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09/03/2006 4:29 PM

[u][b]Angels of Oblivion[/u][/b]

[i][b]Part One:[/b][/i]
[b]A New Order[/b]

[i]America has been all but abolished and with it most of the known world. After the Iraqi war, Us President Bush was convinced to pursue new enemies in Iran, and eventually nearly half of the entire Middle East. At the climax of the 10 year war, America, after refusing to end the war, launched a devestating and brutal nuclear campaign against the Middle Eastern Nations. Finally the world broke into Anarchy, initiating an Apocalyptic Nuclear War, and in the end destroying 80% of the worlds known life.

In the ashes of a destroyed world, One Group rose to the occasion to bring civilization back. Known as the Glorious Reawakening, a series of 8 mega cities were erected all around the world; London, England; New Moscow, Russia; Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; New Cairo, Egypt; Vancouver, Canada; Washington DC, USA; New Tenochtitlan, Brazil. However entrance became permissable only by signing a doctrine, handing over all rights of privacy, and abolshing the right to self governing.

Now 70 years after the world submitted to the safety and security of the cities, people have begun to go missing. Small groups of suspicious people have begun a quest into the dark crevices of the new society, suspecting Government involvement, only to find a long trail of dark conspiracy, all leading back to a single organizations name. Who or what has caused such a drastic change among the world, and now conducts the dissapearances of hundreds of people??? Only a New Movement of People can discover the truths.[/i]

[b]Chapter Begining[/b]

The Standard Work Day had ended an hour ago. Still Eric, remained at his desk, punching through the database files of the Holy News Network, ensuring all the orders, had been taken care of in all branches of the ministry building. He had attempted to leave at the standard time but was ordered back to work, upon seeing his daily tasks weren't finished.

Fiddling with a necklace around his neck Eric, dazed off into a dreamland of memories, seeing the face of a woman; his Girl, Julie, who had dissapeared four years earlier. These images plagued his nights, leaving him a sleepless insomniatic wreck, effecting both his job preformance, and mind state.

"Go Home Eric... Get some Sleep... I want the Hard Worker I know you are back."

Awaken from his daze, Eric jumped at the voice of his boss, "Sorry Mr. Ramsey, I swear I will do better, I am just stressed these days."

"Damn Right ya are. Now get on out of here and get some Sleep. The Lord only helps those who help themselves..."

"I know sir. And thank you for the encouragement."

"Yea Yeah, now get."

Eric Stood from his cubicle desk, revealing his drab blue tunic, and slightly dirty white under tee-shirt, all accentuated by his faded blue slacks. Pushing himself passed the short balding man, adorned in sleek, upperclass buisness jacket, and wealthy robes, Eric let out a slight, doleful, smirk, followed by a rueful sigh.

The Days had begun to grow heavier on Eric's Soul leaving him jaded, and longing for everything to be what it was in the days of his romance. After traversing a flight of stairs, Eric had always chosen to stay fit and not use the elevators, and waltzing through the lobby, Eric found himself standing in the cool, damp London Street.

Pulling an Overcoat over his drab clothes, Eric foriged through his pockets searching for a cigarrette, a commotie rare among the working class citizens, a little perk of befriending hierarch buisnessman, such as his boss.
Finally locating the white, long tobacco filled shaft, Eric lit it with a dull silver Zippo, handed down through his family, as old as time in his eyes. Such items of the past were forbidden in London, and in the Angellic Society, yet Eric managed to hold onto it, keeping it hidden from the authorities.

Looking to the street corner of Marshall St. and Horseferry Road, which led to the old British Paliament, Eric was stricken with a sense of consternation. The time shown on the clock was 9:45 PM, which was a mere 15 minutes from the 10 o'clock curfew, emplaced 2 years prior, after a series of savage attacks on the Vancouver Arch City. He had heard tales of what the Angelic authorities had done to those who disobeyed the laws emplaced on the Eternal Covanent, a document much like a constitution, yet read more like the Holy Bible. In a Panic Eric Dropped the cigarrette and began to sprint to his left down Marshall Street and turned at Victoria Street . At this point a minute had already passed, and another 2 or 3 kilometers of roadway were ahead, until he could reach his appartment. If worse came to worse, he could always take to the alleys, yet he knew the eyes of God and his Angellic Messangers would see him no matter where he ran. Closing his eyes he began to pray in a desperate outcry.

