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08/07/2006 9:28 PM

Far to the north, beyond the verdant plains of Alam, the famous tavern at Crossroads, the frozen land of Melyanna lies. Surrounded by the Asgul mountains, the nation has remained safe for generations under the leadership of the House of Tears. Rach veins of iron, gold, silver and precious gems flood Melyanna's economy, while her industry produces tools for her armies to fighted the ever persistant Jubei-Thos barbarian tribes. Few cities dot the tundra, each one overflowing with boutiful fruits, vegitables, and grains in the breif growing season to prepare for the harsh, long, and routinely bloody winter. West of the capital Mineria lies the town of Selendra. Though a family town of only seventy people, she is of vital importance. Within her domian of influance, the necromancer Alastor Deathbane lives, the lake that seperates the land of the Tears and those of the Jubei-Thos, and is a famous crossroads as well. It is here that a few townsfolk will be immersed in a tale they never imagined possible. With luck, they may live to tell it.

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