad for anyone else who was still in the town fighting against these men. They might not have great power, but they did have the numbers to create difficulty for any small group. The seekers headed towards the west wall of their earthen dome. They would have to find information on Grekthalamar's whereabouts elsewhere.

Arian hoped that the man was not stupid enough to follow him alone. If he brought others with him, they would never catch up to the seekers after they got outside the wall, and he didnt want to have to kill the man now. They would meet again at another time and have a real battle.

09/24/2006 6:27 PM

There was no sign of anybody elses activities. The arrows continued to pummel his defenses and weaken his focus. 'Cant keep this up, if you two are gonna mount an attack its gonna have to be with out me...' his thoughts drove him off the building in a dead sprint. After about twelve blocks Chaos dove in an abandoned home. 'Shit, I hope they dont find me.' His mind kept going back to what might happen to him if they catch him in a weakened state. Luckily for him his all he had to do what close his eyes and you would have a problem seeing him even if you could see in the dark. Black on black is perfect hiding cloths in the night and this was close enough.

About ten minutes passed and not one person passed only faint sounds of a few foot steps. They weren't even fallowing him. Why not? He might have only killed one in the group but normally that was grounds for a sixty man search. This was odd...what was happening? With full strength back the sprinted the rest of the way to the wall and abruptly stopped. Twisting his hips to the right and shifting his weight to the balls of his feet, Chaos's arms there palms facing each other righ over left. His left shoulder towards the earth barrier, eyes fixed on the wall. The energy built up inside him as time slowed to almost a stop. It rushed to his hands, gauntlets enhancing control, a green ball started forming between his hands. Electricity sparked from the metal on his arms. Once fully charged he trusted his hands forward and the blast smashed a huge hole in the wall, light poured in almost blinding him. He headed east towards one of his supply stocks. 'Wonder if he's back...'

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09/25/2006 12:47 PM


The two forms dissapeared into the night yet the dark aura around him decieved their path. Darius now new the direction on which to pursue upon the reinforcements. Turning as they dissapeared into the receeding earthen walls, Darius haulted the slowly moving patrols of the Army. Leaping in front of the tight lines and ranks, Darius smiled.

"General, what is the body count???"

"Umm seems like total of 20 plus about 16 others that never made it here."

"Clean them up, force the civilians if ya need workers. I want a palisade to be brought up around this city. Fortify this position. New Azingard is now officially a military operations camp!!!"

"Yes miLord. We have some mercenaries inside awaiting contracts, what would you like me to do with them???"

"I will see them off at my own terms. Get the men on a schedule of patrols, half sleep, a quarter patrol and the others work and enforce the labor on the walls."

Waltzing away into the large fortified castleesquq town center, Darius looked upon the long line of battle ridden warriors. Nodding to a servant he pointed to the table, ordering them to prepare a meal.

"You all are welcome in this abode for tonight. We will initiate our friendships with a feast. For now Friends you may find you rooms, or inquire any question from me needed."

Darius bowed as the crowd dispersed and headed toward various rooms. Smiling Darius through his cape over the head chair and lowered into the seat, awaiting his guests.

09/27/2006 4:29 PM


A lone figure walked along a now empty road. She walked along with self important stride rippling her sky blue silk robe as she drudged along the open road towards the newly formed dome of earth that now covers the city of Arsingoth. Dropping her hood revealing a beautiful face framed in golden blond hair. Her hair trailed out behind her in the slight breeze as he calculating blue eye surveyed the massive dome before her...

A few minutes later the woman neared the line where the shadow ended. As she walked into the shadow her features changed cleavage receded and hair shortened. In her place now stood a man his cat like eyes searching the wall towering above for any faults or weakness finding none...

Great. Sayn muttered to himself as the truth that there was no way in settled in his mind. Walking over to a nearby tree Sayn settled himself and started to think on where to go next when the rumbling started and the dome seemed to recede. Wondering what this meant Sayn paused for a moment before retreating off down the road a ways. He stood there and watched the massive dome of rock settle back into the ground and wondered who had made such a thing and why...

Twenty minutes had gone by and there seemed to be activity. Running out of patience Sayn walked towards the town as a beautiful dancer from a couple towns back named Alia...

