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08/23/2006 5:56 PM

America has been all but abolished and with it most of the known world. After the Iraqi war, Us President Bush was convinced to pursue new enemies in Iran, and eventually nearly half of the entire Middle East. At the climax of the 10 year war, America, after refusing to end the war, launched a devestating and brutal nuclear campaign against the Middle Eastern Nations. Finally the world broke into Anarchy, initiating an Apocalyptic Nuclear War, and in the end destroying 80% of the worlds known life.

In the ashes of a destroyed world, One Group rose to the occasion to bring civilization back. Known as the Glorious Reawakening, a series of 8 mega cities were erected all around the world; London, England; New Moscow, Russia; Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; New Cairo, Egypt; Vancouver, Canada; Washington DC, USA; New Tenochtitlan, Brazil. However entrance became permissable only by signing a doctrine, handing over all rights of privacy, and abolshing the right to self governing.

Now 70 years after the world submitted to the safety and security of the cities, people have begun to go missing. Small groups of suspicious people have begun a quest into teh dark crevices of the new society, suspecting Government involvement, only to find along trail of dark conspiracy, all leading back to a single organizations name; The Governing Order Dominion, GOD.

In this Rp people will take the roles of citizens at various levels in society and slowly dig deep into a large conspiracy eventually initiating a rebellion. The RP series may be long but will be fun and action packed starting in the cities of London and Washington. What do you all think???

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08/30/2006 3:31 PM


09/02/2006 9:11 PM

seems intriguing, if a bit lofty in goal. i like it, but it'd take a mass interest to be fun. i'll keep an eye out.

09/03/2006 10:09 AM

Well actually only about 4 are necessary, more would be awsome, but maybe if we get 4 we can start a stroy of one of the cities, and then people will gain interests and move into teh other cities.

09/04/2006 7:13 PM

I'm already in i posted my character sheet. looks really good ^_^ cant wait to start

09/05/2006 5:11 PM

Hey name of the RP is Angels of Oblivion, Part One that is. It will set up the setting and conflicts for everyones character, and possibly start some major themes and alliances.

I am suggest everyone read all my posts on the OOC part of angels of Oblivion, it holds some setting info, and a more In depth look at the system.

In short it is an Old World Medival attitude, mixed with an alienesque futuristic technology, and highly playing on Christian Belief System, though much more strict and very corrupt. Just check it out I ensure you all it will be an interesting Sci Fi, Satirical, Conspiracy, Action Thriller.

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