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09/06/2006 6:34 PM

Silent Hill is a normal town at the moment but after a few months during the night people have nightmares. Few people can explain them some try to keep the horrorful images out of there minds. The town is obviously a bad place to be but no one sees that. The people see it as a phonaminam until a man dreams of a corpse in his floor board and is correct. The dreams keep you alive.

The Dreams wont stop until an unknown sprit is freed. On the 4th month half the town is black in darkness the other half has 24/7 protection by the Amulets and Candles. One man is traped ina dream that seems real. He wants to solve this so he can go back to his old life , but will his life ever be the same ?

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09/08/2006 4:33 AM

The light side of the town is now in panic people are panicing and no can leave slient hill. Since it is blocked off few people are trying come up with an idea. Rand looks around and has an idea to save the town. " Ummm " he trys to speak over the crowed. " HEY ! WH.." not being able to speak threw the loud crys of the people he pulls out his gun and loads A BLANK clip and shoots it in the air as the crowed goes silent. " I KNOW HOW WE CAN SAVE THE TOWN ! ok if the darkness is on that side of the town all we gatta do is get ride of the darkness right "? A man in the crowed screams out.

"THAT IS MADNESS !!!" the crowed strts up agian and Rand shoots off another blank. " Look we need to act quickly the darkness is spreading !!!" everyone looked at the dark side of town. Where the holy candles were lite the madalions were placed. The Candles are fading out and the madalion of life are breaking. "im a police officer......i will do my job" Rand said thinking about what he must do. " OK i may need somone to help me " Rand looks around and grabs a metal pole. " Anyone who wants to help me grab any weapon you can find and a madalion for you to wear". Rand puts one on his neck and puts his gun away and his pipe in one of the slots in his belt.

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09/08/2006 12:58 PM

The smell of death begins creeping into the nostrils of Chris. Slowly he turns his head almost frozen in fear as he looks upon that of a corpse...Though this corpse wasnt dead. The cadaver leaps out at Chris and latches onto his shoulders. Sharp dead teeth rip through his face, easily tearing flesh from bone. Before even a scream could take place the Corpse lifts its finger and presses into Chris's jugular. It would only be a few seconds now, and Chris knew it. His death was soon, his life began to flash before his eyes. Memories of the things he had once done, people he had loved. And in a blink of the eye Chris thrusts upward. His breathing eradic, though nightmares do tend to do that to a person.

Now standing up Chris gazes out of his window at complete darkness...This was an odd thing given the time of day. Feeling a little spooked by the dream the man hurries and places his favorite Bone White Suit on. Wrapping the harness around his chest and placing his two Dessert Eagle 45. into there respected places. Upon walking out the door Chris would grasp hold of a also white coat to conceil the weapons.

Gazing all about him Chris would notice that only parts of the city was filled with darkness. Doing what any person with common sense would do Chris quickly runs towards the light. Luckily the light would only be a few blocks away. He continues to run ignoring the odd sounds and voices that were coming from behind him.

Slowing his pace as he comes into the light Chris begins to gaze upon the majority of the towns people in a huge crowd. By instinct his eyes roll across the police officer first. Watching him try and rally the people together to enter the darkness. Chris's mind begins to wander as he watches the goings on. Memories begin to push into his brain as he turns around and looks at the nightmarish darkness. "Damnit" Chris shouts rather loud. He begins to think to himself where the boat was in the darkness and how he would get to it. And then it hit him....ofcourse this foolish beat cop might prove to be usefull. Though he could not openly know what it was Chris was going to be searching for.

Parting his coat Chris grips one of his 45. pistols. Grabbing a clip from his lower pocket he shoves it into the weapon. Replacing it and doing the same with the other. Chris stands out of the crowd just behind the cop awaiting to see what the Genius does.

09/08/2006 1:00 PM

OOC: Tell me if this concept works for me.

[i]All I can remember about that day, is the fog. It came in thick patches throwing everything into an obscure state of darkness. And then I fell asleep, and was plagued with those dreams of unknown hands around her kneck, my child, with the others ones watching on. Then their was just blood. My family...Was killed...[/i]

Sitting up from the plain, stiff cot, Henry need not to even wipe his eyes of the crust that normally would have been there. The room was dark, a dreary shout out to the Middle Ages, having no electric light. Standing from his position, Henry stepped onto the hard wood floor, allowing a slight creek out, that eerily sounded like [i]iiiitt'soovverrrr[/i]. Truddging through the small 10 by 10 room, Henry pressed his Face against the window, looking out into the thick blanket of fog, seeing nothing but smouldering cars and empty streets, and a dark billow of simply darkness devouring everything.

Slowly stepping from the Window, Henry was awestruck at the state of the outside world; However, as he retreated backward, Henry found his foot in a slick pulpous substances. Turning to look down at the floor, Henry could only make out a dark crimson liquid. Bending over he touched it with his fingers, and inspected it closer. It was Blood.

Disgusted, Henry wiped the substance onto his slacks and scanned the room seeing a path heading out the door. Following the mysterious trail, Henry left the bed room, taversed the corridor and turned into the old childrens room. Switching the light switch, the room illuminated, causing Henry to take his glasses off, wipe them off and adjust his eyes.

As the room came into focus, a Macabe and Morbid scene unfurled before his eyes: In the crib two babies lay dead, oozing blood from their throats, and on the floor a girl lie with a bruised kneck and knife in her abdomen, and worse of all, in the corner a women hung from from the cieling rafters, dripping ounces of clotted crimson blood.

Falling backwards into the hall, Henry perched himself against the wall. [i]Thats...Thats my...Thats my Family!!! Dear God[/i] Holding back the urge to vomit, Henry ran down the hall and forced the bathroom door open, switching on the light. Opening the Toilet in a hurry, Henry continued to vomit uncontrollably.

Finishing, Henry held himself up at the mirror, lookin into the glass. Allowing some water to pour over his face, Henry spoke to himself. "My...Family. Dear God. I did my Best. My family."

"Where the hell were ya, you useless son of bitch!!!" From the mirror a figure taunted Henry.

Terrified at the sight Henry blurted out, "Helen!!!!"

"No shit you dumbshit, you are a hopeless peice of shit, Henry!!!" The figure spoke with spiteful words, sending a spray of blood out of her mouth with every word. Her face was dark, and almost rotted, hanging down to the right a side affect of her neck was broken.

Aghast, Henry turned from the mirror finding no one.

"You can't even face looking at us. You Know this is yer fault!"

Following the voice Henry headed back down the hall, pausing at the source. It was the childrens room. Pacing slowly through the open door way, Henry was welcomed by the three dead children, now standing, all chanting daddy. By now tears were flowing from Henry's eyes.

"Ya see what ya done Henry!!!"

Looking toward his wife, Henry saw the hanging woman speeking, spitting up blood like before.

"I tried Helen. I did my best. I loved you!!!"

"Bullshit, look what ya done to us cock sucker!!!! And you have to live with it bitch!!!!!. Why weren't you their Henry!!! Why couldn't you save us that Night!!!!"

Her face transformed into something demonic, as her rope tore dropping her onto her feet. Walking over to little Rhonda, she pulled out the rusty bloody knife and turned to Henry. Smiling one last time she began to charge, screaming, holding the knife up, ready to stab when in range.

Reacting quickly, Henry backed up and slammed the door shut holding it there. A series of loud pounds errupted from the door way, before all coming to a stop along with the frantic calls and screams from the room. Looking underneathe the door, the knife lie, now clean, and new. Collapsing Henry began to sob, picking up the knife, and inspecting it through his tears.

[i]I have to get out of this damn place. I need to find the truth.[/i]

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09/08/2006 1:43 PM

OOC: wow NO DESERT EAGLES ! thats waaaaay to much weaponry Desner_Val. the maximum weapon you can use is a Rifle no power weapons nothing that can kill anything in one hit ill allow these weapons: Metal Pipe , Rusted Axe, Crowbar, Knife,.45, Five Seven, Beretta, 12G Shotgun, and Hunting Rifle. The ammo is very little also. TRY AND MAKE THIS REALISTIC PLEASE thx ^-^ also our characters can met

IC: Rand walked into the darkness and the air was heavy as if it was on a mountain. He took out his radio. No sounds of hauntings yet. He then takes out his Beretta. Looking around he sees a little girl and she walks up to him and laughs. " I know a secret ! want to know what it is ?" Rand looked at her and knew she was undead being. " what is it ?" She laughs and says "the anger inside of you will consume you in the end" She dissapears and Rand heres growling behind him." ....shit" a licker dog limps behind him.

Rand pulls aims and fires a blank " O SHIT !!!" he forgot to reload the real thing and ran backwards as the empty clip feel and a new one reloaded. " Die demon spawn !" he shot the hound 4 times and it feel shaking and Rand walked up to and stomped on its head crushing it. "horrible......" all of a sudden he heard a scream of a young women and ran to a apartment and kicked open the doors. 4 zombie creatures where inside consuming the life. Rand was to late and started to back away. Suddenly it got real dark and he turned on his flash light and a creature stood in front of him.

"O..M.m..my God !!!" Rand said as the Pyramid head stood with his sward coming towards Rand. He turned around and ran franticly. " GATTA GET TO THE GUN STORE !!!!!!!!!" It so dark Rand couldnt see much with his little flashlite as he went into a corridor area somwhere. He ran inside and feel over the front desk and stayed silent as his madalion started to crack. Then he got up when all the lights came on." what happend ?" All of a sudden a door shut in the apartment and Rand went up stairs and saw a creature stabing at a door. "o shit " Rand pulled out his gun and starte shooting the creature realizing it didnt die easy then he took his pipe and smashed its head open as it feel. " Yo person in that room we gatta leave now man ! im human im normal !!!" he screamed out to Henry

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09/08/2006 2:16 PM

Looking upon the rusted and blood stained world did not bother Kyth it didnt make him sick he actually felt alive like he was supposed to be there... Seeing what looked like a dead body in the corner Kyth found himslef laughing, wondering why this made him happy only amused him more. Hefting the rebar he had found he slowly aproavhed the corpse hoping to find a blade on it or something of any use. He bent down and touched it and the head slid limply over to reveal a nearly perfect face of a woman, looking closer he noticed that she had no eyes and that blood was slowly oozing out of the holes in her skull, no longer hesitating Kyth quickly rumaged through the pockets finding nothing more than pocket change. Mumbling to himself Kyth got up and decided to head down an alley way towards a house that seemed more in tact...

Aproaching the house he heard something like some one pounding on a door then quiet hoping he hadnt been seen he slumped against the wall and looked around the foggy streets...

09/08/2006 2:37 PM

OOC: Suggest if everyone wants realism when it coems to the map look at this map http://www.translatedmemories.com/bookpgs/Pg04-05SHAreaMap.jpg
Need to know whther the Darkness is in the Northern Side of the Lake or the Southern, Northern being first game, Southern being start of second and middle of third.

Having, collected himself and regained sanity, Henry foraged through his home for usefull items. Now Equipped with a Rope, a Crow Bar, A Clip on Breast flash Light, and a large bag full of rations and the knife, Henry headed for the wooden door of his rapidly deteriorating home. Remembering where he had procured the rations, a Bazaar a year earlier, which he planned on using when he took his family into the Silent Hill Wilderness for a Camping Expiditions on this very Week end, Henry's movements slowed momentarily, bringing another sense of sullen sadness to him.

[i]God Damnit Henry, Keep focused, dwelling in this won't keep you alive, nor will it give you any answers.[/i]

Packed and Ready, Henry slid the front door open, having estimated 5 minutes between the occurence and his departure. Not bothering to shut his door, Henry turned right and looked down the car riddled, open foggy street. [i] Too open. If their is anyone out their, or ANYTHING like I saw in my house I better stick to areas of higher visibility, and less chances of surprise.[/i]

Deciding Henry turned toward an Alley way. Taking 10 paces toward it, Henry paused as he thought he made out a figure.

"Hello??? Any One their???"

Not hearing a return, Henry jogged out of the fog and into the alley way, turning the corner. Jumping out from the house, a man began to run, attempting to make it out of the alleyway. Yelling, " Please Stop!!! I mean No Harm!!!" the form paused and turned, facing Henry.

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09/08/2006 2:47 PM

Kyth seeing the man at first avoided him but his curiosity had gotten the better of him and Kyth started walking back towards the alley way and quickened his pace hoping to catch a glimpse of the man before he truned the corner on the other end of the alley way. His attention was taken just as he laid eyes on the man when an odd breathing filled the air. Turning to the chain link fence beside him expecting to see a person was shocke to see and odd creature knock down the fence with one of its arms. Not feeling too brave at the sight of the chain link fence being destroyed by the thing with ease Kyth sprinted towards the man hoping to make it away before the thing decided to follow...Reaching the man Kyth managed "Hey! guy run!" before moving on past him and into the open fog...

OOC: sorry its a bit short couldnt thing of anything else to write...

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09/08/2006 3:12 PM

Rand waited and found out the man (Henry) left. Rand quickly left the building his gun on his last clip , he put it away not wanting to use it up. Suddenly he saw the same little girl from before "thats rigth RAND you must let your anger go !" Rand snickered and said " WHO ARE YOU ?!?!" The little girl laughed "im a spirit that wants to leave this awful place but if you dont make it out then i will never ....." the little girl crys and disapears

" .....what the fuck !?!?! what does that mean !?!?" Rand walked out in the street and heard runing from a person. " Hey is someone there ?" Rand ran quickly then there was heavy fog and his flashlight was on agian. " IS ANYONE THERE !!!" A Loud rawr could be heard from the city. Then a creature crawled to Rand and stood up and said" LIFE !!! LIFEEE !!!!!!!!" it squirmed and spit blood everywere. Rand took out his pipe and started hiting fast and hard. "DIE ! YOU DEMONS !!!" All of a sudden his maddalion broke and his head got a oeiceing pain. " AH ! AHHH !!!!!" He stumbled and ran off and then walked into a store.

With his light he went to the medicine Isle and took some Tyloneol to kill the pain. " ah....God....please .....help." The little girl apeared agian. "If you want help you must do somthing for me" Rand breathed hard " how could you help me ?! and why !" She giggled "cause im a shadow of your last girl friend" Rand stood up. " but me and her" little girls says " BROKE UP ! i know i have her memorys. As for helping you i changed my mind AHAHAH !!!!" She dissapears Rand limping to the sports department. In the shelf was a Rifle.

Rand took a box of ammo wich was 5 bullets and loaded the gun and put it on his back and goes back in to the streets. "Hay ............is anyone there !!!!????"

09/08/2006 3:58 PM

Without thinking, Henry followed the stranger into the open street. Soon He could niether see him nor the street ahead of him. It was thick and Dark, almost other worldly, compared to normal dense Fog. Foraging through his knowledge of Silent Hill lore, Henry vividly remembered the coming of Darkness and Mist marked the resurrection of the Local Cult Goddess Allexa. [i]Is that what this all is. No... their is something else here. SOmething far more sinister. Damnit!! All I know is i cant Fucking see...[/i]

"Where Are you!!!" Henry called hoping for someone to answer.

