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07/30/2006 5:26 PM

[i]"The Galatea has exploded...One of humanities first orbital space stations has been demolished and the remaining pieces are hurtling towards us as we speak. Actions have been taken to ensure the saftey of the Americas and the tragedy of today seems to be over. This is Taresa Chandler for Channel 9 news reminding you to be safe and tune in at 7:00 for the evening edition."[/i]
[i]"...there have been several reports following the incident claiming that one man survived the incident unharmed but is suffering from some sort of disorder...one witness claims the man was actually on fire...mother lifts a bus to save...people are flying......[b]The world seems to be erupting with superhumans..."[/b][/i]
That's what the world now called it, the Eruption. People everywhere were erupting with power, violent outpourings of superhumanity changing humans into something more. Novas, they were called, and were the result of quantum signature radioactivity exposure, recently discovered to have been caused by Galatea's explosion.

The Nova Age it was being called, and it marked the dawn of a new beginning for the world. Now the world in its entireity was aware of novas and their potential for good...and evil. Now the man called Devis Mal has given his Null Manifesto to the world. The drive for Nova supremecy has begun and a war named the Abberant War is underway all around the world pitting Nova against human, or even other Novas.

The superhumans of the world before the Eruption were now forced into the spotlight, leaving many Novas ruined. Peter Parker's identity had been exposed days ago and now the names of several others were popping up all over. Xavier's school would be ruined, however, for today it was still exam day.

Students and teachers alike were forced to take the exams in the danger room. Even those of the X men and the New Mutants.
"4 Sentinels is quite a test isn't it?...BEGIN!" came the voice of a one named Magneto, given the school upon Proffesor X's demise. With that, the holo-projectors hummed to life and the excersise began.

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08/05/2006 4:16 PM

"ring...ring" The phone began ringing. It was just like any typical day for Massimo, the day was daul, and nothing exciting ever really shot out. He picked up the phone, "Hello?" A womens voice was heard, it was his secretary. "Mr. Vinci, it's Mr. Donaldson on line one." Mr. Donaldson was the lead supervisor for the advertisement of Jaguar motors. He has been badgering Massimo everyday about the new campaign. Ever since the uprising of Novas, Mr. Donaldson has been pushing the board to make an approach towards the "superhumans". With his slogan, "Super Cars, For Super People" Mr. Donaldson sees Jaguar automotives making billions. Massimo picked up the phone, "Hello Mr. Donaldson, how may I help you?" Mr. Donaldson voice began to pierce Massimo's ears.

"What! Mr. Vinci! Hows it going?! Yea just checking on how the campaign idea is going, with you being the head hancho around here, I know you could get this through for me." Massimo didn't even want to speak to this idiot, but he didn't want to be a jackass. "Oh, well...it's going great, yea it just might work." Mr. Donaldson never sounded more happy, "Hot dog!, thanks my Italian friend, hows 'bout we celebrate, dinner on me?" Massimo coughed, "Uh no don't feel to good, just staying home tonight, thanks anyways, bye."

He hung up the phone, and went back to his boring career. You see, he may do wonders for the company, but Massimo never felt a sense of enjoyment. Everything was daul, like nothing was new to him any more. He got up from out of his chair and walked out of the office. The Nova uprising brought interest to Massimo. Everyday at work since the appearances, Massimo has been tracking the news. He walked into the cafe and sat down next to the TV.

[i]"The reports keep pouring in everyday. A neighbor able to melt things....A child able to transform into anything.....and even the typical hobo able to fly. This new puzzle is turning the minds of people from around the United States. We talked to New York local police officer Chris Medows, for what his intake is about the Nova appearances. "Hi Sally, hi...well it's a wierd conspiracy, you know. The NYPD has no clue wether a criminal has powers or not, so sometimes we can come in defenseless on the job, and it's a bad thing. New York has turned into the circus, what can I say?" Although many reports are still unclassified, many are apparent. A local threat is the Nightmere Gang, a group of teenage Nova's who cause havoc around the streets. The numbers of new members has skyrocketed! The NYPD are doing their best to stop this. We will wait to see what else occurs, Im Sally Cheng, Channel 9 news."[/i]


Massimo got up from out of the chair, and walked back into his office. He sat down and tapped his pen on his desk. Thoughts were running through his mind. What would make his life spectacular? He smiled and began writing a note. It read:

