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07/21/2006 4:17 PM

I am so high, I can hear heaven.I am so high, I can hear heaven.
Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me.

And they say that a hero can save us.
I'm not gonna stand here and wait.
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles.
Watch as we all fly away.

Someone told me that love would all save us.
But how can that be?
Look what love gave us.
A world full of killing, and blood-spilling, that
world never came.

And they say that a hero can save us.
I'm not gonna stand here and wait.
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles.
Watch as we all fly away.

Now that the world isn't ending, it's love that I'm sending to you.
It isn't the love of a hero, that's why I fear it won't do.

And they say that a hero can save us.
I'm not gonna stand here and wait.
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles.
Watch as we all fly away.

And they're watching us (Watching us)
They're watching us (watching us) as we all fly away.
And they're watching us (Watching us)
They're watching us (watching us) as we all fly away.
And they're watching us (Watching us)
They're watching us (watching us) as we all fly away.
*** "Hero" Performed by Chad Kroeger***

The War of the Lance was being waged all over Krynn, Dragons of stark chromatic colors filled the skies, tearing the land asunder wherever they fought. The dragon highlords directed these beasts, under the guidance of the most evil of them all, the Dragon Queen, The Goddess Takhisis.

While war waged everywhere, one small forest town seemed unaffected by it all, they didn't care that they could only go barely half a leauge away before the lands showed signs of war, talon torn earth, trees and houses burned to ash, or twisted with poison. The people didn't care, so long as they were left alone, the world could come crashing upon them and the Village elders would just sit there, content with their little corner.

Or rather that was the way Suri felt. She sighed as she studied the heavy tome in her hands. She didn't like magic, but she studied what she could, knowing that she would never be strong enough in the magic to take the tests at Wayerth, so she studied enough to help her on her way to her dreams. Dreams of being a hero.

Saving her village, Her long golden hair flowing in the dawn light, with a sword in her hand polished to a mirror hue, all the townspeople praising her... what a pretty picture.

She sighed and tested the spell she had just commited to memory. She knew all along that she could do without the silly props that the more arcane wizards used, such as rose petals, or rabbit fur... the words and the will to use the magic was all that was really needed.

The pile of tinder and two logs that were carefully prepared before her burst into flames, and Suri smiled. One more that she could do ..and she quickly scribbled it down on a scroll of parchment. She heard her brother call out to her from the nearby clearing, and she stood, quickly stuffing the quill, ink vial and parchment into a scroll case and picked up her sword, ready to begin the other half of her training for her dreams... the way of the sword....

"Hold on! I'm coming!!!" she called out, racing towards the clearing.

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07/22/2006 4:11 PM

Suri's arm stung as her twin's blade rapped against it sharply. Darlan had used the flat of his blade, but it counted as a disabling hit, and she obligingly twisted that arm behind her back. Thankfully it wasn't her sword arm, but the arm that held the simple metal buckler. Quickly she danced away from him, watching him warily.

Darlan watched his twin as warily as she watched him, knowing how quick she could be. She circled him, the sunlight glinting off of the fine steel rapier that she held lightly in her right hand, her left still twisted behind her back. He knew better than to underestimate her because she was now handicapped. Admirably he noted again the fine craftsmanship of the blade, and the leafy tooling on the hand guard. The sword had reputatly come from Qualinost, at least that was what their mother had said. It was that moment of thought that cost Darlan the match...

Suri noted that he seemed momentarly distracted and she feinted to his right, towards his blade, and then spun at the last minute to the right.... Caught off guard and now unable to compensate for his mistake, he froze as the flat of her blade tapped against his throat.

The look of surprise quickly changed into a smile as he stared at his twin. "Very good... I really don't think there is much more that I can teach you as of now... You're lighter on your feet than I, and are much more suited to lighter weapons and daggers. And you managed to distract me and best me in a fair fight."

"Good." Suri said, nodding. "One more step to leaving this town..."

"Leaving? Woah, when did this come about?" Darlan asked, frowning.

"Come on Dar, look around... the world is collapsing around us... and those fools won't bother to do anything about it!" She growled, anger sparking in her blue eyes.

Darlan sheathed his sword, and stepped towards his sister. "Suri, the elders know what they are doing..." He started, but his placating words were quickly drowned out by a scream from the village square...and the roar of a dragon!

Suri didn't even glance at Darlan as she spun on her heel and raced towards the Village Center.... Only to stop in her tracks as the winged shape of a dragon flew low overhead, oily flames licking at its' jaws...

07/23/2006 4:11 PM

Ravel was content.
Well, he supposed content was a bit too strong a word for the way he felt, but it was something close to contention, anyway.

