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09/03/2006 7:18 PM

After an experiment gone wrong at a highly secretive lab somewhere in the the far East. It had done the unthinkable! time lines had brocken and all walk's of life came together as one. New technoligy had come as well as old, and war's broke out across the new world. mutants, civilizations, and ancient creature's now roam the land. On a solitairy island about 15 miles in diamiter sit's smack dab in the midle of it all. race's of all kind have come to this land to create a new civilization that witch is based on peace. But in order to have peace they must ride of the evil Dr.Doom that had joined together all of the evil army's and villian's of the modern day to create a living hell that only await's disstuction. The 15 story high wall's block any beast from entering the island with gun turret's every 10 feet guarding the island along side the beach next to the wall. At the east wall there is a large gate that is construckted out of steell and wood that open's for many to come and go as they wish. with small batle ship's docking at the north end of the island and to the south a neighboreingg island with creature's and wild beast have set up a small castle that is charged to bring us down.to the south is a large trade route that bring's new technoligy and passenger's to the city gate's. In the midle is a large temple for all religion's to worship to there god's. next to that are large building's that seem as though they could reach the sky.Each building holds ruffly 20,000 peaple in them. Circleing around them are local tavern's, store's and weapon shop's along with small farm's and pet shop's.along side the gate's on the inner lining's of the wall lay the military and magic shop's of all race's.

..........on the top floor of one of the building's, i sat in the living room watching the televission.there was an old rerun of the simpson's on and I found them extreamly humouris. Not realizeing what time it was I glanced over to the clock that hung up on the wall next to the kitchen entrance.12;00 o'clock 'holly crap' I was late. I rushed to find my black boot's that went to my navy blue uniform with gold triming's. seeing them under my king size bed I quikly put them on raceing to the front door slaming it behind me. Turning back to put hy hand on the scanner to lock the door's I saw my name on the door 'Sir Justin the flaiming swordsmen' I then smiled and made a small smirk as I took the elevater down to the first floor........

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