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08/14/2006 11:33 AM

Dread set into the sorrow heavy soul of Xin Tuok Saxcian. Over the past years he had lost a father, many friends, and a Mentor. Atleast the Mentor he thought was a friend. For now he found himself standing before his ex-Master, on the dark tree covered world of Yavin IV, a body engulfed in anguish, fear, but most of all hate for the one he formally recognized as friend.

For in his dark and corrupted mind he saw the teachings of the former Jedi Master's to have been lies, deciet fed to him to hold him back from the thing he wanted most. Freedom. Revan and Malak promised such freedom ever since the Madalorian Wars, yet now with their returns as Sith, truth was personally shown to him by Revan himself. But now his anger set in on the relization that he had been spoon fed like a youngling, taken their lies as if he were a mere Padawan Learner. He hated the fact he had been nieve, and and an out right and utter fool.

But now that no longer mattered, for it was now he would destroy the wall that had so long been unscalable. He would tear down the shield that caged him like the prisoners he had apprehended and sentenced to their ends. Innocent members of the Sith who simply fought to be freed of the burdens of the Republic, of the Jedi Order and it's corrupt power hungry council. Or so he thought. For the way of the light was a captor in itself.

"My young Friend, please dont do this. Turn back, it is not to late!!!!"

"I no longer fear the Dark Side. I AM the darkside. Your Jedi Ways no longer control me!!!! YOU NO LONGER CAN FEED ME YOUR LIES!!!"

"Xin please don't do it... I will Not Kill you!!!"

"Then your weakness will destroy yourself," Xin ignited his blue Lightsaber with a small snap and a hiss, settling to a low and menacing hum. "If you are not with me, then you are obviously my enemy."

"Only a Sith deals in absolutes. Turn back, I will Save you from yourself."

"I have allready been Saved. I am Free."

"Then really are truelly lost. I will do what must be done."

"You will try..."

With those final words, Xin swung forward in a rolling lunge, toward his former master. Their blades met with a hissing crackle of blue on blue. Their battle had begun. Only one would prevail.

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08/17/2006 6:58 PM

Xin had made the first move, and Barro had met his former apprentices blade with his own. Master Koon gathered a fistful of force energy and sent it forward in a wave. "Give up Xin, you will not best me!"

08/18/2006 8:09 AM

Feeling the surge encompass him, Xin allowed the energy to engulf him and let his body glide with it's path. Rolling backwords, Xin landed on his feet, above the door to the Massassi temple behind them. Looking down upon his former Master Xin grinned with a vile and evil smirk.

"I feel your fear Master. Best you are not, I will defeat you in life or death. Hehe."

Lunging forward Xin hurled over his Master attempting to decapitate him. However his blade was met by his Barro's block. Running for cover Barro entered the temple, easing backwards into it's dark corridors, fighting off the sparratic and powerful blows of his ex-apprentice. Xin with one last force assist blow pushed his master backward into the large cavernous room of the Temple.

Standing in the doorway, the darkside emminated powerfully, leaving it's stain on the stones. With a simple grin, XIn pushed forward, again commencing the attack.

08/18/2006 6:39 PM

Barro lost ground to the furious attacks of his former apprentice. "He has grown strong in his evil" Barro thought to himself. Xin recommenced his attack and just as Xin was about to strike Barro flipped over him and landed behind him and with a force push sent him flying face first into a wall. "Much to learn you still have." Barro said, as he charged forward for a fresh slash

08/18/2006 9:08 PM

Frustrated Xin turned, with blood shot eyes and lifted his hnad to hoist a small pillar from the floor up and hurl it at his master. Caught off gurad it struck sending his master across the large dualing chamber like room. However the blow was not devestating. Shifting his footing Xin, moved into the Shein to his most powerful form Djem So. Moving in for the kill Xin dealt blows twice the strength he had been before. His master rapidly gave ground being forced back out the door into the jungle forest.

In a desperate move, Barro hurled himslef into the air onto teh first step of the massive Massassi Temple.

"Well Xin a little pay back for that nasty blow back their."

From above came a barrage of debri, peices of his prized fighter, flying in hot molten balls of projectile down upon him. Defendind against the majority of them, one large one struck the right side of his face scorching it to an unrecognizable wound. Now Anger flowed ever so powerfully. Pushing himself off his knee to stand again, Xin knew this would be a fight for the high ground and joined his master on the first step meters away from him.

08/22/2006 10:12 PM

Master Barro looked down at his apprentice, and shifted his stance from form II to form VI, he had hoped to use his knowledge of form II to successfully perform Sun Djem, but he knew now that it was futile, There was almost no chance that he could end this contest without killing Xin. "Surrender Xin, for I will no longer hold back."

08/23/2006 4:15 PM

"HA, master, neither will I!!!"