[i]By the Holy Covanent, have mercy on me Lord Above, allow me to make it home safely, without angering your messanger Arch Angels Above. Please Lord be Merciful!!![/i]

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09/03/2006 6:21 PM

only being at the age of 15 justin was born into this new world.awakening out of a deep sleep in his small living space he streached out and let out a small yawn. all ready being dressed from the day before he had on a white t-shirt and some black jean's with tan boot's.hearing his stomache rumble from hunger he decided to go to the kitchen in hope's that his mother had breakfast ready.opening the his bedroom door he noticed that there was blood on the hallway floor. he slowly opened the door and peeked his head out enough so he could see if anyone way's there. not knowing what to do he followed the trail of blood into the kitchen were his mother's dead body laid in front of him nect to the kitchen stove. 'mother....speak to me mother...wake up...knowing that she was dead he started to cry with tear's rushing down his cheeck's. swearing to him self out loud 'i'l find the one who has done this to you mother and i'l get vengence....i'l kill them all!' walking into his mother's room he had begun to think why was his mother killed and why had they not killed him? theese answer's he need to know. looking around the room for anykind of clue as to what had happened he noticed a small paper just under the bed at the end of it.he nelt down on his knee's and read the paper. it noted 'i can no longer live in a jail.for that is what this place is an organized jail were only the rich have a say.i have uncovered that there is a deep contraversy that lie in this place" not being able to read the rest because of scribled word's and blood stain's he grabed the paper and stuck it in his right pocket. knowing that something had to be done he decided to go to a local hangout for peaple that had lost someone.as he walked seeing the othere's speaking of dissaperance's and murder's he sat up aagainst a wall, waiting for what might come his way...

09/06/2006 4:24 PM

The clock ticked a cacophony of trepidity within Eric Vos's mind, leaving a sour taste of paranoia and a tingling sensation of cold feet. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to a seemingly impossible speed of time. Likewise the air began to grow heavier, muted, and ackward, as if the world had suddenly all in one second stopped, and left him alone traversing the street. However, passing the opposite end of Horseferry Road, Eric
realized he only had two blocks remaining, and his apartment complex was just in sight.

Just as Eric began to grin, in a feeling of allayment, a chord struck his heart. Around the City the Loud Speakers sounded, ordering the immediate lockdown of the streets, for the 10 o'clock curfew. To add onto the already dire announcement, ahead in the misty dim light of Victoria Street, a vehicular Form could be Made out. Listening carefully, the sound of a hover lift drive could be heard floating gracefully down the street. Frozen with fear, Eric watched as a large van like hover transport came into site, embellished with the insignia of the Angelic Order. Eric's mind processed the sight, guessing it to be a Survailance Van, doubled as a Troop Carrier and Patrol Car.

Jumping back into his senses, Eric scanned his position, seeing only one possible escape. To his right Horseferry Road had a small inlet on the left leading into one of the many unavoidable alley ways of the Central London Sector. Prostrate, Eric Hancock forced himself further along the darkened tunnel, suffering with each aching step. [i]God Please. I pray they didn't see me.[/i]

Making it one Block without any problems, Eric began to feel relief however, the engine died on the Hover Survailance Vehicle, and out came a series of foot steps, clapping metallically in the silent dark street. Freezing in the Shadows Eric muffled his breath with his sleeve, soaking in the warm humid breaths that poured out of him. Over head the loud hum of a Hind GunChopper slaughtered the serenity and silence of the City, casting spotlights around the city block.

Calls errupted from the street corner behind him with calls such as, "Where Is He!!" , "Lord Only knows where the Damned Chopper Is.", and Most frightening, "Check the alley way!!"

[i]God Dammnit they Saw me.[/i] Retaking his sprint, the echoes of his boots poured into the ears of the pursuers. The Loud Clang of Some Matallic noise, was not reassuring as Eric could feel presences closing in. Adding to the Already hectic moment, the loud chatter of Chopper Propellors entered the fray, casting a large light upon the
alley way, illuminatuing him and all the surroundings.

