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09/13/2006 1:41 PM

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09/18/2006 1:53 PM

Pennsylvania 9:13 Pm, March 16th 1998.

The low soothing hum of the small passanger size tour plane, drifted into the pilots ear. He had looked forward to these long nights as the gave him solence over the dark memories that had taken over his days these past years. Being a veteran Navy Seal from Iraq during Desert Storm, he had become plagued with dreams of lost comrades, and failed operations, including the one that had left him with a sporratic nerve.

Nickolai, born Russian, brought up American, had always found himself in a place somewhere between Sanity and insanity. His mind had, since he was a child, been filled with vivid and displeasing pictures of loss, and the sorrowful loss of his mother and father to the communist regime in Russia. These plane rides had become his escape, returning him to a world of control and something baove the usual plane of existance.

Today he had been assigned with ferrying, a wealthy couple from Erie PA, and their three children, one daughter at 11, one son at 17, and the other daughter at 21. Growing up alone Nickolai was pleased with eldest of them. She was dressed in a plain tan shirt, low cut, and wearing a olive green colored baggy pants, which flattered her hips and gave her an earthy almost elvish appeal. The youngest was somewhat of a tom boy and carried with her a Star Wars bag full of what seemed to be books and lightsabers. The boy was big and tall, slim and athletic, yet seemed something of a recluse, as he wore a pair of thick glasses and carried a bundle of books.

The mother was fair, and reachering her 60's. She seemed controlling and nearly angered with the rest of the family at all times. The Father looked forlorn, yet smart and ready for anything. Nickolai simply took sympathy for the mans loss off identity.

Seperating from the group, the Father walked to the cocpit peering in through the slightly opened flap.

"Mind if I come up."

"No, just don't touch anything. I could use the company anyway."

The Older man Sat into the Copilots chiar and listened to the Radio quickly:

[i]Storm tear off teh cost of Nantucket. Fierce Lightning and thunder seems as though it could be the Storm of the Century. All travelers are to be adivsed to stay off of northeastern Coast...[/i]

Reaching forward, Nickolai switched off the Radio, turning his head to the new companion.

"So what do ya do."

"Well I own a small Engineering Company. Work on machinery design, development, and all those little jobs needed in Engineering. Nothing Special..."

"All that wealth from a litle buisness. I fought in the Seals and still just manage to get by?!?!"

"A Soldier!!! Well glad to have you as my pilot. I fought in Nam' I feel your spite for the government. Damn Government was no better than the commies it seemed."

Nickolai shuddered at the term, commie, "I was born in Russia. My parents were killed by those communists. My grandfather escaped with me and raised me here in America. I am in debt to this country."

The Older man shut up as if ashamed. In the silence something happened however. Nickolai through his eyes was overtaken by a large flash, leaving a slight pain pericing in his now throbbing head. Able to see again the engines began to sputter out, and the lights of the cabin went out all at once. The darkness of the dark sky pouredi nto the cockpit and the cabin. Turbulence errupted as Nickolai frantically tested all his systems finding nothing working.

"WHat the hell it has all gone off."

"Look that town has went dead too!!!"

Nickolai peeked at his watch, it was dead, and read 9:15. Shaking it it didn't jump back into action. Reaching for the radio, Nickolai pressed the button and spke. Their was no feed back, not even the annoying crackle of static. It was Dead...

"Damnit I am going ot have to bring it in for a crash!!! Strap yourselves up back their. When we hit and stop I want you all to file out through that back hatch with all speed."

"You listen to him Kids."

The crowd strapped in and readied for Impact, as the hulking vessel slowly began to descend. The Plane he flew was large, full of fuel and not build for gluiding, he would need something soft and flat. Inspecting the Mountainous Horizon, Nickolai finally spotted spotted a think running river cutting through the mountainous terrain.

"There, I am gonna take us down in that River. Get Ready Guys."

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