He had been apprenticed to the town inventor/healer/fixer-upper for quite some time now. Actually, he couldn't remember a time he [i]hadn't[/i] been apprenticed to the batty old alchemist, technomancer, sorcerer and whatever else Whiteguard, his mentor, fancied himself on this day or that.

He admitted, though, that the pay was good, and the townspeople, far from fearing Whiteguard, often expressed their gratitude for the old man on the streets. And Ravel had learned much in their 'profession', as well. Most importantly, he saw his life headed in a perfectly agreeable direction and had long ago decided that it would be foolish to go out to look for his fortune, of sorts.

Which often put him at odds with one of his childhood friends, Suri.

He nearly added too much of one chemical to his mixture as he snorted at the thought of the dreamer, whose antics he often compared to those of his own mentor's.

"Ravel," said a voice from behind him. Ravel did not glance back or acknowledge the presence, as it would obviously be his mentor at his elbow. "If you're almost done with that Flame, I would like you to come out back. There is something I want to show you."

This time, Ravel did glance back, his gaze wary. The old man was clasping and unclasping his hands in avid anticipation. Ravel almost groaned, but corked the flask and stood up to follow his mentor out back.

"You remember the mixture we used for the pistol?" asked Whiteguard. Guns had been introduced but not heavily used, as magic was often used as a far better alternative during reloading times.

"To make the impact or to make a continuous one?" asked Ravel incredulously.

"They're the same, same," said Whiteguard, waving off Ravel's wincing face. Just as Ravel was about to protest, howevever, Whiteguard went into another explanation. Ravel nodded, although his mind was on far pleasanter things. Like the dinner he'd have that night.

"...Which brings me back to my main point. You still with me, Ravel?"

"Of course, sir," said Ravel.

"Well, then this spot of golden genius will get me on the main list of weapons for the war!" said Whiteguard, clapping his hands together. Ravel highly doubted that- just as he had doubted all the previous attempts, but pretended to look enthusiastic as well.

"Well, why don't we try it?" asked Whiteguard, smirking as he took out a matchstick and lighting it against a rock. "I'll just try and hit that large bird over there. Maybe we'll get some dinner free if we bring in the meat, eh?"

Ravel, who had spotted Suri and Darlan sparring across the field, waved a hand towards Whiteguard.

"Good boy, now here she flies!"

Ravel's head snapped towards his mentor. [i]Flies?![/i]

And the new "illuminating arrow" flew off in a shower of sparks towards, as Ravel now saw, what was hardly a giant bird.

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07/26/2006 8:05 AM

Jon wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. He surveyed the field he had just hoed. A new field for growing corn, or maybe cabbage. He wasn't quite sure as the final decision was still up to his father, but Jon was downright pleased with his work. It had only taken him a week to break up, turn, and hoe the entire field.

Jon dropped his hoe by the field and went over to rest against a shady oak tree not too far from the field so he could admire his work. The sun was still up, and Jon didn't want to have to do any other work today. He would just claim that hoeing the field had taken longer than it really had. Jon was good at making excuses to get out of work. Not that he really minded it, but since there was a lot of work to be done and his twin siblings never seemed to do any work Jon had to pick up the slack for them.

Suri and Darlan both practiced the sword. What for? The war would never reach all the way out here. There wasn't enough reason for it to. Hardly any people and no strategic value out here gave it the ideal place to stay away from war. Jon wished that the dragons would hurry up and kill themselves again so that the planet could get back to peace. Peace was preferable to war any day. War was a nasty business. You had to kill or be killed. Why? Can't people just coexist? These things never made sense to Jon as he was a logically minded person.

Jon's thoughts were interrupted by a strange sound, though. It sounded like a giant bat beating its wings. Jon opened one eye just in time to notice a giant reptilian foot plant itself in the middle of his freshly hoed field. It then shoved off again in a shower of dirt. Jon was sprayed with dirt, but his mouth was open in awe and quickly became full of dirt. The grit in his mouth quickly brought him back to his senses. He spat out the dirt and looked after the giant form heading towards the village. A dragon.

Jon gave one last forlorn look at the field before getting up. This means that the war had finally streched its fingers out here. War was on the horizon. Maybe his siblings' fancy for the art of war wasn't so far-fetched. Jon picked up the hoe. Though, what good it would do against a dragon he wasn't sure. Affecting one last sigh for his ruined field, Jon set off at a light jog back to the village after the dragon. One thing he was sure of: there would be a lot of destruction in the village and people needing rescue. Jon may have been exhausted from the morning's work, but anything he could do to help he would.