Loud shots followed, creating a stentorian cacophony of the, usually peaceful London Street. Ricocheting off the walls, debri and dust flew into the path of Eric's Run. Ahead a shred of hope passed through Erics Peripheral Vision. At the intersection of the alley and the street passed Eric's Apartment, a Over Hang hung over, allowing for possible cover from the Hind above. Giving one last Jolt of Energy, Eric burst into the open street, pulling himself to the left, pressing against the wall behind a set of steps.

Running out of the alley, a group of 10 Soldiers continued pursuit through the alley system. Waiting for the Noises to Die, Eric Crept out of the hiding spot and creeped back into the alley way, keeping his eye over his shoulder, ensuring know troops were returning.

However, the same mysterious metallic noise sounded from ahead, instilling a sense of trepadation. Slowly revolving his head Eric Set eyes on a 6 foor soldier, levitating before him, wings outstretched, looking malignantly at his Prey; Eric. Securing a Ebony Black Bag in his Right Hand, the form forced it over Eric's Head, and proceeded to turn him around.

In seconds the stinging sensation of a sudden pain over took the back of his head fading into a burning anguish, before seeping into the rest of his already aching body. As another second passed, Eric could finally feel the source, a large blunt item, wrentched with superior force into the back of his head, and, thus led to the slow darkening world before Eric. Finally as time seemed to stop, Eric Vos Hancock was unconcious, and seeping crimson fluids from the back of his skull, unable to feel the
obvious pain, due to his uwavered slumber.

To finish their jobs, the soldiers returned, secured the subject, Eric, and hauled him to the Van. God Only knew here he would end up. The intent however was obviously malicious.

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09/06/2006 4:27 PM

Waking up in a cold sweat Dekketh quickly sat up thinking back on the dream that had drivin him awake. The deam filled his mind pictures of dark caverns faintly lit by old and poorly maintained light fixtures, a little ways away from the view point could be seen a figure in a blood stained dove white robe standing infront of a batterd figure chained on the wall over what seemed to be some sort of brazier. He could still hear the man's screams as the figure in the cloak picked up one of the blazing red embers and placed it against the man's skin until it cooled. Thinking back on it Dekketh hadn't heard what was going very well it was almost as if he had been behind glass or under water...

A couple hours later Dekketh reawoke to the sounds of people walking about and wonderd how long he had been asleep. He slowly rose from the makeshift cot and went about his daily routine, getting up, pestering the leaders, and finally stopping for lunch. In the lunch room he looked around at the small group of people there getting their food and noted to himself that they seemed anxious. They had no reason not to be but they should relax while they can, after all they survived the escape and haven't died yet...

Looking over his small collection of personal belongings, a short bow, a quiver, some basic items, and finally his eyes came to rest upon the only item he didnt understand a small key like object, it didn't seem to fit any lock yet slid in like it was the proper key. He had never tried turning the lock for fear of breaking the small object but could never come up with the resolve to leave it behind, a mystery to him and to others.

Night was falling every one was starting to get ready for bed but Dekketh wasn't tired like he should be and so was posted on first watch of the night. Looking out at the distant rockies Dekketh had an odd feling of being watched from afar and couldnt quite shake the feeling no matter how many times he told himself that he was alone out there. Eventually after a good while of brooding a name poped into his head a name from a very aincient atlas he had seen once and only once before it was confiscated, the name was one of a city and it rang out deeply in his head he knew he had to find it but how?

09/06/2006 6:46 PM

In the middle of the night Rand wakes up looking out his window and looking at the empty house of a women he feel in love with. "Where did she go?" he picked up his police officer badge off his dresser and looked at it." This ..... is a dream come true im a cop what ive always wanted to be but ........." Rand sits down on his bed and lookes at the time. " People are missing and i cant even help there familys " All of a sudden a crash came from the bathroom , Rand jumps at the noise and grabs his beretta and slowly walks in seeing a glass has broken over the toliet.

"How did this happen ?" He thought to himself , carefully cleaning it he looks at his gun. " Haha guess im loosing my mind there is no one in my home." He falls asleep and dreams the same dream he dreamt as a kid , being tortured and no one cares if he lives of dies , then after an hour Rand woke up in a sweet and he saw his window was shattered. " h...hello .. ???? " Rand grabed his gun put on his coat and walked down to his car andsat in it.

