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07/22/2006 7:52 PM

The sun was obscured and glowed a rusty red in the dust haze that was being kicked up by three pairs of large thrusters slowly banking down into the small NY city street, Emmanual stared with an expression of awe and terror. Connected to the thrusters were a pair of large bulbous feet, with two legs sprouting into a shining upper torso, one of the three behemoths giant hands slowly raised towards its "eye level" as it landed with a loud metallic clang. Its cold soul less yellow eyes observed everything in fornt of it on the street, motors clicking and whirring , searching for its target parameters, it located a large cluster of the mutant genome at the end of the street, A loud rumble began to escape it speakerbox mouth and uttered a sentence of death for all on the Island to hear.......

Root stared up at the skies, seeing at least 50 sentinals leaving his line of sight and touching down all over the city, in one loud unified voice the spoke thier ultimatum.

"SQUADRON B47 ALPHA SUCESSFULL TOUCHDOWN INITIATING PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: OPERATIONS EXODUS(OOC: I like this refference due to its biblical ties and the feeling a the cruel torture of the jews by the egyptian pharoah)

The Sentinals stared at Root and his group of friends, and now with its own electronic vocals it told them of thier fate

"UNIT G99 through G101 DETECTING HIGH CLUSTER OF MUTANT GENE DEAD AHEAD, PRIMARY FUNCTION ACTIVATED DESTROY MUTANT GENE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, UNITS WILL HAVE TO TAKE HOSTILE MEASURES DUE TO..............." Root wasnt paying attention, He summoned a large cluster of tree roots from the ground and began to entagle the Sentinal that spoke , attempting to crush its titanium shell. Already a friend of his, Sean, had leapt to the rooftops of the apartment buildings and began to rend circuitry out of a second sentinal, all the while screaming with a carnal, bestial fury, Root had lost his snare and was now running from car to car, dodging the Sentinals laser blasts aimed for him, the Sentinal spoke again.....


"The hell with that!" Root spat, A giant branch rose from the ground and peirced the Sentinals left arm, sending it reeling backwards, Root looked around to see where his friends were located, none of them had fled, they all had a right to live, and no one would tell them otherwise......

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08/05/2006 10:59 AM

Trainer stood on the side walk her eyes fixed on Mutt as he attacks the sentinal her thoughts rushing betweens rip it apart and get out of there. Finaly she yelled to Mutt "Get over here" as she began to run back to the end of the street. Mutt quickly ran to her side as she turned to corner into an alley. Trainer looked at Mutt then at Root "we got to get out of here she screamed across the road to root. Mutt cant take much more."
Both of them looked up as a sentinal walked aboat the alley and reached down to grab Trainer, Mutt quickly ripped through the sentinals hand. Trainer hopped on his back clutching his silver fir as the ran across the road to Root. Mutt detransformed and looked at Root "We got to get out of here NOW!" He said as he looked at more sentinals coming tword were there located.

08/06/2006 7:00 AM

Copy Kat who was the new to the who Muntant thing kept her sun glasses on as she dodged bits of Sentinels and trying not to get hit by all of the things Root was attacking with. When Copy Kat heard about the other Sentinelsshe couldn't help it. She waited until she could see them. Removing her sunglass she looked at Root. "This is going to suck later." She said as more tree roots began to pop out of the ground.

She aimed in a general direction. That was the best she could do. She managed to get two out of five. She put her glasses back on and jumped and leaped over to Root. She ended up back to back with him. She turned to get to his ear. "Root we need to get out of here. We can't make it for now. Theres more coming!" She shouted as she saw ones above their heads trying to land on top of them.

08/13/2006 4:59 PM

Mutt scoured the area looking for an escape route, suddenly he saw a manhole "Root its our only chance" he said as he transformed into his beast form. Trainer hopeed on his back and clutched his fur as they darted tword the middle of the street Mutt picked up the manhole cover and threw it at the the sentinal. "Get over here!" Trainer said as she sent Mutt to fight off the neerest sentinal

09/17/2006 5:57 PM

Andy woke up with a start as his roof began to collapse. Groggily he rolled over, just in time to dodge a steel beam as it crashed down onto his bed. Still in his pajamas, he fluidly rolled off his bed, grabbed his shoes, and jumped out of his window and onto the fire escape. He stopped just long enough to put on his shoes, then hopped over the railing, grabbing on to a shirt hanging on a line in the alleyway. He slid down the line, narrowly avoiding the heavy steel fist of a sentinel.

"Great. Just my luck. And I was having a terrific dream..."

Radar suddenly let go of the shirt, latched on to a drain pipe to slow his descent, then jumped to the ground, rolling to keep his momentum, and sprinted away from the sentinel.

As he tore around the corner, his eyes began to cloud over with a dark black sheen, signaling the activiation of his mutant ability. His awareness began to expand past its normal 15' radius, spreading outward like ripples in a still pond.

"There!" He whispered under his breath, and simultaneously took a hard right turn, using a lamp post as leverage. He hopped over the abanoned cars with ease, every once in a while ducking, rolling, or diving in order to avoid the sentinels along the way. Rolling to dodge a sentinel's laser, he bent down to pick up a screwdriver. As he neared his destination - a small group of mutants about his age - he skillfully ran up the back of the sentinel immediately in his way, and using his sight to pinpoint the circuit board, used the screwdriver to unscrew the panel on the back of the sentinel's head, reached in, and unplugged it. It crumpled to the ground, and Andy dove off the side, bouding and leaping to safety. He landed next to the oldest of the group, a mutant who appeared to be able to summon plants, and pulled him very slightly back, helping him narrowly avoid a falling piece of building.

"You gotta watch out for your head more, you almost lost it. What the hell is going on?"

09/17/2006 7:42 PM

Copy Kat saw the guy pop out of nowhere pulling Root out of the way of falling piece of building. She too followed to avoid being hit. She looked up to him while Root seemed to be out of it. She darted in front of him.

"Root! Snap out of it!" She then looked around to she Trainer and Mutt. She then looked back to this guy and said, "I think Root may have slipped into a trance. Help me get him there please?" With that she looked passed the two of them to see the sentinal. She took her sunglasses off and looked at Mutt, and turned into the same thing as him. She then leaped onto the sentinal and tried to bite at its vital wires.

With this the sentinal grabbed her and threw her across the street. The force of which she hit the wall caused her to pass out. As she turned back into a human hand fell to the ground, there was a crater I the shape of the dog creature. From the center of the crater to about 15 feet above it there was a large crack running up the building she hit.

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09/20/2006 11:52 PM

Andy sighed, [i]what are these guys, amateurs?[/i] He let go of the kid he now knew was called Root, leaning him against the newly-formed pile of rubble, and running toward the fallen girl.

"Everyone, get into the sewers! But go North; the tunnel has collapsed the other way!"

He dove under a sentinel's foot, sliding on rubble, and then rolling back up to sprint. The crack in the building the girl had hit was spreading upward, and Andy knew that it could collapse at any second.

[i]Shit, if I don't get there in time...[/i]

He ran as fast as he could, sweat pouring down his face, and in one fluid move, picked up the unconscious girl and changed direction as a huge chunk of the building collapsed right behind him, the force knocking him over and the girl out of his arms. He writhed for a moment, the breath knocked out of him, then rolled to the side as a sentinel attempted to stomp him. He quickly picked himself up, hoisted up the fallen girl, then ran back towards the others, and the open manhole.

"Hey! Weed! Or Root! Whatever! Monkey boy and little girl! We need to get into the sewers NOW!" Andy could sense another wave of sentinel preparing to touch down. There was no way that they could take all of them...

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