[i]"Note to self...Destroy the Nightmere Gang."[/i]

08/05/2006 4:52 PM

farwynn was busy examining some documents, he still had no freakin clue what happened to him....he needed someplace to go about this kinda stuff but what? he turned up the tv. some news report was going on.....something about some gang rising in infamy somewhere out of state, nightmere something.....he would look into it later

"hey boss, show us yer freaky powers again" louie shouted at him, farwynn cursed under his breath and downed another beer. louie was one of his better riders but he was annoying....."not now louie, im kinda busy", he changed the channel. news didnt interest him, maybe he should ask someone else? he had heard rumors of some kinda school that some of the 'weirdies' as they used to call em, had gone to.....perhaps he should look into that....what time was it, 2:30? he changed the channel

"hey, we were watchin that!" someone shouted, "shut up, sanford n son is on". this show kicked ass...."hey boss...." louie started again.....damnit, didnt this guy ever shut up? "what now louie?" he muttered angrily. "think you can deflect bullets?". "i told ya louie i cant.....well.....wait a minute"

now that he thought about it, he didnt know if he could do that, he imagined some of these.....people, out there with the powers could, what was to say he couldnt as well? "hey bill, you still got that beretta?" "sure do boss". farwynn was never a rich guy and when it came to the situation with these......novas, he was about as clueless as a rich businessman was about farming and life in the ghetto, "lay one on me bill, i gotta see if i can deflect that stuff". the biker pulled a small beretta M-9 pistol out of his leather jacket

farwynn was entirely confident that he would come out of this unscathed, 'novas' had freaky powers n whatnot right? surely he could do something small time as that

three minutes later he gets proven wrong, the bullet enters the shoulder, he doesnt know if it went in the bone but certain that it hurt like f'in hell. the first thing he starts doing is cursing in ways that were innapropriate to even the most vile of persons. "you ok boss?" louie asked curiously, he just looked at him with an angry look. "i dont know, have bill plant one of these in YOUR SHOULDER and then lets see if YOU ARE OKAY!! bartender, scotch on the rocks". the man simply readied his drink, the other guys just kinda stared at the wound, it'd been leaking blood for awhile now....he would bandage it later....maybe tomorrow

still, the current issue remained.....he had to find out as much about these......powers, as was possible, it wasnt like he just got a new bike or got his hands on a sawn off, this was really. something new, he was sure that overall things wouldnt change, people would still go on fighting and paying the bills and the like but this 'eruption' would definitely change many aspects of living, perhaps even for him n the boys.

he couldnt play the ignorance card this time, if it was going to affect everyone else then it sure as well was going to catch up to them sooner or later, whether they walked out of it unscathed, if alive at all, would be on his shoulders. he took the drink and drank all of it. he slammed it down on the bar, "allright, listen up, i hear theres a few places out there that can gimme some clues as to my new situation, maybe even a whole school on the subject, we ride now!" "cmon boss, we were just gettin warmed up". he glared at the man, "you saying you think you can TAKE ME?!". ohhh yeah, they definitely thought he was pissed, everyone just ran for their bikes and he heard the roar of motorcycles. he may be young for a biker but everyone knew he was one mean mother with a tire iron. he got on his harley and rode off, everyone following.

what was the name of that place? xavier or something? it was prettymuch his only shot right now, otherwise they were going to end up in a whole mess of trouble sooner or later.....now then, where to find this place, he was sure he could figure out.

08/05/2006 10:03 PM

"The whole world is in an uproar and about ready to try and eradicate every single one of us... and we're taking an exam," grumbled the boy next to Mark.

Mark had entered not too long ago, retreating from the feds who wanted to force him under the superhuman registration act. Professor Lensherr had admitted him, reluctantly as a guest at first, but later as a full time member of Xavier's school. Mark, himself did not know, exactly, what the exam entailed, or what the 'Danger Room' really was, but he knew one thing: he was surrounded by others of his own kind. And it didn't make him feel safe. At all.

"Hey, new kid," said a gruff voice from behind him. He glanced towards the voice, but snapped his head back to attention when the holograms kicked in. "You'd better be good, because I have no idea who you are or what you can do. Frankly, I don't even want you in here."