A Cacaphony of voices answered, "Over Here!!!" "No i am here." "DOnt Listen To the I am Here!!"

Spinning around in a confused Daze, Henry chose a direction and sprinted. CLosing his eyes He ran into something, meaty, wet, and flesh like. Humid Breath filled his body, from a form above. CRacking his eyes open, a loud hiss like roar exploded from the form in front of him. Adorned in a butchers suit, fresh with blood stains, and standing nearly 7 foot tall, sporting a large Pyramidal mettalic Helm, the form struck a note of dischord and terror in Henry.

Having fallen to teh ground by teh force of the figure, Henry now pushed himself back, letting out yelps and a small stream of warm fuid into his pants, at the site of teh large clever like sword being dragged far behind the monster.

The hissing voice of his dead wife cracked in from his left again, "You are worthless, You deserve to fucking die!!! Piss'n your pants like a bitch. Useless... useless..." And the Chanting Continued.

"No..no...Nooo.... I loved you.. this can't be it's all a dream!!!!."

"Afraid Not Bitch!!!"

With that the Sword swung over the creatures head crashing down toward Henry. Reacting without hesitation, Henry rolled to the left dodging the initial swing, yet missing a second attack with the creatures small Kitchen Knife. Jabbed into his legg the wound spurt out warm painful blood, forcing Henry to let out a call of anguish. Backing away with all his speed, the Creature recoiled it's blade and prepared for another swing...

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09/08/2006 4:20 PM

Kyth stood frozen backed up against a wall the strange thing infront of him. Kyth managed to wonder if it was the same one from before it sure looked like the one from before. Looking it up and down he knoticed that it was wearing a dress oddly enough, the creature started to move but instead of moving towards Kyth it turned and ran off. A few seconds later the clash of metal on the road brought Kyth back to earth and he found himself wishing this sudden dark would lift...

A little ways down the road he saw the figure of what looked like a person with a triangular thing on its head illuminated by a light. Seeing the man on the ground he realised that what ever it was it wasnt human. Laughing mirthlesly as the thing raised a massive sword and started to let it fall. Kyth was taken out of his happiness by the recognition of the man from before sent a cold chill down his spine. Not really thinking Kyth threw the rebar at the strange thing aiming for the arm with the sword and rand towards it hoping to buy the man some time...

09/08/2006 4:48 PM

Cowering before the Blade that crashed down upon him, Henry was in peace. Could it finally be his blessing that he would join his family, and discover first hand what had happened. Still fear, and distaste for the manner of Death, rought him back to reality. As the blade reached the 12 o'clock poit a large peice of Rebar shot out of it's arm, forceing the monstosity to let out a angered painful roar.

Dropping the sword it landed on top of it's Metallic Head forcing the Thing to the gorund. Reering it's head toward a new set of feet, the thing cursed the stranger with it's loud hissing roars. Pushing himself up to his feet, Henry limped with all the speed he could muster, out of the fray, toward the stranger who had saved him.

Rapidly, Henry began to lose focus, the emmence blood loss was making him use speed, and energy. The stranger was a savior but not a dumb man. Henry new he didn't have a second chance of being saved. From behind, the roar let out a loud liberating sound, followed by the pounding of feet and teh loud peircing screetch of metal of Concrete.

Forcing one last bit of Energy, out Henry attempted to make a fuinal push for teh cover of the buildings ahead, where the Man had ran towards. Praying Henry hoped something would sweep him off his feet and carry him to safety...

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09/08/2006 5:00 PM

Dammit Kyth thought as the man fell short of the building, not caring that the thing had stood back up and was retrieving its weapon Kyth darted outside again and grabbed the man by the arms dragging him into the darknes of the door.

A few minutes later the man was bandaged with the med kit Kyth had found on one of the shelves that he had used to baracade the door to this inner bedroom after looking over it closely. Now inside and exausted Kyth slipped into a half sleep to restore some of his energy while he thought about waht to do next.

Coming to full conciousnes as the darkness faded into the same old fog that it had been for most of his time in this place at first Kyth haddnt noticed it but the room wasnt blood stained and rusted anymore... looking around he found a knife in a dresser that hadn't been there before along with a metal pipe. Setting the pipe next to the man Kyth looked out the new window into the mist with a renewed happiness that scared him but he let it wash over him...

09/09/2006 5:35 AM

Rand walke catiosly with the rifle walking to there location and looked at them. Rand didnt say anything. Scared as he was he didnt know if they were real or if they could change into a demon. Before Rand could introduce himself the little girl was in back of him "Hi Rand you seem to be doing well" Rand looked at her " Now that you see two people Rand you going to help them ?"

Rand answered " yea i will " She laughed " Very good your life is inproving and here is your reward " She droped a blood note and Rand picked it up."My god shes alive but how ?" The letter said " Somone anyone help me im alone, im traped in a building and there is no one around. Im Scared i keep seeing myself as a child like im losing my mind. P.S. The back door leads to a clear path..." Rand put this in his pocke in his vest and walked in to the others.

"Hi......" he looked at the wounded man. "Hey i saw him before ! what happend to him ?" Rand looked actiously waiting for an answer holding his Rifle in his hand. " Anyway my name is Rand."

OOC: yes our charactrs will met

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09/09/2006 7:25 AM

[i]"So ya son of a bitch, ya made it..." Henry stood before his mutilated wife once again, who slowly was deteriorating with every occurence.

"Helen, what happened that night. It all has become dark to me."

"It would, ya peice of shit!!! Oh I remember, every detail of his face as he cut into our children, as he hung me up on the cieling and cursed at me!!!"


"Like I would tell you ya failure!!!! I fucked him, I cheated on you, cause you were never home!!!"

"Helen!?!?! How Could you."

Slipping out of her Demonic form, Helen, looked warm, and alive once again, "You and your damn Silent Hill Research!!!! You didn't even care for us or the children!!!"

"Baby, I didn't know!!!"

"Yes ya did," her face was agin gnarled and demonic, "And that is why yer whole family is now Dead. Here's a photo, and a letter left at the scene. If ya survive long enough, maybe you will find US!!!! "

Letting out a large hissing Roar, pyramid head joined the scene charging for Henry, as Helen slipped the note and picture into his coat pocket, and dissapeared. Unable to react the sword crashed down...[/i]

Jumping awake, Henry was perspiring profusely. His pain had dumbed down, but still sent little shots of peircing anguish through his body as he tensed his leg. Breathing heavily, almost hyperventalating, A Cool Wash cloth dabbed on his head.

"Hey. hey, calm down, clam down, your safe... For now."

Opening his blood crusted eyes, Henry made out two forms. One stood at the window, watching into the dark relentless fog, and Henry recognized his tan complexion, and sandy blond hair to be that of the man from the alleyway; his Savior. Diverting his attention to the new comer, who held a cold wash rag on to his fore head, Henry inquisitively inspected his full dark black hair and chiseled cheek bones. Further scanning the man, Henry made out the small insignia of Silent Hill Police Department on the mans Camo Tee.

"Where Am I...What the hell Is going on Here!!!"

Awaiting an answer, Henry remembered the dream and reached into his coat pocket, setting his fingers upon two peices of paper. At touching the objects, Henry's head began to pulse and hurt. Swiftly jerking his hand from his pocket, Henry again focused on the matters at hand, his two new acquaintances.

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09/09/2006 9:42 AM

" what you got a note to ? anyway my name is Rand and..." He pulled out his blood pice of paper. Looking at Henry he looked at the paper and the writing faded. "What the !?!? the writing is gone !" The paper then had new writing on it. "SOMONE PLEASE HELP ME IM IN AN APARTMENT AND SOMONE IS A BLACK COAT IS AFTER ME ! PLEASE ANYONE GET THIS LETTER HELP ME !!!......." More blood was on the paper and it was fresh.

"w...we.. better get going. I have to go to the aparment across from us somone is anger and i know her ....." Rand looked at Henry" your in no shape to being without a weapon." Rand looked at his Rifle. "Its got 5 rounds thats it ya gatta make them count man" He layed the rifle next to Henry and took out his pistol. "Both of you going to help me ? i can use more people to help." Rand said waiting for an answer.

OOC: sorry its short i want to see who will respond to the post.

09/09/2006 10:48 AM

Kyth turned away from the window and slipped the knife he had found in the newly apeared drawer after the fog had returned and started playing with it. "What do i get out of this?" he asked with a slight mocking tone to the man named Rand. Smiling he sturned back to the window and drifted into thought about his past...

He delved into the memories of the hospital. Kyth rememberd the strong smell of blood in one of the wards before one of the doctors came out and said that the man inside. Kyth had smiled as he walked off down the hall to find some other place to play...

five years later when he was thirteen the nurse who had taken care of him had been found mutilated in one of the rooms on the third floor. That was when it had happend he realised that death amused him greatly because instead of feeling sad like he should he had burst out laughing, why he didnt know but all he knew is that he cried about it eventually once he had been told that another family was to take him in. He had ran from the hospital into the steets blinded by tears, angry at those who had decided to move him without even his consent not even respecting her death...

Comming back out of his memories he laughed once more then said in a cold and cruel voice "I may as well go i have nothing to loose after all." As he finished he turned and walked out of the room to search the building for anything...

09/09/2006 11:38 AM

Rand looked at him and thought to imself "Can this guy be trusted ?" But Rand snapped out of it and figured since he was alive too he would help out. His note was changed agian and it said "check behind you" Rand turned around slowly and looked at the wall. "the letters on the back said "smash threw what is hard but not impossible to break." Rand knew it was a wall. " thats not hard at all"

Rand took his pipe and smashed it into the wall and a nasty stench came out and a corpse feel out. It was his X GF. " O !.... MY GOD !!!!! " she was muttalated. Rand turned around and grabed a sheet and threw it on her and the little girl appered " thats minus one life you didnt save ! " she dissapeared

"....Kelsie.... i may have hated you....b..but ... you didnt deserve to die....." Rand turned away and felt he was ganna get teary eyed to he put on his sunglasses. "We..... gatta go" All of a sudden the Sheet twitched. " no.... NO" she stood up dead and muttalated and spoke. " MURDERER !!!! I CAME HERE TO HELP YOU !!!!" Rand took the pipe and smashed her up undtil it feel.

" YOUR NOT KELSIE !!!! YOU NOT HER YOUR A DEMON !!!" he looked around and saw a sword and grabed it " I WILL PIN YOU DOWN FOR GOOD !!!" he stuck it threw her and she was pinned to the floor. " o man ...........i....we......gatta go now ! somtihng buig is about to happen i can feel it we must go !!!"

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09/09/2006 11:50 AM

Kyth was reaching behind a dresser for a first aid kit when the juke box in the room turned on to static. Kyth wonderd how then he noticed the plug was laying in the middle of the room. not liking this Kyth quickly grabbed the med kit and put it in the backpack he had found. Leaving the room he heard the juke box fall over and smash. Not wanting to look back he walked over to the room where he had left the others...

Stepping in the room to see a blood stained sheet on the ground with sword sticking out of the lump in the middle wonderd what had happend while he was gone. But before he could ask Rand stood up and said "We must go." Not in the mood to argue Kyth walked back the way he came and out the front door...

09/09/2006 12:37 PM

" o shit " Rands radio started to go nuts and skretched " a haunting is in this room !"

OOC: CANT post much until AnimusAniKorSaxcian does

09/09/2006 2:51 PM

[i]No, no, I can't go with them. I mustn't drag others into the danger I seek. I need Answers.[/i]

As the scene exploded into battle before him, Henry pushed him self up to his feet, focusing his weight on his left, unwounded leg. Ahead a demon attacked the stranger known as Rand, and Kyth fiddled around with a dresser looking for supplies.

Henry reached for the rifle, placing it into his duffle bag, and headed for the door. Outside the room, a cloaked figure passed by, in a swift, nimble motion, allowing henry to only ctach a small gimpse of his face.

Reaching into his pocket, Henry's eyes went wide at the sight of the same face upon the photo. Stuffing the picture back in his pocket, Henry grasped a crow bar in his right hand, as the sound of static errupted across the room. Not bothering to look back at the two friends, Henry took off in pursuit, through the stocked shelves of the family run convenience store, and out the ajar glass door. Turning down Finney Street, and then, after a short run, down Midwhich.

The form had long but dissapeared from view, yet Henry still followed.

[i]Sorry Guys, I have something I must discover... Any way for us to get over to the Apartments, we are gonna have to take the boat at the Lake View Hotel, maybe we will meet their.[/i]

The road ahead was blocked, and looking over the blockage, Henry could see that Bradburry St. was no better. Stopping to catche his breath, Henry heard the small, chilling giggle of a little girl. Following it's call, Henry turned toward the Midwitch Elementary School. Waltzing up to the door, Henry pushed it open, and entered the dark, mysterious building.

[i]Guess this is my only way around. Looks like I'm going back to school, and then through the Amusement Park.[/i]

The giggle followed again, and through his peripheral vision, out of the left corner of his eyes, a young girl skipped down the hall toward a class room. Unable to resist Henry followed.

09/09/2006 4:41 PM

Rand looked back and saw Henry left " O sure take my rifle and go without a thanks PRICK !" Rand said pissed off then he left figuring the stranger Kyth would follow. He then saw the little girl " quite a temper you have" Rand looked at her " you said you were a version of Kelsie as a child. If shes dead why are you still here ?" The little girl cryed " BECAUSE YOU DIDNT SAVE NOW IM STUCK HERE !!!" She cryed some more.

" im sorry but i had to help out people that were by me" She looked at Rand " now shes a dead spirit that will never come back. And i will surely !" She backs up fritened "o no hes calling for me ! its him ! why ??? " Rand was very confused " Talk to me what is wrong !!!" In a flash the little girl lost her clothes then her skin then her bones turned into dust. " .... i failed you.....please forgive me....." Rand looked at her remains then saw a key "whaa ?" he picked it up and on it said "Secerity Room" Rand got up with joy.

" Thanks little girl" He walked off to the bottom floor and opened the room. " YES !! " he looked and there was weapon rack then saw a shotgun and 9mm bullets. He took the box containing 5 9mm bullets and the shotgun that had only 2 shells in it. " well....... theres ganna be ammo somwere" he checked the dresser there and found 1 more shell and loaded it and put the strap on it and put on his back.

Rand then walked up stairs. " Hey stranger want a sharp mettle pipe instead of your knife ?"

09/09/2006 4:55 PM

The scene was something out of a Stephen King novel. One large class room, a single opening in the desks, for the teacher walk through, and 30 or so giggling children. They all seemed to focus their dead, bleeding eyes upon Henry as he waltzed up through teh middle of the room.

However, one particular child, standing at the black board, writing the words, [i]He never cared? Why?[/i] over and over again. As his footstep grew closer to the young child, her writing intensified, speeding, and growing dark. Stopping 3 feet behind her, the chalk snapped, and the girl turned screaming, "LIER!!!!"