07/28/2006 4:30 PM

"I say...That's doesn't look like a giant bird at all," said Whiteguard after a moment as the illuminated arrow sped off in the direction of the dragon.

"You fool!" shouted Ravel, suddenly waving his arms as he felt the blood drain from his face. "Stop it! Stop that arrow! Use your technomancy!"

Whiteguard glanced nervously at Ravel and said, "Well, I...this is actually a little embarassing to admit, but I was clever enough to make it unstoppable until it will...well, you know."

Ravel cradled his head in his hands. "That arrow is going to blow up, isn't it?"

"Quite," said Whiteguard apologetically.

"Is the force of the explosion strong enough to kill a dragon?"

"I doubt it, but I cannot be sure," said Whiteguard. "I never really had the chance to- oh!"

And, after a blinding flash of light, sounds akin to thunder rocked the small village and the dragon who had been flying over it.

Ravel dropped to his knees.

"We're all going to die."

07/28/2006 4:55 PM

No sooner had Suri seen the dragon that there was a blinding light and a deafening sound akin to thunder, such that she had to turn away and clap her hands over her ears. She wanted to scream, but could find no voice to use...

The huge Red roared in surprise and pain at the blinding light and the deafening peal of thunder... When he could see again, he was singed, but mostly unhurt.... To the Abyss with his orders to only survey...he would wipe this village from the map! With a roar of fury, he dove low, wings skimming the trees as he let loose the raging flames within his belly....

Suri turned just to see the dragon dive towards the village, seeing the flames burst forth from its' jaws... and she screamed, not in fear, or rather, not in fear for herself. But Rather for all those in the Village... Her hand closed over the pommel of her sword, and she ran forward...

07/28/2006 9:36 PM

Jon heard some sort of explosion from ahead at the village. A dragon and an explosion? What next? Would the gods themselves descend from the skies to mete out death and destruction? Well, they probably wouldn't need to. The dragon would do that well enough by itself.

Jon hurried his pace a little to arrive just in time to see the village engulfed in flames. People were running about screaming like chickens with their heads cut off. No order. No sense. Just madness. People ran over others they had lived their whole lives with just to try to get away from the raging dragon.

Immediately Jon thought about his family. Were they safe? Jon rushed off to the edge of the village where their house was. He arrived just in time to see the burning timbers crash in on themselves. No one would be alive underneath all that burning timber. Jon just hoped that his family had been able to escape the house before it fell. Jon turned around looking for any sign of his family when something caught his eye. Someone rushing down the hill. Suri? It was her! At least his sister was safe. Jon ran towards her and noticed something else. She was clutching her sword as if she intended to use it.

Jon reached her just as she reached the bottom of the hill. He planted himself in front of her and spread out his arms. She would have to stop or try to run him down.

07/28/2006 11:30 PM

"What have I done!" cried Whiteguard as he watched the dragon unleash torrent after torrent of flames.

"Come on, old man, we're going to run," said Ravel as he grabbed Whiteguard's wrinkled hand and attempted to pull the mage into the forest. "We were lucky that the dragon turned its attention on the village, but that doesn't make us any less susceptible to its fire. Now come on."

He led the old man to their secluded hut, safe, at the moment, as it stood alone from the rest of the village. The mage stood moaning by the doorway as Ravel quickly packed a few provisions and inventions they could use on the road or for bartering into a small backpack. He was finished just as a flaming tree fell before their door. Quickly taking the old man's hand once more, he led them out the back door, hoping to the Abyss that the flames had not reached that far.

But the hand, so frail and faltering, after a moment's hesitation, stood fast in Ravel's. The apprentice turned back to face his master's face, drawn and resolute for the first time the boy could remember. The crackles and creaks of the fire outside seemed to drown out by his mentor's next few words.

"I cannot run. This is my doing, and the gods will punish me to the Abyss and back if I turn and flee this day," said Whiteguard.

"You'll die," said Ravel coldly.

"Never speak with certainties, boy," said the man sharply. "Haven't I taught you anything?"

"Apparently nothing worth noting. What use will it all be if you... You and I...we owe nothing to this village! And you cannot kill it! It is a dragon, remember? Perfection in magic and body! No mortal can kill it, you old fool!"

"I'm no mere mortal," chided Whiteguard jokingly, but his smile faltered at Ravel's glare.

"Then you've made your deathwish. Goodbye, old man." Ravel quickly made his way out of the door cursing the old man as he left.

Whiteguard watched his foster child leave their home with a sad smile before quickly loading six illuminated arrows, including those he knew were duds, and making his way up to the rafters, where he blew a hole in the ceiling. He took careful aim, made a few equations with a quill, and cast the magic.