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08/06/2006 9:00 AM

Massimo finished work around ten at night. He packed up his suitcase, and turned off every light in his office. "Goodnight Mr. Vinci", said Amy. He nodded towards his secretary with smile and walked off. The day went by fast, and nothing seemed to bother Massimo. Since he only lived a mile away from work, Massimo usually walked home. It was a slightly chilled night. Massimo's long black business jacket kept him warm. The night was young, and the lights were bright. Massimo looked around and began breathing the New York air. "Aww, my city. Time to go home." Massimo started off walking home to his penthouse suit. He started crossing an allyway as a shortcut. It was really dark, no light for another block or two. But Massimo was used to the Dark, he didn't need much light to live. Something allowed him to see in the dark. Before Massimo could reach the end of the allway, a small group of which seemed to be the common thugs, blocked his exit.

"Hey pops, you aint going no where until you give us all your fancy stuff." Massimo began laughing in a sinister way. It sent a chill through the spines of the enemy. "Im sorry, but pops? Come on im 28. What are you 40?" The thugs laughed, "Oh, we've got ourselves a wise guy. Well, we don't like wise guys." Massimo shook his head and laughed some more. "Ok look guys, we can make this simple, let me go home so I can enjoy a nice bowl of Mac and Cheese and I won't hurt you." The thugs laughed, "Would you look at this...this guy thinks hes one of them super people. Oh look at me I have special powers, WOOSH ahahahah!! You gotta be the biggest idiot around, come on boys lets show this old man whos the super people around here." The thugs started creeping in towards Massimo.

Massimo just stood there laughing. The creeps were almost in striking range. In a flash Massimo took his shadows and engulfed himself, disappering in the blink of an eye. The thieves were stunned, "Whu..whu just happened?" Then just as quick, Massimo reappeared behind them and laughed some more. "You guys crack me up, you know?" The creeps turned around and screamed bloody murder. Massimo flipped one of the thugs with his shadow, sending him flying. Then another right behind him. Most of the others ran away, but the leader was dead in his tracks. Massimo lifted the leader up with his shadow, then pulling him in face to face. In a snarl demon voice Massimo threatened the thug. "Look bub, if you bother me again, I won't be so nice." Massimo teleported with the thug up to the roof of the nearest building. He hung the thug over the ledge with his shadow. "Old man huh? Hahaha...im 28."

The theif was crying. Massimo laughed and dropped the thug. The scream was heard throughout New York. Then before he hit the ground, Massimo's shadow caught him and set him down. The man was scared shit less.
Massimo laughed then teleported to the entrance of the Plaza Hotel.

08/06/2006 5:14 PM

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"Leave him alone," a smooth british accent flowed from behind Flint, the hothead first year student with the abilitiy to turn himself to stone. Flint had been giving hell to every student that walked in the door since his arrival and quite frankly, Stephen was sick to death. The smooth voice quickly became a thousand whispers sounding at once from all around. "Trouble...is...here...not...him...You...fight...you...DIE...", and with the last word, the voice converged on a blur of darkness that stopped nose-to-nose with the brutish Nova and smiled. The one called The Raven stepped away, trailing an arm behind to reveal the sword tip pressed against the boy's chest.

Stephen sheathed his sword and made his way over to the scarred mess of a Nova he'd only heard called Bloodwake. "Forget him old chap, his ignorance will have him a corpse in the Wars before he's through. My name is Stephen, gentleman and dashingly handsome "heavy metal" afficionado," He said, smiling. With that, he walked into the Danger room for Team 023's Exams.

08/06/2006 5:18 PM

Aw, the wonderous Plaza Hotel. Home of the richest in New York City. Massimo owned a penthouse suit on the 23rd floor. It was quite spacious, but it felt empty. Massimo checked to make sure no one was looking, in a flash, he teleported his way up to the 23rd floor. Rambling for his keys, Massimo began thinking of what he wrote earlier in his office. [i]"Note to self....destroy Nightmere Gang"[/i] He smiled and grabbed his keys. "Hello im home!" Nothing was heard. Massimo laughed and closed the door behind him. He hung up his coat and made his way to the kitchen. The answering machine was blinking. He walked up to it and hit the red button.