Henry dropped to his knees at the site. [i]Little Rhonda..[/i] The childs hair was long and black, seemingly untouched, compared to her battered, scrawneybody. Her Head hung limply, and was adorned with a nearly ebony lack bruise along her neck and collar bones. Looking down her dress was faded, and held large amounts of blood in the abdoman region.

"Daddy, why weren't you their for us. How could you do such a thing."

"I had work, baby. I would have done everything in my power if I was their."

"Hahahaha, you are so silly daddy, why can't you just accept what happened. Instead you leave us here tormented and alone."

At those words, the man with black coat walked behind the girl, and lifted her, givng a quick glance and smirk toward Henry. Preparing to run after the killer, the children surrounded him leaving him unable to reach him. In seconds the cloaked figure left a dead body, with knife wound on the floor. Kneeling down before the child, Henry saw it was not Rhonda anymore, but a child that lived two houses from him.

Standing henry ran from the room, back into the hall, hoping to find his way out, and catch the killer.

09/09/2006 6:02 PM

Rand shot another Dog down with his pistol " heh well gatta push on" He saw the school and then he felt a little sick "i wonder" A little boy apeared infront of him. " my god .......your me !" Rand looked at the little and he said " yup yup im you ! haha never thought you would see yourself like this huh ?" Rand frowned "so...your ganna help me?" The boy ( Rands inner child) jumped up and down " YES and i think you know somthing" Rand got nervous.

"That everytime a child apears the adult of them dies ?" The boy frowned " yes thats why im warning you. They want you dead and i dont wanna leave yet" Rand felt sick and started to puke. " O god no why !?!? tell me everything " The boy nodded " The Darkness is looking for you they want to kill you because you came into this town to save it. They know you can so" Rand inturupted " they will try and stop me" Rands inner child nodded "yes your right and the least place they would expect you is here " he pointed at the school.

" Yea because i hated elementary school, bullys beat me up and picked on me" The inner child smiled " and you may a vow when you graduated that you would never go back that is why you most go here" Rand smiled and held out his gun " thankyou " The innder child dissapeared and Rand walked in the school hearing running. " O SHIT ! " he saw a figure in black and shot it in the head with his pistol.

09/10/2006 1:27 PM

Kyth found himself lost and quite a bit confused. None of the street signs made sense anymore and he had been seeing the same buildings on what seemed like different streets. He was shocked to find his old rebar lying in the street a few paces away. Puting his knife away he walked over and picked up the trusty piece of metal. Looking up he noticed some thing about the size of a kid walking in the fog. Kyth started to turn then he noticed more of them and before long there was a small mob of what still looked like kids. The first one he had seen walked close enough for Kyth to see the grey burned flesh and face tristed to the side. Turning and bolting off into the mist and around the corner he found yet another pack of these things...

Twenty minutes later, Kyth had ran away from the ever growing mob of things until he reached Midwhich elementry school. Not wanting to be cornerd inside the school Kyth looked at his options. He could go inside a house and hope they would go away, or climb the pile of stuff blocking the street. Going with the second option Kyth started the climb up the inconviniently placed road block and over to the other side...

The other side wasnt much better, Kyth soon realised looking at the stange flying creatures that seemed to have blades imbeded in them. Worst of all was the noise they made, it was even worse than the moaning of those child like things, the droning echoing noise that made him feel surounded even though there seemed to only be four. Cautiously Kyth tried to sneek past but was found by one one of the things. It floated over and then started spinning in the air whirling the longest of the blades. Kyth did what he could to stop the spinning death with the rebar and then with a sweeping swing knocked it to the ground. Hitting it a couple more times to hopefully kill it, Kyth got a better look at the sewn up thing before running off down the street...

09/10/2006 3:28 PM

OOC: Could you change that shot to a miss please. He is a vital character for my story.

[i]Dammnit, this place is rank, what the hell happened at this school!!![/i]

After traversing a good portion of the first floor and second floor, meeting stiff resistance from, child like monsters, that crawled on the floor, Henry decided to tak a second path. Heading back downstairs, he took the maintance elevator down another floor, to the Generator room, and Basement. Inspecting the sights he saw, Henry was disgusted with the cages of countless children hung from the wall, all dead, and seemingly tortured.

Ahead the rank and unforgettable smell of rotting flesh grew ever so strong. Soon, as henry continued on down the corridor, the darkness illuminated, by the fires of the boiler. "Please Don't!!!", "Ahhhhh!!!", "It burns!!!" the screams engulfed the room in monotonus yet peircing screams. Freezing at the realization, Henry found the location of the rank and engulfing smells; the furnace.

[i]WHat kinda sick basta....[/i]

As he began to think about the revalation his arm began to burn. Lifting his sleeve, an old scar rekindled it's blood, and charcoaled as if On fire. [i]What!!![/i] And with that the pain retook his mind, forcing him ot remember the unread letter:

[i]Dear Mommy,
It burns...I got in trouble today. They said I gave them a face when we were honoring our Goddess Alexa. I didn't...I swear. They covered my eyes and dragged me into some dark place. All I know is it was somewhere under ground. They locked me insome cage like my Spot.

Oh it hurt. The prickles hurt everywhere, and then the caught me on my neck. it bled alot. Just when I thought it was over the tied a rope around my neck and luifted me up little bits at a time. I couldn't breath. ANd when I cried they burned my arm in the flames.

I want to come home!!!


The signiture ran, making henry unable to read, looking up from the page, Henry could see the cloaked one before him, grinning as usual.

"Is this what they did to you!!!!"

The figure did not answer.

"I feel for you. You did not deserve any of it. DOnt be like them stop hurting more people!!!"

The cloaked one simply ignored the warning and turned swinging open a large mettalic door, that read, [i]Sewage, To Amusement Park[/i]. Throwing the note on the floor, Henry took after him. As he evacuated teh room, the crumpled notes signature changed, revealing the name full name.

OOC Dyingstar if you find that, I will tell you what it is, but I want it to be secret.

09/10/2006 3:56 PM

Rand waited a long time in the school and then got impatienct. " ah ..........let them try and stop me i dont care !" Rand walked toward the exit and heard screams from in back of him.

" Whaa ?" without thinking he started to run and the screams got louder until he hit a dead and saw somthing on the wall. "those who destroy the balance of this town will perish like the dead." Underneth where 5 names Haley , Kelsie , Rand , Henry and Kyth. Kelsies name was crossed out.

" o nooo " Bye Henrys name was a bloody check " there ganna kill him." He looked around hoplessly " Dammit where could he be he has to know !" his flashlight flicked on the building sign says "Amusement Park" Rand was awed " No way .... could he be here ? was that scream helping me ?" he ran in "this place is bigger than it looks ..... HENRY !!! HENRY ! " he shouted inside the place.

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09/10/2006 3:56 PM

After a mad dash from the dogs Kyth reached the lake and nearly fell in. Scrambling back on shore only to have to run again as he noticed strange creatures that had maniquin legs jump down from the roof tops almost like huge spiders. Bolting again dead tired with a back pack on and a rebar in hand Kyth didnt notice the sign that said " Lake side amusement park." Kyth tripped and fell infront of another one of those odd creatures with the massive arms and strange heads that wore, oddly enough dresses. Cussing he started to get back up to run when the thing reared up one of its arms. Kyth was ready to die when with a sickening crunch it hit one of the maniquin things in the middle horribly breaking it. Kyth mumbled a thanks before running from the thing before its attention changed back to him.

Seeing what looked like a mascot in a bunny suit gave him hope that there where other survivors around, that thought died quickly as the mascot turned around and showed a seemingly happy face with blood around the mouth before it dashed at Kyth. Reacting by instinct Kyth put most of his energy into a devistating blow to the side of the things head. Hearing a crack as the neck snapped Kyth proceded to stab it where the heart should be with his knife. Getting up Kyth dashed towards a security guard shack where he hoped to find some rest.

Entering the shack he found nothing alive and quickly locked hiself in satisfied that there was nothing in the room. Putting down his bakc pack and weapons Kyth passed out on the blood soaked matress...

09/10/2006 4:28 PM

Henry was pissed. Having had to walk for over a mile, through shit and fecies, and found that the man he was after was neither in the cult church nor any where in sight of it, he slowed his efforts to regain some energy. Allowing teh scene to soak in, Henry could smell the musty fragrances of death, and here the, strangily humorous, music and amusement park sounds.

Waling through a rought Iron gate, the creak sounded eerily like [i]Youknow[/i]. Ignoring the words as simply his mind messing with him, Henry continued into the surprisingly well lit park.

"SO henry ya killed her again. Once a cock sucker always a cock sucker!!!"

"Helen, I didn't kill her either times. It was that man."

"Whatever you say dear, just remember for action their is an equal or opposite reaction Bitch!!!"

Dispersing, Henry could feel danger. Rolling to his side the large, metal sword crashed down inches from his wounded leg. The Paralyzing hissing roar of the Pyramid Head Beast, engulfed teh park once again. Standing Henry, switched his crow bar for the Rifle given to him by Rand back at the store. Backing up, he fired 3 shots into the chest of the creature. It barely flinched. Adding to the already dire situation, from behin a second more robust roar sounded, from a tall creature, sporting two hanging, almost boxing bags on the end of it's arms. Thinking, Henry fire his last two shots into it, angering. Hurling teh rifle over teh Iron Fence, Henry braced himself in between the two Enemies.

First the Boxing bag Beast swung, missing Henry, yet striking the Pyramid Head in it's metallic helm. Angered the Pyramid head swung at Henry missing and skimming the other beast. Retaliating the beast let out a series of swining arms, pounding int o teh Pyramid Head.

Using the advantage Henry slipped out in a full on sprint through the main walk way of the Park. The roars died off as the distance grew large. Rearming himself with teh crow Bar Henry found the front gate, Leading to the main high way and the Lake Side Hotel. It was Padlocked. Frantically Pounding it with his crow bar, it refused to give. The roar intensified as it seemed the battle drew to an end in Pyramoid Heads favor. No surprise. In the darkness the Silohette grew brighter. Henry gave one last large swing and the Chain cracked slipping to the floor. With a Large Kick Henry was in full sprint outside the Gate , Heading down the High Way toward the towering, shadow of the Lake Side Hotel.

09/10/2006 4:39 PM

((OOC)) A Dessert Eagle 45. Is no different then any other 45 simply a make, a much more reliable then most is all. Its not a Dessert Eagle 50cal or anything. Let me know what ya think and ill post So it would be realistic. A Dessert eagle 45. Has no where near as much stopping power as a shotgun or anything like it. Just the same as if i were using a Barretta 45.....Sorry lots of gun knowledge army does that to ya. But i mean it would be just like saying....You can use a Chrenkov Revolver but not a Barretta 22. Same weapon power. blah blah. Let me know so i can change accordingly

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09/10/2006 5:45 PM

OOC: who the hell are you ?

Rand looked around and saw a girl ".....you must be Haley ???" she pulled out a revolver " how did you know and what do you want ?!?!" Rand sighed "i want to help survivors and stop...." before he could finish she shot him three times in the chest and ran " AHHAHHA CANT FOOL ME AHAH H!!!!! " Rand sat there bleeding , the last bullet broke his bullet proof vest.

"So..........this it ........i die...........alone.... not what i wanted ........all i ever wanted was to make friends ..ahhh......." He looked above his head and saw a sign dangling over him."heh...." with his hand shaking he held up his gun and shot it until it flung away. "well.................. im ready......to go home ........." Rand lay there silently after that and then a man looked at him and sighed.

"Who could have done such a thing ?!?!" The mans name is James, he looked at Rand and then took his shotgun. "i need more then you" he looked at his paper and saw a on the floor, it was a pic of room with corpses in it. " o my god " in the picture was dead Rand , Kelsie , Kyth , James and Henry. " wh. what ??" the picture had a date on it. "3 days from now ........." he said and he walked away from Rand.

09/11/2006 1:12 PM

The door was locked. Henry head searched every possible reason why, but came up blank, choosing to attribute it with the twisted world the citizens of Silent hill had ventured into. Having found a series of vines crawling to the top floors window, Henry climbed, eager to get far away from any place that creature with the pyramid head could get him. Pushing himself over teh edge of the, strangily, open window, henry found himself lieing on teh carpeted floor, of a room, seemingly normal again.

The carpet was fluffy and sage green, while the walls were a lighter sage, accented with stained wood trim. The assecories of the rrom, included fine wood tables, a large mirror, and a series of wall hanging plants. [i]Well, well look like I leaped o ut of hell into paradise. Hmm something is very familiar about this place??[/i]

With that thought a Tv upon the opposite side of the room, switched on. Intrigued, Henry Jackson, stood up and walked to the otherside of the room, giving a quick glance at the large, almost out of place mirror, and sat on a singl chair in front of the television console.

The screen was black and white and showed a woman hanging over the balcony of the room, admiring the open beauty of Lake Toluca. SHe was angellic in form, and her flowing hair further added to the notion. Turning her face was as vibrant of not more than her figure. Another person entered the fray, a male to be exact, causing her to glow in joy and admiration. The two held eachother close, proving to be a near perfect fit.

By now Henry had a tear pouring down his face. The couple on the screen were people he knew; Infact, they were He and his wife, on the honney Moon. At that time they had only a very little bit of cash to spare for a trip away from teh HomeTown. However, Henry and Helen loved Wildlife and were exasperated with teh chance to spend a week, on the Lake.

The memory was bitter sweet, as henry remembered what had happened on teh Honeymoon. The screen flashed through shots of the two making love, and then switched to three days later. Helen was sitting on teh edge of the bed crying, her robes torn, and body bruised. The door swung open, and in came Henry screaming almost out of control. His eyes glowed of a fire not his own, and allowed one more Hit to smack her to the bed, pushing a stream of tears into teh Beds Comforter. [i]How Could I!!! I was drunk, and she, she wouldn't listen to me. She would just let me alone. Damn me I am sorry Helen[/i]

The TV exploded as the scene ended, and was reduced into a pile of smoking debri and a sparks. Standing from the comfortable chair. As his hand slipped across the Arms of teh chair they met a liquidy substance. Looking at his Hand their was blood, then looking down, was a puddle of the crimson fluid. In a panic Henry inspected teh room. SLowly a Red rusty like vein substance began to grow up the walls. Looking to his Right Henry set his eyes on the Mirror. The cloaked Man.

"You!!! I am nothing like you!! Stop implying we are similar!!!!!"

The figure smiled again, and Henry began to realize his body was becoming a peiceo ft eh veiny substance. Tearing himself free, Henry wielded his Crow bar crashing it into the Mirror out of spite. A large scream engulfed the room, and his head punded with that peircing pain again. Frustrated and panicing, Henry Jackson Joleted from the Room, out the door and down the corridor, far from the Dark and Sinister place. Never would he ever look at himslef the same in the mirror.