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09/28/2006 1:00 PM

[b]Arsingoth Town center[/b]

"Sir, It seems all of the guests have settled, Night receedes and Day time breaks in the East. shall we serve our breakfast feast???"

"Oh yes do so with grand speed, we wouldn't want to upset our prospects. ANd ensure any travelers in teh vacinity who are of the mercentary type are led this way."

"Of course Master, the patrols have been set up, and teh northern wall has gotten most of it's foundation complete in teh last hour. We have on every entrance to the city recruiters."

"Well done..."

"I assume you will be down shortly."


Turning to his wardrobe chest, Darius began to remove his armor. Darius planned to be presentable to this meeting.


Sitting in the back of the room, the representative of Ichnotar grew tiresom of teh argueing. The only things they had been able to decipher is a huge mass of forces has lined the borders of teh region, and their has been talk of an insurgent force led by man named Darius the Glorius Tactician. Finally just as Nachtung ws about to stand and walk out on the fools of every different race, a Human barged through teh door running to the Delgates from Arsingoth.

Standing with great speed the Represenative interruptedt he debate silencing the crowd, "Gentleman of this assembly, grave news coem from home!!! Arsingoth is no more, a runner has just arrived saying the city was attacked by Dumiarian forces under leadership of Darius, the forces fell quickly and all leaders were put to... Death by impaling!!! The enemy than proceeded to fend of an attack from an unknown assailant. They were victorius and now build pallisade around the city. Reenforcements are spotted descending from teh north, a week away at their current ellevated speed. Arzingoth is no more azingard has been ereected..."

The assembly remained silent. They all knew the attack was imminent, just how imminent no one knew how imminent until now.

09/28/2006 6:22 PM


As she wandered up to the nearest entrance to the city and sighed as she noticed the recruting party for the Dumiar Empire. Removing the worry of being recruted and replacing it with the chance of a lonely soldier trying something brought back the uneasynes. Alia didnt mind that so much as the part she was supposed to play would. Wandering past the group her sky blue robe flowing behind her she smiled curtiously but no more. The returning smiles made her happy for it prooved that even in this empire people still held common courtesies...

Settling down in a small room of the second floor of an in about a block away from the fortified town center Sayn reverted out of Alia and back into himself. Smiling he started to wistle as he undid the bundle that held his cloths daggers and Iasthai. Changing out of the robe and into his usual clothes Sayn secured his daggers on the inside of his canvas jacket and Iasthai at his hip. Storing the bundle now containing his female cloths under the bed Sayn wandered out into the streets that still held the sent of blood...

10/07/2006 8:57 PM

[b]Travelling along an unknown path[/b]
Ever since the attack on the town Lenari knew that something was bothering Arian. He had been silent as he travelled along on his pad of air, carelessly flying towards some unknown region. Something was definitely wrong. She followed along on her wave of earth, silently, keeping an eye out for trouble.

The sun began to set over a distant hill, its radiant red-orange beams fading into darkness. The harsh cold of night began to set over the land, and the two continued onwards. A breeze blew through Lenari's hair, bringing her back to her senses. There was something following them. It was not close, but it was keeping up well enough.

"Arian, tell me what is troubling you," Lenari commanded. Arian turned his head and sighed in reply.

"I was just thinking about that town back there. It is obvious that the world has been at war for some time now. Diz has never let anything get this far out of hand before. The amount of control the armies have over the people is disturbing me. This battle is too much for us and I think Diz knows that."

A disturbing feeling ripped through Lenari's chest, and breathing became difficult. Diz would never betray them like this. He was their creator, and they did his will. Why would he want to destroy them?

"I know what you are thinking Lenari," Arian said quietly, " and it has been disturbing me also. Earlier i tried to make a portal home, and I could not. Our powers have been weakening since we arrived here and i can feel it. I fear the worst."

Arian lowered himself down next to Lenari and placed a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. They would not be killed so easily, and if Diz truly did wish to betray them here, they would not make it easy for him. A wagon appeared on the road ahead. Lenari and Arian lowered themselves to the ground and slowly approached the wagon. A single man sat on the front, a few boxes of food in the rear of the wagon.