What......is oing on !?!?! is there no peace for me !?!?" After a half hour Rand feel asleep in his car and a knock was on his door from a fellow officer. " Rand you ok ? " Rasnd got out of the car and stared at him. " Yea ..... well i ... had a nightmare bout the tortures agian." The offcer frowned "Why do you think that would happen ? Everyone knows and likes you no one would." Rand smirked. " im ganna get some sleep now thats its day tell Leiutenant ill be late. Rand goesup stairs closes the blinds and fall into a fitful sleep.

After a while he woke up not knowing he is still in his dream. He is standing up with his coat and clothes on andhisgun in his hand as his shoes his the carpet, blood everywere the walls rusted and bloody. " O God HELP ME !!!!! " Rand saw somthing come out of the wall like a zombie and it spoke. " look at me im dead AHHAHA !" it was a corpse of an old offcer that died. " AHH !" Rand screamed as it shot it in the head, then he woke up almost crying.

"BEN IM SORRY I WAS OUT OF AMMO !!!!...... I DIDNT WANNA LET YOU DIE DAMMIT !!!!!" Rand sat in his bed alone , frightend and sorrowful. "I want to find my neibor.......shes gatta be saved !!! " he got up and went inside the empty house. " there has gatta be some evidence" Rand started a long search in the house.

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09/07/2006 12:45 PM

OOC: Two things. First I need you to make a character sheet, and get it approved. Go to the OOC section here and post one. Also I suggest you read into the Info on the culture and time period. Your story can only be viable if you somehow got a hold of old books from before the ReAwakening, are part of the movement, or possibly see the cop as being an Angel Army soldier. The latter means you follow orders and possibly take some you dont like. Maybe lead to you joining the Movement.

[b]Office of the Arch, Washington F.D.C[/b]

The room was dark, allowing no color, or figures to be seen, saive for a platform lifted 5 feet up, and holding a pedestal. On the Pedestal, illuminated in a single glorious beam of pure light, the intricately armored Arch Angel looked austerely into the darkness ahead. At the other end of the large cavernous chamber, a metallic door slid open, allowing a single form, along with little prancing beams of man made electric light, into the darkness.

As the door shut a voice robust, and distant sounding voice, echoed throughout the darkness, "Stop their Leutenant. You are late."

"Forgive me My Lord, but we had a situation. Call from London about a new prisoner transfer on it's way."

"I am High Commander Arch Angel Micheal, would I not already be aware of such occurences. Do you doubt the Lord's Powers bestowed to me!!!"

"No...No..Of course not. I only wished to explain my tardiness."

Micheal smiled at the cowering form before him, letting out a small chortle, before continueing, "Pathetic insolence. Very Well, I leave myself no choice but to demote you. Leutenant Rascuel Stephens you are now under the direct control of Angel Comandant Code named Nimrod."

Stepping from the dark Shadows of the obscurely lit chamber, A man adorned in twilight armor, and a set of wings so fierce, that even in the dark, he could make out their size.

"Nimrod, I bestow to you the guidance and power of the holiest, to find and destroy the Heretics who have left the clutches of our Society to create a home of blasphemy and wickedness. Here Is Lt. Rascuel, he and his squadron are to take orders directly from you. Find them!!!"

"Yes My Lord ALmighty I will do as you command."

Waving his hands the light left leaving the room in total darkness.

"You Are both dismissed."

The two turned from the dark room and headed for the newly open door. Rasuel, only standing 5 foot 8, was dimunitive in comparison to the towering ogre known as Nimrod. His voice was raspy, yet full and deep, adding a not needed, but usefull, intimidation to his already terrifying demeanor.

"Lt. We are going into No Man's Land."

"Not sure I understand your meaning Sir."

"Oh yes, hahah, words of Old. I need you to prepare the squadron, we will be taking a Arch Gunship Transport, out of the city walls. The High powers have informed me that our targets are in Sector Us-29. We are going to root out the resistance and end this Movement now."

"Alberta area, seems kinda open for a large encampment. However it would be a bitch to attack."

"Exactly, they still are God Fearing people as we are. They Know the Arch Angels watch them, so why hide, insteadt hey choose to defend."

