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08/14/2006 10:24 AM

[color=yellow][i]With the Sudden and unannounced loss of both
Master Revan, and the Jedi exile
the Galaxy is left without leadership
However the broken order of the Jedi has reunited
fortifying the Republic once again.

However the Sith who had regrouped in the presence of the Exile
Re-build rapidly on Korriban and many planets of the inner core as well
Finally a New Dark Lord has risen from the Ashes
and the quest for power has once again led the
two factions into bitter war...[/color][/i]

Silence and Twighlight blanketed the cold dark arid planet of Korriban. Dreshdae the only remaining life sustainable location on the planet still slept in dormant shambles, still as if time had ceased to move.

Huddled in the musty, dim lit Academy A circle of Sith listened to one man preach, standing above all with a small dim light excentuating his long raven hair, kaniving gotee, and intricate robes.

"Brothers of the Sith. Far to long have we laid dormant, in defeat. Far to long have we remained powerless to the Jedi and the Republic. It is time we return and avenge the galaxy, retaking the power we once held!!!"

The group stirred in interest. He had grasped thier attention.

"Hence forth all he align with me will be part of the Brotherhood of Darkness."

A man stood, suspicious of the new Sith's abilities, "I am Darth Bane. I answer to no one as Dark Lord of the Sith!!!"

The high ranking members around Bane stirred including, Belia Darzu, Underlord, and Rivan of the circle.

"SO be it. We as Sith are now equals under the banner. We are all Darklords."

"Fine Lord Kaan, So be it. What would we do???" Bane asked coldly.

"We have fought this great war for sometime now correct???"


"Well we now need a new approach. The Battle of Uba IV
1,532 BBY  The Battle of Gap Nine
1,500 BBY  The Dark Underlord Campaigns
1,466 BBY  The Battle of Mizra
1,250 - 1,230 BBY  The Sictis Wars
The Battle of Hoth
The Battle of Dromund Kaas
The Battle of Malrev IV," Kaan named off a list of battles already fought. "It seems those have all been genuinely succesful. However we still lay dormant in the ashes of defeat. It is time to strke the Jedi where it counts. Harpoori holds a major Jedi Staging Area. We must strike with all our might on it's unknowing populace. This will be the beginning of Our War against the Light."

"Hmmm. Sounds charismatic. However I hope you handle war like you handle your tounge Kaan."

"Yes Bane."

Slowly the room dissapated of it's members, and scores of legions of Sith knights and soldiers began to pour out of the dead temple. A Large Sith fleet began it's rise into space leaving for the Battle.

10 hours later

This is a fine Day, for this fine force, Lord Kaan thought to himself as he glanced across the bridge at the fleet, which had just exited hyperspace.What a Fine force Darth Ruin provided for me and me alone.

Despite hsi previous words to the many Dark Lords at Korriban, his black heart, and lustful sith mind, vyed for power. He was teh true Sith Lord, no other. If it wasn't for BAne and his Jealous, nonsensical Ranting, none would question his authority. But Bane was powerful, a enemy to reckon with. One to keep close but be wary of all at once.

Over watching the fleet Kaan marveled at it's size. Seemingly endless lines of Sith Class Star Destroyers, Sith Dreadnaughts, and the few Larger Leviathin-Class Sith Star Destroyers, poured in, hundreds upon hundreds. The planet was doomed, Kaan had assured himself that much. However deep in his compassionless mind worry, and a feeling of loss tugged at him. No matter he would adress it when teh time came, no need to change something that was guarenteed to be complete victory.

To his left were the new Dark Lord's Darth Bane, Belia Darzu, Dark Underlord, and Lord Rivan. On his right were the less poweful of the Circle, which Kaan reffered to secretly as puppets of his; Lord LaTor, Lord Qordis, Lord Kopecz, and Lady Githany.

With his check complete Kaan took his eyes from his own fleet and, with the help of the force, looked toward the planet of Harpoori. The Fleet was weak here as Kaan's dastardly plan involved all out total war on a planet going through refueling and restocking processes. All that was left was a total of 50 dreadnoughts, compared to the fleet of roughly 200 capital ships and 300 transports.

"Lords of the Order of Darkness. Today is our day!!! Let us crush our opponents!!!! Full invasion is a go!!! Take your respected fleets and do what must be DOne!!!"

Staring on once again he, reveleed in teh feeling of power that surged through him as the ships moved in and the battle began to wage.

Unlike the vessels of the Clone Wars, Empire, and New Republic, the crafts of the Old Republic foused on elegence, and stood strong in small numbers, giving up the ability of efficiency. This fully shown as the battle waged aboe the enveloped planet. Two Harbringer Class cruisers stood strong, surrounded by a fleet of merely 10 Republic dreadnoughts.

Sweeping in in numbers double the republic fleet, Kaan's Fleet, Brotherhood's Fist, Engoulfed the strong REpublic Defense fleet. Smiling as his Leviathin Class Sith Star Destroyer crushed the center hull of one of the two Harbringer Cruisers, bending it into a heaping mass of metal, armor, and scattered munitions and bodies.

Weaving in the fleet closed the distance gap between the Jedi and them, unleashing a fury of close quarters cannon fire and waves upon waves of newly refreshed fighters. Both in strategy and size the Sith dominated the theatre. With in Minutes the fleet would be crushed and Kaan would bask in the satisfaction of his perfectlly planned breech. Then he would move and follow the transport cruisers to the planet and join the ground forces.

Taking amoment, as the battle waged around, Kaan checked the ground theatres. Underlord held teh main lines on the attack on the Hypori space dock city, Darzu followed up erradicating little out posts on the way. Across the planet, Rivan took on the theta theatre, targetting cruisers, and landed fleet vessels. Bane however had been tasked far from where he wished taking out a small band of Jedi Knights to the north. This angered him emmencly, however, Kaan had been angered with his antics at the council upon Korriban. Bane new it would be dangerous to keep him too close to the higher priority missions.

As the Last cruiser errupted into debri, and ionized particles, Kaan pushed his fleet planet side leaving his defenders to secure the planets space. Victory was at the edge of the SIth's fingers.

Dispatching from his fleet Kaan, in Sith shuttle descended amongst his troop carriers, breaking through orbit and emerging into the bright world known as Hypori. Setting a course Kaan's shuttle skimmed across the water and directed toward the Sith forward command camp.

Still flying low Kaan inspected the movements and again marveled at the beauty known as the Sith Army of the Brotherhood. An ocean of loyal, obedient, killing machines, adorned in various robes or teh standard silver lined armor. Wielding Sabers, vibro swords, and various blaster rifles, Kaan was sure the army was well equpped and prepared to fully devote themselves to this battle and the long war ahead.

Finnally coming to hault Kaan Landed, joing the other Dark Lord atop his perch overlooking the large lines of soldiers marching upon the space port. WIth in seconds Carnage woudl engulf teh silent and peaceful plain.

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