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09/16/2006 2:27 PM

Centuries ago, one-hunderd million angels fell from the Heavens forever banished to the realm of mortals. This punshiment was derived from the war Lucifier had bestowed upon Shamayim, the lowest of the seven heavens, and land of Gabriel. Lucifer had joined forces with a third of the divine ones in an attempt to overthrow God and the remaining faithful angels. However, Micheal archangel of God's army countered Lucifer's forces before they could reach Raquia, the second heaven. The fallen ones were defeated and judged before God himself, and casted to earth and Hell for all eternity. However, before Luficer was casted down into the firey abyss, he scorned God's name and vowed that before the time of man has come to its end, that there will be second reckoning of this war and Lucifer and his armies will rise from the blood and ashes of the slaughtered victorious. The flames of darkness had consumed the fallen and silence fell upon both Heaven and Hell for what seemed like an eternity, until now.


The unforgiving moon unveiled the figure of a woman standing atop a towering structure in the middle of a city where the sins of humanity poured through the streets like water. Her pale skin glistened basking in the moonlight, but her eyes were empty, such a beautiful color of blue and yet any life there was left in them was slowly slipping away with each breath she took. Her turquoise locks fell short just below her chin as she stared at the nights sky. A sigh escaped from her lips as she placed a hand to the marking above her heart. Why was it when she thought of the past it burned into her skin. Would she ever be forgiven... would he ever forgive her. Her train of throught of broken as a tiny drop of water from the sky struck her cheek. She gave a coy smile welcoming the rain, hoping it would wash away her sins.And yet. . she knew as did everyone else that was witness to that fateful day her crimes against Heaven would never be forgiven.
"Why should I child of Heaven bow down to a child a clay" she whispered. Those words had stayed with her for what seemed like an eternity. Those words which seduced her , those words which she believed she envoked for love. The marking above her heart began to burn once more as she clenched the skin tightly trying to ignore the pain.
Her eyes averted once more to the rain which fell upon her, a frown caressed her lips as she closed her eyes.

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09/16/2006 6:41 PM

A man stands in his rundown motel room in the middle of nowhere. The woman he has tied up on his bed tries to scream but not only does the dirty sock in her mouth choke her, the man standing above her with a knife was the only other person here. He was the manager of the place. When people came in, he would torture them till death. Sometimes that was days long. He slowly made another inscision in her thigh and licked the blood as it came out. The woman cried and tried to get away, but she was tied down. Then an horrid smell lingered into the room.

"Did you just fart?" the crazed man said and looked at her. She couldn't say anything but her look said, are you serious? The man walked to the window and looked outside. It was a hot night in the desert. Nobody there. He turned around and saw an angel standing there. He gasped and dropped the knife then got to his knees. The Angel wore white robes that covered his feet. He had a perfect face. But something strange, the angels left hand was... distorted. He thought nothing of it though. He looked back at the angels face.

"Do you think you deserve to live? After what you have done to her?" He pointed to the woman on the bed. She shook her head no.
"Please forgive me, I, I, I couldnt help it" the man struggled to get the words out, he held back his tears.
"Do you deserve to live?"
"Nnnnoo... but I dont want to die. Please dont kill me!"
"You dont deserve to be killed by me. You should take your own life."
"Do it." the words were so loud in his head that he covered his ears. He looked at the bloody knife.
"I, I, I can't ... I can't do it..."
"If you do it, I will take you with me into heaven."
"You will?"
"Yes, now do it..." The man looked back at the knife then back at the angel. He again looked at the angels disfigured hand. "Whats wrong with your hand?"
"I will tell you when we get to heaven." The man looked almost puzzled. He picked up the knife. He slowly cut his wrists. Making a cross on the left, and a messed up line on the other. His vision blurred, then he saw a Demon standing in front of him, laughing. He had no energy left to scream, but he wanted to badly. He knew what just happed.

Althezeous, told the woman this is all a dream. She then got clothed and went to sleep. He then possesed her. He got her cleaned up and healed the wounds. He put her back in the bed and left. He felt better. A horrible person died and a beautiful young woman lived. He is doing the work of angels. Something he has always wanted to do. Ever since he left hell.