"Hmm Make's Sense. Your will will be done. Meet you in the hanger."

Breaking off from the crowd, Rascuel, headed down the cargo lift of the Angelic Military building, and headed for teh lower Hangers. Soon their would be action. Soon their would be blood. But still Rascuel couldnt help but feeling something telling him, [i]Don't Do It[/i]. Forcing the thought back inside, Rascuelpondered on a game plan.

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09/07/2006 5:31 PM

After a couple days Dekketh had convinced the camp leaders to send out a small party to the city to the east. Looking over the group of ten Dekketh had a snece of accomplishment especially scince this was the first real suggestion he had made that could really help the group. Laying back in the wheeled transport that thay had stolen during the break out from Vancouver, Dekketh slowly drifted to sleep...

Waking up at a sudden lurch in the movement of the transport Dekketh got up slowly and started to ask what happend when the vehicle slowed and finally stoped. The only words that reached him were "We're here," hearing this jolted him awake from the half sleep he had been in as the people around him got ready to explore the city. Planting his feet in the loose sand took him off balance at first but quickly helped bury the vehicle in case some one decided to try and take it while they were away in the city...

After fifteen minues of walking Dekketh found himself in the outskirts of this nameless city looking around him in awe. Turning to talk to one of his friends when some one a little ways ahead shouted "Vehicles" about him every one scrambled to see how many and if they still worked. Dekketh surprized looked at the sand blasted cars and various other vehicles knowing that nothing outside could work Dekketh headed over to what looked like a garage batterd but whole...

After a little while of searching they came uppon a warehouse full of vehicles possibly in working order. Dekketh walked over to one of the two wheeled vehicles and without secont thought slid the odd key he had into the lock and turned, lights turned on but it didnt seem to start. Not satisfied Dekketh started pressing the buttons one by one turning on various lights until he finally heard the satisfying sound as it started up happy with what he had discoverd removed the key and walked over to a vehicle he had a better idea about and tried again...

09/08/2006 1:34 PM

OOC: Leo this all happens during your first post, so by your second they are two days into their venture.

[b]Washington, Angelic Army HQ[/b]

Having finished giving the 10 person squadron, their briefing on the major operation goal, and the low down on the leadership change, Rascuel backed down off the hanger perch and joined his fellow Angelic Soldiers. Behind him the dark, malevolently armored, Nimrod stepped into view.

Whispers errupted around the hanger, "An Angel Comandant.", "Who the hell is he!!!", "Would hate to be on the bad side of his."

Raising his right hand, the ruckuss immediately died down, falling into an obedient silence. Inspecting the Special Operations Squad with a quick once Over, the large, dark helm nodded in a pleased manner. Lowering his dark guantlet, Nimrod prepared to speak.

"We are tasked, as followers of God, and our Angel counterparts, with defending the holiest of covanents. Yet today, a threat exists, one of blasphemy, and unrighteousness." Walking down from the post Nimrod entered the crowd, as they parted like the Red Sea to Moses. "But Our Resolve is stronger, Angels. By the most devine of powers, I have been charged with the task of hunting down and destroying those who have committed acts of the highest Treason, and continue to Jepordize our World of Peace by denying the covanent and our Father in Heaven. Tonight we begin our Journey, to Alberta, and hunt down those bastards, and kill or detain them, ending their spread of darkness. Now Men, Arm Up, and be on the Gunship in Five. We are taking an 8 day trip to the target location, attacking, detaining, and transporting our findings to Vancouver. Get Going!!"

Rascuel jumped in, "You heard the Comandante, We need Ammo, weapons, equipment, and survival packs, on the Gunship. All Battle Armor will be on and prepped secondly. Get going, move it, move it!!!"

09/08/2006 2:28 PM

After looking about the garage they found keys. Keys were good thought Dekketh, as he took one set and went over to a car with the matching emblem to the ones on the keys. It was a fairly nice car streamlined for speed but didnt seem to be to luxurious, he unlocked the door and sat in the seat hoping he knew how to drive well enough. He put in the key and turned it after a little while he hear it start. Now then this will make exploration much faster he thought as he hit the gas and started out of the garage and away down the cracked streets...