Ravel turned just in time to see only one of the arrows speed off towards the dragon, trying to catch its attention, and turned around again, this time vowing to never look back.

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07/29/2006 6:42 PM

Suri saw Jon and came to a halt, Darlan just behind her. "Suri! Wait!" Darlan called.

Suri ignored her twin and stared at Jon. "Jon! I'm glad your safe! Get out of the village...go on! Get going!" She cried, incredulous that he didn't move.

When Darlan reached her, he placed his hand on her shoulder. "And just what, are you going to do with that against a dragon?? You'd only get killed!" Darlan swore angrily at his twin's glare of indignation.

"We can go an see what we can do to save the others, but we can't attack the dragon directly... Surely you realize that is futile...." He said, more calmly.

Suri frowned, then stared at her sword, realizing how small it was compared to the dragon's might.... Magic however... that was another story.

"Alright...but we should hurry before the dragon kills everyone!" She cried, turning towards Jon, wondering if he would bother to move.

07/30/2006 6:40 PM

Jon nodded to Darlan, "I trust you to keep our overly-eager sister safe. I saw the inn still hasn't collapsed and wasn't damaged too badly. That's the most likely place that there'll be anyone in need of help. Most other places are either already destroyed or aren't likely to have anyone there."

Jon turned back towards the village just in time to see another streak of fire tear through the sky. This time it headed straight for the dragon. It erupted in a burst of flames, engulfing the dragon. The piercing cry of the dragon tore through the sky, causing Jon to grab his head in pain. The dragon flew off east, in the direction the fire had come from. At least it wasn't attacking the village anymore.

"Come on!" Jon shouted, but he could barely hear himself after the deafening cry from the dragon. "We can't be sure how long it'll be gone we'll have to hurry if we're going to do anything."

08/01/2006 11:51 PM

Ravel did not stop running until he had found himself on the far side of the Ravenwinds' field. Catching his breath, he glanced back only to hear the piercing shriek of the dragon followed by the fifth shriek of Whiteguard's last arrow. The red swooped past him and was almost upon the small hut now. Ravel, for the life of him, could not turn away as the dragon began to belch fire over the nuisance that had dared put up a front against its scaly hide. Ravel opened his mouth, but no sound came out, and he turned towards the outskirts of the village.

08/02/2006 1:17 PM

Alaran Broadaxe saw the dragon fly overhead towards the nearby village. "I suppose I will find no rest at this village." Alaran said "Boreas CHARGE!" he said to his horse as he raced towards the village. The village came into view and he saw a young woman with a sword in her hand. He quickly caught up with her and the men she was with. "Ho there!" he said to them "You all rescue the people, I will distract the dragon." he said, slamming his visor shut and properly hefting his lance.

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08/03/2006 10:52 AM

Jon gaped open-mouthed at the knight who had just ridden up. "Wha?" he began. He stopped in midword, for lack of anything to say. He knew the knight had no chance against a dragon. Especially since whoever had shot that fire magic at the dragon was obviously no one to scoff at but failed in even hurting the dragon that Jon could tell.

"How exactly do you plan on distracting it, huh? Yelling at it and hurling insults at it, hoping it'll run away? You'll do nothing but make it pause to step on you. No. I think it would be better if you helped us gather the citizens of the town. They all scattered in every direction. If you could ride out and find as many as you can. Tell them to meet at the fields just north of town. There are plenty of trees for cover there. We need to find out just who died, who's missing, and more importantly who survived. We'll round up any left behind around here. Ride as fast as your mount can run, go!"

With that, Jon looked up at the inn. The second story was on fire, but nothing severe yet. If anyone was in there they would have to hurry to save them. Jon took off his shirt and wrapped it around his nose and mouth. His sweat smelled bad, but it was better than inhaling all the smoke that he was about to run into.

08/03/2006 12:38 PM

"Aye then," Alaran wheeled his horse around and galloped off. he crossed the main ways he galloped a half mile radius around town, gathering anyone he saw and telling them where to meet "Fields north of town, meet there,tell anyone you come across to meet there." After he had completed his circuit he went to the field to guard the citizens, because when a dragon comes, Takhisis' army is usally right behind them

08/03/2006 5:26 PM

"Jon! Wait!" Suri called, pulling the shirt out of his hands. "The shirt alone won't keep out the smoke..." She said as she dunked it thouroughly in the nearby horse trough. "there...wring that out first then go in... the water will hamper the smoke and the heat..."

Darlan was impressed that Suri would think of such a thing and followed suit, following his younger brother into the Inn, leaving Suri outside...

Meanwhile, the Dragon had turned his eyes on one of the few buildings still standing... what appeared to be an Inn... His smouldering red eyes fixed upon it and the lone human woman that stood before it....