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09/19/2006 9:17 AM

"Because, He treasures them, more than He treasures anything else?" Came a voice from slightly below the fallen angel's feet. Her silver hair fell well past her waist, and was dripping with the rain. Her mismatched eyes were focused on the streets below. Running one slender hand through her sodden hair, the slender woman stood, balancing easily on the precipice.

Celestine allowed the winds to buffet her, allowing her wings to appear, to keep her stable. One wing bright as freshly fallen snow, the other darker than the night itself. She sported no halo of light, the sign of His Blessing, but neither was she marked as one of the fallen.

She wore clothing to blend in with mortals, form-fitting black jeans, shoes, and a white blouse that flowed around her in only the way silk can. Celestine slipped her hands into her pockets and turned to face Zaliel. "Or perhaps we, though it's not as if I can classify myself with you, weren't given free will and forgiveness as He has given them."

Celestine smiled slightly then, a cheshire grin, one that had, in the past, left many wondering just what she was about.

09/25/2006 9:22 PM

"Alright buddy, we're closing."

At first it seemed Areli didn't hear the barkeep, but after about a minute he slammed down the remains of his drink, dropped a few dollars on the bar, and began to make his way out of the bar, wobbling as he went. He silently hoped that he might make it home tonight, although he doubted it. As he stumbled through the door, he tripped and landed face-first on the cold, wet concrete. He laid still for a moment, then slowly picked himself up. He could feel water trickling down his face, and looked up. The streetlamp above him illuminated the falling rain, a bizzare but beautiful display of light.

Areli woke up in an alleyway. His head felt like there was a family of elephants stomping around in it. Everything around him was fuzzy; sounds were filtered, foggy, and far away; the world was a painting smudged before it had a chance to dry. He reached to his back pocket, to find his wallet had been stolen.

As he walked out into the street, the sunlight hit him like a hammer. He cringed, and kept his eyes squinted as he tried to figure out where he was. There was a surprising amount of people around. [i]What time is it?[/i] he thought, lifting up his arm. It was bare, a watch-shaped tanline only suggesting the watch he had the night before. He sighed, and began to walk sullenly down the street.

"Mommy, mommy!" A little girl tugged at her mother's dress. [i]It must be Sunday, they're dressed up.[/i]

"What, Sandra?"

"Look! He's got an ouchie."

It took Areli a moment to register that she was talking about him, despite her small finger pointed in his direction. He looked himself over, to see blood spattered on his shirt. He reached up to feel his head, and was greeted by a sharp pain. His hair was matted with blood. Again he sighed, and walked over to the nearest bench to sit down. It was already occupied by a man reading a newspaper, but Areli didn't care.

"Uh, have a rough night?"

Areli just sat silently, staring at the gound. The man shuffled awkwardly, closed his newspaper, stood up, and walked away.


When he finally got home, he started by washing himself off. As he showered, the blood coming out of his hair, he didn't notice that his head wound had already healed. This sort of thing had always happened to Areli, and he never really stopped to think about how remarkable it was. In the last few years, he'd hardly stopped to think at all.

As he was drying himself off, there was a knock at the door. He made himself decent, and hopped his way over to his door over the discarded beer bottles that littered his small apartment.

The man at the door was well dressed - a suit and tie, no less. He took a look at Areli, hesitated, then began.

"Hello, sir. May I have a few minutes to tell you about Jesus Christ?"

The door was closed before the man had a chance to continue.

09/28/2006 11:35 AM

Zaliel turned to the woman as a smirked cross her lips
"I have seen the extent of his forgiveness, and it had no patience for the likes of one such as myself."
Her eyes fell upon the mismatched wings which extended from Celestine's back, she found herself unable to look away from the snow white wing which glistened beautifully before her eyes.
"I can remember a time when my own set radiated a shine that was almost blinding." she paused as a chuckle escaped her lips "but I was a fool for believing it was love which made my aura stronger then anyone elses."
Zaliel knelt down, her silence struck her suddenly as she peered into the darkness of her own heart.
"I wait..night after night hoping that Lucifer's words come true. I dream an endless dream of this neverending life I possess to fade away."
Looking to Celestine, Zaliel stood once more "When the time for judgement comes, I am curious to know what side you will choose. No it is true my brand does not scorch your flesh, but through your veins flows the blood of the demonic ones." she hesitated a moment as she felt her brand begin to burn, "no.." she whispered "He will not protect you. He protects no one.
The darkness in her eyes flickered as she stared upon Celestine.