"May we inquire where you are headed sir?" Lenari questioned the man.

"Im headed to Haldinar, just a few days up this path to sell my goods," the honest man replied.

"May we ride along?" Arian asked.

"You folks appear kind enough," the man said, "and you don't appear to be soldiers of the Dumiar Empire, so you are welcome to ride as far as you would like."

Arian and Lenari jumped up on the back of the wagon, and sat down next to the crates. They embraced each other and slowly fell asleep. The fact that someone was following them from a distance slowly slipped into the recesses of Lenari's mind.

10/09/2006 10:13 AM


"This is your room, honorable represenative of Ichnotar..."

"Thank you my friend."

"My pleasure."

The Young Dark Elf stepped foot in the wood, classically designed, Inn style room. As the News brought to the table two days prior, of a large scale invsion of Arsingoth, the Congressional type meeting became less of a political squabble and more of a, how should we negotiate peace. Few however, known as the "old coots" to the political conservatives, have called for an alliance with the old Kingdoms, to bring back a golden age of Ferwynn, rivaling the evil and menacing Dumiar Empire.

Ichnotar would not budge on simple rumors and the invasion of one city. No matter how much he particluarly resented the Empire, and believed in the good fight, he would need something more. The Concession of the Dark Elves would be key to a victory over the enormous enemy. Nachtung layed in his bed and began to think about how this could be done.

10/10/2006 10:35 AM

[b]Outskirts of Haldinar[/b]
The world was melting away to fire and chaos. All around things burned. The forests, the towns, and all life was being destroyed by some immense force. It raged at the center of a firey pit, the blinding light at its center preventing anything from viewing its cause. The flesh burned off of Lenari's body and she saw Arian standing to her left yelling in agony.

A sharp jab from a stick to her left temple woke her suddenly from this nightmare. Arian was still asleep holding onto her, and she brought him about to conciousness. The sun was beginning to rise above the hills in the distance. Lenari turned about in the wagon and saw a large city rising into view.

"That there be Haldinar. 'tis a grand city to visit from time to time. Your welcome to continue riding in the wagon until we reach the city gates," the old man stated.

"Thank you for your hospitality," Lenari replied. Her mind was still covered with the fog of sleep, but images from the nightmare where still racing through her mind. Had it been a vision or an omen of the future? Arian looked troubled.

"Arian, what is i..."

"Get out of the wagon now!" he commanded and lept off the wagon just as a bolt of fire struck where he had previously been sitting moment before. The back of the wagon exploded into splinters and the driver went tumbling off the road and his horses tore off down the road at a gallop.

Lenari looked up to see a mysterious winged beast hovering above them. Its black leathery body looked like it had been thrown together from old scraps of meat. It was definitely not friendly. Lenari created a ball of earth around the wagon driver and sent him rolling towards the safety of the city walls.

The beast began to dive at Arian. He sensed the dive a threw a ball of air at his assailent. The beast dodged it easily and knocked Arian backwards. [i]Too close to the ground,[/i] Lenari thought, and she created spikes of earth which pierced the body of the beast. A black ooze began to pour forth from its wounds. Arian stood up and threw a sickle of air at the beast, cutting it in two. The beast shrieked in pain and the black ooze continued to fall to the ground.

The beast began to shrink. The ooze began to slither away from the spikes. [i]That's not ooze, that is its entire body, moving away,[/i] Lenari thought. The entire body had melted away and reformed near some trees. This was going to be a lot harder than it had first appeared.

Cries arose from the wall as the cities defenders began to appear from the gate and upon the wall. The old driver must have alerted them by now. The creature rose back into the air and prepared another attack on the two seekers.

10/10/2006 12:46 PM

OOC: Just to acknowledge the wierd time thing I have screwed up, ANything in Haldinar that I have said is now a full week after the fall of Arsingoth. Anything in arsingoth I post is still on the morning after. I can't move forward in that until LEo comes to the feast. ANything with the Rider Mr. Lex is on the 2nd day after.