Suri shook with fear as she saw the dragon turn towards her. Her grip on her sword tightened as she felt the primal instinct to flee run rampant across every nerve in her body. Abruptly she was able to tear her gaze away from the dragon and stare at the mirror-polished steel, and rememberd her little brothers' earlier admonishment. Just what would a single sword do against a dragon anyway....

All she really needed it to do was land... She sheathed her sword, and prepared the spell in her mind as her heart leapt in hope to see the dragon land before her... Concentrating on it as she had never done before, she poured her fear and anger into the spell, and was rewarded by the tangle vines snaking up the dragons' limbs, even his wings, hampering every movement, taking the vile creature by surprise...

For a moment, the Red was too shocked to move. That this mere human woman had thought to imprison him with a tangle-root spell was unthinkable... laughable even. The vines that tightened across his chest and limbs only sparked his anger for the doomed village even further. Just when he thought this woman's foolery couldn't get any worse, he spotted her running towards him, with a sword drawn...

Anger poured through him, and his tail snapped free of the vines, crashing into the building beside him, toppling the already comprimized structure, before flinking the human woman aside, his anger and contempt at an unbearable level now...

Suri's world went dark as she fell, her last sight was of the Inn, crashing to the ground....

08/03/2006 11:09 PM

Ravel had been traveling south and could not stop the knight when he rode past, but he still managed to salvage the information the knight gave from the roar or the dragon still in the village. As there was no way he could survive on the road alone, he judged it best for him to meet with the other villagers on the northern side of the village. Those who had survived, anyway.

So he had turned around. Turned around to see the dragon belching fire over the village for earnest now. The gleaming ruby scales had a few measly charred spots here and there. A testament to the way Ravel's mentor had thrown away his life. Ravel had no tears yet for the old mage who had taken care of him, but he knew they would come soon enough. When the pain would really strike him. But to ponder on such things was useless. Survival was key. He needed to live. He kept his eyes on the dragon.

And it was before Ravel's eyes that the dragon almost carelessly destroyed the inn with a flick of his tail while knocking Suri aside as one would an ant. The young alchemist saw her hit the ground a couple feet away from where she had stood and lay still like a ragged doll. Rubbled from a nearby building covered the body away from view of the dragon, who had broken free of the vines surrounding him. Fear for the few friends he had suddenly struck him, and fear of loneliness overcame his fear of death and he began to make his way back towards the village.

Almost, anyway. He kept himself out of sight, weaving in between the decimated buildings until he heard the dragon give a satisfied snort before beating his wings and flying off. It was only then Ravel came out of his hiding place. The dragon's disappearing form, glistening ruby red in the sunlight admist black smoke and fire was eerily beautiful.

He ran over to the rubble that had hid Suri's body from the eyes of the dragon after knocking her down. Quickly getting on his hands and knees, he began clearing his way until her prone form was before him. Her face was smudged and her clothes torn and wet with blood that he prayed was not hers. He leaned forward, holding his cheek to her mouth. Her breath landed faintly on his cheeck, but it was still there.

Looking around, he shouted, "Help! Is there no one here! Help!"

08/04/2006 11:52 AM

Jon paused momentarily to nod thanks to Suri before rushing in the inn. The heat was extreme, but bearable. Jon quickly scanned the common room while Darlan rushed in behind him. "The most likely place is the rooms upstairs," Jon said pointing to the stairs at the back of the common room.

"I'll check upstairs, you check the store rooms in back," Darlan replied. He then rushed up the stairs without waiting for Jon's acknowledgement. Jon too then crossed the common room and ducked into the storage room. He stopped when he heard a sound from the back of the room.

"Don't worry, it's me, Jon!" he said as he entered further into the room. "I've come to get you out of here. The building won't last much longer."

A small form crept out from the far corner. It was Robin, the miller's six year old daughter. Tears streaked down her face. Jon kneeled and held out his arms, "Come on Robin, let's get out of here." Robin stepped forward and Jon grabbed her with both arms. Just as he stood up and turned to leave the entire inn shook and seemed to tear apart. Wood beams shattered like toothpicks. The stones in the floor erupted like a volcano. Jon threw himself on the ground on top of Robin. The rain of debris showered him in splinters and bruises.

After a few moments, Jon ventured a look around. The entire inn had collapsed. His path back out through the common room was completely closed off, but he saw some light comming from one of the side walls in the storage room. He lifted himself off of Robin and asked if she was all right. She slowly nodded as tears ran down her face anew.

