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08/02/2006 2:06 PM

Before I hear it, yes, I am new to these forums, so naturally, I'm a little lost. This isn't the first time I RP, so I'm not new to that, but this idea forum is quite new to me, and as I am a 'newb' here, I'll post it here:

[i]Thousands of years ago, ten bottles of special elixir were created; one big bottle and nine smaller ones. This elixir was called the Elixir of Souls, as it provided immortality to the drinker if enough was taken, as well as awesome power, though at a hefty price: the drinker rips his soul to bits, therefore making himself evil with no way to turn back, ever. The Dark Lord, though, did not care, as he was already evil and already had an army of thousands of orcs and dragons and other such beasts. He was taking over, and this elixir, which he would drink and provide the nine smaller bottles to his top warriors, would render him practically invincible.

So the Dark Lord drank his bottle, and immediately became immortal. He took one of the smaller bottles, and as a risky test, pored elixir all over his favorite weapon, a huge axe. His idea worked; the axe became powerful enough to cut through or kill anything. Absolutely anything.

Only one task remained: providing the eight remaining smaller bottles to his warriors, who were scattered throughout the lands leading troops to invade countries and cause terror everywhere. One by one, he found his warriors. After six of them had drunken up, the wizards of the Cleric's guild found out what was happening: one of the brewers of the elixirs finally ran away from the Dark Lord's palace and ran to the Cleric's guild to tell them he had been kidnapped and forced to brew to brew this elixir.

The Cleric's flew to the Dark Lord's palace, waging war with an army much larger then they had expected. Even the Dark Lord's Warriors were present; the ones had drunk the elixir, that is. Fortunately, the Clerics found that the Warriors hadn't drunk enough after all; the Dark Lord had miscalculated and the Warriors only had enough elixir to give themselves lots of power, but not immortality.

After a huge battle, the Clerics finally slaughtered all the creatures and the Dark Lord's Warriors. The Dark Lord retreated into his palace, and he knew he was going to be overwhelmed, and that his two bottles of Elixir would be stolen. He quickly cast an ancient spell on them, sealing it. The cork would be impossible to open unless it was him, and the crystal of the bottle would be indestructible.

The Clerics used all the magic and power they could on the Dark Lord, but he had drunk enough elixir and was immortal. He was not dead, but as far away from life as anyone could be. He was feeble, invisible, and powerless. He fled into hiding, leaving behind nothing but his 'Crimson Axe', which had caused so many deaths, and the two small crystal bottles containing the ever-so precious elixir that, he knew, would someday bring him back to full strength... [/i]

Oh yeah, setting is medieval, about 400 years Before Christ.

That's it. It's a little long, but... Any interest?

Helpful comments and critisism will be appreciated.


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08/03/2006 2:43 PM

Well well Dr. Newbenstein, It's CRAP! lol j/k I'm sortof new as well, so...
Seriously, You have a good start. With that said, just a few suggestions and a miniscule amount of advice.

I would reccomend that you specify what it is you wish this RP to achieve, Is this a standard, live life and fight occasionally RP? Is it high action, political intrigue, dungeon raiding parties? With a mission, running wanton, large scale wars with ships and seige engines? None of this is necissary to answer, but for a players sake, these questions beg to be asked to determine interest in a thread. I would also reccomend that you take a good deal of time and explain exactly who and what exists and doesn't exist in this world of yours.

Finally, I would advise you to write up, even if it's just for yourself, a breif history of your world in quite a bit of detail when it comes to important people we should remember and special events.

Hope this is a help and I look forward to seeing this one.

08/04/2006 3:04 PM

Thanks for the help. All you said was very helpful and will be taken into consideration. Good ideas, although I will not answer them all here know; instead, I will reflect on this information and reveal it later.

Anyone else?

08/07/2006 4:37 PM

the setting isn't medieval... The true setting would be considered late "Bronze Age"

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