[b]Mr. Lex[/b]

Having rode only a mere two days, finally arrived upon a glorious sight; Dumiar. Though a border city the archistructure was monumentally better, and distinguished him to be a proud Dumiarian. Slowing his ride Lex was puzzled as the city seemed to hold a new buzz of action today. Calls were heard and wagons loaded, as the legion moved into lines, pefectly, and decisively.

[i]Who could have given the order to move.[/i]

"You there!!! HAULT!!!" A voice called comandingly from a Sentry post.

"Imperial Buisness!!! I have orders from COmmander Darius!!!! It is Urgent..."

"Aye then, hurry through!!!! We are shoving off here any minute now."

Riding hard once again Lex cut through the cobble stone road, unto the veyr heart of the soldier lines. Scanning frantically, Lex searched for the commanding officer. Finally upon a perch of a nearby Inn, he was spotted; Admiral Concord Hawkins, a nvay man forced into border control.

Dismounting Lex hurried up the stairs of the building, bursting out behind his new acquaintance. Quickley saluting the slight supperior, Lex moved forward handing the letter. REading Hawkins nodded and looked to the messanger.

"Mr. Lex I hereby grant you, as second superior to me Generalship and command of this here Legion..."

SHocked Lex couldnt find the words, "WHY!!!"

"I have been assaigned to the Navy, I am shoving off here in a few hours at the port. The Sea is rumored to hold numerous Pirates, and strategically could engulf our Enemy. I have been told I am captain of His Magisties Man-o-War [i]Bounty[/i]."

"I see, good luck on your new post. I will move out of the city with the forces in an hours time."

"Good luck, give Darius my regards..."

Splitting up the two paryted their ways. In mere minutes, the Vessel [i]Bounty[/i] moved smoothly out of the port along with a small fleet, Hawkins now in control. After much preperation, hours proceeding the launch, Lex ahead of his column, moved the legion into the Unknown Regions at great haste, hoping to Reach Darius in time.

10/10/2006 3:45 PM

Yawning Sayn looked about at the bustle of the local folk as they moved on seeking any people of intrest. After participating in haggling for some fresh fruit and a good pouch of jerky Sayn wondered how bad the city must be if the crowd had been so big. The thought stoped as a soldier who by the looks of him was of higher rank strolled past the shops. Remembering the recruting parties outside of town Sayn Stumbled his way into the nearest tavern only to be followed in by the man. Expecting some sort of harassment the man simply sat next to him and said "There is a feast tonight you may be intersted," then gestured to Sayn's sword. Nodding slowly Sayn Called up a couple of drinks and started his slow but steady stream of questions about the Empire...

More than a little drunk Sayn hobbled down the street towards the inn where he was staying and climbed to his room. Leaning over a basin Sayn forced himself to vomit clearing his head a little. Looking about he thought of how to go about this "empiral" feast, gazing about an idea formed in his head and he industriously started to get readdy...

Alia Arrived outside the hall where the feast was to be held. The building was faily big but not quite extravigant on the outside. She walked towardss the doors ready for anything as she subcontiously touched her hidden sword...

10/10/2006 5:22 PM

The night was over in aspects. The many inhabitants of the Town Center hall had finished their slumbers and stumbled dressed in freshly pressed clothes into the dining hall, a long table full of gourmet and extravagent dishes. The menu was mostly dinner despite the Breakfast time, being about 0500 hours. The city had been up late that night recollecting. This day they would be unproductive much like the Darius Military, yet tomorrow after the feast they would begin their servitude to the Empire, and make amends for their leaders error in resisting.

Darius in a whit pressed officers garment, gluided down the steps gracefully, allowing his black and white cape to flow intracately through the air. The Guards stood straight and officers beckoned for the guests to stand and show respect. Of course they were reluctant, they were of course the scum of the earth. The door to the left opened allowing yet another form into the room. It was woman and something about her was off, was much better than the common thieves, mercentaries, and smugglers that stood between him and the new comer. Gluyiding gracefully her beauty was incomparable yet her tone was much more masculine and capable than anyother in the room. SHe seated herself toward the opposite end of the table.

Bowing to the now seated guests, Darius welcomed them with an elegant speach...