"I'll get you out of here, I promise," Jon said. He helped Robin up to her feet and escourted her over to the wall that let in the light. The beams that had once been the wall suddenly shifted and dust fell on their heads. They would have to get out quick, before the building finished settling on top of them. Jon grabbed one of the beams and heaved with all his might. It shifted a few inches before stopping again. It was enough, though. Robin could fit through the hole now.

"Go on through," Jon prompted. Robin scampered through the hole in the wall. Jon looked at the hole and wondered if there was any way he could fit himself through there. He definitely wasn't a big man, but neither was he a thin beanpole like ol' Jack Spradlin's boy Rufus. Thinking about it wasn't going to get him through any quicker, though, so Jon started to squeeze himself through the hole. Once his shoulders emerged from the other side, Robin grabbed him and started to pull him through. Jon grimaced at the pain of all the bruised and cuts on his back as they scraped against the rubble. At least none of his bones were broken. That would have been bad. Just as Jon's feet made it through the hole, the rest of what used to be the storage room collapsed in on itself.

Jon stood and grabbed Robin who had latched herself to his leg. He looked around and saw the dragon flying off to the south. Good, hopefully now it won't find the survivors. Jon looked back at the destroyed inn. Nothing remained of it. He unwound his shirt and put it back on. The cold, damp cloth stung a bit on his back, but at least it hid the cuts.

Jon uttered a silent prayer for Darlan. There was no way he could have survived that, being on the second floor. Suri? Where was Suri? Jon quickly looked around. He saw nothing, but then he heard someone shout, "Help! Is there no one here! Help!"

Jon picked up Robin and rushed around the debris. He saw the technomancer's assistant, Ravel he thought his name was, leaning over Suri. "Suri!" Jon shouted. He rushed over and set Robin down. He then cradled his sister in his arms. "Fool? You thought fighting a lost battle was honourable? You always did dream. There's nothing wrong with running away to save your life. Oh, how could this happen?" Jon started crying. The tears swept clear streaks through his soot-stained face. "There's nothing we can do for her here. We have to get her to the rest of the people. Oh, where's that knight and his horse when you need him?"

08/04/2006 1:52 PM

Alaran saw the building collapse and rushed over, coming up behind the farmboy, "Right here" alaran said, dismounting boreas, "Foolish girl, You should have let me attack the dragon." He said, "Come on, lets get her on the horse."

08/04/2006 8:04 PM

Jon almost jerked around at the sound of a voice behind him. He was still a bit on edge with everything that went on. He inhaled deeply to calm himself when he saw that it was the knight, almost summoned by his words.

"Yes, let's." Jon couldn't find much words right now. He was devastated. His brother was surely dead in that pile of rubble and his sister may not be far behind. Lethargically he helped the knight lift his sister up onto the saddle. Once she was up, Jon stared for a long second at the collapsed inn. Why did Darlan have to go upstairs. If they had switched where they were looking . . . no, that was no way to think. Jon should be thankful he was still alive. A bleak way of looking at things, but in the end he was the one that survived.

"Come on Robin," Jon said, extending his hand for the little girl. Robin rushed over and clasped his hand in both of hers. Robin's need for security gave Jon a little bit of strength back. He couldn't seem weak when he was needed to be strong by a cute, innocent little girl.

Looking at the knight Jon said, "I trust you to get Suri to the fields as fast as you can. Go on ahead of us, we'll catch up."

08/06/2006 3:50 PM

"Aye" Alaran said. Alaran rushed off toward the field, looking at the destruction he said to himself "I must recover the dragonlance"

08/06/2006 6:28 PM

((OOC: Renegadeirishman, would you please take note of the few points I've put on the OOC board? Thanks.))

Ravel watched the knight gallop off, wishing that he would do so a bit more gently for the sake of the girl on his horse. He let out a breath he did not know he had been holding and felthis legs give out underneath him. Sitting down hard on the ground, he took another long look at the rubble and ruins around him and gave a long sigh. True, he did not care so much for the people in the village, who had scorned him when he had been a poor orphan running around the streets.

But the blackened stones and the charred remains of bodies littered around him was enough to depress even the most cold-hearted of men, he knew. This was, after all, his home, and it had lost everything. He wondered vaguely of the kind of decision the village elders would make. Would the town have to salvage what they could and move on? Or would they try to rebuild what they had here? He shook his head and didn't suppose it mattered very much what they did. Ravel knew what he was going to do.

Standing up, he motioned to the youngest Ravenwind.

"Jon, right? Ravel Vhilkote," he said. He hadn't had much to do with the youngest boy, who had often stayed behind his games with his older siblings to learn the tools of his father's trade. He remembered, though, Suri mention slightly bitterly that Jon was a boy after Ravel's own heart and that they'd get along just fine.

