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08/11/2006 1:55 PM

Ok I do not know if anyone has been viewing the Civilian Chapters series lately, but it has been going somewhere and has been gaining popularity (even though there is only two players right now). Any ways Civilian Chapters is a survivor/horror RPG set in real life and dealing with real governmental issues. You can check the rest of the story details in the general roleplaying forum. Since there hasn't been any recent player recruitment, I would like to start a prolouge to the whole story to gain some new members. In Civilian Chapters: Part Prolouge, the story starts off in 2007 a year before the incident. Right now George W. Bush is president, but is awaiting the new presidential campeign. The economy of the US has fallen due to the money spent on the Iraqi War. The government is trying to create new, cheaper technology and economical plans.

The story starts off in a small town in Arizona. Near the town is a large mansion, which has been kept private from the towns people. This mansion is USOG (read cc, ccpart2, or ccpart 3). Something happens and the village is overrun by blood thirsty zombies. Not only zombies but sick twisted creatures. A mysterious military organization barricades the village not allowing anyone to leave. You take on the role of a towns person and try to uncover what has happened and find a way out of town.

Here is the resume that was in the Civilian Chapters part 1 thread. Now you can just look it over here and create your player. Please try to give this a whirl. I will tell more of the plot in the OCC area of the thread in the general roleplaying forum.

Name -

Age -

Occupation -

Motto -


Height -
Eye Color -
Complexion -
Build -
Hair -

Current Weapons:

Primary -
Sidearm -
Melee -

Current Supplies/Clothes:


08/14/2006 2:09 PM

I WOULD LOVE THIS!!!! It is exactly like the Resident Evil Novel stories. When will this start???

Name - Patrick O'Kelly

Age - 38

Occupation - Police Officer/ Tavern Owner

Motto - "Working without being under the influence is like putting your hand in a meet grinder, while working with a bottle of me whiskey in your grasp means their will be hell ta play."


Height - 6' 2'
Eye Color - Green
Complexion - Pale, yet covered in unshaven red beard hair
Build - Built like an Ox at a weight of nearly 225 lbs. However little of the weight is fat and mostly muscle
Hair - Short unshaven bald red hair.

Current Weapons:

Primary - Sawed off black riot shotgun
Sidearm - A Pair of Dual Desert Eagle Pistols
Melee - Brass Knuckles

Current Supplies/Clothes:

Clothes - Arizona Police Department Outfit, and a barman's leather vest
Supplies - Flask of whiskey, Flash light, Pocket Knife, Lighter, Cigars

History: Brought up in ireland, he was soon sent to America to start a new life. Having traveled from Boston to New York to finally Arizona, he worked as a Police officer till he could raise enough to open a Pub. Finally he has been able to do this and was ready to resign as an officer however on his way to the station the incident happened.

08/17/2006 12:32 PM

Nice character. Hopefully we will start in a little bit, hopefully get more interest.

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