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07/29/2006 1:10 AM

The night is quiet and dark, with the exception of the long Distance Blaster Canons firing at Republic Star Cruisers, just over the next mountain. Their echo is soft, but its carried all across the serface of the moon Dxun. With bright stars, and flashes of ships being destroyed in the sky, anyone could see the night is going to be long. On a cliff over looking a tall waterfall, a Jedi sits in meditation. His mind lost in layers of consintration, searching for peace, enough to go through the night. With the war becoming ever greater, he had lost the serenity he once felt while on Datooine. Not a mussle moves or hair twitches on his body until a Mandalorian Scout team cames prancing through the forest below him. His eyes open and his eye lids flutter as he cames out of his meditation. It's pitch black, but his Kel Dorian eyes could see perfectly in low light.

He turns his attention to the ground below him. He then spots the team walking in the direction of his camp. He quickly puts away his goggles he uses to protect his sesitive eyes, and jumps down onto a tree branch not too high above the Scout team. They appear to be searching for his camp, so once again he leaps out of the tree, and ignites his light saber. He lands behind the team, and slashes at the closest soldier. The Mandalorian never even notices the Jedi's there untill his body becomes severd at the waist by a blue flash. The rest of the team turns around and start firing their rifles at him. He leaps out of the way of one and deflects another bolt before he is air born. With eas, he massacres the team, slashing and stabing, choking and smashing.

Mant moments of screams and blaster shots fill the forest with echo's, and then silence. The Jedi stands in the middle of the now dead team. Bits and peaces of the fallen Mandalorians are laying everywhere. He looks at them, and begins to cry. His mind rushes through images of innocent people being slaughterd by Madalorians in the Outer Rim. Men trying to protect their families, Women holding on to their children in the last moments before they never see each other again. And then, he screams. Not in anger, but pain. Pain for all the people who died at the hands of these scouts. He falls to his knees, and tries to catch his breath. He then holsters his Saber, and stands up, with his breath slowing, he begins the short walk back to camp.

08/13/2006 8:03 PM

Huddled in the Corner of the Mandalorian Battle Cruisers hanger deck, Mandalorian Brother Ajuxian Khef listened obediently to the form above, standing on the flight deck balcony. FOr it was Mandalore, their brave and utterly battle worthy, leader, Adorned in his twighlight, soul devouring armour.

"Today our very existance is at the brink of destruction, Our existance has always been at the edge of destinies waiste pool. But today we shall not faulter, NO!!! We shall not FAIL!!!!! Today we fight for Honour, FOr GLory!!! and FOR the Sake of Battle FOREVER!!!!! TO WAR WE GO!!!!"

Turning teh form motioned to his underling and waltzed away to teh bridge.

"MAn your basalisk Driods!!!! TO the defense of our home we go!!!!"

A Young soldier to teh right sounded, "Hehe!!! Battle is my soul. I have all the Galactic Credits on me getting teh first kill, ya in Ajuxian!!!"

"Canderous I would be honored to accept your foolish bet!!!!"

At a pund of the Fists and a hand shake at thew wrist, Canderous and Ajuxian seperate and mounted theri mech like Basalisk DRoids. WIth a hand motion the ship curled over rolling into position above the planets hotzone around the main Camp. THe Hanger door was now faced downwards at teh planet. BRacing himself the flight deck commander released teh grav switch and the droids began to slide down the hanger ramp. In seconds the DRoids had broken the hanger barrier and began their plummet toward teh surface. It was night so their drop would be swift silent, and unexpected. Today the wretched Republic would see the power of the Mandalorian Clans, and waiste away into ashes as all their foes had before.

08/15/2006 10:57 PM

[i]"Today our very existance is at the brink of destruction, Our existance has always been at the edge of destinies waiste pool. But today we shall not faulter, NO!!! We shall not FAIL!!!!! Today we fight for Honor, for Glory!!! and FOR the Sake of Battle FOREVER!!!!! TO WAR WE GO!!!!"[/i]

Canderous Ordo overheard Mandalore give his pep talk to boost the morale of the Mandalorian soldiers that was under his fleet, though most of the soldiers in line listening into his inspirational speech, Canderous couldn't help but smirk. He yearned for a good challenge and felt the rush in his veins upon hearing the speech. A soft shiver running down his spine brought out the warrior inside of him, his trigger finger itching to let out the bolts upon his foes and seeing what kind of competition he was up against. The prototype heavy repeater clutched firmly in his fingers, he was a preadtor seeking his prey and the mere thought of battle made his blood boil, which wasn't a bad thing in his mind.

After Mandalore the Ultimate's speech, Canderous turned to face his troops. "Alright men, you heard him. Man your Basalisk Droids!"

At the other end of the Hangar, Ajuxian Kheflistened ordered his troops the same thing. Canderous looked over to Ajuxian and smirked a bit approaching the Mandalorian. He was to Ajuxian's right. "Heh... Battle is my soul. I have all the Galactic Credits on me getting the first kill." He looked to Ajuxian with a smirk. "You in Ajuxian?"

