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08/17/2006 3:37 PM

It was quiet; the only sounds being made were the oblivious sounds of the wind rustling against the petrified trees. Light, seemingly happy whispers frolicked happily throughout the abandoned graveyard sight, where nothing special was to be seen, until you came to a grave marker where nothing was written, except in seeming ancient markings, and a name carved into the chewed stone, it read Kryy.

In front of the near bare headstone was a freshly opened grave, fairly common in these times for grave robbers were known to steal items from coffins, but there was nothing to be stolen in this pitiful graveyard, infested with bugs and crows hunched evilly amidst the top of the forked gates, eyeing up their next potential meals.

The only signs of movement that could be seen were from a nearby Willow tree, possibly the only sign of life in the whole Graveyard. There sat a shadowy figure, but nothing could be seen of him until the damp light of the moonlight illuminated his hiding place and he groaned.

The man was certainly not of the Human kind, but he was not of the Deceased. As he threw up an arm to block out the mundane light of the moon, his tattered sleeves of his arms fell down and revealed sickly looking flesh, green in color, missing pieces, even places where bone showed. Although you could now guess what this figure looked like, his robe still hid a good portion of his body.

In good time, you could hear the rapid flipping of pages, and distant curses in many different tongues that all sounded like the devil. But after a while, the figure gave up, and he laid his head against a tree, and the distinct but discreet sounds of sleep could be heard, but at closers inspection, his chest did not move up and down, he was not breathing. But heres a perfect time to enter his mind.

The setting instantly changes to some 200 years back, and you instantly recognize the figure you last saw as a Grave Robber in this very same grave yard. He was digging at the very same grave that you saw unearthed at the last time, but the heading on the tombstone had changed, it didnt read anything, it was blank, so why was he digging in it?

In good time the figure cried out a sigh of relief, as he lifted out a book, and stepped out of the muddy ditch that he had been slaving in, it had began to rain, but strangely you didnt feel a thing.

The man tried to open the book, and upon a few minuets of struggle, he did, and his eyes marveled in fear. He flipped through the pages in great awe, but the pages were getting wet, so he closed the book and began to cover up his traces.

But you began to feel strange, you felt an odd presence, the very same presence that you got from the very same, thing that was now before you in human form, it was Death incarnate. You instantly wish you could turn back time but you are in no real danger, this is just his dreams.

After the man filled in the hole, he shoved the book in his robe and turned, but gasped as he saw a luminous figure right behind him. The man, now cowering like a little boy was in awe. You manage to stifle a gasp as you realize that what you now saw before you was just an enlargement of the shadowy figure in the graveyard.

The one larger one announced himself as Kry, and pulled out a weapon that you have never seen in your life, and one that you would like to forget very quickly. It was a fist weapon of the sort; it fit nicely on the hand, like a pair of brass knuckles, but had upward curving daggers at the top.

The monster named Kry picked the Man up but the neck of his robe, he was still frozen with fear and could say nothing; all he could smell was death in his flaring nostrils. Kry lead him to the gravesite that he had not finished filling up. This shall be your home for the next 200 years, Kryy. Kry spoke, giving the Man a very similar name, but adding another y, the tradition would go on after ever mark was given.

Kry then proceeded to take his weapon, seeming flowing with Deaths lust, and carve a symbol into Kryys neck, and toss him into the grave. You will need that book when you wake up, come search for me. Kry said, a menacing laugh was the last thing that Kryy had ever heard, that and the blood curdling sound of a dagger scratching a name into stone.

Kryy woke up moments later from his dream and he remembered what must be done. He felt the symbol on his neck, and remembered in hatred what Kry had done to him, and he vowed to kill that man. Though, it was going to be a long, tough road, one that he planned to take with a vengeance, and give no remorse to those that he passed. He was now a part of the living dead.

08/24/2006 1:27 PM

kryy flicked through the book looking for something of use to him, plannig, thinking, he had wated 200 years in that grave, and he would have his revenge. He was living dead, that was for shur, but he would not allow that mercy to Kry, he would kill him and there would be no life after, death would come wholey for him, and very slowly. He idly stoked ´The Mark of Kry´ not knowing what to do now he was back in the lad of the living.

A page caught his eye in the book marked ´Fire ball´ he stoodied the page and looked for a target to practice his new skill, about 400 yards away a man was riding on course for the graveyard gates, Kryy stood and idly walked over to the gates and wated for the man, seeing kryy the man sped his horse into a gallop and cryed ´Good gods man what has happend to you´obviously seing his tatterd rags he wore for cloths, Kryy never took his eyes off the man, when he was around 50 yards away from him Kryy bowed his head, and mumbled a few words, a red aura began to glow around him, gradualy Kry increased the loudness of his voice and the red light became more fierce and bright, the man had reighn in his horce a mear 10 yards away from kryy. Kryys voice came to a great climace and he raised his head and index finger on his right hand, from the boney finger a fire ball left and flew into the man who let out a great cry and toppled from his horse.

Unlike what Kryy had thought, the mans horse did not bold as his former master turned to ash, he just stood there stairing at kryy. The horse slowly walked towards kryy and, as kryy tooched him the horse started to change, befor he had been fully grown, aproximaty 16 hands tall, it was silver and seemed full of life but, now he became thinner as his skin clung to his bones, the horse did not seem to notice this but just caried on stairing at kryy, finaly the skin tore and disintagrated leaving the skeleton of a horse standing befor kryy.

The leafs around the pair began to swirl but elcewhere there was no wind, a darkness semmed to flow from the right of the horse, a shadowy figure apeard at 1st, but then as kryy wated he recogniced the image, IT WAS KRY, befor Kryy managed to speek Kry raised his hand and said ´I know you want to try and kill me, that was always going to be obviouse, so i thought i would give you a little help, Shadowrider here´he indicated to the skeleton that was once a horse ´will serve you well, it was no mere coincidance that a man was riding just past as you rose from your´he laughed ´SLEEP´

Kryys hand sewped up and his fist sped to Krys face, he made no move to avoid the blow and, Kryys hand fell harmlesly through his skull ´HA FOOL i am not here in body, just in spirt´explained Kry ´I will watch over you Kryy, weather that will be advantages to you it is yet to see, you see this is all a big game, ultimatly you can never defeat me, i may guide you to where i dwell, and we could fight it out in one epic battle where, ultimaty i would always prevail, or i could get board of you and have you killed befor you even make it near me, but i have always belived in being fair, I will grant you 3 things, the book in witch you already hold, the mightly Shadowrider, and this´ The form of Kry raised his hands and, just befor Kryy a dark sword apeard ´This is the sword of night, it will help you well in your jorney to...´he laughed´KILL ME´ and with that the image of Kry disapeard and the sword fell to the floor with a metalic clang.

Kryy crouched down and grasped the sword with his right hand, it was butifuly crafted and, as his hand reached the hilt he felt power surging through him, he swung his leg over the horse shadow rider and, rode down the path, sword in had, on his journey of revenge.

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