[i]DAMN HIM!!! I am nothing Like that bitch!!!! He kills, and hurts innocent souls. I would never Do that!!![/i]

Another voice jumped into his mind, his wifes, [i]Yet you could hurt me then!!! You are a Lier, and a scoundrel, I never should have loved you.[/i]

[i]I am sorry[/i]

Henry collapsed to the floor right on the first set up steps, and pushed his back to the wall, curling into a ball, and weeping uncontrollably. This nightmare was getting the best of him.

09/11/2006 1:43 PM

James looked at a door and laughed at the smybol. " This is it !" He took a plague and looked at it. "hhehe" He put in the door and remembered about the man. " He ......he is alive ? are you sure ?" he said to himself as if he was talking to somone else. He looked at the axe he stole from a returant. YES A RESTURANT. He headed all the way back to where Rand was.

Rand got up slowly " ah.... my chest " his eyes teared " i ....blurry !" Haley looked at him. "o my god you ok !?!?" Rand aimed his gun at her " STAY BACK !!!! ILL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT !!! HAHAH YOU THINK ILL DIE THAT EASY !?!?!?" She steped back "Please dont" he aimed at her head " you shot me and expect me to let you live ? " She frowned " i dont have a gun on me ! " He told her to empty her pockets and checked her she had nothing on her.

"But .......you shot me......didnt you ?" Rand fell back " that guy who took my shotgun , who is he !?!?" Rand coughed " im ganna die " Haley smiled " i got a kit here let me see what i can do" She had a devic that was shaped enough to take out the bullet. Rand took off his vest and shirt as she slowly took it out " OOO GOD !!!! IT HURTS ! " she pulled out completly " o man ! this is gross ! " she threw it away then took a patch and rapped the wound.

" Thanks.....so much ...." Haley smiled then frowned " you said somone framed as me ?" Rand looked at the letter behind him " so .. this says" He showed her it says "Mirror Mirror on the wall. What reflection can i see ? will i be me or my neibor ?" Rand got up " Somone is after us " ... " VERY GOOD !!!!!!" James said as he formed into a deep black shadow " AHAHAHA THANKS FOR THE SHOTGUN !!!! " He tryed to shoot Rand but he missed and Rand shot back. The figure aimed at Haley and Rand took out his knife and stabed him in the neck and shotgun the shotgun out of his hand " I DONT NEED A WEAK GUN ANYWAY !!!" The figure grabed Rand by the neck and threw him further away.

Haley fired the last shell into the firgure as Rand struggled to get up " SOMONE HELP !!!" Haley screamed. Rand turned on his back and shot the creature in the back. But it was no good.

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09/11/2006 3:29 PM

Waking up in the small guard shack Kyth smelt the blood and it all rushed back to him. Bolting upright his eyes met a small piece of mirror where he saw his now blood soaked cloths and hair. Knowing he had to move, Kyth stood up and walked over to his back pack and two weapons. Moving the baricades from the door Kyth steped out into the amusement park and walked towards the exit leading to the Lake Side Hotel. Leaving the seemingly empty amusement park Kyth wonderd why it seemed so... Empty...

Now past the hotel Kyth felt safe and wonderously happy to be away from the buildings. Looking up Kyth thought he could almost see the rising sun through the fog. It gave him hope and renewed his efforts to reach the other side of Lake Toulca. Sliding the rebar into the backpack so he could run better, Kyth took off at a light jog down the abandoned road...

09/11/2006 4:24 PM

[i]Well Guys, you can thank me later for this.[/i] Henry thought to himself as he pulled teh padlock off the front door, and ensured it opened. Looking into the darkness of the long open highway, Henry faintly made out the silohette of a person. Quickly shifting himself behind the door, Henry weighed his option.

[i]I am gonna need to get across that lake, with or without them. With them I endanger them to this stalker in the cloak.[/i] Henry peered out the door, as the form stopped to catach it's breath. [i]Yet if I leave them they will try to take the open rode, and he knows what kinda creatures have infested the highway.[/i]

A loud Hissing Roar, echoed faintly through out the air. Somewhere in the distance that Pyramidical Head thing was waiting silently for it's pray. [i]That settles it, looks like we are meeting up again.[/i]

Pushing the door open, Henry waved his hands high flashing his flash light on and off. Seeing that the person still had not got the point, [i]This Fog is much denser than i thought I guess.[/i] Henry Jackson, began to call for him.

"Hey!!! Over here!!! I have a short cut!!!"

The figure turned toward the Hotel, cautious, but relieved to see another survivor. COming into the light of the Inside of the Hotel, the face became visible.

"Ahhh Kyth, I see you are still alive. That says alot hahaha. Where's Rand???"

09/11/2006 4:47 PM

"Eh? Who... oh ya havnt seen him since the convinience store" Kyth replied wondering how he had managed to find Henry again. Realising that he was coverd in still mostly wet blood Kyth smiled uneasily before saying "I can explain the blood but later." Wondering how the hotel seemed so clean compared to the rest of the town Kyth slowly walked in farther...

After a little walking Kyth finally asked "You said something about a short cut?" Waiting for the reply Kyth was hit by the feeling of being watched. Getting anxious to leave he started to pull out the rebar again...

09/11/2006 7:03 PM

Rand got up and took his "knife of God" he found " THIS WILL BRING YOU BACK TO WERE YUO CAME !!!" Rand charged as fast as he could and stabed him in the back and then he felt to the ground making a choking noise. He looked at Haley " you ok ? " She ran up to him and huged him" thankyou !" Hebefore he could feel her ass she pulled away " Anyway this looks like thats the only thing holding him down " She said Rand sighed " we need to find the others i gatta tell Henry bout the list."

" List ? what list ?" Haley said "we are all ganna die unless we change what we are all about to do." He showed her. " umm theres nothing but a note on here" Rand was soked " WHAT ! " he looked at the paper and it said" the butcher pays the price wheither it be from God or mortal." That means ........ were ganna live"

Rand and Haley walked around town " ya know its funny i havent gone to the bathroom once or felt hungry in this town not once " Haley gave Rand an upset look " yea i know .... it scares me .....but at least you have a gun " Rand rolled his eyes under his glasses and said in a low voice " o yea thanks to the gun and not me !" he smiled at her, she smiled back then stoped walking.

" This is the hotel me and my sister where in..........." Rand looked up. " ak ! how could you read the sign with this fog ?" She shrugged" im going in. Rand nodded " ill come too. They opened the doors and walked in hearing chatter.

09/12/2006 12:31 PM

"Yeah sorry about that, back at the store. I had some buisness, I mean some things I needed to learn."

"Yeah this whole damn place is quite the puzzle huh?"

"You said it. Anyway Instead of taking that damn Highway the whole way, their is a small motor boat waiting at the docks here. I figure we can hitch a ride together to the otherside, aim for the Park."

Henry stopped speaking as the door in the lobby slid open. Frozen with fear the two stood alone, waiting to see what sinister thing pushed through the door. Just as Henry Held His crow bar ready to attack, a male pushed thropugh teh door followed by a younger woman.

"Hello??!!! Anyone Here?!?!"

Henry broke into a smile, and pushed out of the hiding spot, with Kyth following close behind.

"RAND!!! Thank You God, your stilll alive!!!"

"Barely. Hey what the hell did you do with that rifle I lent you, and why the hell did ya run out on us like that."

"Forgive me, I had to discard it, as I got into a little bout with that Pyramid Head Beast, and one of teh wlaking punching bags. ANd about that, I just had to get out, something was calling me, I had to go learn some things alone."

The four now converged on the main Hall way leading to the outside patio, overlooking Toluca Lake, the Docks, and the small man made beach. Henry stopped them before the large set of doors leading out to the back of the Resort.

"I waited, hoping i owuld find you guys. We cannot risk that Highway, HE is out their somewhere. So I procured that Motor Boat."

Rand curiously queried, "He!?!? Who is He."

"Mr. Pyramid Head???" Kyth suggested, smiling at his terminology.

"No. HIM," Henry pulled out the photo of the cloaked killer, passing it around the group.

"We can't Even see his face in this Pic????" Rand Said.

"I know, but he is here. He killed my family. And he is killing survivors here. I have a strong feeling taht whatever this is about, he is responsible for it, and using the local cult religion to wreak revenge."

The group shook their heads in acknowledgement. Then Henry pushed the patio door open, leading the way down a set of long stairs, to the Dock and the lone bobbing boat.

"Shall, we??? We can discuss our findings as of yet on the way."

OOC:I ask that no one RP our arriving at the Park ,if you accept the ride. I am planning on something atacking us and diverting us to the TOluca Lake Prison, where we get to the Town Through Their, coming up eventually at the Historical Society building.

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09/12/2006 4:51 PM

OOC:Thank You, Thank You.

09/12/2006 5:01 PM

Kyth steped into the boat after wondering if the "Punching bag creatures" Henry had talked about were the same as the one that had helped Kyth weather volontarily or not, help was help. Asking Kyth said, " Did ya notice if this "Punching bag monster was wearing a dress Henry?" Awaiting the answer Kyth drifted into a memory that had just resurfaced almost as if it had been shut out...

It was dusk in the small street and Kyth seemed no more than nine. He was running but from what he couldnt see. Turning down an alley way Kyth recalled was a short cut to the hospital. Tripping on something Kyth got back up and looked down. There on the street was the now farmilliar blood stained dress. Disturbed by this now and in the memory Kyth willed himself to run on away and farther...

Snapping back Kyth realised he was staring into the air and quickly looked bakc to who he had asked the question. What was the link? and why had he just remembered...

09/12/2006 5:09 PM

"Come to think of It," Henry puased to guide the female stranger into the boat, "I believe so. What does it mean?? Was that demonic whatever you want to call it a human at one time??!?!?!??!"

"I don't know," Kyth Answered.

"All I know is that everything I have scene represents, or seems to atleast be somewhat, Living?!?! As if once human, or human in some way."

"Alright brace your selves. Shoving off!!!"

Untieing the rope, Henry kicked teh Dock pushing them into the misty, black water. Starting the Engine Henry steared teh boat Due South. The world was much more desolate in teh open waves of Toluca Lake. The water rippled in tar colored black, allowing nothing to be visible. Suddenly an Eery Feeling too over Henry. Had he made the right choice???

09/12/2006 5:31 PM

Kyth stared out into the empty expanse wondering what this place really was and how long it had been this way. He wonderd why he had a reocuring thought that he was to become a part of this place forever. Then he started to wonder if these things had a life span or if they just lived until they were killed either by eachother or by people like Kyth's friends.

Kyth reached into his pocket and found a blood red peice of rope. Realising it wasn't his Kyth eyed it before deciding to play cats cradle with it. Time faded to him as he started to play and with every movement reality dimmed a little. The boat rocked a little and Kyth was brought out of his transe. Tying the rope to his left arm, he looked out acorss the water again wondering how long it was until they reached shore...

09/12/2006 6:14 PM

Rand looked at thre revolver he found and put it away, Haley looked at Rand and smiled. Rand smiled back. " Im really tired" Haley said as she leaned agiasnt Rand " you dont mind if i rest on you do i? i feel really fatigue " Rand was stiff as a bored " s...sure i d..dont m..mind at all " She smiled at him as she leaned on him and feel asleep.

Rand thought to himself. " Does she like me ? she must. She does trust me , im a complete stranger and she sleeping on my arm so its obvous." Rand smiled and put his arm around her and curled up in a ball. It was getting cold. " o shit why is it so cold all of a sudden?" Rand took of his vest and put it on her.

She opened her eyes and looked Rand and then the vest. " thanks.......your really sweet" Rand checked the gun. It was a magnum with 6 shots just enough to finish of somthing really deadly. Rand whispered to Haley " dont worry. Ill make sure we all get out of here alive. Rand checked his beretta " 9 shots" he looked at Henry and Kyth. " you guys ever get scared ?"

09/13/2006 12:49 PM

"Scared. One time I was."

"Yeah you pissed yourself back at Pyramid head pretty good," Kyth chimed in laughing a little bit, Sadistically.

"No. That wasn't fear. Bodily reaction i have had for god knows how long, when danger is around that is. But no I haven't feared ever since IT happened."

Rand was curious and looked inquisitively at Henry, " WHAT happened??"

"I worked for the local newspaper, and on the side I studied Silent Hill lore. Learned a whole shit load of creepy stuff. Never pictured it quite like this. Anyway, I had been away from family for awhile, and I guess it got to my wife, that i wasn't Home enough. She killer herself, and my three children. Or so they say. I know inside someone else did it. That man in the cloak I have been following, the one on the picture. Ever since than I have been afraid of what I might learn, and more strangily, I have had fear for who I am..."

"Their are dark corners in all of us Henry. Just relax, understand that this dark twisted world is what is bringing these things out of you. Just don't let it win." Rand Answered with a concerned face.


Looking into the dark misty abyss, Henry couldnt see anything. However it was obvious the temperature drastically shrunk, as his breath crystallized and released vapor. All of A Sudden the Engine sputtered out.

"Damnit!!!" Kyth yelled standing in annoyance.

Reaching over the Side henry felt the rotor. It was stopped completely, and submerged in a dark placid water. Further inspecting the blades through touch, Henry felt a hair like substance. SPinning the Rotor back words with his hand While holding the hair like substance, the Fan blade came free. Lifting the semi-Heavy nuisance Herny peered into the water, awaiting to see what it was. FIrst came long dark black hairs, that of a young girls, and then the white translucent face of a decaying body.

Leaping backward Henry cursed, "Oh Shit!!!"

Kyth moved to the side to see the decaying body, and Rand looked over his side. A series of bumbs errupted from underneath the boat, and henry proceeeded to throw himself over the edge, to get a closer look. As far is teh eye could see, bodies, half decayed, floated to the top of the dark mysty water.

"What the hell!!!!" Henry swore again in fear and amazement. "How could someone Fucking do this!!!"

ANd with that the eyes of the dead once shot open. Silence overtook the scene for a moment before errupting into a series of violents splashes and hisses. Running to the back of the boat Henry, hit the Engine on again, spraying a line of blood and chunks into the water. By now the zombie like forms, had begun to frantically latch them selves to the boat. Henry culdnt tell if it was for safety or to kill the three, but he did know no matter which way, it was their boat and they needed it.

"We aren't gonna make it!!" Henry yelled as he saw aparks begin to form around teh engine."

Rand answred while looking frantically to the front of the ship. "Turn us right, head for that large structure right over their. WE can make it their!!!!"

"RIght it is!!!" Henry turned teh Rudder, pointing the nose to teh large towering structure through the mist.

[i]DAmn you Henry!!!! You should have known better!!!![/i]

09/13/2006 1:32 PM

Kyth got more blood on his already drenched clothes but it didnt matter he wanted off of this water. Not out of fear but for some reason he despised the corpses and found himself calling them vermin. Snapping back to reality Kyth saw that they were about to hit the rocks just before shore. Bracing on the front of the boat, Kyth jumped out across the dark expance of water hoping his momentum caried him to shore.