After about half an hour he stopped the car in front of what looked like a government instalation it stood about three stories tall and had a dipiction of some kind of leaf on the front. Curious as to see waht was inside Dekketh got out of the car and wanderd inside. Looking around the maze like intirior Dekketh became disheartened thinking that he held no hope of finding anything of any use. After only the first ten minutes he found what looked like a map with a red line leading to a dot with the lable "B A S E," wondering what it could be Dekketh quickly hoped into the car and riped off down the street hoping he had the map facing the right way...

09/09/2006 7:49 AM

[b]Prison Complex, ???[/b]

[i]Damnit my head is spinning... What the hell happened to me???[/i] Awaking, Eric opened his eyes to darkness. Heaving in a large gasping breath, he found the air was light, and tasted different than London Air. Moving his head back and forth to work the Kinks out, Eric discovered he still was capped in the black bag placed on him by the Angel Soldier back in the Alley way.

"This ones awake sir!!!"

"Take his bag off!!!

A Hard grip, grasped the tuft of Eric's Think hair, and a knife drew across his throat, slightly gashing into his skin. Finally, ripping upward the bag was off, and Eric set eyes on the dim, wooden cavern, of whatever seemingly moving vessel he was on.

"You there, welcome to the SSS Dominator. You are officially a prisoner of the Angelic Order, and are being Transfered to the Folsom High Priority Complex on the North American Continent."

"But I only was late for curfew."

"And you were caught resisting!!!!"

Falling Silent Eric turned from the Soldiers and looked out the window over the clouds. He was in for it now, and he knew it.

09/09/2006 10:59 AM

Ripping around a corner now at higher speeds than before Dekketh looked down at the map if he was right it would be around the next corner. Turning the corner slowly, he went the last little bit and stoped before a ramp going down into the ground, driving down it he noticed another garage like door. Dekketh got out and wanderd down and through the side door for people and opened the garage door from the inside, hearing the screetch of rusted metal. Runing back up he hopped into the car and drove it through the small gap he had managed to open he was now in a dark room none of the walls being visible...

Walking by the light of a glow stick he found a door on the far side and opened it. Dekketh looked down the stair case and wonderd where it went curiosity overcoming him he wanderd down into a room full of rotting wooden boxes. Not wanting to disturb the boxes he quickly left the way he came and went back to his car and radio to call the others here sothat they could look around this seemingly important building...

09/10/2006 3:56 PM

[b]Angelic Spec Ops[/b]

They were ahead of schedule. Having taken transport with a Prison War Ship, to old Folsom Prison. This meant they wer within a 15 minute striking Distance of the Alberta sector, seeing that the gunship, could traverse at extreme speeds, skipping along the Earth's Orbit.

"City in sight Comandante," Racuel exlcaimed as he looked out the side view scanner.

"Initiate ground scan."

"Yes miLord," Rascuel obeyed and began inspecting the scanner results. "THERE!!! Just south of the City, in this desert Region, between these two ridges!!! Heavy activity."

"Alright Prepare yourselves for a dive we are going in hard and fast."

The squad along with Rascuel and Nimrod Fitted their weapons in place, and wing packs. Standing in a row facing toward the two sides of the Transport Gunship, the team readied themselves for their flights.

"Take u down hard and fast and unload all you got on this first run. Open the Dorrs when we are 50 yards from the ground."

"Yes Lt."

The nose dipped, and the flight became much more turbulent as they broke the atmosphere. The clouds were thin, and the ground was growing closer with every second. Finally after many seconds the ship opened fire, and the doors flung open, pulling the troops out into teh winds. Pullibg up the vessel strafed the air.

Now in motion the team and two leaders, extended their wings flying in hard unleashing on the crowd below. Dispersing, the heretics ran for cover, and the troopers landed in a semi circle around their landing zone. A Large explosion errupted from over the Camp as the Gunship crashed, in a skidding fire ball over tents, and countless people.

"ALright boys we are here for good. Fight for honor, FIght For Peace, and Fight for our God Above!!!"