"You have one new message." "Hi Mass, hows it going. It's me Alexia. Yea long time no see. I've been thinking about you. I just wanted to know if we could get together, you know maybe for dinner? Yea, you can just call me when you get this. Bye!" Alexia Hoffman, the women that Massimo long for. She was small around 5'5, beautiful facial features, nice body and long wavy brown hair. Her eyes and smile made any man in New York melt. He met her back at New York University, they both worked with the arts. She always made Massimo laugh. He was surprised she called him, they havn't seen each other in four years. He looked puzzled for a moment, then he smiled. He picked up the phone and dialed her number.

The phone rang. It took a couple of rings before she answered, "Hello?" "Hi Alexia, it's me Mass, wow, it's been quite long. How is everything?" Massimo could tell she was happy, "Oh Mass, yea, yea everything is great...how bout you?" Massimo began chatting for a few minutes with Alexia. They decided to meet for dinner Friday night. Massimo hung up the phone and went to go take a shower. He stripped down to his nude self and put on the hot shower. In the shower he began to day dream. He dreamt of the time he entered the relm of the dead. He was 17 at Tuscany highschool. It was gym class, they were swimming.


[i]"Hey Massimo, race you down and back?" Massimo's friend Joseph was tredding water. Massimo laughed, "Your on." The two began swimming down to the other end. It was an intense race. Near the end, Massimo began to stop breathing, everything was flashing before his eyes. The colors of the world went to black and white, the pool emptied and he was the only one at the bottom. Out of no where demons came pouring into the pool. Massimo struck the first wave with his shadows killing the merciless beasts. He was overwhelmed, there was nothing to do but panic. The wierd thing was, it felt real. Massimo looked at his hands, they were an older gentlemen's. This was real! Massimo unleashed shadow sparks sending the nearest demons flying. They were blood thirsty. Massimo screamed and black wings began to sprout out of his back. In the distance he saw a school, but it wasn't his highschool, it looked like an academy, and a man in a wheel chair was sitting outside. Before his screams were heard it was lights out. [/i]


Massimo woke up, he was lying on the couch. He felt like he was hit by a train. Turning over he looked at the clock, it was 4:00am. Two more hours and it was off to work. "Argh....what day is it?" It was Thursday, or so it said on the alarm clock. Massimo got up and rubbed his head. On his knee was a note. [i]"Note to self....destroy Nightmere Gang."[/i] Wierd, he didn't remember falling asleep. Massimo had a wierd feeling, he rememberd something last night, but couldn't remember dreaming. He took the note and placed it on the couch, then he got up and got ready for work. That academy he saw had to be some profociy, he needed to go find it.

08/07/2006 6:07 PM

"Thanks," muttered Mark before Stephen's retreating form. Flint shouldered his way with a backward glare while his other two teammates entered without any words or remarks specifically towards him. Mark followed suit, hoping his luck would pull through.

When the hologram really began to move, though, he reached for the scalpels he wore on his belt in a makeshift holder he had created for himself. For all their sharpness, they looked flimsy and miniscule compared to the hulking monstrosities that had suddenly formed in front of him.

"Good luck, newbie," wafted Flint's voice from somewhere to Mark's right. Good luck was right, as Mark had no idea what he would do against a robotic enemy.

Two incisions would for now, then, until he figured out what he would do. He pressed the two scalpels along the prominent vein of his forearms and, gritting his teeth, muffled a small scream as he made two cuts. Blood began to seep from the wounds, coating his arm like some twisted living bracers.

"Let the exam begin, then," he said to himself.