09/28/2006 12:03 PM

The darkness did not unnerve Celestine, instead, she smiled. "Ah.. there lies the connundrum... for I do not seek His protection. I never have. I am not chosen, nor will I choose between Heaven and Hell... I stay here, the only middle ground between them both."

Celestine tilted her head to one side, a curious glint in her eyes. "Perhaps it is you who still truely needs to choose... You wish for forgiveness, yet you still succumb to the darkness within you... if you really care, you must choose one or the other... for you are not like I am..."

09/28/2006 4:14 PM

"Do you know what has always amazed me?"

His voice was warm and it resonated through the crisp night air surrounding them, having no real discernible point of origin until he stepped out of the night's darkness and approached Celestine and Zaliel.

"How they lie to themselves. I really do nothing except... confirm what they are already thinking."

He was still beautiful. As he had been in Heaven. Though his form had been twisted and forged by evil, much of his glory still echoed in his presence. But that's what sin is to those who embrace it... beautiful and decieving. Fitting then, that that is how Deceit should appear to those who confront him.

He was tall with the body of a young man in his late twenties. He had a boyish face, smooth and almost cherubic in its innocence save for the ageless, blood red eyes which betrayed the malice stored and seething in his heart. His skin was dark red, scorched and purified by the flames of hell and his upper body was naked save for a heavy black chain worn like a sash across his chest. The mark of Lucifer's hold over him.

He had a slight muscular build and straight, black hair which draped like a dark shroud down his back and over his shoulders. Two black horns grew from his forehead, above the outside edge of his eyebrows. They gleamed like polished onyx, smooth and cold, and curled menacingly over his head. Between those horns a burning pentagram floated over his head like a fiery mockery of a halo. He wore simple black pants and a heavy black cloak which dragged on the ground behind him.

His large Black leathery wings when folded, towered above his shoulders like a grand mantle of authority and were truly a spectacle when he stretched them to their greatest span. His fingernails were black and on his right breast a dark rune was branded deep into his chest, signifying his name and rank.

"Like you for instance." He said, his arms crossed as he stopped walking and looked at Celestine. "You say you will not choose, but that is a deception. You will choose, you stand, you breathe... you live in a battleground and you know very well that even... "He"

Deceit paused here and glared skyward.

" has said that there is no grey. Only black and white. So declares my Lord Lucifer. There is a war that is soon to come, and you will choose before the end."

09/28/2006 6:03 PM

Celestine's question which plauged Zaliel's mind was pushed back a moment as her attention was now drawn to the man who stood before them. His presence alone resonated what he was, and yet though they originated from much different pasts they were both branded.

"You talk about choice as if it is simple." she paused a moment staring at him then turned away "and yet the choice for you always was.You have been makred by flames of Hell, it is all you know now."

Zaliel turned her attention back to Celestine, her eyes darkened at the half breed,

"And you...you claim you have no taste for either side, and yet here you are, a living breathing creation that both Heaven and Hell forged. When the time for battle arises if you do not choose, you will drawn in regardless for those who who merely spectate will be casted down with the fallen."

The brand beneath her clothing burned with much intensity, perhaps it was the aura from Deceit, or maybe Celestine was right, though her heart had blackened was she still grasping for salvation?

"No" she said looking to them both now "I am unlike you. My wings were ripped from my body, I awoke in this forsaken place alone, tainted and in my own blood. I would of rather died that day then be casted down by Him. So I will not seek His salvation, instead I will make my own, and in doing so I will attain that which I long for.."

Her eyes glared into the darkened sky above her "I will kill the man I love, and burn that which I loathe to the ground."

Zaliel averted her eyes to Deciet "Tell you master I await his coming with much anticipation."