"Greetings and Salutations my new and coveted guests. I welcome you to the Azingard the newly annexed City of these unknown regions. It is my pleasure to announce the change of the city to his glorious emperor," the words showed a slight amount of distaste in many of the guests. "I am aware this change in rule may hurt your occupations as our laws are much more structured and strict, yet I assue you have options, your services will be needed. You are all welcome fully paid positions in the Military, and furthermore a part of you atleast I may be willing to payt for services from. Now Let us eat and as we begin to finish I will be beckoning a few of you to my quarters for negotiations."

Beginning the early morning feast, Darius swiftly finished his meal, and stood from the table returning to the balcony above his room. He would need five people to serve him in higher ways then simply guns for higher. Through hour four people had been taken from teh group with all eyes on them. They were given jobs as informants, spies, and assassins. Finally the most important job was needed; One who would lead the to cracking the region.

THe new guard walked down, and tapped the woman from earlier on the shoulder, "You come with me... WHat is your name fair maiden???"

10/10/2006 7:23 PM

THe new guard walked down, and tapped the woman from earlier on the shoulder, "You come with me... WHat is your name fair maiden???"

Looking up Alia smiled and replied softly "Alia," before standing up and following the guard towards the steps and up to thier leaders qurters. All the while wondering why she was being honored or punished in this way. Realising it would have to wait until later for further contemplation as they neared the door. Now I make my impression...

10/10/2006 7:50 PM

Standing over the balcony, admiring the rise of the sun in the East, back toward Dumiar, Darius cackled insideously at all he had completed in a mere day. Hearing teh door open and shut behind him, Darius simply motioned his hand, beckoning the obviously bewildered and confused woman. He was silent, as she came to his side looking across the endless illumanating terrain.

"So this is Ferwynn???"

"Beautiful isn't it your Lordship."

"No need for the titles just yet. You their is something about you. You look fair enough to be a woman yet I sense something more to you, something on the contrary to the eye."

"Like what???"

"Hmmm, defiant. It is a good characteristic in a soldier, a man of war, or woman and your case. I have contract here. You I have chosen for a taks far more important than anyother before. This here town is not strong enough to hold a proper presence in this region. I need stronghold!!!"

"ANd you wish for me to infrom you of one???"

"Yes and more. I need the key to teh region, something with a major port, high fortifications, good ground!!! Yet I do not know of usch a place."

"Your price cire???"

"Immunity by the Dumiarian Empire, free enterprise, and Onethousand Dumiarian Credits..."

"In Ferwynn how much would that be equivilant to???"

"Oh let us just say you iwll have enough to buy your own kingdom, and a spot on the new government coming into this region."

"Fair enough, for that I can atleast give you a city name. Sun Antioch. It is set high upon a mountain, fortified layer after layer, right on the sea. The port holds a considerable importance to the area. However you cannot take those walls. They are far to high to scale and impenatrable, even with a lackluster military, which I am sure is not the case."

"You underestimate my genius, yet this is where you come in. FOr the contract I need one to, infiltrate the system. I will need one to unlock the doors you may say. Allow my forces into the walls and take the town. What do you say. If it is yes than I order you to remain here for another 3 days planning. On the third day you can ride North Easterly where this City must be. It should be about a three day ride for you. By then Reenforcements will have converged here, and the fortifications will be complete. Upon then I will march with my troops to join you. It will be a 5 day march meaning you have upon arrival 5 days to figure out a plan, and act on it. For on the fifth day we will be expecting entrance. What do you say??? It is a deal worth more than anyother possible. Plus the glory that will follow will be magnificent???"

10/11/2006 3:57 PM

"I will take you up on your offer," Alia replied thinking of the possibilities and the rush of a job once again. Smiling she adjusted her hair slightly supressing the laughter that threatend to escape. The plans were already forming in her mind and she already knew how it would be done but the question came back to the surface and she knew she had to ask it.

"Is there a reason behind you wanting me to stay another three days? Would it not be well if I started earlier?" The question was asked and now the answer would determin her next actions...

10/11/2006 4:21 PM

"Good question???? And answer I have. I it came to your failure and my plans were discovered prematurely, I would be uable to overthrow a direct assault. I intend to allow reenforcements to take over here, and the fortification to be primarily complete, before I can be exposed."

