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08/09/2006 3:18 PM

Call off the hounds. My hiatus is coming to an end. I have been busy, no one would deny that, but it is an itch that concerns me. That itch to return and roleplay. It really wasn't that long ago that I was RPing here. A good number of people should remember me - there's so many new people though - so I should be able to fit in again. Anyone interested in any of my previous RP exploits can check the RP archives. Anything Greygem Trio or Playing God will suffice. I am looking to RP again so be aware that I'm popping in now and then to read the threads that are just beginning. I want to join something with a direction that is still open ended. Hope everyone's happy to see me out and about (like a trout).

08/09/2006 11:27 PM

Welcome back, Benn. I'm sure your hiatus started before I joined, but it's always good to see a regular return. Too few people seem to take the sort of joy in this place to be a regular, so it's good to have someone in the fold that appreciates it.

08/21/2006 5:38 PM

Welcome back, Benn.

08/22/2006 7:33 AM

welcome back :D good to see a familiar face :)

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