09/28/2006 6:11 PM

The cool disheartening light of the street lights poured unforgivingly into the dim dank alleyway. For the most part, this section of the city of Brotherly Love was avoided, abandonned to the street gangs, drug lords, and homeless folk that squatted along the small buisness, shops, and apartments of the littered and decaying roadways. Tonight the streets were void of almost all life. Alone in the alleyway a young pleasently plump man stood, attempting to keep warm, chase off the paranoia, and hide his scarred and scabbed arms.

Joston S. Cole, once the son of a middle class family, and member of the local church congregation, in Central Pennsylvania, now was left alone to fend for his own on the dark and ruthless streets of Phillidelphia. His parents had said his doubt and his choices had dishonored the family.

Emerging from the twighlight and dingy abyss of the alley, a pair of, men approached Joston, one wielding a Crowbar, the other a small bag, and both concealing pieces in their pants. Pulling out a set of 100 dollar bills and a syringe, Joston handed the cash over to the dealers. One Inspected the money, while the other handed the merchandise over. Filling the syringe, Joston pierced his old track marks, injecting a substantial amount of the potent drug. Trying to keep his cool, Joston dropped another pair of two hundred dollars.

Seeing the open cash, the two dealers moved into action striking Cole across the temple, sprawling him across the dirty and littered alleyway, before continuing to loot all of his belongings, leaving him in Jeans and a teashirt, which were both torn and bloody. Weeping Joston simply curled up in a half ball and pushed himself against the wall to lean. Hysterically Josten poured out his sorrows and tears, freezing with every moment, and releasing about the same amount of blood out onto his cloths and the alley floor as the tears that filtered into the red streams.

[i]They were right I am useless.[/i] Reaching into his pockets, Joston foraged, finding a second full syringe and a bottle of pain killers. Looking deeply into the life ending combination, Joston mentally prepared himself for his suicide. For he was the only one he knew who cared for what he had become. Now Joston sat ready to die, in the frigid Pennsylvania air of a Philidelphia street, simply waiting for some sign, or some grace.

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09/28/2006 7:36 PM

Deceit nodded to Zaliel respectfully, then turned his attention back to Celestine.

"Do you see now? He has given us free will. The ability to choose."

Smiling at Zaliel he continued, "And Zaliel has chosen wisely. She made that choice a long time ago. You should not regret the decision to leave him." He said, addressing the fallen angel. "There is no salvation for you. Here is where you are needed, here is where you are seen for your true worth. Here you are loved. Michael couldn't give you that could he..."

His countenance turned sinister as his muscles tensed beneath his crimson skin. The rain continued to fall but Deceit was not affected. His hair, skin and clothes remained dry. He had no love for this world nor anything created therein. So far was he removed that the physical world simply could not touch nor see him.

"I wish it were my blade that would cut the wings from Michael's back. But your vengeance shall be sweeter Zaliel."

His red eyes then once more rested on Celestine.

"And you... well you actually vouch for the vermin don't you?" He said casting his eyes down towards the people bustling about the streets. "I suggest you decide where your loyalties lie. You will find no love from the ranks of Heaven nor the filth down there."

10/03/2006 12:47 AM

There was nothing good on tonight. There never was anything good on.

Areli sat on his sofa, surrounded by empty beer bottles and discarded pizza boxes. A pop and hiss signaled his opening of a new beer. He sat quietly in his sofa, resigning to watch a rerun of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."



Areli awoke to the cry of the late night stray, the same one, he presumed, that had woken him up the past few nights. The culprit, as far as he knew, was a rather rotund tabby who seemed to take pleasure in pissing Areli off.


"The god damned cat..." Areli snarled, half-drunk and half-asleep, fumbling to his feet. Slowly, he shuffled over to the window and looked down. There it was, sitting atop the dumpster in the alley below. Silently he reached down, picked up a bottle, and dropped it out the window. Leaning out for a better view of the dumpster below him, he realized that not only was the beer bottle not falling toward the cat, but it was headed directly for a rather hefty bum. He barely had time to close his eyes and cringe as he heard the bottle shatter on the man's skull. He was knocked out cold.