08/07/2006 7:23 PM

"First position!" Lugh barked out to his students. He was teaching them basic forms of an old korean sword style called Hai Dong Gum Do, which the Koreans had created from japanese kendo, using their own version of the japanese katana, called a jingum. "strike 1, strike 4, aaaaaand BOM-ZE!" he said, in this thick irish brogue "Good work lads and lasses, now split up into sparring pairs." Lugh watched his students, hoping to make real warriors out of at least a couple of them. One lad, an english boy named Jack who had taken to calling himself Lancelot, started boasting about how he was strong enough to take anyone in the room. Lancelot's powers were super strength, enhanced speed and and an increased healing factor. The cocky young lad started picking on a much smaller boy named David, who was a telepath. Lugh liked David, he was a sweet boy who took his fighting classes to become physically stronger. "Whats going on over here?" Lugh said walking up to them. "Nothing at all Master Lugh," David said quickly "I was just showin Davey here how strong I am." Lancelot said with a laugh, flexing his huge muscles that rippled on his huge body. "You may have muscle, but your harassment of someone weaker then you shows your great inner weakness. All the muscle in the world will do you no good if you are weak and craven inside." Lugh said. Lancelot glared and roared "I bet I can take you." Lugh smiled "Ill tell you what lad, If you can land a single blow, I'll call you master." "I"LL CUT YOU UP GOOD!!!" Lancelot said, pushing other students out of the way. The students parted to make room for the fight. Lugh tossed Lancelot his personal jingum, a beautiful razor sharp blade that his mentor gave him. Lugh, unarmed, stepped away and folded his hands behind his back. "Begin." Lancelot charged him, swinging the sword from a high guard. Lugh stepped left dodging a cleave, then right dodging a second "Come on lad, its not a broadsword, you fight like a brute!" he stepped back, then easily ducked a decapitating blow "Getting angry are we?" Lugh said laughing. He then jumped backwards from a low shot, he landed upside down in a hand stand then balancing on one hand waved at Lancelot. He then pushed himself into a backflip with the one hand. Lancelot charged, enraged. Lugh chuckled then caught Lancelots hand and with a quick twist, got him to let go of the blade which landed straight up in the ground. He gave the kid a quick elbow to the solar plexus, then flipped the huge teenager over his hip and onto the ground. He grabbed the sword and put the blade near Lancelots neck. "You lose." he said helping the kid up, "No shame lad, I've beaten holy warriors in isolated indonesian villages." he said brushing the kid off. "Moral of the story, Never attack in anger, and do not trust solely in the strength of your arm." Lugh said "Class dismissed"

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08/07/2006 8:03 PM

Massimo walked into work with a nervous face. He didn't want to work today, after what happen last night. Something made him go to that academy, he just couldn't find out what. Massimo walked into his boss's office. The Preisdent of Jaguar was sitting in his chair, reading the newspaper. Massimo put his briefcase down and walked up to his boss. Mr. Jackson was a good looking old man, around his late 60's. He was small, but had class. Massimo sat down and began speaking, "Sir, Mr. Jackson, I have been putting many hours of work into my job, and I would like to be rewarded somehow." Mr. Jackson was laughing, he smiled and looked at Massimo. "What a promotion, ha im still going strong Vinci, look at me, working hard and running the business well. When I die you can have it." Massimo laughed, "Uh no sir, I'd liked to take an early vacation."

Mr. Jackson smiled and nodded, "You still haven't taken your spring vacation, so I guess I can let you go. How long?" Massimo had a worried smile on his face, "Well sir, I was hoping for a month?" Mr. Jackson frowned for a moment, then smiled again, "Why of course Mr. Vinci, why we haven't had any action around here since forever, Jameson will cover for you while your off. Where are you going to relax?" Massimo laughed, "Still undecided, but it will...be interesting."

Massimo left the office and went back home. One month was all he had, was he going on a wild goose chase? No this was real. He closed his eyes and tried connecting to the relm of the dead. His eyes turned red and he heard voices.

[i]"Xavier...Nova...Xavier...Die...follow the shadows...kill...Xavier...follow...KILL!!"[/i]

Massimo awoke just before his mind was taken. He erased the horrible things it said, other than "follow the shadows, and Xavier". He sat down and began to think. "Follow what shadows?" He closed his eyes and connected to the light relm.

[i]"Aw my child, Massimo. Tis I your guardian angel, Lorimus. I can see things are troubling you. You seek answers that you cannot answer yourself. The Rolic Shadows can show you path ways to different Novas. To use the shadows connect to the relm of the dead and engulf yourself in your inner shadows. Think of the person you want, and you will go to them. Good bye my son."[/i]

Massimo shook his head. He had to try it. He engulfed himself and instead of teleporting out of his inner shadows, he closed his eyes and connected to the relm of the dead. "Xavier....Xavier..." with those words he awoke in some lab. Massimo couldn't believe that it worked. He tried sending out a shadow for celebration, but he winced in pain. Once more, still nothing and more pain. "Argh, the Rolic Shadows weakened my energy. I guess I have to rest." Massimo began to walk around, where was he? The lab door opened and a teenager walked in. She was frightened. "Who are you?!" Massimo tried to calm her down. "Whao whao whao, im no bad guy calm down." The girl began to scream, and her high pitch screams pierced Massimo's ears. She sounded like a siren.