He'd shrugged it off then, and, looking at the appearance of Jon and the little girl he had obviously saved, he'd shrug it off now.

"I suppose we should get going, too. Is Darlan around somewhere?" The twins were rarely ever far apart, and he couldn't think for a second that they'd seperate when things were as bad as this.

08/07/2006 12:58 AM

A small hand grabbed the mans ash and blood stained shirt, the villager was beside himself in a panic, confusion and unbridled fear, so much so that he barely felt the child like hand that pulled at him as he stood wringing his hands. His wife was trapped under a cart that had fallen over, she was screaming and there was nothing he could so. " Excuse me sir! Whats going on here? Do you know? I mean a lot of people are running around shouting and yelling and there is alot of fire....say! Is it a game? I do love games, what kind of game is it--", he was cut off when the man eventually looked down and subsequently jumped two feet backwards, his hand going to his money pouch. Surprisingly it was still there.

" Oh sorry, did I frighten you? Yes I must have, you are rather pale. ", Harpyn suddenly noticed the woman trapped under the cart, he looked around and spotted the dragon. " A dragon! Look at it! Isn't it just amazing! ", he dashed off towards the red but stopped and looked back at the woman, " Oh, here&let me help&. ", he barked a word and snapped his fingers at her. She vanished, only to appear beside the cart. Injured, but no longer trapped under it. Both her and her husband gawked at the kender-mage who was happily waving over his shoulder. " No need to thank me! I'm just glad to help! "

Anything else was lost amidst the smoke and ash filling the air, and Harpyn was nothing but a blur as he sped towards the dragon. I've never met a dragon! I didn't know they truly existed! How wonderful! These thoughts all ran through his head, ignoring the dangerous situation as all kender were noted for doing.

" Mr Dragon! Mr Dragon! A pleasure to meet you, my name is&. Whoa! ", his hands rose and a shimmering shield of white light surrounded him, the spidery language of magic slipping from his lips. A gout of roaring flame engulfed the kenders' shield. As it disappeared, so to did the light shield. " I say! That was incredibly rude! ", the dragon hardly paid the kender any attention, considering the puny being beneath him. Had it even meant to shower him in flames? It most likely hadn't noticed the small wizard. " Well, I'll get your attention! "

Harpyn extended his index finger towards the beast, muttering words and holding a piece of rabbit fur in his left hand. Lightning burst from his small finger, arcs screaming towards the dragon and slamming into it.

" Ha! That got your attenti...att...oh dear..... ", the kender turned and ran, his pouches and robes flaring and bouncing as he did so. " Perhaps I shouldn't have gotten its attention. ", out of the corner of his eye, he spotted some people, some running into the collapsing Inn. He stopped, forgetting the dragon, " Hey, they look like they need my help! ", he was smiling broadly, ignoring the dragon that was looking around for the soon to be dead human or elf that had dared use magic on him. Never once did he think the kender dressed in the white robes of a wizard could possibly be responsible. What manner of god would grant a Kender the power to use magic.

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08/07/2006 11:03 AM

At the mention of his brother's name, Jon looked down at the ground. He glanced over at the pile of rubble that used to be the inn. Looking back at Ravel he finally said, "Yeah, me name's Jon. As for Darlan, he's somewhere under all that."

Jon placed his hand on Robin's shoulder as much to comfort himself in that he did a good thing as much as to comfort the little girl. "You're right in that we should be going." Jon stared at the dissapearing form of his sister on the horse. Jon prayed that she would be safe. He couldn't bear to lose both of his siblings in the same day. Though how Suri would take Darlan's death, Jon didn't know. She was much closer to him than he was.

Looking back over the reckage of the inn, Jon noticed a strange thing. A small person in the robes of a white wizard. Waitasecond, that was no person. That was a kender! What kind of joke were they playing, wearing that? Well, Jon decided to ignore the kender. He would probably find something more interesting, hopefully something like the burning wreckage of a building to collapse on him.

08/07/2006 4:51 PM

Darlan had died. The blasted dragon had killed another one of his few friends. Another meaningless death. He'd have to deal with it later, then, as the living were in ultimate more need than the dead, at the moment.

Ravel followed Jon's gaze and spotted the kender, to which he did two things. One, he checked to make sure his money pouch was still in its hiding place in a pocket next to his chest. Second, he shouldered his pack in front of himself instead of behind him. It was uncomfortable and quite unbecoming, to say the least, but Ravel could not risk any of his pack's contents to fall prey to the deft-handed race before he had made inventory. They were good folk, minus that one habit, and he did not care to see any one of them burn to death in some silly rage he might attain.