Canderous watched upon hearing what he seeked from the Brother Mandalorian:

[i]"Canderous, I would be honored to accept your foolish bet!"[/i]

Canderous did the deal and smirked. "Then its on, Ajuxian. Whoever gets the first kill takes the credits on the table when this is over." Canderous approached his Basalisk Droid and prepared it for attack. He communicated with his troops. "Alright men, listen up! Once we hit the drop zone, go for the thrust forward and leave no one behind. You see an opening in their forces use that to your advantage. Show no mercy to these weaklings." They approached the dropzone. "At my command. Now!" The Droids were launched out of the hangars and into the surface of the planet. The droids landed with a thud and re-emerged from their craters. "Looks like the maggots don't know we're here. We'll see what the Republic has for a challenge. Move out!"

Canderous and his troops proceeded towards the Republic domain. Indeed it was in the evening and Canderous hoped the Republic provided the challenge he seeked. "They won't know what hit em." he muttered to himself with a smirk. "I'm going to win this one easily."

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08/16/2006 8:14 PM

Ajuxian Khef, and his crew of ten Mandalorian Warriors, plummeted through the atmosphere, 10 mere clicks away from his foolish better who had, in his blood lust, forgotten Ajuxian's dropzone was closer to the Republic Forward Command Camp than his was. Again gaining focus on the mission, Ajuxian rallied his newly landed troops and directed them toward the region of the Republic Camp. Going through the plan in his head it seemed flawless; 5 battalions, at 10 droids each, would land at the four corners suppressing the Republic Inhabitants into one location. Then the Mandalorian military reserves already on Dxun would spearhead the Camp, splitting the ranks, and causeing the soldiers to move into open grounds. It would be a slaughter, and this thought brought a twinkle to Ajuxian's Eyes.

Now moving with an unprecedent silently swiftness through the Jungle forest, he had forgotten of the bad state the mandalorian Empire had been in these last months. For now it could be no other than a victory. For it was the final genius of Mandalores plan that sealed the fate of teh Republic Occupation. THe reserves of the newly landed MAndalorians would take checkpoints on the hill up to the Mandalorian Hidden HQ, lined with ready to be activated mines. As the Spearheading Mandalorians turned to flee up teh hill the Mines would be activate in their stead. Finally the Republic would be slaughtered by their pitifl advance up the hill.

This was a day of victory.

THrough the tree cover fire and explosions errupted from the opposit side of the target location. Good, he thought, Canderous has still not one the battle and with that, his droid lunged through the last line of tree cover landing in the opening and unleashing a hail of led bolt fire into the crowds of scrambling Jedi Soldiers. Looking to his right however Canderous had crushed a Jedi under the weight of his machine and fired with phsychotic intentions into another crowd of soldiers.

"Well Canderous, would ya like your cash now or later!!!" Anjuxian laughed as he waved a a bundle of credits in the direction of his Mandalorian BRother.

08/25/2006 10:46 AM

Canderous and his crew moved through the scenery with stealth and speed, they were like ghosts in the night. Not seen, not heard, only a few brushes of their droids hitting the underbrush. Canderous contacted his team. "Keep a close eye out for anything unusual, boys. We don't want to risk giving away our position." He looked around and noticed that Ajuxian's team had landed. "They're too close." he said to himself. "They may give themselves away. We should act quickly if we don't want them to know we are here." Canderous looked to see where they were. They were close, very close. Canderous could taste it. He heard the gunfire go off in the distance and saw Ajuxian and his men were already on the move.

"Alright boys, this is what makes us warriors. Show em what your made of!" Canderous moved in for the kill attacking ever Republic Soldier in sight. He heard a crunch while moving in and noticed someone was crushed under the weight of his machine. The fool. He returned fire at the Rebublic soldiers and saw an opening in their ranks. "Take centerpoint and plow right through them! Keep coverfire going as a distraction." The mandalorians under his command responded breaking into two groups. One for cover fire and the other the blitz team. The Blitz team moved in and entered the opening in the Republic defense returning fire as an attempt to dwindle their numbers. The trick worked. Canderous remained with the cover fire team for the assault and eventually heard Ajuxian speak to him:

[i]"Well Canderous, would ya like your cash now or later!!!"[/i]

Canderous looked to Ajuxian seeing him wave a bundle of credits to him. Canderous smirked. "When we get back to the ship. I'm not going to let you walk away empty handed. I'll buy you a drink after this." Canderous smirked and heard a bolt hit the tree neaby him which nearly made him jump. He returned fire at the Soldiers and watched as their numbers slowly dropped. "There might be more inside. Maybe they'll prove something."

08/25/2006 8:15 PM

By now Ajuxian had breached the outer wall of the Republic's Forward Command Camp. Breaking into a temporary hanger, a slew of balster fire hit the amrored droid. Firing one last spray of rockets, Ajuxian dove from his craft, unholstering two pistols and igniting a jet pack sending him across the hanger for cover.

"This Is Ajuxian Clan... WE are pinned down in main hanger!!!"

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