[i]Oh god, what do I do now?[/i] he thought as he backed into his apartment, tripping over the trash on his floor. [i]I'll go see if he's ok, at least.[/i]

Areli stumbled toward his door, down the staircase, and out into the alleyway, where the unconscious stranger lay. He hesitated, then reached down and rolled over the body.

"It's just a kid!" He gasped, jumping back. "I can't just leave him here..."

After a few moments struggle, he managed to lift the boy into a fireman's carry, and started up the stairs.

[i]What've I gotten myself into?[/i]

10/09/2006 11:11 AM

In his slumber his fever raised enormously. The scortching of his skin dug deep into his guilt ridden soul. Nearly 15 anti-depressant pills, and a whole syringe of pure heroin, had pumped into his body, a lethal combination, yet under the smaller amount of pills, the body just couldn't react in the fatal manner he wished. In his mind, vivid images of deoms swirled around, and endless waltze of pain, agony, and hopelessness.

Slowly the nightmares subsided into a dim, dank room, unrecognizable to him. His shaking was uncontrollable, and a puddle of throw up lie mere inches from his face, filled with particles of pills. He felt cold, almost freezing as his body sweat profuesely, markin the breaking of his fever. Weeping desperately, Joston let out a loud cough, followed by tons more as his body tensed up and he got to his knees, vomiting through the chatter of coughs.

Soft footsteps sounded behind him from a lit room, just down the small hall, of the apartment. Unable to turn to see who approached, Joston, again collapsed onto the cool, lenolyum floor of the small unlit bathroom. Awake he awaited whoever approached, still weak, sick, and sullen inside about his ill fate.

10/09/2006 5:01 PM

Celestine's eyes narrowed, and she stepped back a pace on the edge of the precipiece. "My loyalties remain where they have done so for several years... myself. I bow to no one's whim save my own. I do not seek Their Love, neither that of Heaven, Earth, nor Hell... I do not need it, as some of you seem do to."

Without waiting for a further response, she took another step backward, and dropped from the precipiece, only to soar easily on the winds to the streets below.

10/10/2006 1:39 PM

Deceit watched Celestine flutter away. A flying paradox suspended somewhere between Heaven and Hell. He sighed.

"Abomination." He muttered softly to nobody in particular. Then, seeming to shake off his flustered feathers he once more regained at least a sociable air and half smiled at Zaliel. He nodded to her as a goodbye, then His majestic black wings spread to their full length and he bolted into the darkness.

After he departed it actually seemed as though the precipice on which they conversed actually grew lighter and the shadows shrunk away.

10/13/2006 7:16 PM

[i]OOC: Sorry about that, midterms and all that jazz[/i]

The poor kid was finally awake.

"Quite a night you've had, kid." He said, walking down the hall. "Thought you were gonna die for a minute there, scared me half to death." He paused, seeing the vomit on the floor, took a few steps back to reach for his towels, and then continued.

"I thought about calling 911, but I had a feeling you wouldn't really want that. I don't know, call it a hunch." He helped prop the kid up against the bathtub, and began to clean up the mess.

"If you like, I could still call them, although I figure you'll be alright. Hey, look at me, don't fall asleep. There we go. The name's Areli. Now who are you, and what the hell do you think you're doing?"

10/16/2006 1:39 PM

Jostone staired weakely into the face of his savior. Both relief and anger swelled through him. [i]Why couldn't you just let me die!!![/i] the words though in his mind must have pursed across his lips betraying his selfish thoughts to the man ahead of him. The mans eyes dropped a little showing slight dissapointment. Ashamed Joston reached toshake the man's hand.

"The names Joston... Thank you..."

He was sincere and meant it. Joston never wanted to die, just feel accepted, and in the presence of the worried and caring host, he felt just that. Sullen and broken Jostone dropped his head and hand once again.

"I just broke Sir...I feel so lonely... So lost..."

THe words were heartfelt. The man sat down infront of him, as Joston poured out his whole life story. Memories he had forgotten and hidden began to pour back into his heart, bringing both relief and and pain into him. Yet the man still listened and the story continued to flow.

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