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09/06/2006 1:58 PM

OK...so this is my first thread here and i wanted to be an all out war. It takes place back in the middle age's so no weapons of mass distruction or gun's. You can use all the basic weapon's, animal's, and soldiers.
the limmits:

up to 3000 footmen

up to 400 archer's

up to 50 night's

only one king and/or prince

up to 150 horse men

up to 60 peasants

And remember it's not allway's how many men you have , rather then how long they can last.

1. no god moding

2. you have to take damage as well as give it

3. no killing the main char's with out permission

4. prisoner's can be tooken, yet they may also try to escape

5. to join just post info on how many of what you have and what kind of race you are

my info
race: human

footmen: 1500

archer's: 250

night's: 50

king: that would be me, the king of England King Richard

horse men: 120

Peasants: 45

war machines: four wooden sling shot's that can throw up to five hundred pound of dead wieght and are pulled by 6 horse's.

You may also have a few war machine as long as they can fit into that era.

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09/06/2006 3:39 PM

Suggestion, put this in the OOC section of your thread, this is for strictly game play. Makes for less confusion. I am interested in this and may particpate. LAso all the other RP's you have startedin check in the OOC sections, they have value information you are missing, such as Character Sheets, Background Info and etc.

09/06/2006 11:05 PM

This does sound like alot of fun count me in. Ill throw some numbers down for ya.

No reason not to take the max amount of footman, the more pawns the better. So

Footmen: 3000

Archers: 350

Knights: 50

King: 1 of cours

Calvary: 150

Peasants: 60

Race: Drow

War Machines: 3 Trebajeys (SP) 2 Battering rams, and 5 Crossbow Cantapults. (Not sure of real to life name)

Ya, may seem a little typical but no reason not to if you think about it.
Let me know what you think. And hopefully something can get started soon. Im extremely intrigued

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09/08/2006 1:44 PM

Footmen: 300

Archers: 400
[i]Regular[/i]: 375
[i]Assassins[/i] 25

Samurai: 10

King: 1 Shogun

Calvary: 50

Peasants: 60 Workers/ Servants

Race: Japanese/Mongolian

War Machines: Extreme ability of Silence and Subtlety, Needing smaller amounts of soldeirs, and heavy weapons.

09/08/2006 1:45 PM

Cross Bow Catapults are called ballistas

09/08/2006 4:48 PM

race:Keltoi (celts)

3000 footmen
400 archers
50 fianna (equivalent to knights, save on foot and each one has a battle trained wolfhound, let me know if this is a problem)
King Dubhtach
150 horsemen
60 conscript peaseants.

they dont use war machines

09/10/2006 4:44 PM

(( Lol thanks was lost ont he wording. Couldnt think at the time.

12/09/2006 3:19 AM

2000 footmen

400 archers

20 knights

King 1

150 cavalry

40 peons

War machines:1 Ballista 2 Trebuchet's and 1 seige tower.

This would be my first one of these so please get back to me.It seems fun and I'm excited.

12/10/2006 12:18 PM

Hey, i take it you can't use a fantasy army, so here's a non fantasy army, if you can please inform me :)

200 footmen (men at arms (peasants with halberds)

150 archers (armed with longbows)

50 Knights

1 Duke

150 Heavy cavalry

150 light cavalry (not as much armour and armed with short riding bows and basic spears)

1 Field Trebuchet

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12/12/2006 5:06 AM

This thread died....It was posted in SEPT!

12/12/2006 9:57 AM

Not my fault, i think i may of had a few when i cam on that night, oh well *sighs*

02/05/2007 9:28 PM

Race: Savage Races (Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, etc.)
1500 Goblin soldiers (footmen)
1000 Orc soldiers (footmen)
500 Ogre soldiers (footmen)
400 Goblin archers
100 Goblin Worg riders (cavalry)
25 Trolls (equivalent to knights)
60 Kobold workers (peasants)
Leader: Shaman Gritz (Goblin)
War Machines: 5 Catapults (manned by Kobold workers)

02/06/2007 4:45 PM

This Thread is dead...

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