08/11/2006 2:25 PM

Stephen sprang into the danger room with great speed. He was eager to get the exam going. The three of them were ready, or so Stephen hoped. He was a little skeptic about the new student, not having much abilities and all, he would need to keep him under his "wings". The four sentinels came into focus within minutes. Flint started chuckling at the foot of one sentinel. "This is going to be nothing." He turned into his stone form and began pounding. Stephen shook his head at Flint's ignorance. Quickly he flew up to the back of one of the sentinel's. Down below he saw Mark cutting himself. Being curious Stephen flew away and watched the new student in action.

09/03/2006 1:04 AM

Siting on the stair casses of his apartment he thought to him self why...why me? What is so special about me and why am i like this? he asked himself.with his hand in front of him he started to transform his hand into a titanium metal that armored his body. As this happened he started to rise in the air about three feet with the wind causeing a tornado effect underhim.then he quickly feel to the step's and the armor vanished as he hit his head on the step's he rolled to the sidewalk....Are you ok asked his older brother jame's seeing him roll down the step's. yeah..i'm fine just sliped is all..well you beter get inside john want's you and he look's pretty drunk jame's said as he walked off down the street. puting his hands in front of himself he stood up and brushed himself off. okay...here we go..try not to do anything stupid he told him self going in the building. as he walked up the stair case he could hear noise's from his nieghbors. reaching the second floor he opened the door to find his step father john beating his mother with a broom stick. NNOOOO you basterd get off her. runing up to him and grabing his shourders he pulled him back not realizing his new power's he threw him against a wall puting small crack's in it. just then he froze......looking at his mother as she had a look of fear in her eye's from seeing what he had done. your no son of mine john said yelling at him...get out! no freak is going to live in my house...go...get out you lil bastard!! turning around he started to run out side the door heading for the stair's.as he reached them he stoped and looked inside at his mother once more and saw her tending to the man that had just kicked him out. with his blue eye's and blonde hair he raced down the step's runing out the door of the apartment's. he had grabed a bycicle that was laying against the side of the step's and started riding it to a park just a couple miles down the street. with sweat runing down his muscular yet slim body he rode as fast as he could stoping next to a tree he droped the bike and ran into a patch of tree's as tear's ran down his face. with his mind out of control with thought's he started thinking what am i going to do, where will i go, and what have i become! just then he heard a comercial on the radeo from a couple peaple having a picnic *oh yeah it's another hot day out there for all you sun bather's a whoping 98 degree's. theres a traffic jam on the i-5 freeway and its gonna be a long one.in othere new's the street gang stuck again robing a local museuim. the total cost of damage is at a high of 35000 dollor's and no luck on catching the bandit's.this is djmix bringin it to you live from 106.3 the rocking 80's* with a slight breeze from the shawdows of the tree's hiting his face he got up and started to walk toward's a small hotdog vender when his eye's cought a the attention of a small piece of paper that flew into his hand's. was it a sign, no he didnt believe in destiny, or at least he didnt know what he believed anymore unfolding the paper he saw direction to a school that he had never heard of before, with the word's that read 'there is a place for you in this world, you are not alone' not knowing what to do he started his way toward's the schooll.as he came up to it he saw a large building that didnt look like just any old school no this place had something diferant about it. as he started to open the door's they opened to his suprise a man said 'you are not alone and there are othere's like you, please come in and go to the exam room, there you will begin your test' test i thought to my self as i walked through the door's of the exam room to see that there were othere's fighting i turned around to head back out when the door's slamed shut. breathing hard from the fear of what was going on i turned back around to see a stone man, a guy with wing's and some guy cuting himself. feeling that it was dangerouse he transformed into his titanium armored body and rose three feet in the air with a small tornado afect underhim he charged one of the sentinals raming it into the wall crushing its outer shell.as he let go it droped to the ground and he quikly lost control of his power's and fell to the ground looking at the othere's.

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