"Fair enough."

"Now young one, please leave me prepare sleep. Three days you may begin you venture."

The woman nodded and left the room. Darius turning back to teh now illuminated sky, snickered at the beauty and peace that had overtaken this world. Darius longed for battle for strife for conflict, the basis of survival. Leaving teh balcony, Darius went to work at his strategic desk, the plan would be perfect.

OOC:Leo your next post can simply fast forward to three days later. I am hoping to get all my timelines together.

10/14/2006 5:15 PM

[b]Wilderness Near Azingard[/b]

Nihaj had arrived at Azingard upon the night of it's fall; the glow of fire opon the menacing tendrils of smoke visible for miles around. He had been through five different towns now, and had finally been directed here.

"The records," the soldier had said with his dying breath, "...the records are in Azingard!"

He had travelled with hope that he may finally discover the whereabouts of his family. But when he arrived it was already too late.

A family had been fleeing up the same path he had been walking, pursued by soldiers and their dogs. Nihaj had stepped in and disposed of the soldiers. Something he was not able to do for his own family.

Last night - perhaps it was the fire, perhaps the family he saved - he had dreamed of that terrible day when his family was taken from him. The cries of his loved ones echoing deep into his soul. The eyes of the soldiers, burning with flames of hatred... The look on his father's face in his last seconds of life...

The blood, the lakes of blood...

"Are you alright, mister?"

Nihaj opened his eyes to the face of a little girl hovering over his own. [i]She's one of the one's I saved,[/i] he thought. His skin was cold and damp, it was truly a nightmare.

"I will be alright, thank you."

He sat up slowly, the vivid nightmare still burning in his mind. Had he screamed in his sleep?

"Where's your father?"

She answered by pointing. The entire family appeared to have set up camp very close to where he had. Interesting that he hadn't heard them.

"Here," the girl said, extending her hands. She held a few berries, and some dried meat. Nihaj accepted them hungrily.

"Father said that we owed it to you to help you, because you saved us. I think that was very nice, what you did."

Nihaj chewed slowly, stared at nothing.

"He said if you like you could come with us."

No response.

"He said you had strange clothes, and he'd only seen them once before."

At this, Nihaj whipped his head around, startling the little girl.


"I don't know, he just said -"

Before she could finish, he had stood up and began walking to the remainder of the family.

"You want to meet my daddy then?" She asked, skipping alongside him.


They didn't have to go far before they had reached the neighbor camp. The family nodded their thanks to him as he came through the trees. There were only three men, and only one of them old enough to be the girl's father. He was slightly overweight, but had the tired look of someone who has seen too many years, too many conflicts. His eyes were gentle, but powerful.

"We owe our lives to you, and to thank you would not suffice to show our gratitude."

The man stuck out his hand, at which Nihaj took a step back and placed his hand on his dagger.

"That's right, you're not of this land, are you?" The man said as he withdrew his hand, and Nihaj relaxed.

"Well, we still owe you a great debt. What could we do to repay you?"

"Your daughter spoke of others of my clothing. You have seen more like me?"

The man's face darkened.

"Why, yes, years ago. If I remember correctly, they were going to Haldinar."

"Then that is where I must go. Thank you." He turned to leave.

"Wait! Let us take you there. It would be the least we could do, after you have saved us."

Nihaj stopped, and turned back around. The man beamed.

"I am Krane, travelling merchant, and I see you already met my daughter, Adriana." She had been at Nihaj's leg the entire time, and at her name she beamed up at him.

"I am called... Nihaj."

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10/15/2006 5:17 PM

OOC: Little typo Jawhun, Dumiarians do notknow the location of Haldinar just yet.
[b]Occupation: Day 3[/b]

"Commander COmmander!!!!"

Annoyed with the interference, Darius rolled off the woman he had taken as his "personal slave" allowing her to simply stand and walk away, naked at the flick of a wrist. Just days before she would scream, fight and cry as she was used and taken advantage, yet now in such as short time she had given up all hope and accepted her fate. Pulling up his pants and re-applying his Armor, DArius turned to the messanger.

"Yes boy???"

