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08/12/2006 10:14 AM

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08/15/2006 2:00 PM

TK stood in the arena awaiting the arrival of his opponent. His black armour seemed to drink in the sunlight. It had to be hot in all that black armour. Though TK showed no sign of it affecting him. He was used to the heat.

Holding his sword by resting his palm on the end of the hilt with the tip on the ground, TK waited. A new challenger had dared to come face him. Excitement boiled up inside him, but TK forced himself to a calm. A fight could be lost in a moment of loss of control.

08/15/2006 3:39 PM

Rei stood outside the entrance to the arena, sizing up his opponent in every way he could before he actually put himself in harms way. He felt a little silly now in his black steel light armor. The obsidian theater mask gleaming in the sunlight inder his ringmail coif. Bedecked in a pauldron and razor edged gauntlet on his right arm and a steel plated black leather glove on his left he seemed a picture of confidence against full armor. A belt full of shurieken and a long katana were his only armaments. He stepped slowly into the arena, dragging the blade backhanded along the marble with and ear peircing shriek. He sheathed his sword, walked up within inches of TK, and stared intently into the eye slits of the helmet he wore.
"I'm glad you came. I ask only that you don't hold back. Courtesy would allow that I give you the choice of terms. So, set them...but know that you will not walk from this as you did with the one who belives not."

08/15/2006 9:22 PM

TK barked a laugh. "Quite confident, eh? I don't know why you're so eager to die. You don't have an unlimited number of lives as the other had." TK looked over his shoulder at the gathering of combatants on the other side of the portcullis that led into the gladiators' chambers. There were a few of them over there already.

"If you truly believe you can beat each and every person who comes your way, you're sorely mistaken. There's always someone out there that's better than you. I think death is a bit far for this match. Otherwise you wouldn't be alive to face the other challengers. No. I think first blood shall determine this match. I'll let you live to suffer the humiliation of defeat over and over."

TK gripped his sword in both hands and stepped back from Rei. He held his blade out in front of him and stopped when he was far enough that Rei wouldn't be able to hit TK's blade with his own. TK then drew his sword back in front of him in a defensive position. "Let's not keep the others waiting. Go ahead and take the first move."

TK stared intently at Rei, watching his stance. You can tell a lot about a fighter by the way they hold their weight. If Rei pushed his weight forward, he was going to charge head-on. A foolish move, that, but there are fools out there. A more centered center of gravity lends itself for a variety of moves and is good for defense. If he were to shift his weight to either side he would be going for a flanking move. Most likely to his off-hand side (left side). That was what TK was expecting. A sidestep attack at his weak side. Hard to defend against and harder to counterattack.

08/18/2006 2:36 PM

Rei watched the gaze of the black terror before him. (OOC: a litle bit of props between friends ;) ) This would be no easy fight, but TK seemed very textbook in his choice of defensive stances. A small advantage for such an unorthadox fighter as Rei. He smiled then, laughing a little out and loud as he spoke so that only TK could hear.

"Good luck old friend, in my deepest sincerity. I truly hope I can live up to your exepctations."

With that, he set his feet close and leaned into a head on attack, drawing his katana and slashing in a single move, however nearly a foot from his mark. The charge, a cover up for his true intent to get around Tk's weak side as far as possible before he realized it, wasn't a charge at all. As he took his first step forward, he allowed his right knee to buckle and drop him at an angle. Drawing a pair of daggers in his throwing hand as he fell, he followed the momentum of the fall towards the ground, curling his head and shoulder inwards, and rolled over in an armless somersault keeping his blade wide of his body to keep from cutting himself and to block any stray sweeps of TK's sword. His roll took him alongside the front of TK's weak side and onto his feet at TK's left, launching the daggers, as he stood, towards the joints at TK's hip and knee. Following the swing of his left hand, Rei's right hand swept left and up, aiming for the joint in the armor's elbow with his katana. He left his left knee loose and weak in the event that his sword should miss...he'd need it for a backspinning heel kick along the same spinning momentum, of maybe to drop backwards into another roll. Rei hoped to overwhelm his opponent with relentless attacks from different angles, in hopes that not all of them could be defended...