Time stoped as the shape formed ahead of him another one of those dress wearing things. Realising that killing it would not do him much good especially since it was facing away from him and that killing it would not save him from missing the rock as he currently was. It turned towards him and reared up a massive arm, mirthless laughter erupetd from Kyth as he realised this was how he was going to die. Letting the inevitable come Kyth did not expect to feel the waist deep cold water or the blinding pain to his rib cage on the left side as he fell after being hit by the massive arm.

Sences returning Kyth fought his way to shore saying to himself that he would rather die by that thing rather than by the water corpses. Every inch made him want to die untill he hit shore and turning over onto his back he lay there laughing yet again as the thing stood over him...

"What to you want from me?" Kyth asked to the faceless thing before closing his eyes and passing out... His head filled with a blur of colors that faded into the resemblance of an old black and white movie. In the back ground he heard Henry and Rand shouting but what ocupied his vision was the face of a beautiful woman standing before him. Recognising the dress Kyth flinched but went on to see her light blue eyes looking at him sadly. Suddenly she spoke in a melodious voice, "Do you fear me Kyth? Do you fear the one who helped you?" Taken aback Kyth replied "How do you make that out to be saving me? and how the hell do you know my name?" She just laughed before the vision faded...

Looking up at foggy sky Kyth realised that he was lying on his backpack. Siting up Kyth saw the boat but he wasnt too sure as his vision was a bit blury. Calling out Kyth started to take off the pack so he could bandage himself up...

09/13/2006 1:52 PM

[i]Henry saw a little boy being grasped by his arm. It hurt, he could feel every, pinch of skin between the skin by the one who dragged the child. The child did not cry, he infact, grinned malevolently, with a sense of relief. Henry followed, disgusted at what he saw. The spiraling staircase, seemed endless, an infinite path of darkness.

They were traversing downward, almost to a level unheard of. And Finally, pushed through a door into a dank and moldy hallway. Screams errupted from all angles. It was a prison. Soon Henry found him self following upwards, almost 30 stories up again. Till he saw a round hallway, where doors were placed all around. And the child was tossed in one. Into the darkness.

Damnit the Darkness hurts. I.... I .. Im... I am afraid. . . .[/i]

Henry remained unconcious, down the beach a little from Kyth, bleeding profusely from his head and his wounded leg. He hit hard onto rock and was struck in the face by the rotor blades, whiel attempting to keep the boat on course long enough for the rest of the passangers to escape. Yet now he lay cold, and tired, slipping away into a dreamless void after finishing his vision.

09/13/2006 3:35 PM

" HOLY FUCK !" They started to grab st Haley and Rand but he shot his Beretta at them holding them back " RAND !" Haley yelled as a hole apeared below her and she fell " NO HALEY !!!" Rand jumped in not thinking at all what he was doing , when he awoke he was on a matress with blood on it and Haley was sitting in the corner crying.

" Rand ........why did you do somthing so stupid ?" Rand got up " whats wrong ? i jumped down to make sure you would be ok. "You ruined your chances of living.....we are ganna die in here !" Rand looked at the sell. "What jail are we at !?!?! i once was security for the jail a couple of years back before i became a cop " She nodded.

" i dont know " Her face filled with tears and messed up masscara. Her expression was tired she looked like she was ganna fall asleep. Rand sat next to her " i couldnt let you just be here alone ......i ....had to" She looked at him sad " this may be our last chance" She frowed. Rand moved closses to her. And without realizing he kissed her and she kissed back.

".........we ... are ganna live i promise " Rand knew what she meant by " This may be our last chance" She meant that it may be the last few hours they would have together. They both took full advantage of it. "..... hay look more luck "He picked up a Revolver Speed loader lying there. It fit the gun. " Haley .......you look so familar too" She smiled " you look like somone i knew years ago but ..... they moved" Rand was slient and smiled at her.

09/14/2006 12:22 PM

Henry awoke to the subtle sound of burning and waves lightly crashing the jagged ridge they had crashed on. He knew not the time, nor how much had passed, only that he had slept long enough to form a decent sized clot on his bleeding wounds, and feel the stiffness of a nights slumber filling over him.

Wiping the encrusted blood of his right brow, and pushing his weakened and now dimunitive body to his feet, Henry took a look around at the devastation. Analyzing the scene henry assumed that he had turned the boat hard to the right as he approached the beach, nad crashed the back corner, oigniting the engine fluid and causing an explosion, he was lucky to be in the shape he was.

Walking up the ridge a little, luckily finding his bag Henry found that Kyth had not made it far either and lay asleep on the ground. Filled with compassion and guilt for what he had gotten him into Henry went to his side ensureing that he was still alive. Fortunately his pulse was at a normal rate, and he could see his wounds had been previously bandaged. [i]Well Looks like your just taken a nap on the job huh Kyth. Hahaha.[/i] Inspecting the surroundings Henry spotted a small cove amongst the Rocky Ridges of the beach. Grabbing him by his armpits, Henry dragged him through the pebble Ridden Sand that covered the Jagged Beach, until he layed him in teh Cove. Looking around a torn peice of tarp layed under the sand of the beach. Lifting it Henry positioned it over the opening.

With a lighter henry held in hsi pocket, Henry started a small fire in teh Cove, with debri from the boat, and other ancient garbage scattered alongside the beach. Finally, Henry shuffled through his bag, locating a single blanket he had grabbed from his house at the beginning of teh nightmare. Covering Kyth, Henry ensured his heat could not escape and perched his head on articles of Torn Clothing also FOund on the beach.

[i]Well my friend. Keep safe, keep warm, and live. I did all I can, but I still must go. If not for my knowledge atleast to find where Rand has gone too. Gode only hopes that SOn of a bitch isn't waiting in here for any of us. God speed...[/i]

Turning from the scene Henry left Kyth to his warm cove, where he hoped he would stay hidden and warm. [i]Something about this place. I...I... Remember...[/i]

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09/14/2006 12:52 PM

OOC: GOD FUCKING DAMMIT I WROTE A HUGE FUCKING POST AND ITS FUCKING GONE !!! >=( im not writing it agian dammit. Long story short Haley and Rand masde it to the second floor of the Prison and are on there way down.

09/14/2006 12:58 PM

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09/14/2006 2:08 PM

OOC: i did press back it was blank and basically all ya need to know is there on there way to leave the prison

09/14/2006 4:25 PM

Kyth woke up lying in a cave next to a low burning fire and the first thing that he thought was "why do i feel like i've been dragged across gravel?" Not being able to figure out how he got there Kyth proceeded to examin the large building he was now faced with unless he decided to take a swim...

A few minutes later he found himself halfway up one of the walls asking himself why the hell do i let myself do these things? Reaching the roof Kyth ran across to the other side of the building. Confronted by a drop into the fog and the droning of those flying things Kyth turned back to a door into the inside of the building not far off...

It was pitch black inside and Kyth had no light, he was trapped on this building with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Looking around Kyth hoped to find something of any use...

09/15/2006 4:33 AM

Rand and Haley hear a nasty noise on the way on the way to the first floor. It was a Abstract Daddy. " Wooow ! " Rand took out the Revolver and shot it 3 times. as it feel Rand steped on it. " Wow this uns very powerful" Haley looked at the spirit that apeared agian. " follow me to saftey quickly" The spirit ran fast as Haley chased after it Rand followed her.

At the double doors thy walked in and heard some strange groan. The spirit then formed into a zombie looking creature. The creature floated towards Rand and he shot it with the other 3 shots. Reloading agian it ramed him to a wall with much force. Haley unarmed grabed a pipe near by and smashed in the head. The creature turned around and hit her a coupkle of feet back. Next to her was a sword.

Rand got up pissed and fired 6 shots into it. It feel and came back up. Haley grabed the sword "Rand we have to pin it in the ground." The creature took reached intside Rand chest to take his heart but didnt break the skin. Rand could barely move and when it took its hand out Rand was hurt badly. Rand took out his beretta and fired 8 shots into creature before it could hurt Haley and it feel.

Haley then took the sword and stabbed it right in the back. " Rand !" she sat next to him then huged " please dont die !" Rand rolled his eyes as he breathed hard . " im not ganna die....." He looked at the Beretta he had abullet left "fucking A no ammo." Rand got up limping. Haley helped Rand to the door and they headed to the first floor.

09/15/2006 1:02 PM

Having once again, followed the call of curiosity instead of safety, Henry chose to head upwards, to explore the Towering section of the Prison complex, something he had become aware of as he reminesced teh paths he walked from teh dream he had experienced. He had gone a long way up, and strangily met no opposition. Wierdly Henry wondered to himself [i]Maybe... Maybe something wants me to come up here. That may be why nothing has met me yet.[/i]

Struggling with another set of ladders, around the circling paths of the Tower, Henry found himself finally opening teh door to a sing open room. On all sides were a series of monitors and levers. The levers were to rusted to move, so Henry moved to the monitors. They seemed to overlook the rooms that surrounded the circling paths below. Examining closer one caught his eye. A Small child hunkered down in the corner, well hidden behind a self made barricade. More terrorfying was that at the other end of teh room, Henry could see Pyramid Head standing, inspecting the room, and through the circular window on teh cell door, the hooded grin of the cloaked follower. [i]Damn him it is just a damn child!!![/i]

Turning from the room, Henry sprinted down the ladders and around teh circles looking for the room. He prayed he would find it beforei t was too late for that child.

09/15/2006 1:33 PM

Rand and Haley were heading down the lader and a soilder wounded sat there " O ..hey...people ....are still alive heh ..." Rand bend down next to him "dont wory bout me " He took of his vest " Take my gun and use it ......wisely ok......dont be like me !" He passed out , but is sure to die. Rand picked up the H&K .45.

" Thankyou " he put on the vest and he had a flashbang grenade along with the pistol ammo. " im taking his dog tags " She took them from his neck and she put them on and they flashed like a light " wow " They said at the same time. Soon the mans body drifted away. Then they heard a childs foot steps and a scraping sword.

" o noo thats the sound of that pyramid head !" Rand bolted to the find the boy " hey ! if theres anyone there run to my voice !" he said as Haley ran behind Rand with the metal pipe.

09/15/2006 1:46 PM

Henry sprinted down the final circular hall way, hearing the screetching of the blade and the cries glowing louder. FRom below Rands distinct voice could be heard yelling. Ahead the lcoaked figure emerged before turning smirking and taking off out of the building. Henry ripped around teh corner tearing the door open, and being hjit back ward by the shockwave of the large crashing sword.

"Yeah!!! You want to kill. You want to hurt you son-of-a-bitch!!! COme get me."

Henry struggled to his feet, pulling out his crow bar and quickly putting his foot down on the blade, as he swung the blunt weapon into the large metal helm. It made a ringing noise, so loud, than even it had to readjust itself after it dimmed. ANgered it recoiled lifting it's blade and throwing Henry into the room behind it; the cell. The child dissapeared as he Landed beside him, and smiled malevolently before dropping a drawn picture onto the floor. Scrambling to retrieve it henry did, and dove away from yet another blade crash right beside him.

[i]Holy Fuck, I am dead!!![/i]

09/15/2006 4:48 PM

Rand was furious and started shootging the Pyramid head. Wasting 3 clips on it , it Attacked. Rand moved into the side and Haley was in the direction of the blade as it pieced her. Rand looked at her and screamed.

" NOOO !!!!!" Rand became furious and shot the Pyramid until it tooks its blade and walked away slowly. " NO NO !!!! YOU MOTHER FUCKER WHERE YOU GOING !!!!!!" He ran after it and shot it in the hand and its blade droped. Rand grabed and picked it up barley and swung it hitting the Pyramid in the Head killing it.

" you bastard take that !!!" Rand said crying as e ran to her. She was agiasnt the wall crying too and she was bleeding alot. " Haley ! Haley please dont go yet !" She looked at him " Rand ........i...love you " She pulled Rand to her and kissed him for 10 seconds and then slowly closed her eyes as her head hit the wall and she layed there in silence, dead.

" ah..ahhh....AHHHH !!!" Rand punched the wall until blood came out of his glove. "HALEY !!!! HALEEEEEEY !!!!" He screamed. " Haley ! I LOVE YOU TOO !!!" He curled up into a ball next to Haleys body and cried " i love you ........ please wake up...........please wake up. He said in a low voice.

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09/15/2006 5:53 PM

SLowly staggering out of the cell room, crumpled picture in hand. Henry just stared at the dieing or dead Haley and the sulle sorrow filled Rand, curled in a ball crying profusely.[i]Damn you henry this your fault. All I have done is bring pain upon others. Helen You are right. I am worthless.[/i]

"I...I... I'm sorry..."

With all his mustered Energy, Henry pushed those words out before dropping the crowbar to the floor beside Rand, and leaving his back pack full of survival goodies to him. He no longer needed them, for his goal was not to survive, but atone for what he had done, even if it meant his death. Turning from Rand, Henry saw his revolver lieing on the floor a few meters away. Walking to retrieve it, Henry Bent over and inspected the Ammo. [i]One Fucking Shot. Rand you wont need this anymore. I do...[/i]

"Rand You can still live, you can still escape this nightmare, and destroy the thing that did this. I...I...I have no hope, and she is dead, you have to move on, it is what she would have wanted. Here take this pistol, I am not sure of the model, buyt I picked it up in the control tower of this place, you need it more than I do."

Dropping the side arm, Henry turned and walked down a flight of stairs to the gorund floor of the Island Prison, soon he would be in the Main prison facility, if he chose to continue on. Turning into a bathroom, Henry looked into the mirror at his fatigued and battle ridden self. [i]I tried... I could have done better[/i] Raising the gun into his mouth, Henry closed his eyes.

A Gunshot rung through out the Prison.

OOC:ooohhhh cliff hanger hahaha

09/15/2006 6:33 PM

Rand heard the shot. " Henry its not your fault ...............i couldnt let you die " Rand said in a low voice to himself. He got up when he heard the gun shot and took the crobar and held it. " my new weapon ....." He took a picture of Haley that he took from her wallet and he sliped it in his. "I ....wil never forget you !........love you." Rand shot up and looked around.

"Henry there better somnthing worth using that shot !!" he screamed looking around to see where Henry was " NO !!! YOUR NOT DEAD !! WHERE ARE YOU ! ITS NOT YOUR FAULT !" Rand took out his .45 and saw somthing in a cell. The little boy that brought Henry here. Where the Pyramid head was. " LITTLE BRAT !" He shot it in the head and it dissapeared.

"fucking.................hate" Rand callapsed tired. " o Rand you have much hate in you still" Rand looked at the girl " your Haley as a child !" she giggled shyly "yup" Rand leaned agiasnt the wall " but you only come around when somone needs help , Hal... you are already .....dead" she shook he head. " yes but my spirit is haunted. They wont leave me alone !"