09/10/2006 4:15 PM

The screetch of nails from wood filled the small subterainian room as three of the eighteen members of the raiding party including Dekketh opened one of the crates readdy kill if there was something unfavorable in the crates. After a little while the top came off and they looked inside to see little "S" shaped foam pieces in the box. Unsatisfied Dekketh dug in and pulled out some kind of weapon. To him it looked like a gun of some kind but he wasnt sure as it looked nothing like the current issue weapons for the city guard. Looking in another crate they had opened Dekketh puled out one of the rectangular objects that seemed to match the opening in the bottem of the thing. Sliding it in with a satisfying click Dekketh pointed at a wall and pulled on what seemed to be a trigger...

They had packed as many crates as they could into the working vehicles they had found after the discovery that these where actually weapons. In the back of Dekketh's car was a crate of the magazines for the type of weapon Dekketh had first pulled out and in the seat next to him was the very weapon he had pulled out. He couldnt handle the kickback of the fire yet put he knew that with practice he'd get better. Ripping out of the "Base" they headed back towards where they had buried the bus that had taken them here only to see a red glow on the horizon where the camp was...

The raiding group was in shock no one wanted to leave them but yet they knew that they didn't have enough to really make a diffence if it was as they feared. Driving south Dekketh hoped that they would find their friends someday...

09/12/2006 12:40 PM

[b]Angelic Offensive[/b]

"Move the line up, left flank GO!!!"

The Landing was a complete success, minus the incompetence of the pilot who took his gunship down in the center of the Large Heretic Camp. Fanning out the Squadron of 12 created and almost U shaped trap, engulfing the Camp. Nearly35 Rebels had been killed, with another, 35 disabled in some manner.

Nimrod stood for a second smiling at his work. his smile soon faded with a self revalation, [i]Where are all their vehicles???[/i] Darting backwards Nimrod looked to Rascuel.

"Rascuel, initiate a wedge through teh muiddle than Fight Out Wards, the clavary should arrive ETA 30 minutes, hold out, let them feel as though they have you held down. I am gong on a hunt."

"Yes COmandante!!!"

Turning from the scene Nimrod put in a call and within minutes a second squad, of only 5 soldiers landed, joining Nimrod on a series of Arch Speeders. Blasting off into teh distance of the Desert, Nimrod, directed himself North Ward toward Alberta. Soon he would find the others and destroy them. [i]GOd give me the strength to vanquish thine Enemies...[/i]

09/18/2006 12:58 PM

The battle wagedfiercly behind them. The Heretics were turning out to be a more formidable force than believed. However the balance of battle showed no sign of changing. What more interested Nimrod was the absence of heavy vehicles and such. That was what would be needed to win the war against these blasphemers.

The Arch Speeders shot through the streets of Alberta, following a track of looted items and eventually to an old AMerican Armory. The thought of what was captured brought a sense of fear into Nimrod. Finally locating a trail heading back South ward yet East of the Encampment, nimrod and his men moved at an enhanced speed, hoping to catach up to the convoy before it escaped their grasped.

Little did Nimrod know though, that he was in for a fierce battle.

09/18/2006 3:38 PM

Dekketh still felt followed and suggested to speed up and test the aincient vehicles. Most agreed and the reluctant followed out of fear of being left behind. Looking down at the dash Dekketh saw the needle pointing at the number one hundred and eighty, the rush of the speed brought a new happiness to him as they sped southward...

Looking into the mirror Dekketh saw the plumes of dust that sent dread through him. They were being followed. Cranking the steering wheel towards the blot of grey on the horizon that signified another city, there hopefully Dekketh and the few others could hold off the group following...

Hurtling off of a dune onto the pavement of the aincient city ran a jolt of pain through Dekketh as he landed. Hopping out of the car he dashed into the entry way of the nearest building, followed closely by others before loading one of the clips and bracing for the worst...

09/18/2006 8:04 PM

The Arch Speeder to his left exploded as the series of old world fire arms tore into their engines. Nimrod swerved away from it slightly dodging the debri that spun toward him. now down to nine troops the speeders flared out and were leaped off of by the now ariel troopers. Raining down a seige of strafing fire on the enemy positions. They were now barricaded in the tall building to the left of the highway. Landing the Team, found cover in front of destroyed vehicles and debri that had fallen from the high points of the building. Nimrod Landed finally and haultedt he fire, he wanted to speak with the heretics first...