"Mr. Lex, now commander of the Perimter force 21, has been spotted a half days ride from here."

"Hmmm, good, and their status???"

"Morale is high, supplies are quality, and they are a mere 2-3 day march from here."

"Good, Mr. Lex is ahead of schedule. He will be rewarded. How about the perimter defences."

"Nearing completion, the North Western Wall is all that needs finished, towers are up and manned on all sides."

"Goood... Send for Ms. Alia, it is time she began her task.

"Yes miLord."

The messanger left the room, as Darius smiled and awaited his new visitor.

10/15/2006 8:20 PM

Sayn was lounging in his room toying with one of his two daggers when a knock sounded from the door. Not taking chances he made the changes to Alia and answerd " One second please," before slipping on the robe stashing his respective weapons under the matress and headding over to the door...

Within the half hour following Alia had been told to leave and was quick to do so. Not bothering to buy a mount she set off out the nearest city gate and hurried off towards her destination, Sun Antioch...

It was night and Sayn was itching for a kill. Daggers out and readdy Sayn moved stealthily about the small caravan. Looking for an easilly accessible victim he spotted a low tent some thirty feet away. Moving closer he decided that his best chances were to cut the support ropes and kill the person through the canvas. Cutting the ropes one by one Sayn moved quickly towards his goal. As the canvas fell he moved and started the killing blow, unfortunatly the person moved because they had awakend or restless sleep was unkown but the blood soaked scream before death was very apearant. Sayn had succeded perfectly but his escape became much more difficult...

Darting off towards one of the openings in the ring of tents adn wagons when a disgruntled merchant stumbled out of the wagon he was occupying and with a startled cry jumped back in. By now the escorts were closing in things werent looking good. Fluidly Sayn slipped the daggers back into their resting places and gripped Iasthai by its second handle drawing the sword and holding it much like a tonfa. Spining it around he brought it into the gut of the nearest man bringing him down. Hoping not to be recognised Sayn moved quickly through the men and out before returning Iasthai to its sheath and disapiering in the night...

It had been at least three days when he finally reached Sun Antioch. He felt he had taken too long but there was nothing he could do as he sliped amongst the crowds...

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11/12/2006 6:10 PM

Ahead lie vast expanses of plains and forests. Having already debriefed Mr.Lex and handed him Governorship over New Azingard, Darius felt it time he began his march. It was day three. The Small city lie far behind out of sight and and ahead the city lie a mere day or two ahead.

Riding ahead of his column, which stretched back atleast 3 Kilometers, Darius looked over his plans. He was a man of perfection, everything had to be perfect. The army would lie just outside of Vision, as a rider was sent ahead to meet with the insurgent. Then the gates would be opened, and the Forces would move up silently into the walls. Riders would ride ahead and light beacons to allow it known to whatever naval ships were out at sea would inspect. A large part of the column would cut a wedge through the middle of the City then dispersing outward, where then the remaining would directly take on the city defenders. The enemy would be split off guard and unable to form any real resistance. Soon then the Navy would arrive and bomabrd the remaining bits of the City. It was flawless.

SMiling at the Sinking sun, Darius simply rode on. Two more Days and Sun Antioch was his, along with his full scale war.

12/04/2006 10:05 AM

Yawning Sayn looked up at the gates of the city and formed his plan. It was rather simple, befriend one of the guards take his place then on the night open the gates. Then again he would have quite a job getting the walls completely unmanned. But that was for another time for now he was to blend in among the city folk and find the one he was going to use to put his plan in motion...

As Sayn wandered the town he began to realise that the one wall was taken care of in his plan but how was he to open all the gates? That poses a problem as he did not have nearly enough time on his hands to covertly open them all. Sighing he wandered up to one of the taverns and tried to think of a better way than killing each set o guards one by one...

12/05/2006 1:31 PM

The Army waited One Day behind, Darius and a team of Calvary Scouts rode ahead, to ensure the Mercenary had been true about the city. Looking from a high hill, the city spiraled around the cove in perfect beauty. It was indeed a strategic City. Even with a small defense force a direct assault would be fruitless, as the position and fortification was perfect.

"Well men this truly is the Key to the continent."