08/18/2006 7:42 PM

As Rei started forward, TK thought to himself, "What a fool." TK too shifted his weight forward to meet his attack head-on. The added weight of his full armour would give him a momentum advantage over Rei and overpower him easily. Though just as TK was about to strike out with his sword Rei went into a roll to his left side. Crafty, but somewhat sloppy. He had too much forward momentum to get far enough away to his side. TK brought his blade down to push Rei out of his roll as he saw daggers bloom from his opponents hands.

TK used his weight shift to flex his knees and force himself down into a crouch, so Rei's knives hit higher than they were aimed. The daggers klinked harmlessly off of the sturdy plate armour TK favours for this reason (amongst others). Rei's sword also caught a missed mark as TK's sword moved to intercept it. Rei's blade struck TK's sword near the hilt. Leaning into the sword, TK shoved against Rei with all his weight. He then caught himself on his left foot and pushed himself back. He took a few steps back while Rei finished his roll away from him.

Now standing further apart than they had started, TK's lips almost seemed to quiver. A smile was trying to force itself onto his lips. This was going to be a good fight. Instead, though, TK merely said, "Good try, but not good enough. Try again." He readied himself in the same stance.

08/21/2006 1:50 PM

Rei's feet slid on the dusty stone as he came out of his roll, standing. He looked at TK, smiling, and failed to hold in the hearty laughter his near perfect defense brought. "Amazing!!! I've NEVER seen such skill! This truly will be a great battle!"

Rei suddenly abandoned his defensive posture for a relaxed stance, his hand on his hip in a fist, and the katana resting lightly on his shoulder. A bit of slight of hand placed a dagger into the fist against his hip, the blade cupped backwards in his fist with the hilt hidden behind his back. Rei slid his knuckles around a triple set of steel darts with his sword hand, the handle of the katana hiding the pencil-sized shafts of razor sharp metal. With a cocky smile that seemed forced now at the event of such a heavily armored foe, he began stepping slowly right, circling TK's weak side casually, still hiding the projectiles completely with the skill of years of practice in the magic parlors of his hometown.

Quantity with quality would be his next strategem, if a little push was not enough, he would need a bigger one. One hit, just one hit would be all he needed, or at least enough flying death to force the "pawn" into the moves he needed him to make. So, it was decided. Certainly a few tricks would at least force his opponent to reevaluate his defensive strategy.

Rei spit onto the floor, towards TK, but not at him, feet away actually... and stepped towards it to rub it in with the toe of his boot. as his shoe neared the floor, however, he kicked at it hard, sending dust to his left, drawing attention away from his dash right and stopping abruptly to leap sidewise at TK. A dangerous maneuver as it was his weak side that faced the swordsman, but there would not be enough of a pause for TK to strike without leaving the joints of his neckplate and helm open to the Katana strike from above right. He landed and immediately crouched to avoid the sweep of the blade that he knew would come and lanched his attack again, using the momentum of the leap to swing himself in a low, tight circle, this time launching both hands at once. A diagonal stream of darts towards TK's side, armpit, and throat and a dagger at TK's knee. Rei had positioned himself inside the reach of his katana this time, however, and the spin would bring him around for a sweeping strike immediately after the thrown weapons left his hands. TK could duck or jump and still not likely avoid both weapons, as well a strafe would have to be made away from his sword arm, strongly weakening the effectiveness of his right hand's ability to swing the sword, and a strafe left would have him cleaved in two easily at this distance. Rei was sure that he left very few options, but followed his sword's strike with a high, spinning kick, the swords might meet, but he'd still take a kick in the straps at his ribs if he didn't retreat, or defend. Nothing would suprize Rei though, as he'd seen the way this man moved...