09/28/2006 6:40 PM

The cease fire orderd by the Angel commander chilled Dekketh. All he could think about was what did he want and what did he expect. Unsettled Dekketh Silenly reloaded and slumped against a far wall waiting for the fire to return soon...

Shaking off sleep Dekketh stood up and looked for the sound of voices. The only source that Dekketh could tell was from the Angel commander. Curious Dekketh moved towards the door and windows hoping to catch what he was saying and a clear shot if it came to that...

09/28/2006 7:16 PM

"Listen to that fools. The Sound of Silence!!!"

Caught up in the conflict the two forces had ceased to pay attention to the fierce battle waging at the main camp. Now only silence iwt hteh ocassional cletter of Plasma fire. The Arch ANgellic Attack had obviously been succesful.

"Now lay down your arms, and suffer a much more meciful fate than that of your comrades..."


A extra passionate SOldier popped out from a low window to the right, obviously not any sorta leader of the group, and fired a few rounds of the newly acquired projectile weaponry at the heavily armored general. Taking the full blunt of the shot, nimrod merely faltered a small amount in step before picking up his speed, and continuing to the openness of the street. Smiling nto teh fool of a Soldier, Nimrod simply pulled a small pistol out with great speed pounding a loud bone crunching shot into the skull of the rebel. He died beforet he shot even struck.

"Now I give you ten seconds and I will see the rest of you only face time at Folsom instead of death, or worse a visit to the Arch Angels themselves..."

10/05/2006 6:17 PM

Vancouver was nothing short of a nightmare, if not a very strange nightmare. He remembered his mother telling him once when he was young that the monsters that plagued you in your sleep were dark, warped and they did things that no good soul would think of doing. She also told him that the angels we see today, the same angels we run for our lives from used to revered as idols of a forgiving God.

Janus didn't believe a word of what his mother had told him back then. Nothing that did what the angels did could have come from something that sounded so good&.so holy. Holiness in Vancouver was following the rules, but the holy the thought of was pure, innocent and forgiving, like the tales his mother told him. Sometimes he almost believed that the monsters of lore were the good guys, the ones who made life good. What did he know though? He wasn't from the old world.

All Janus knew for the short 25 years of his life was danger, and here he was again. Staring up at the tall building in front of him, it seemed alien to him. This entire society seemed alien to him, but he knew that somewhere in the alien world was the truth, and somewhere in that alien building were people he had help. Reaching inside his cloak he placed his hand on a small blaster pistol, stolen in one of the raids he had helped a now dead underground resistance pull off. Hidden beneath his cloak was a steel sword strapped to his back he took from the same raid.

The plan was to sneak into the building without getting caught which seemed much easier when he wasn't standing in the alley shadowed by the massive construct. This prison complex was different; for starters it was massive, sprawling out for a three-block radius. It was also above ground, one of the very few prisons that remained above ground in Vancouver. Apparently the concentrated amounts of toxic seawater were more effective when taken and administered underground. Sucking in a deep breath he breathed it out softly and mentally prepared himself for this suicide mission, ready to bail if he had to, but not expecting to make it out alive.

10/05/2006 7:11 PM

Dekketh shocked by both the brutality and stupidity of those actions faltered a second before readjusting the aim of the gun towards the head of the one who had killed his friend and companion. Aiming towards the eye Dekketh fired a small burst from his hiding place starting the exchange of fire from both sides once again. Readjusting the gun he aimed once again and proceded to emtie the clip into the head of one of the angels. It wasnt what he had imagined the fight was going bad but at least he stood a small chance no matter how small of escaping alive...

10/06/2006 8:14 AM

Ducking with extreme speed, the bullet richochet off a shield which protruded from his blocking arm. Standing and Smiling at his remaining troops, now to less of what was before, He pointed to the skies and the troops took flight sweeping into the rooms above the insurgents. Others remained in their cover to ensure no escape. However Nimrod was arrogant, his tactic though good with proper defense could be thrown off with ease. Waltzing into the building taking shots on alll parts of his armor, He unloaded his Plasma Pistol into three of the Heretics laying the sprawled and dead on teh floor. Holstering he took out his enchanted blade glowing with an aura above any ever seen.

"And by the power of God I end your blasphemy, and wickedness!!!"

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