Rand got creeped out as he held the gun tightly "w...what? " Haley cried " They tess me because i ......I... " Alll of a sudden the jail turned into Rand elementary school. Haley was in a corner crying while a boy teased her about her hair " HAHA UGLY BLONDE UGLY BLONDE !" the kid mocked. Little Rand looked and saw her being picked on "why you mean to her ! she is not ugly!" The boy grinned "shut up !!!" The teacher came over to the boy and sent him to the princaples. Rand looked at his inner child help Haley up " you ok ?"

Rand spoke out loud. " nothing is ok " Everyone in the room turned to him as if they could see him. The teacher looked around " who said that !?!?! is somone here !?!?" The boy came back from the princaple office and looked at Haley. "heh so ugly " The teacher got mad " KYTH I WILL TELL YOU ONE LAST TIME !" Rand froze " KYTH !!! BUT HE WASNT AT MY SCHOOL !" The teacher looked at Rand and she put her hand around Rand. Her hand went threw Rand. " i must be imagining things" The teacher says.

The school image dissapeared and the prison was back and Rand forgot for a second. " HENRY O SHIT NOO !!! " He ran down the stairs. A bloody walll says " 2 go up 2 stay down. 2 try to leave 1 falls down. Another with guilt suffers in pain. The other 2 still remain ?" The End of the message

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09/15/2006 9:04 PM

A Form collapsed in the view of the Mirror, Henry had at the last minute removed teh gun from his mouth and aimed at an approaching demonic form. Dropping the Gun Henry wiped away the tears that had forced his face to go flush. Opening his hand, Henry unraveled teh crumpled drawing inspecting the childish images. On one end a large black scribble stood holding a bloody knife adorned with a red circular symbol. [i]What the hell is that...[/i]

Further examining the picture Henry noticed the picture of a woman stick figure hanging, and a dead man on the ground. [i]Just like my family?!?![/i] Then in front was a group of children, one punched the unamed stick child, while pointing fingers at girl stick child. The final child stood between teh beaten child and the girl crossing his arms in strength. Suddenly names began to become etched into the paper, Kyth, the bully, Rand, the Protector, and Haley, the harrassed.

A Heavyness filled the room, and all of a sudden a burning rage pinched at teh back of Henry's mind. The paper all of a sudden exploded into flames, and in seconds extinguished, as the beaten child dissapeared into a charcoaled hole in the crayon drawing. [i] Holy fuck this guys wants to get back at the rest of the people here, because the teased him, and his parents were killed.[/i]

Folding the Sheet, Henry ran from the room, and down another flight of stairs. He would have to brave the Prison to begin to locate the phsyco stalker. HE had to work fast. This would be his one chance to atone for his fault in the deaths of so many, and endangerments of so many more.

09/16/2006 4:07 AM

Rand saw no blood knowing Henry wasnt dead. Rand tryed to catch up with Henry but he was so tired and ran slower than normal then he heard laughter. Rand kept going " i cant give up ... a..and i wont !" Rand tryed to stay strong " Haley i will make sure your spirit will be saved !."

Rand moved down the Floor and the walll became black. " a vitctum" It was a Haley and she had a metal pipe. Once out of the wall she tryed to hit Rand with the pipe. " No !..... NOOOOO !!!!" Rand just looked at her and thoughts hit his head. "AH ! MY HEAD !" she saying death poems. " a blade will fall ! a person will fall , how many to kill them all ?" Rand just ran to the bottom of the stairs and feel.

Rand with all his might screamed " HENRY ! HELP ME !!!" Haleys ghost apears and she bashed him in the head and Rand feel to the floor almost knocked out completley. " H....Haley......" Rand said as his eyes closed as the ghost closed in to kill him.

09/16/2006 7:58 AM

[i]Thwak!!![/i] The meaty sound of metal hitting flesh echoed through out the corridor. The ghost before henry, still partially of the living, toppled over, onto Rand and rolled to the floor ahead, before rising to face the new Assailant, armed with an ancient looking rusty pipe. Henry was...Smiling!?

Walking forward Henry cave the creature another thwak now acorss the face sending the ghost to the wall, to recouperate. henry's mind was blank, and for some strange reason, he did not feel sorrow anymore for the spirit of Haley, only...Joy!?!? Unconcious behin him Rand slumbered from head trauma, and beside him lay a long sword.

Backing up to his head henry waited as the ghost approached once again. Moving in like a dark wave of Mongolians, the Ghost moved with vengeance, Henry stopped, and now saw the cloaked figure emerge from behind, pounding a large blade into the throat of the ghost, which now looked eerily human again. It weeped with anguish as It collapsed to the ground, where Henry proceeded to lift the blade pounding it into the SPirit.

Looking up with a partial smile, Henry looked into the face of teh lcoaked figure, still unabel to see what he trully looked like. And it turned and Ran once again, Henry of course pursued into the deep reaches of the prison, leaving behind what was supposed to be a trapped psirit but looked more like a living human impaled with the sword. It was Haley, and she was not a spirit anuylonger. Henry unknowlingly had rekilled a friend...

[i]A Little boy along with many other children were dragged to the top of the tower. Thye were deemed unworthies, and unable to be helped, strapping large chains around them, they were lifted and tossed into the waters. The little boy drowning, riggled free of his chain and made it to shore. The others perished. Upon the little boys back a symbol was etched in, a red circular symbol, and he moved into the shadows... Alone.[/i]

09/16/2006 7:53 PM

Rand followed Henry. He felt a little dizzy then , sleepy but he kept following him "Henry ..."

OOC: sorry very short

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09/17/2006 8:01 AM

Henry, was out of range for any voice to catch him. Rand he knew followed, yet he couldnt allow himself to be seen, he was a killer.[i] Why can't I just fucking burn in hell with the rest of these creatures!!![/i] Down, Down Down, he ran deeper into the gradually older and more infested tunnels of the TOluca COunty Prison. This place was probably not known by the State GOvernment as it seemed it used dark ages type torture mechanisms.

Henry had suceed in getting out of range of Rand, and haulted as a breeze, eerily moved out of a cell to his right, looking in, Henry could see the LCoaked figure kneeling in prayer. Blood spattered across his cloak now, and the walls read: [i]I tried my Best. I Died with the Rest.[/i] In seconds the man stood, and dissapeared into a hole in the ground. Turning the corner Henry took off, finally reaching a seemingly endless set of ladders, where he finally emerged in a room full of cult art.

On the wall was a picture of the Pyramid Head crashing his sword down on the town. Above it said [i]Destruction[/i]. TO the right was another picture with a cloaked man, similar but not the same as the stalker, that read [i]Liberation[/i]. Fianlly above the two was a picture, of a fair maiden, Henry recognized to be the God Allessa which said [i]Purify[/i].

Henry quickly forgot the prophetic message, and ran from teh building, out into the street, and towards the first towering building of old Silent Hill, BrookHaven Hospital...

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09/17/2006 9:21 AM

After a long time he saw Henry barley "do i kill him ?" He rand towards the building he was after. Then a large monkey like creature appeared. " shit i cant be detected by Henry " he took out the crowbar and smashed its head in until it feel. Then Rand stomped on it.

The doors to the hospital closed and Rand made it inside closing the doors quietly. Rand saw Henry by a door and he shot his gun , the bullet next to Henrys head. " DONT MOVE HENRY !" Rand walked closer to him.

09/17/2006 1:40 PM

Kyth was lost, lost and happy. Amongst the small piles of books he had found a peice of paper with a symbol on it. Kyth knew the symbol and the symbol knew Kyth. Laughing to himself he dashed down one of the hallways knowing his was some how out into the fog and towards the convinience store...

Finding what he needed after a while Kyth smiled as he held up a red marker. Walking back over to the hospital he entered and sighed. "Home at last," Kyth mumbled before walking over to one of the walls and copying the symbol onto the wall with the red marker. Wandering deeper into the hospital he directed himself towards one of the offices where he knew the pain for the younger paitients was kept. His progress was slowed by some nurse like things that had pulled a revolver on him. Diving under the things aim Kyth proceded to stab it in the stomach with his knife then bashed its head in with the now bloody rebar. After finishing the rest of them of he now had two revolvers and had emptied the rest for a total of 15 shots...

Now on the roof a good half hour later Kyth poured the paint copying the symbol perfectly. It was almost done, soon the hospital would be marked with "the Halo of the Sun."

09/17/2006 6:35 PM

Henry haulted in the first hall of the hospital, hands up and turning to face Rand. A Door sat to the left of Him just out of reach. Henry dropped the blunt piping he had picked up on his run for protection. [i] I didn't Kill her it was him!!! Can't you see that Rand, No you were unconcious!![/i]

"Stop Rand!!! Please, I didnt kill her. I couldn't have?"

"Then why did I see you stab her with that sword as I awoke?!?!"

"SHe was a haunt!!! I swear it, and the Cloaked figure he, He forced me to!!!"

"What cloaked figure!!!??? I saw no one."

"Rand believe me he was their... Please you gotta trust me!!! I came back to help!!!"

[i]I don't even know for myself. What the hell is happening to me!!![/i] As Henry began to lower his arms, Rand cocked the hammer. With a face of Sympathy, Henry couldn't tell if Rand would believe him. Not giving the chance, a Crash exploded from the left, outr of the door, and the large balde of Pyramid Head crashed through sliding back and forth Sporraticly. The two people dove back wards landing on opposite sides of the sword. Another Second and the rest of the, now bloody, and bullet hole Ridden Pyramid HeadCRashed through. He seemed taller, stronger, yet his helm was tattered and rusting now.

Standing Henry gave one last look to Rand and mouthed [i]I'm Sorry...[/i] before turning and dissapearing into teh abyss of the hospital where he headed downward. Pyramid head tuned to Rand, the one responsible for the wounds inflicted. He would not die though... Not Without a final fight.

09/17/2006 6:57 PM

"LOOK WHAT I GOT !!!!" Rand held the FRAG grenade he found in the pocket next to the Flash bang. He threw the frag blowing up part of the Pyramid Head. " NO Henry nooo !!! DONT LEAVE ME TO DIE !!!!!" Rand shot the Pyramid head then took the flash " eat this !" Rand threw it and covered his eyes then ran past it while it was recoperating from the blinding eat peircing flash. Rand couldnt hear very well after the flash.

Rand continued in the direction Henry went " Henry !!! o Henry ! you cant leave me to die ! HALEY THE ONLY GIRL I EVER LOVED IS DEAD !" Rand felt his head hurting. Rand thinks hes losing his mind. " Henry .......im sorry too !" he fired bullets straight ahead into the darkness hoping to stop Henry. " YOU KNOW SOMTHING I DONT !!! TELL ME MORE !!! I MUST KNOW !!!" He kept runing looking for Henry " Haley !!!!!!" Rand stood still and the floor beneath him was a black puddle " Haley , Kelsie ........and....me" He looked at the faces " no NOOOO !!!!"

He tryed to run and there arms came up and grabed him " NOOO !!! I DONT WANNA DIE LIKE THIS !!!!" he sruglled and shot off his gun but it was no use. " NOOO !!! HENRY !!! HELP ME !!!!" HE screamed. His voice weakining his was draged under the floor and a loud scream could be heard threw the whole hospital " AHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!! LUCIFER NO !!!!!" The Hospital shook and the symbol of the devil apeared on the doors and the living dead filled the halls.

Rand climbed out of the darkness as a dead spirit , Rand had a unusual power. He teleported to Henry and looked at him. Rand now a victum of Silent Hill. He held his pistol and aimed up at Henry and words came from every direction. " VICTUM 6 !" Rand had a note sticking out of his pocket. His looks were the same but he was full of blood on his pants and shirt. His gun still loaded.

09/17/2006 6:58 PM

Kyth laughed on the roof top with the now empty bucket of paint left forgotten in a corner. He didnt know why but this was making him happy to the point of insanity almost. Stopping suddenly Kyth wonderd what the hell he was doing yes this symbol was incredibly conected to him but why should he laugh like that after all it only was a painting. As he pocketed the paper with the original on it Kyth turned and gatherd up his stuff before sprinting down the stairs deep into the hospital, he didnt know why but he knew that he had to go there...

Sopping in front of the mortuary as the note he had found said Kyth wonderd if the code was really in here. Opening the door Kyth looked around the nearly empty room, seeing three bodies Kyth walked over and saw a set of numbers writen in blood on the sheets. Having the six digit number to figure out Kyth decided now was the time to go to one of the store rooms and hopefully camp out untill he had the combination...

Deciding to take the elevator Kyth walked down the hall towards its location but found the lock that required the combination instead. Curious now Kyth tried the first combination he had made from the six numbers, one, six, five, six, four, one. The click echoed in the empty hall way and Kyth opened the door with the letter "M" on it...

09/18/2006 9:39 AM

"NOOO!!! Damn You Henry!!!"

Looking into the undead form of Rand, Henry let a single tear out before something came over him. A Sensation full of joy and hatred all at once. [i]You know who you are...[/i] A Voice whispered into his ear, as the hall way began to move in on him, the souls of nearly 12 people including that of Rand.

Inspecting his surroundings Henry equipped a small led pipe that had been hanging of the wall. REadying for the first wave of the beasts, Henry spun striking evrey one of them crashing the to the floor in a wet meaty thump. [i]Yes Finish what he couldn't. Kill them all...[/i] The voice pierced through Henry's Heart making it cold once again.

In a frantic battle, Henry continued to whack the next set of undead, enjoying their gasps as they crumpled to the wooden floor, spraying spatters of fresh blood onto the floor. Wierdly none seemed to actually attack with malacious ness only plead s the pipe crashed into their skulls ending their lives. In minutesthe room was empty, floor covered in bodies, not of the undead, but of people, dead or dieing. In front of Henry Stood Rand. The number changed, Victim 19. [i]Finish your duty to God... To Alessa!!![/i]

[i]Henry laid in a bed, beaten and hurt, chained to it. People stood around him, people of the cult, of the church. They spoke of the failure of a someone called Walter Sullivan, to ressurect their Holy Mother. They spokeo f a new candidate. Finally they turned to the boy, to Henry, and marked him with the red circular mark. He was sent into society a tormented kid, with a black darkened heart. And he then saw the form of a cloaked one above the once innocent child. Henry was teh killer.[/i]

Henry looked over his body. He was now adorned in a black cloak, and looking in the mirror could see the killer. At that moment his mind stopped, he was the killer. He killed these people. He killed his family. ANd now he would kill his friend, in return for the completion of some task for God. For the rising of Alessa.

"Rand, you will be the 19th, of the 21 holy sacraments."

09/18/2006 1:53 PM

Rands mind clicked back on. He stood ther thinking. I thought i was dead. Rand looked at his gun. "Im victum 19" He looked at the man in the coat. Rand thought for a second he pulled out his notes and checked the first letters starting the sentences.

the first one " We will win" The second " All will burn" 3rd " Later the 21 will " 4th " To many live in this town" 5th " Erase there existence" 6th " Rand is next !" Rand stoood there shocked. "Walter ! stop this !" he pointed his ugn at him "you went to far !." Rand looked at Henry

"If im dead then i cant be killed" He started getting Henry loose knowing that Walter would eaither hurt him or worse. But Rand did not care he wanted to help Henry. " Henry its not your fault." He said as Walter ran up Rand and threw him to the other side of the room with great force.