"Indeed sir, this will not be an easy battle."

"Hmmm... Let us hope our insurgent can break this city by next Night Fall."

Turning Darius led his calvary away from the city, into the large vast prairie. His ride would take a mere hour or two. it was time he began his final advance on the city. If those walls weren't open he would crush them raising them with all his power, it was possible. ANd in retaliation he would personal kill the failure of a mercenary.

12/17/2006 9:05 AM

It only took a few days for Chaos to reach Sun Antioch. And as usual he didnt have a same problems getting in as he did most other places, the guards new him well here. He was a "big" help a few years back when a large raid of bandits tried to loot the city. Chaos, and a few well trained guards, but a defining stop to that.

He had taken a seat at his favorite tavern. The one with the newly widowed waitress, Diana Sunkiss, who keeps a good eye on him, for "protection". She was beautiful and had a good husband, but had is the underlined word, or so she says. She was nice but there was defiantly something deep and sharp in those big green eyes of hers. Not that he didnt usually have a problem trusting red heads being that more than one has tried for his head. But she just didnt seem the type to beat around the bush about anything...

As he started on his second pint of ale he noticed a few new faces. Some just looking to pass through the others finding a new hang out. Non of which even gave a second glance at the tall darkly dressed man after Diana walked up to him and gave him an escorte to his usual table. But one just looked more out of place than the others. Different, like his ura was trying to let him in on something, mischievous almost.

Diana walked up to him, "Hey, babe, want another?" she flipped her hair and laid on her smile that could melt steel.

"Umm..." he scrambled to get his thoughts to gather, "but could you keep an eye out on that one there, and let you boss Kam know that he might be up to something?"

"No problem sugar," she winked and walked away. If he wasnt careful he is gonna do something he might regret with that one...

01/09/2007 3:02 PM

Sayn was laying around town, it was fun really. Watching the people go about their routines but he had to start soon. Hopping down from his resting spot on a low roof he made his way up through the city. The plan was simple, open the gates, break the gate so it was stuck, and stop them from making repairs. Complicated but it would have to work...

It was time oddly he also was out of time, but that would be another problem for later. Moving towards the guard house he looked at the gate and wondered when the army would come and if he was too early. Trivial matters but important none the less, easing his blade in its scabbard he moved quickly and silently to his mission...

01/09/2007 5:58 PM

Darius stood with his massive army, in perfect lines behind him. Still concealed from the watch garrisons of the grand city of Sun Antioch, Darius allowed his enforcing fist to stand ready to pounce. Watching intently as the sun fell slowly from the sky and the moons of the world rose from their slumbers, Darius waited for the opportune time. When the shadows cast fully, the army would move and the city would fall.

01/15/2007 9:20 PM

Aproaching the gate house Sayn started to wonder if his plan would work but all he could do now was enter. Opening the door brought a startled cry from the two guards at the other end of the room by the crank. Pausing only a second he hurled himself at the guards blade drawn. Before the first could get his blade out Sayn's pierced his head. Letting go of his own blade to avoid a sweeping slash from the other guard Sayn moved to the guards fallen comrade's blade and silenced the second at the price of a deep slash across his chest...

The fight had been short and luckily no one had heard. Moving quickly Sayn used the bodies and swords of the fallen to jam the door shut as he began cranking open the gate. Hopefully his employer wasnt late or he would end up dead, then again the gate would still be open for them...

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01/21/2007 5:28 PM

The City remained Silent. Treading Lightly through the drenched ground, the footsteps of the massive force sound too close to the thunder that clapped across the sky. Diffusing throughout the Alleyways and streets, the forces slowly enveloped the unsuspecting city. Spiraling up the City ways, the Dark forces crushed all in their way.

Yet silence still remained. For the city was asleep and most were killed before even awaken. Darius maniacally cackled as the torches began to fly through the sky and devour homes and lives in their ferocity. The city awakened now. Yet to late for any redemption. Fighting off the first true organized soldiers Darius remained ahead of his lines drenced in the blood of innocence.

Smoke billowed from all around throughout the night. The battle would be long, yet their was no redemption for Sun Antioch, they would fall.

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