08/22/2006 11:47 AM

TK quickly twisted to face Rei head-on, again shifting his armour's weak spots just enough for the dagger to scratch harmlessly off the kneecap plate. He loosed his grip on his sword with his left hand and brought the back of his gauntlet up to his neck to deflect the high dart. The middle and lower darts pinged uselessly off his breastplate. The swordstrike, though. TK caught the side of the katana on his left bracer and pushed the sword wide to the side. Rei's kick landed square on the base of TK's breastplate as well. While TK still felt a bit of a shock in his gut, Rei would be feeling it as well in his kicking leg.

So far both of Rei's attacks have relied on precision-point attacks with thrown weapons. He seemed more skilled in distance fighting than melee combat. So TK decided that he wouldn't let Rei get another chance to attack in that style. So far TK had been lucky that each time only one projectile had been launched at each joint in his armour. Multiple shots at the same point would make it far more difficult to move into a place where they wouldn't be effective.

With Rei's sword at TK's left and foot on his chest, TK took his sword in his right hand and thrust it at Rei's chest. TK prepared his footing to follow Rei whichever way he dodged. He would have to dodge, there was no way he would be able to bring his sword back and block the strike. TK was ready to bring this into a melee contest. Rei had proven his aim is good, but TK had been lucky enough that he could merely shift his facing or height slightly to force the projectiles off-target. That sort of luck probably wouldn't last an entire fight. Now it was time to see just how well Rei handled that blade of his.

08/22/2006 1:04 PM

TK showed more than ample skill in that armor of his. He also seemed to know exactly what to do with Rei's projectiles. One thing that had not been accounted for was Rei's heavy, steel plated glove, the palm being the only real vulnerable point. The jarring force of his kick against the plates of TK armor surely hurt, but years of physical conditioning made it bearable. It was however an unexpected twist that he shound wind up with his foot in TK's chest, rather than under his arm in the soft spot along his ribs. Time to adjust, he needed to break away, use his advantage of speed and range and press the attacks from a safe place far away. He didn't want to be thrown into the melee game quite yet seeing as he hadn't quite exhausted his options from a distance.

Rei's massive left hand swept upwards, backhanded, and knocked the blade of TK's sword up, over, and past the shoulder of Rei's light breastplate, along the heavy ringmail coif he wore, the metals screeching against one another as the thrust slid past. Rei bent his knee and pushed towards TK, bunching up close to look TK in the eyes as he pulled the handle of his katana back towards TK with lightning speed, swinging hard for his ribs in the belts along the breastplate's side. With TK's arm up at his neck, the only counterstrike would be a punch to the face, but at this distance there would be too little momentum to harm him through his obsidian mask.

(OOC:whether or not it hits my intention is still to complete the following...)

Following the strike, Rei immediately kicked off, towards the ground, sliding along the dusty floor for a few feet before rolling over backwards, his katana leveled sidewise above him to stop any incoming blows, and as his feet touched ground, he sprinted sideways and away, keeping his chest and sword towards TK...

08/23/2006 12:37 PM

With only one hand on his sword, TK had to concentrate on keeping his grip when Rei knocked his sword off course with his glove. His strike was pushed off course and TK lacked any advantage to strike again.

When Rei's sword hilt came around, TK brought his left arm back in to catch the impact. The hilt struck his armguard and slid in to strike the corner of his breastplate. If TK had been any slower and Rei would have possibly driven the wind out of him. It was then that Rei kicked off TK. Rei flew off, being the lighter of the two, but TK did have to take a step back to avoid being knocked over. Rei had successfully put distance between the two fighters again.

With Rei sprinting away from him, TK found himself slowly edging back. If Rei wanted distance between them, then there would be sufficient distance for TK to react to anything Rei could do.

08/30/2006 2:27 PM

Rei was at a serious disadvantage for the time being, or so it would seem to anyone in attendance. He, however, knew that every failed attempt was simply a lesson learned and a chance to adapt...and adapting was what had kept him alive thus far. So, pinpoint strikes hadn't worked...light barrages had failed as well...even distractions had led only to nearly effective strikes. In combat, "nearly effective" was a fancy word for "failure".