Rand replied " OOO A BIG MAN NEEDS MUSCLE HUH !" Rand shot the gun at him but he was protected by somthing. "o fuck " Rand said as Walter ran towards him.

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09/18/2006 2:05 PM

Henry simply laughed. [i]He thinks I am Walter Sullivan. Haha. All the better, that I will be able to kill him and complete my task.[/i] Henry could see that Rand was still just getting his focus back. He was dillusional seeing the Black cloaked man and Henry standing side by Side fighting, yet instead the truth was they were one fighting Rand. Trying to kill Rand and add him to the piles of human bodies lieing dead on the floor. The Henry Rand thought he knew was dead, now was the cults tool, a child born to continue Walter Sullivans work and become succesful.

His voice was horse and much deeper than he had believed it was before, "Destruction has been brought." With that said the dieing form of Pyramid Head appeared by his side. "Liberation of the SOul I shall instill..." The blade crashed down inches from Rand cracking the floor, and sending Rand and the now dead body of Pyramid head to the floor below. "And in our Deaths Purity will be regained. The mother will return..."

Rand was knocked out, yet alive. The Cloaked one turned to search for a new 19th... Kyth his greatest tormentor. Henry would bring Revenge to his former classmates...

09/18/2006 4:10 PM

Kyth opened his eyes and was met with an unfarmilliar sight. What had happend he wonderd as his memory drifted back to the door to room "M".

He had walked into the maze of room "M" and a grate had close the way out behind him. Moving along the corridors Kyth had gotten lost but evnetually the grates led him to the ladder. The ladder had gone up for what seemed forever then suddenly stoped at a door with the number four on it. Kyth knew that there was no fourth floor but turned the handle anyway. Then the thing had grabbed him. Yes the Viatel...

Kyth felt different almost as if he had awoken after ages of sleep. Now it was clear his purpose in all this. He had become apart of Silent Hill, not the town he hawd grown up in but the true Silent Hill. This otherworld, looking around him he noticed the mirror the massive mirror that seemed like a pane of glass deviding the room in two, and there is other stood. He wasnt wearing the same cloths he noticed at first but then saw the seal of metatron branded into his fore arms. At his elbows the sleeves started jet black splashed with what seemed to be blood. Finally meeting his own eyes he flinched at the strange shifting where his pupils should be of black and red. Feeling a burning sensation on his back he doubled over and all went black again...

Waking up again on the front steps of the hospital Kyth felt his back. There was the Halo of the Sun branded newly and still slightly warm on his back. He had become a creture of this place still alive an free yet a tool al the same. Brooding over this Kyth lost a sence of time as voices poured into his head. He would never leave that was now clear...

09/18/2006 7:18 PM

[i]The mother must be freed. Yet Kyth seems to have become connected to this place. Still he is only bound to this hell, and it is this hell that will engulf the new world... He must die.[/i]

Henry Stood atop the highest peak of the Brookhaven hospital, looking into the Fog which had become more of a tool and less of a nuisance to him. He was too part of the Darkness, his goodness was lost long ago to his quest. Memories poured in of him killing ten including the last 4 to be his family and then using all theri hearts to complete the Ritual. And finally killing himself to become a peice of this hellish nightmare plane. 10 more were necessary, and he had already killed Kelsie, Haley, and the one in the school. Plus in the crowd that attacked him their were a few that were not monsters infact 4 were actually humans deranged by Henry's twisted mind. All that remained was his second death, Rand and Kyth. 19, 20, and 21.

Turning to run back through the hellish hospital shrouded in the dark and twisted nightmare, Henry jumped over the pit where Rand still remianed unconcious and the Pyramid Head had dissapeared. Whether finally dead or on a new Rampage for a new target Henry really didn't care. All he knew was that he had to hurry, for his time was being cut down. He must suceed. [i]Atop the highest point of Silent Hill, I must finish the 21 Holy Sacrememnts for the Holy mother to return to our arms.[/i]

Now in the misty streets again, Henry picked up his speed hoping to herd Kyth and indirectly Rand to the Scenic Over look to the East of the town.

09/19/2006 1:13 PM

Rand came to with a headache. He stood up and feel onto the door. Seeing no one was around he walked across to the other room. "There trying to kill me ...... im #19" Rand sat on the bed and looked at the picture of Haley. " i ve dodged death way to many times.

He looked at his gun " i know it Henry is trying to kill me but i wont give in !" Heopened the window in the hospital and climbed down to the streets below and stagered. He swayed a little while walking then into Happy Burger. there was nothing there.

Rand walked out and went inside the bar back door and looked at some papers. they said "There was a hole here" Rand looked at the papers. "Would it be safe to remove the papers ?" Rand thought. dont have much of a coice. Rand started riping the paper as the hole formed in veiw.

Rand entered it scared. He then crawled threwa tunnel. He awoke in his bed and freaked out." AH ! WHAT !.................im safe .........." He checked the rooms in his home and found his bathroom had hole. Voices came from it. "There..........am i ..........in the old SH ? or did i escape it?" A voice from the hole saying " you cant escape !" Rand backed up. " i think ill go get a drink !" Rand said franticly, closing the bathroom door behind him.

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09/20/2006 10:33 AM

OOC: Hello everyone hte real names Kendra, I've just recently discovered this RP Thread and really liked it. No rules really that I can see, lol. Well, I was told to just hop right in..so heres goes...y'all feel free to give me any pointers.

IC: Josie slowly pulls to a stop in front of the apartment building. She sighs out a breath, and her bangs feather up slightly. Josie was 22 years old, and a rookie cop who didn't really even have a job, since she spent so much time researching Silent Hill. She had absolutly know family, being discharged form the foster syetem at age 18, and worked herself up since then. She had been hearing tales about Silent Hill for years, and was finally getting close. Her parents had been involved somehow, but were killed when she was young so she had no idea in what way they were involved. She had absolutly know idea what she was getting herself into, the only things she knew were of rumors that had been floating around. Now she was hoping this Rand guy could shed some light on things. She had finally tracked him down to an address a few days before, and was hoping he still lived here.

Turning her Ford off, she slides slowler from her car. Josie glances around, wondering why she felt as if she were being watched. Then, shaking it off she dries her palms off of her black sweat pants. She adjusted her shoulder holster strapped to her black tank top grabbed her black zip up hoodie from her car and put it on, and walked toward the apartment she needed to go to. She stood there a moment, wondering what to say. She shrugged her shoulder, and tossed her brown haired pony tail behind her back when she decided to wing it, shook her hands out as if to releive tension and rang the doorbell.

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09/20/2006 1:36 PM

Rand got changed into his cop uniform. "Been so long since ive had a good change of clothes." Rand then shined up his badge and looked at himself in the mirror. " i ...... i will survive." then his phone rang. Rand awnsered it and a strage roar came on the other end " this isnt a prank." Rand then hung up the phone.

Rand looked at the door and aimed his gun at the door. " I wont die not now , Henry if its you YOUR DEAD !" He said to himself. Rand opened the door to see a cop a rookie. Rand looked at her studying her. "So your a cop to huh ?." He stared at her. "So.....you know anything about this town? anyway your welcomed in my home " Rand said , he grabed some ammo for his Berreta and put it in his vest pockets.

09/20/2006 2:17 PM

Josie stood back, and looked over Rand. "I know very little actually. Just rumors. I'm just looking for some answers actually." She murmurmered as she watched him place the ammo within his vest. "Are you going somewhere?" She asked.

09/20/2006 3:45 PM

Kyth wanderd he knew he was no longer human but he still enjoyed feeling human. He had gone to the convinence store and looked around at some of the older magazines. Now he intended to head over to the "Light" area hoping to find something amusing. As he walked down the long street towards the "scenic" way around the lake, Kyth noticed things about himself that he hadnt before. His hands were more like claws now and he also had signifigantly more muscle than before his "branding." Looking up he saw the road turn over to his eventual destination...

Out alone on the empty road Kyth wonderd if he would be dead already if he had been human and traveling down this road as he had intended to. Those times seemed so far behind him yet he also knew that it was only a day since the event on the lake. Brooding over this Kyth uncoverd a new hunger in himself. What it was he didnt know but he decided he would find out near the light. Running off into the mist one thing was on his mind. Death...

09/20/2006 5:35 PM

He looked at her with fear in his eyes " yes and so you know this is not the real Silent Hill........you want awnsers ....... come with me , but i warn you the things you may see or hear or even have to do to survive is horrible." Rand sighed and looked at his pistol. "I want this to be the real Silent Hill but its not. I cant sleep knowing that.

He shows her the hole and the voice got louder on the other side " you want awnsers then come with me to the other world. But let me warn you save your ammo. There is onl few ammo in the real Silent Hill. There is though a great deal of monsters and zombies. I discovered the zombies in a thunder storm."

He looked at her. " but of course i dont want to frighten you with the truth." He leaned agiasnt the sink. " you wanna leave once you get in go threw the hole and you will end up in my apartment then you can leave." He looked at the hole " ive almost died twice. But at least with you i will have a partner who knows how to professionally shoot" He looked at the hole agian " whats your awsner ? yes or no"

09/20/2006 7:13 PM

It had been four hours since his self revelation, and by now he had succesfully passed Kyth and the one known as Rand. With this accomplishment he had been able to lock or destroy any possible way back into the buildings. [i]Fools will now fall into my hands...[/i] Moving slowly through the dark and foggy streets, Henry had finally found solence, solence in this dark and twisted verion of himself, his true self he had hidden long ago.

It was time for him to finish where others had failed. He would ressurect the mother, and be granted eternal life at her side. Or so he thought. Struggling to force himself up the long spiral of the highway heading to the Scenic Overlook, Henry looked across the vast dark and misty Silent Hill, [i]It is time children of Sin, Judgement has passed, and now the devine will purify this wretched earth.[/i]

09/21/2006 3:26 AM

Josie stands in the doorway of Rands bathroom, sliding her palms around on her sweatpants, a million different thought coursing through her mind. She heard the voices coming from behind the hole in the wall, and her hair on her arms stood on end. She looked to Rand, and then back to the hole. She was a little apprehensious, but after coming so far she felt no fear what so ever. The only thing she wanted was answers. She checked her weapon, and the clip holder on her ankle, then stood straight.

"As ready as I'll ever be." She said, "I guess my answers yes."

09/21/2006 4:32 AM

Rand looked at her " ok then " They both climbed into the hole and landed on the otherside. They landed at the other side of the bar. Rand looked at her and then outside.
" Wait ......somthings not right." He looked and the hole closed up " ...!!!!!! AHH ! NO !" he searched the wall ripping off papers " no no no ! its gone !"

The rain was heavy and it started to thunder. Rand looked at the tinny window on the door and a mutalated face apeared when the lighting flashed. " zombies they know were here" it banged on the door hard trying to break the lock. Rand took his night stick and smashed the window and started shooting threw there.

" We cant stay here we must leave !" Rand knew with all the comotion that Henry would surley kill him and that he may also hurt Josie. " If that devil Henry finds us he will kill us both ! and if he lets you live then ....." Rand just kept shooting. After 2 clips he opened the door ajar. " it looks clear get ready to run out in case" Rand said

09/21/2006 12:31 PM

The storm was fierce. One symbolizing the coming of a new day. Henry simply waited silently upon the hill top of the scenic overlook. Kyth knew nothing of his betrayal, Henry would use this advantage against him, and then Rand's compassion would be his undoing. Yet henry was not completely educated on the 21 Holy Sacrements. With his murders, he knew nothing of what this meant.

Simply standing letting the rain beat down faster and harder, Henry lit the candles warding off any curses or fiends that wished to interfere with the battle ahead. A Break in the darkness iluuminated the hill top. [i]Perfect!!! A Beacon!!![/i] smiling more viciously henry just waited allowing the water to roll down his long hair and into his clothes. He owuld be soaked, but this meant nothing compared to his agenda.

09/21/2006 4:59 PM

Josie quickly shed her jacket, and tossed it. She pulled her simple 9mm glock out of her holster, and held it up. Arms up against her cheek, gun near her face. She goes to the window, and puts her back up against the wall next to the window. She peeks out, then looks back at Rand. She couldn't see anything outside. It was pouding rain, and completely dark. She didn't see anyone, but she waited for some kind of signal from Rand.

09/21/2006 5:02 PM

Kyth now barely human in apearance looked up to the sudden beam of light. Instinct and curiosity said go but something deep inside himself said no. Disregarding the thought Kyth turned back and headed towards the source of the light. Deciding that he wanted to check a disturbance by a bar Kyth bolted down a side street adding a detour to his trip to the light. Seeing the things swarming around the building Kyth's intrest grew and after the shots were fired the hunger awoke in him and he found himself shreading his way through the crowd with his new claws fighiting his way over to the door...

As Kyth bust into the room to find a few straglers huddled around a peice of what seemed to be beef jerky. Annoyed Kyth slaughtered the things before running out of the building and towards the light he had seen...

09/21/2006 8:23 PM

Rand opened the door and checked it, with his light on his shoulder he could see in the place clearly. He picked up a letter. It read " Joise disturbs the path of the crazy one" Then blood was on it. HE looked at her. " Your name is Josie ? " They walk in the building and close the door.

"Bad storm we better stay here. Looks secure enough eh?" Rand looked the doors and checked the out the couch in the office and sat on it and looked at her " dont worry bout a thing i got a feeling you and me will get out of here alive. My chances with the other guys was very slight. We never stayed together as a team."

09/22/2006 5:38 AM

Josie sighs, and nods her head. "Yes my name is Josie, why?" She walked into the office but didn't sit down. She still had her gun in her hand, but it was down at her side. Looking around the office, she felt a chill. She walked over and picked her jacket up, and put it on, zipping it up. "So, what do we do? Just wait until the storm is over? Why don't you think any of the others will survive? Other than that they didn't stay together as a team? Is something going to happen?" She kept rattling off questions, something she did when she was nervous or excited, although she didn't know which one she was feeling at the moment. Finally, she walked over and sat on the couch, on the opposite side as Rand, and placed her gun in her lap, and layed her hand over it.

09/22/2006 12:35 PM

The City over the lake seemed to disintagrate in the rain and thunder that now pounded this earth. [i]Damnit!!! I am running out of time.[/i] Looking across the lake he could see the dream world seemed to collapse as if Silent hill were being erased from the planet. How and Why he knew not, yet whatever this meant the targets below would either dissolve with the world and becoem a peice of the eternal picture or die at his hands tonight.

