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09/15/2006 9:43 PM

Hey all,
I came here because one of the main sites I FFRPed on is dying, and i would enjoy continuing to expand my skills. Although I have had much experience with FFRP and Creative Collaborative Writing, i still feel that i can increase my skills here and get to know people. I mostly take part in RPs set in past times and old age fantasy, but im open to trying new things here.

If anyone wants to show me around or get me into any freshly started RPs to see what i can do just send me a message.

09/16/2006 5:48 AM

Well Ephialtes, first and foremost, welcome to the FFRP boards. I am the Exec. Producer who heads these boards. If you should have any questions about these boards, contact any of the sages(those with purple badges under their names), or myself. We will help you in any way we can.

As for new stories, there are several you may have a chance in joining in the General RP forum, as well as one of mine in the Dragonlance forum: Dragon of a Winter Moon. It is implyed 'proper' to read over the OOC section and ask permission before jumping into a thread, if you're allowed, also make a character sheet and post it there.

Anyway, Welcome and Good Luck!


09/16/2006 7:44 AM

Hey welcome!!! Their are Roleplays of every kind here!!! Stories of Swashubuckling Pirates, of a futuristic Post Apocalyptic Government, Stories of a World stripped of Tech, ZOmbie Tales, and Even Ones Based on the Silent Hill Franchise. I am sure if you just look around you will find something worth your time, and make many firends in the process. Keep in touch and maybe I can give some insight on a few of the more recent Rp's!!!

Good Luck...
And As Always...

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