Rei loosened the ties on his obsidian/metal scabbard as he ran so that he could pull it easily from his side in the event of another "mishap". He was not about to be caught off guard again and the hard stone filled with burnished metal would serve as a suitable defense for a short time. He slowed to a walk, circling TK now, evaluating him once more. The fingers on his gauntleted right hand flexed as he renewed his grip on the katana. Small blades extended and retracted from the wrist, knuckles, and forearm of the gauntlet with the movements of his fingers and at a twist of his wrist, the large, curved, blade drawn up into the elbow seemed to quiver as if ready to spring to its full length. The sport of things was quickly fading and was slowly becoming replaced with a void of concentration. It was time to play no longer.

This would be the last of Rei's little ranged tricks before he'd expended all but two daggers, a single weighted dart, and two stars. One final attempt to strike a successful blow. Rei's hand clutched a pointed rod of metal with a brass ring in the front end mounted near the front. The rod was actually a series of metal shards, centered around a powerful spring, the rod would fly as one object until it hit something. Once it struck, it would explode in a shower of metal. Chances were, it would result as all had before, but Rei's entire arsenal would be put to use here in this final assault. He'd gained the distance to complete his attack. If it failed, Rei would be forced into melee combat...his katana had never tasted blood, but his skill with the sword was in no way questionable.

Rei sheathed his sword and tied the lower end upwards, leaving the katana horizontal across the small of his back. Rei launched the rod in a low arch towards TK's feet, then sprinted towards TK. He began launching doubles of his weapons with both hands, both daggers with his right, aimed slightly above and below the hip, and both stars with his left at the shoulder joint, so a duck, or standing up would put him in harms way. He finished by launching the dart at his face and whipping both sword and scabbard from his back, rushing in behind the hail of weapons and the oncoming shower of metal. The rod would burst just out of reach of Rei and the weapons would follow a second after, followed by the primally screaming Darknight of Ta'ah'enDarrinelle, Reivien Kin Stallgren...slayer of man and beast alike. The one named TK would know fear...or victory.

08/31/2006 2:33 PM

Rei held nothing back this time. TK knew this would probably be the last offensive. One side or the other would win here and now. The large volley of projectiles left him little choice. TK decided to fully avoid the heavier of the projectiles that had a higher chance of puncturing his armour. TK stepped back and in with his left leg, which put him facing perpendicular to Rei. This exposed the minimum amount of area to the oncomming projectiles. TK released his sword with his left arm and held it back to accomodate anything he hadn't planned for. Holding his sword vertically to act as a sort of shield for the weak strip on the side of his armour TK stood for the barrage.

The daggers flew through where his knee had been, fully avoided by the side stance. The throwing stars met TK's shoulder guard, and only luck kept them from ricocheting up to his neck. Rei's spring-rod hit the ground and exploded into a multitude of sharp metal shrapnel. The shrapnel flew at TK and a chorus of metallic "tinkling" gave proof of the weapon's effectivness. Shrapnel went everywhere; however, TK did not have time to note if any of it had drawn blood. Rei was upon him. TK's stance didn't lend itself to defense very well so TK had to act quick. TK took a slight step towards Rei and leveled his blade in one move. He moved his blade quickly enough that some of the shrapnel that had bounced off his sword was now knocked towards Rei. In a sort of fencing move, TK thrust his sword at Rei. This would (hopefully) at least keep Rei out of reach long enough for TK to get back into stance.

09/01/2006 3:22 PM

Rei came in low, fast, and hard, running as fast as he could towards TK. His near-crouch made it easy to dropinto a crouch onto his right knee, turning his body to the right and putting his left foot in front of him, facing TK, putting Rei in a sortof sideways slide throught the last three feet of distance between them, his sword, reversed, trailing the stone to behind him for balance and momentum. The metal splinters tinkled harmlessly off of Rei's obsidian mask, taking with them flakes of black stone.

He could easily lose here and now, but the outcome was already decided, he would not back down...even if it meant defeat.

