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09/16/2006 12:11 PM

I have an idea for a new RP.

Grekthalamar Barafang was a young man who sought too much power. He was extremely talented, and quickly passed through his years of learning the old ways of the world, and quickly moved on to training for the army. After being kicked out of the training for killing a fellow student, he began to delve into darker arts. He became a master of the forbidden art of magics in his world, but even that unique skill was not enough for him.

Grekthalamar travelled across the known world, gathering an army of followers and murderers who shared his hatred of the world. Soon his army was 40,000 strong, and he confidently sacked the Sacred Kingdom of Gheron, the center of all the Kingdoms in the known world. From there he slowly branched out to all the other kingdoms in the known world, forcing them to bow down to his rule. Soon he had control of all the kingdoms of the known world. He was cruel, forcing all civilians to work in a slave-like manner. He abolished all of the other kingdom's governments and formed the council of five which he rules with an iron fist.

Grekthalamar is now known as Highlord Grekthalamar, and the land he rules over is no called Dumiar. Though there have been many rebellious groups, whenever he finds them, he easily destroys them with his powerful army. There may be no beings that can challenge his might in the land of Dumiar. The only hope for the lands he rules may be a power from the unknown parts of the world.

The world is called Ferwynn, and is filled with many races. There is an underworld to where all lost souls are taken. There are many gods, the main one being Caelesducis. The main race of the world is humans, but there may be a land far away undiscovered with more powerful races. The technological level of the world is fairly undeveloped. There are no weapon such as guns, or fuel powered vehicals, but there are certain vehicals and military equiment that are powered by magic.

In this RP the main goal will be to try to stop Grekthalamar from branching out even further into the unknown world. Characters will be able to be from any race, as long as it has been approved by me, and can start anywhere in the world of Ferwynn. You can have a character from a slave-driven civilian seeking revenge, to a warrior from the unknown regions of the world. The names of towns, races, important characters, and the paths they will take are all up to you. You can try to take down the Dumiar empire, or just attack Grekthalamar's expeditions into the unknown world.

This is just an idea, and i would love to hear some input on how to better it.

I will also be adding on to this first post so if you are interested check back regularily.

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09/17/2006 7:44 AM

I actually think you should umm limit the races. A Free for al of races is unlikely, and their should be atleast that should serve to keep some sense of unity in the system. Also maybe an explanation what kinda magicks. Elemental, standard, etc???

If I participate could i be a top General of Grekthalamar Barafang's who is occupying Ferwynn, with apsirations of permanently annexing it??? If it needs for met have a good character too I will, but I think it would be awsome to play the enemy in this???

09/17/2006 11:36 AM

I will be putting a limit on races, but as of right now i am open to new race ideas.

Although id love to have a bunch of guys RPing against Barafang, I will be needing one or two people playing on the side of his empire, so i dont see a problem with that, but i am hoping to get a few more interested in this idea first.

09/17/2006 4:22 PM

I like this idea so far. I agree with Animus on specifying the type of magic you mean. Are we going with traditional magic, (Fire, Water, etc), or are we somewhat creatively unrestricted in that area.

If this were to become an RP, I would take the side of someone from the "unknown reaches of the world." Assuming I have some creative leeway with the magic situation, he would be somewhat versed in the "magic" of his own particular tribe. It'd be more based on elements and spirits.

Either way, I like the direction this RP seems to be heading.

09/18/2006 12:36 PM

Im gonna need at least 5 liking this idea before i put up the first post, and it will be slightly different, and a bit more limited. This will hopefully end up being a RP series, so im hoping if all goes well we will gain more interest towards the end of the first RP.

09/18/2006 12:51 PM

Just to help out i would be willing to have two characters one on each side.

09/18/2006 2:35 PM

Well its up in all of its intensity. It is about 20 minutes of reading, and I do want you to read it all, so please go do so and make me a good bio too.

Two character is fine, and the details are outlined in teh OOC.

09/27/2006 5:04 PM

This sounds kinda interesting. I might be new here and all but i'd like to join this RPG if you don't mind. Could I be one of the bad guys to though? Always more fun fightin the good guys than bein the good guys.

09/27/2006 5:44 PM

I went and checked out the RPG thread and saw that you wanted a bio, so here it is(hope it's not to short).

Name: Metus Abyss
Age: Unknown
Height: 510
Weight: 165 lbs.
Bio: A creature born of no woman, human, eleven, demon or otherwise. Metus is a failed experiment, an experiment straight from the underworld. Created from pure dark matter, his creator, Dr. Atra had no idea the kind of power he was playing with. When the doctor, driven mad from years of endless research and experiments with the dark matter woke up his creation it turned on him. Dr. Atra had only one look at the monster he had created before even Hell could no longer penetrate his senses; he was lost in the darkness that he created. Metus, the doctors final experiment was nothing more than a killing machine. The underworld had only one use for a creature such as him and with the state of affairs on the upper world it was the perfect time to unleash the unbridled chaos that swam through, Metus veins.

Standing at a mere 510 with a lithe, muscular build, much like that of a dancer and ghostly pale skin, Metus did not look very intimidating. His eyes, the colour of blood swam with a constant lust for battle and blood. His weapon of choice was a set of claws that he liked to steep in the blood of his fallen foes before battle, often cursing the wicked blades, like a paladin would bless his sword.

Once on the surface world, Metus rampaged through smaller villages, feeding the helpless souls to the darkness of which he was born. Chaos and blood shed were his inheritance, his entire reason for being alive. That is how he found his way into the company of Grekthalamar Barafang, a man almost as wicked as himself, a man with almost limitless power. Metus had no choice but to give himself and his dark gift over to the man, he was after all gifted with a gloriously evil fate, Metus could sense it.

Now Metus is a feared name among the citizens Gheron, capital to a new world order belonging to revered Grekthalamar Barafang. His dark are being put to the purpose that he was meant to serve, to make sure the new land of Dumiar remains steeped in the darkness that continues to choke the life out of all things living.

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09/27/2006 10:11 PM

Sanityman; you need to go back to the RP thread, and then post the same thing you just posted in the OOC/RECR section! That's where anything Out Of Character goes. There's a tab to the top right of the RP when you're on the page... You just pull it down to go to the other section.

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