Sprinting forward the balde crashed down with an extreme amount of force, Barro's kneese buckling under the emmence power of his apprentice. Blow after blow Barro lost ground to the ferociousness of his former padawan's new gained abilities. Again looking to retaliate, Barro kicked Xin far away before leaping two steps up.

However Xin knew what he was doing and allowed teh force to carry him on his flight up a step, before landing on his feet to leap another two. As Barro attempted to surpass him XIn leaped across his master striking his blade. The battle waged in this fashion for some time, a scene of a series of leaps and flips, acrobatics surpassing that of any battle before now.

Xin had made an error though, his Djem So could not pack it's ferocious ability in such a acrobatic duel. As the two reached the last series of steps, Barro sliced for Xin and skimmed his right arm, and followed with a heavy, and devestating kick to the gut lunging him across the flat open roof.

Grabbing his arm Xin spit out blood and grimmaced at the pain shooting up his shoulder. Slowly though he rose refusing to yield, reaching out to pull his saber to him through the force. Igniting Xin fixed his stance holding his blade off to his right.

"Master, this will be the end of you."

"I have failed you, But I will not fail the order. Your darkness has killed the one you were."

"Like I will kill you."

And with those final words the battle continued with a new taste of hate and anger, Xin had died replaced by Evil he was. Pulling the blade over his head Xin's balde struck down on Barro's and locked, staring in eachothers eyes with their own relizations of the battle.

08/24/2006 8:55 PM

Barro knew now that he had to kill his apprentice, he had become too evil to be allowed to live. With a quick movement, he pushed his apprentices blade up and away, then dropped into a sweep, knocking Xin to the ground, he then rose quickly and skimmed his former apprentices wrist with the tip of his lightsaber, then slammed his foot onto the wound he had created, then put his blade to Xin's neck

08/25/2006 7:09 PM

OOC: Before I post how should we finish this. No defeat... I lose.... You Lose... Someone Escapes and we part ways???? I dont want to make the decision on my own.

08/27/2006 9:26 PM

ooc: your the GM man, it doesnt matter to me bro, i just wanted to put up a fight,

08/28/2006 8:44 AM

OOC: I am very democratic hahaha, here is the rundown. No One will win, and we will both end up parting ways.

"You are an abomination to the Jedi Order, and to this Galaxy. I have truelly failed you. I am sorry but this is what I must do."

"Yes Master, I am sorry as well."

Barro had taken his focus away for smidget of a second yet found that was enough for Xin to recover. WIth teh force guiding Xin pulled teh balde to his left hand igniting it before it veen touched his hand Struck the blade that crashed down toward Xin. Wit heveyr bit of emotion encased inside him, Xin pushed the Master off him, lunging him across the roof and finally off the edge hwere he hung with one hand above a deep gulley.

The force of hsi hit had caused him to drop his blade. Xin felt that in his master. Limping towardt he Edge, Xin dropped his saber, out of sight, and fell to his knees looking directly down into his master's fearful Eyes.

"Master I am tired of your lies!!! You have failed me, but imprisoning me!!!"

"I am sorry XIn but I have only been trying to keep you on the high path. THE ONE OF LIGHT!!!"

"But instead I have been left in chains held back from what i could truelly become."

GRasping his masters Hands XIn looked into his eyes directly with an evil glance, "Now it is the End for you... May the force curse you with an eternity of not becoming one!!!"

OOC:Ok Rp your escape somehow, be creative, Use friends whatever. My guy is really weak so He wont be able to leap let's say off teh side of the tenple to catch you or anything.

08/29/2006 1:26 AM

Barro got his feet against the wall. "Goodbye Xin!" he said as he pushed off and with a force powered leap and throw, took Xin with him and threw him toward the ground. Barro landed in a tree branch. "May the force be with you in death, Xin." Barro said, trying to catch his breath. He thumbed on his comlink and used it to call his ship, he felt the unique presence of his special lightsaber crystals and focused on them, calling his unique saber back to him. He climbed into the cockpit and flew off.

OOC: he only thinks he killed you, explain your survival however you like.

09/03/2006 11:23 AM

The fall seemed as if it would never end, allowing hismelf to be guided by the Force, Xin accepted his position. yet unlike a Jedi, Xin would not allow it to be his end. Grasping the moment by his Iron Fist, Xin knew that survival was key. Reaching for his belt Xin Pulled a little wire off and shot it for a hanging ledge, rapping it around, swinging him into the hard brick wall.

Slamming with emmence Force, Xin felt teh pain surge through him. Kicking of the wall, Xin grasped onto a tree and began to slide down it's trunk before leaping for teh forest floor, and collapsing under teh far high jump. His leg was fractured, his hand destroyed. He was hurt bad, yet the force lifted him from his broken state nd carried him to his Jedi fighter.

Lifting it into teh air Xin, rocketed into space. More training, more power were teh only thoughts inside his head. Someday he would meet his pitiful master again and destroy him.


Or is it....

(Star Wars themes plays!!!)

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