[i]They will need to run to higher ground after they see what is happening, and look the lake is overflowing. Oh Goddess please see that they are guided here!!![/i] WIth that thought a huge surge of wave exploded into the town. the city looked to be submerged in atleast 3 invhes of lake water and rain, and rising fast. [i]Die in your icy shell or come now Fools and face destiny first hand.[/i]

09/22/2006 4:10 PM

"1 we may die especially me" Rand looked at her agian " haha im getting to old for this." Rand looked at her and just smiled.

OOC: bad internet cant post much for today

09/23/2006 12:01 PM

Josie turned her head in his direction, and smiled as well. "Your only as old as you feel, some say." Sighing, Josie peered around the room. She got up and walked over to a window and peered out. Once again all she saw was darkenss. But after a flash of lightening she was able to see briefly the road. "It looks like the waters rising quickly out there." Josie said, turning back to Rand.

09/23/2006 12:13 PM

" The storm wont last forever im sure" A sound was heard from the back " ...what was that ?" Rand went in the back room , there was a frezer room. Rand opened it and saw that a frozen zombie was being chewed on by a zombie in a butchers clothers. It saw Rand and got up " AK !" It ran towards him and Rand kicked it away and shut the frezer door.

"omg" The lights turned on and there was zombies everywere in the kitchen "my god !" He ran out and barracaded the door with a heavy crate. "JOISE ! we got two choises 1 we kill the zombies or two we go somwere else!??!?" All of a sudden a decade arm busted threwa window and the words " life !!!!" was comig from it and all the other zombies.

Rand shot the zombie in the head but it got back up so Rand sent two more rounds in it. The zombies needed to eat.

09/23/2006 12:27 PM

The storm wasn't letting up. The Lake continued to rise. mysteriously not from teh rain, but from another source. The sky seemed to dissapear into the rain and fog that still pounded the earth. [i]How does this fog exist when it rains!!!![/i] henry could not figure out the wierdly acceleratingly decaying world.

Finally after all his waitinga form, twisted beyond that of a simple human rose from the depths of the long high way that headed through teh town. It was definantly one of his victims yet at the same time had become part of this nightmare realm. No matter this would not stop him.

Waltzing from his cover, Henry waved his hand, "Hey i'm over here. I need your help."

[i]Hopefully taht will get your attention pathetic fool...[/i]

09/23/2006 2:52 PM

Jose jumps to her feet, and pulls her weapon up aiming at a zombie. She popped a round off into his head. She ran toward Rand, and got two more zombies on the way. One came at her side, so she jumped up and cold cocked it in the head with her heavy booted foot. Landing lightly, she spun around looking for the way out. All she saw was zombies. One came from behind and grabbed her arms, and around her middle. Pinning her. She started to struggle, then she jumped up then landed hard and bent forward, causing the zombie to fly over her back. When it landed, Josie kicked the zombie in the head, causing its neck to crack.

She spun to Rand, "Lets get out of here!" She yelled, and ran towards the door, hoping Rand was behind her.

She had her gun up, ready as she darted into the pouring rain. She got the middle of the street, and spun around. She was already soaked to the bone, her hair plastered to her head. She pointed her gun towards the door, praying Rand would come out first and not any zombies. She heard a noise to her left and she spun. She screamed, and started firing, but was unable to see what it was she was shooting at. She just knew it was huge. She emptied her clip, but she just put her gun in her holster and fought her urge to run. She ran back towards the open doorway in hopes of getting Rand out before it was too late.

She got back to the door way, and looked inside. "RAND!?" She shouted.

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09/23/2006 5:29 PM

" Come to papa !" Rand fired the Famas he found outside shooting the zombies close by him. Rand thought to himself " why is the strom still going after all this time ?" Rand looked around and heard a voice Josie "RAND!?" He shouted back " Josie where are you its hard to see threw this."

Rand whiped the lences on his eye glasses then the sunglass peice and put them on " holy shit its wierd around here." All of a sudden the rain litened up. Rand looked and saw a figure walking then heard "Hey im over here. I need your help." Rand nodded slightly " hes dead " He saw Josie " o good ur ok !" He walked away saying " follow me that bastard is trying to kill somone"

She followed Rand as they saw Henry "this freak is trying to kill everyone" Rand lifted the Famas and set it on Burst "i got 25 rounds with this left" He aimed at his head and fired the 3 shot burst.

09/24/2006 4:32 PM

Josie stayed close by his side, "I have two full clips left," She murmured, swiping at her wet bangs that were plastered to her face.

Josie thought it through for a moment, the muttered, "Son of a bitch. That leaves me with only 18 bullets." She mentally kicked herself for emptying her clip into nothing earler when she freaked out.

" Who is that?" Josie asked Rand, asking about the man or zombie or whatever it was that was walking around. "And why is he trying to kill everyone??"

Josie blinked against the rain, and then remembered that she'd strapped her knife on her calf, wondered why she just thought about it now. "I just remembered, I have a knife, and I'm pretty skilled with hand to hand. Might help with the zombies." She trailed off, she was talking mostly to herself, to keep her teeth from chattering. "What now?" After she asked that, she clamped her mouth shutto ward of the chattering and her running mouth. She took her gun back out, and pulled a clip, that was strapped to the center of her back at the center. Sliding it home, she kept near to Rand.

09/25/2006 12:59 PM

In the confusion of the rapidly deteriorating world, Rand with his new partner stumbled upon the Scenic Over Look stepping into the warm light of the Arena Henry Made. To his right was Kyth now eerily mutated, and his left the Rand duo. Smiling as the shots fired Henry simply wtached a the gun fired and missed inches in front of him.

Lifting his hand Henry through a small dagger toward teh duo striking Rand firmly in teh claf muscle, sending him to his knees. Running from the shots from his partner, Henry continued to run around her behind the creature version of Kyth allowing to bullets to strike it in its side, not fatal but close. As she reloaded and rand stood, Henry dashed towards them grasping her by the neck tossing her to the floor violently, before equipping his crow bar and hitting Rand across the face with it. H e was hurt but not dead. Looking for the guns Henry kicked them over the large cliff.

"You see you will not make it out of here... ANy of you!!! I will not fail where that damn Sullivan did. The Goddess will take pride in my work!!!! I will kill you like those fools whoi I called family. You were a bitch Helen!!!!"

All of a sudden a voice spoke out against teh dark and evil Henry that had corruptedt he once gentle form.

"Stop it!!! I swear I will kill you!!! You are not what I was meant to be!!!"

"But it is what you have become henry hahhaha, now stand back."

Rising his crow bar ready to crash against the fool Rands skull, Henry looked upon his victim with malice...

OOC: ALright my next post will be the deaths of you all and me. SO get what you need done done.

09/25/2006 1:36 PM

Rand took out his knife and threw it into his chest and ran back" Rand took out the metal pole Haley once had " member this !?" He also grabed his night stick with his left and held it out " you fucking peice of shit and i thought Kyth was a trader !" He threw the metal pole hitting Henry in the head and continously hit him with the night stick " DIE DIE DIE !!!!"

Afterwards figuring Henry was dead , he whiped the blood of his face and a note floated to across the street. He looked at Josie and saw she was ok. He checked her and smiled. " How you making out ?" Rand then walked over and picked up the letter shoken up from fear, anger and pain. The message said this " NO NO !!! it cant be the candles are all out the darkness is now over the town !!!! NO NO THIS CANT BE THIS IS A NIGHT MARE GOD HELP US ALL !!!" There was other writing but it was full with blood.

Rand looked at the letter then it faded away in an istance. Rand looked and saw that Henry was gone. " fuck ..............." Rand took out his night stick " CMON HENRY ! TAKE YOUR BEATING A SECOND TIME !"

09/25/2006 4:51 PM

Josie just laid there on the ground, looking at Rand. Her knees and elbow were skinner, and her the knees on her pants were ripped. She was confused, her gun out of her grasp. She was trying to understand what Rand was going on about, and what the other guy had been talking about. Her teeth started chattering, as she crawled over to her. She grabbed for it, and spun around pointing her gun at both of them. Not knowing what was going on.

09/25/2006 5:53 PM

"Dont aim that gun at me !" HE grabed from her " whats wrong with you !?!?!?" HE then looked around agian " Henry ............get out here and fight " Rand was nervous starting get nervous he walked over to the middle of thge street " Henry ........" HE looked around then went back to Josie " Why did you aim your gun at me"

09/26/2006 11:22 AM

Josie blinked and gulped. "I was just aiming it in your direction. Everything happend so fast, I don't even really know what happend." She sighed, and lifted her pant leg to look at the scrape on her knees.

"Ow." She muttered. "Why the hell did that guy grab me, and then just toss me?" She asked, finally standing back up. She could already feel bruises forming on her behind.

09/26/2006 12:25 PM

Josie's eyes were aglazed as the two talked about the previous engagement. Licking the blood pouring down his skull, Henry simply chuckled inside. [i]So you are as crazy as me...[/i] The large innocent eyes of josie widened as the form of Henry rose sillohetted behind Rand, rising his hand high above Rands skull. In seconds the crow bar crashed through the weak sull in a deathly blood curdling crunch. Rand wasn't dead, but close. As he turned Henry struck their knee caps fracturing them, sending him sprawling onto the floor.

09/26/2006 12:45 PM

Rand couldnt think but he grabed his 5 shooter out of his boot and aimed at Henry and shot him 5 times in the chest hoping that would kill him. then Rand died from the blood lost as his last words where " Haley"

09/26/2006 1:30 PM

Josie started screaming. She couldn't think, and she continured to scream as her body took over. Finally, she passed out. She fell limply to the ground, knocking her head on the pavement, knocking her completely unconcious.

09/26/2006 3:49 PM

The sent of fresh blood drove Kyth out of his humanity as his hunger awoke and he wound himself ripping into the dead body of Rand. Morals were gone and all he wanted to do now was to feast and kill. Realising that he was being watched Kyth abandoned the now shreaded body of rand and turned to the only person who was still standing... Henry. Letting loose Kyth jumped at Henry full bore only to be easilly dodged. Letting out a coarse roar Kyth turned...

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09/26/2006 5:59 PM


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09/28/2006 12:38 PM

Henry cackled manically, as he looked at the bullet holes which tore right through his trench coat like cloak, yet didn't strike any of his body, leaving only small spatters of skimmed blood. [i]Valiant attempt demon sinner!!![/i] THe girl had long passed out by the time Henry pushed himself over to the beast devouring Rand's body.

"Yes the tase of blood is a lovely one."

REach and grappling the back of the mutated Kyths head, Henry fought off the claws that swung out to kill him. His smile never ceased. Holding the wriggle beast up higher, Henry gouged the small dagger he had hid in his boot into the throat of Kyth letting out a blood curdling gasp of relief, anguish, and anger. a SPary of blood filled the paved roadway covering the woman. Henry dropped the creature inot it's limp lifeless state.

Kneeling before the woman, Henry remembered the way his motherh ad treated him, and the teacher at school. [i]Henry your a screw up, a failure. I dont need you anymore. You are worthless!!![/i] Angered beyond measure Henry tore the shirt from the woman leaving her with out upper garments. Standing once again Henry waltzed to the opther dead bodies and cautiously carved their hearts out placing them on the alter before the candles. then hauling the topless woman to the alter he carefully gouged her heart out two and wtached as the alter glowed and the rain stopped.

Reaching down to caress the breaats of the woman, Henry smiled with an evil passion beyond that of any force. [i]Been long since I have please my self. Thank you goddess for thsi gift. Cutting the bra off Henry stood to undo the pants zipper of the form. however by now he had let go of all worries. He failed to hear the craping noise of metal on asphalt. It was to late however and the large sword of pyramid head crashed through his back and out his chest.

His eyes were sukllen and surprised. [i]WHy have you forsaken me oh goddess Alessa. MOTHER!!![/i] Collapsing to his knees the world deterioarated completely and collapsed into the pile of dead corpses. His victims.

[b]Henry's House, Silent Hill[/i]

Jolting awake, Henry looked around the room. [i] Just a dream!?!?[/i] Standing from the firm bed, the same one he had awoken to in the dream. Henry stretched letting the sand man out of his eyes and the cinks out of his spine. Inspecting teh room, nothing too out of the ordinary popped out. Leaning against the wall to peer out the window it was again foggy, however now without the complete and utter darkness of the dream.

Putting more weight on his lean, Henry's hands slipped. Barely catching himself henry looked at his Hands. They were soaked in a Red crimson substance. Backing up like in teh dream henry slipped, toppleing overt he bed. More blood lined the floor out into the hallway. SPrinting through the corridors, Henry set foot in front of the childrens room, pushing the door open.

Insidet he same macabe scene unfurled. However this time the bodies were fresh, and they still twichted as if just killed. ANd at the head of the room lay an alter holding 5 fresh hearts and 6 decaying ones. Feeling his Chest, small trickles of blood poured down from his ches, his heart was removed. Fighting of tears , Henry ran back to the bed room, finding a small revolver and running back to the room. Placing himself near his family members Henry placed the gun into his mouth, pulled the trigger and unleased a spray of cerebral goo, and blood all over the wall behind. As he collapsed witha sickening cruntch, Henry joined his family as his own last victim.

OOC: Their put your wake ups now. Just one post each.

09/28/2006 6:22 PM

Rand awoke in his apartment. " AHHH !" His room was all fucked up. He looked around and grabed his prize MP-5 of the wall and grabed some clips. " ok this is no dream !?!?!" he looked around his room was full of rust and blood. His front door was wide open. "noo the candles....." He looked out his broken window and saw all the candles went out then he heard a scary scream.

" This is ganna be mny last escape " HE cocked the MP-5

09/28/2006 6:23 PM

Josie jerks awake, swallowing a scream as she slowly realized she was still inside her car. Her forehead ached where it had been pressed againse the steering wheel. Feeling her shirt, and noted that it was still on her body. Sighing a breath of relief, Josie looked around. She could barely see, what with all the fog surrounding the parking lot like an eerie scene out a bad horror flick.

Shaking her head, she slowly climbed from the car. Once again grabbing her blank zip up hoodie, and put it on. She wrapped it around herself to ward off the chill. She looked around, and saw the apartment building in front of her. Blinking, she looked around...completely confused.

Trying to recall how she had gotten there, and why she was here. She vividly remembered her dream. But nothing before it. So, standing in the middle of the fog shrouded parking lot, arms wrapped around her waist. The wind fluttered her dark hair, lifting it slightly, her skin pale from the bitterness of the cold.

09/28/2006 6:31 PM

Kyth woke up laughing maniacly but after a few seconds as he realised he was back laying on a rood top where he had fallen asleep and human once again broke into tears. "Why?" he said over and over again through tears. Subconsciously picking up his rebar Kyth jumped down from the roof. A block away he coughed blood looking at the small puddle confused Kyth wonderd what was happening...

09/28/2006 7:19 PM

And Now We can officially say this part is a wrap!!!!


09/28/2006 7:55 PM

*Opens bottle of spirits* YAY!

09/29/2006 4:38 AM

Rand brings in some kegs " PARTY ! ^0^ "

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