Rei's stone scabbard bashed the flicking sword, leveled to thrust, out wide of TK's chest, with a right -to-left sweep. Rei's medium build betrayed his true strength, the force of the blow sending flecks of stone flying from the scabbard, a long crack running along it's lenth now. Rei's slide ended abruptly, with TK's exposed side right in front of him and his sword, hopefully, too wide for a block or counterattack. His right arm followed his left, sweeping right to left with the now backwards katana, the reversed grip allowing him to slash at such a close range, towards the weak strip of armor. Rei could not afford to take a chance, however, and, using the momentum of his slide and the power of his coiled leg to launch a powerful roundhouse kick at TK's head that would , if not directly harm him, at least put him on the ground.

The Darknight was now a flurry of movement...A rictus snarl escaped his lips and he screamed once more...

09/01/2006 4:00 PM

The shock of the impact rang though TK's sword and forced his right arm wide. He wouldn't be able to block with his sword, but he could step into the strike to take the hit with his armour. Hopefully the sword wouldn't cut through the solid plate. TK stepped around and towards Rei with his left foot. As he stepped, though, he felt a twinge of pain in his knee. Now he knew that one of the shrapnel pieces had in fact found its way through the knee joint in his armour. But, the shift in facing again caused the katana to strike his breastplate. The sword cut into, but not through, the armour. Rei's katana was now lodged in TK's breastplate.

The next strike nearly caught TK by surprise. If Rei had kicked low, he very well could have kicked TK in the knees before he had noticed the kick, but Rei's kick aimed high and was now right next to TK's free left hand. TK angled his head slightly so that when Rei's kick hit his helmet, the helmet flew off his head. TK's eyes met Rei's for an instant. Excitement shone through TK's eyes as he reached up with his left hand and grabbed Rei's foot. TK then let go of his sword with his right hand and twisted with his left. Rei spun slightly before falling face-first into the ground.

TK kneeled on Rei's back, still holding Rei's leg with his hand, pulling it up and towards his back. A very uncomftorble position. With his free right hand, though, he reached into his knee joint and pulled out the piece of shrapnel. TK lightly tossed it beside Rei's face, "The agreement was to first blood, and there it is." TK himself looked at the tiny spot of red on the piece of metal on the ground. "Well-played Rei. It seems you do win this round. Be thankful, though, that it wasn't on any terms worse than that else you would have a broken leg at the very least." With that, TK released Rei's leg and stood up. He extended his hand towards his opponent to assist him to his feet as well.

09/02/2006 6:59 AM

Rei stood, using the hand offered to him to take to his feet. He reached up and pulled the obsidian mask from his face, revealing eyes that shone like gold, deep set in paper white skin. The tangles of his white hair dropped from the edges of his coif and he smiled.

"Actually...it's a draw..."he said as he pulled back his coif to remove a fleck of black stone from his scalp, no doubt from his scabbard. A thin line of blood ran the length of his face now, the smile split by a chrimson line. Rei leaned in close to TK, bowing low to expose his neck, as was customary in Ta'ah'enDarrinelle, in a gesture of trust. "We will meet again...on different terms...and I look forward to a warriors death, yours or my own. If ever you have need...my sword will aid you. Peace follow you old friend."

09/04/2006 7:26 AM

---~~~ROUND 2~~~---
(RIM, you have the initial post...)

09/04/2006 8:42 PM

Forgall waited patiently for his adversary. He was a huge man, 6 and half feet tall if he was inch, 350 pounds if he was an ounce. He stood absolutely still, his dark red hair cropped up like a horses mane. He wore a torc around his neck, and his body was covered in woad stained scars in various line designs. In his hand he carried a halberd fully 8 feet long at the haft, with a massive axe head and hammerhead on the counter weight. from the top rose a blade like that of a sword addign another 12 inches to the size of the weapons. He wore a kilt and high boots with leather bands around his knees. He also wore a breast plate with a bandolier across. From the bandolier hung several throwing axes and from his belt throwing knives. On his back was a battle quiver which held in it a large war axe and massive sword.

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