"We should leave," he said sharply to Jon. "Now, before your sister wakes. Carry the girl, if you must."

Ravel set off on a brisk pace to the north, to join the other survivors and, hopefully, contain Suri upon her return to consciousness.

08/07/2006 7:16 PM

Jon wondered what the special hurry was, but he was glad for it anyhow. "Come on Robin," he said as he picked her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he set off at a jog to catch up to Ravel.

Jon noticed Ravel's special care with his pack. "What's so important in there?" Jon really didn't put much heart into the question, he was just looking for conversation to keep his mind off of the events that just happened.

08/07/2006 7:56 PM

Alaran arrived at the field and called out "Is anyone here a healer? I have a girl whos been wounded" his cloak blew open, revealing the symbol of the Knights of Solamnia, the crown, and the kingfisher holding a rose and sword. The villagers saw it, and a look of disgust came over many of their faces. It did not avoid the notice of Alaran, but he had grown used to it. "WE NEED A HEALER!" he roared

08/08/2006 2:10 AM

Harpyn staggered to a halt, almost tripping over his white robes, the silver runes and stictching shimmering in the light of the fires that rampaged through the village. " Hello. ", the Kender was standing next to Alaran, a look of complete bland innocence on his face. There were dark circles around his eyes however, the fatigue of spell casting was obvious, but the Kender-mage fought it with all his might. In all this excitement there was no way he was going to miss a thing! " Say I'm not a healer, but I thought I'd have a look at the girl... ", the kender bent over to look at whoever Alaran was looking at. " ....I am a wizard though! ", he stood back for the Knight to take in the white robes of a wizard the kender wore, along with his pouches, spell components and scrolls.

" Say! ", Harpyn caught the flash of armour, " You're a Solamnic Knight! Wow I've never actually met a Knight before, at least I don't think so, I did meet a minotaur once when I was a bit younger, still an apprentice wizard, now that's an interesting story! Want to hear it? Well there was a slight misunderstanding over a money pouch, you see this Minotaur must have dropped it and I merely picked it up with every intention of giving it back to him, unfortunately he got lost in a rather large crowd and I was unable to find him... ", he paused to take in a deep breath before continuing, then stopped, " Wait...what was I saying? Oh look, more people! Maybe they can help! ", he started waving over at Jon and Ravel.

" Excuse me! ", he held his hands at each side of his mouth shouting, " Hello there! Say can you help us with this girl please?! This Knight of Solamnia here says she's hurt! ", he lowered his voice, " I think they'll help! ", he wore a bright and wide smile, despite the tiredness of weaving magic that threatened to weigh him down. Only adrenaline kept him going.

08/08/2006 12:51 PM

Jon heard someone yelling at them. He looked up to see the kender jumping up and down, waving his arms in a rather unbecomming manner. He saw his sister laid out on the ground next to the kender. The knight had gotten her there safely, but no one had tended to her yet! Jon started running over.

Jon was out of breath by the time he reached Suri. He set Robin down and bent over his sister. He quickly glanced around the crowd looking for Miss Macuri. She knew much about herbs and medicine. She would be able to help, but Jon didn't see her. She must not have survived the dragon.

Jon was still scanning the crowd when someone shouted, "Robin!" A man emerged from the crowd and ran over to them. Robin yelled, "Daddy!" The father and child embraced each other. Wallace, Robin's father, looked at Jon and said, "Thank you! I couldn't find Robin anywhere. We looked all over. How ever can I thank you?"

Jon shifted his gaze from Wallace over to Suri. Wallace looked at the unconscious woman. His smile died. He looked back to Jon, "I'm sorry, but I don't know how to treat her wounds."

Jon felt hope slipping away. There [i]had[/i] to be some way to help her. There had to be!

08/08/2006 7:53 PM

Ravel watched the youngest Ravenwind recieve thanks from the miller and sighed with relief at Suri's unconscious form. Hearing of Darlan's death would...He could not even tell what it would do to his dead friend's twin.

"I'm glad to see you made it out of that idiot's house in time, young alchemist," said a voice from behind him. Ravel turned to see old Macuri standing behind him, a rather tall and severe looking woman who resembled a large, bony bag of leather. She smelled faintly of garlic and still had her apron around her, yet seemed perfectly healthy.

"Yes, well, he wanted to play Hero and you know I don't stand for that," said Ravel, forcing a smile. Macuri's severe look softened for a moment and she put her hand on his forearm. Ravel stiffened slightly at the touch of her claw-like hands, but sighed and relaxed as he realized it was a rare show of emotion for the woman.

"He would only have left if he had known someone else would take up where he left off. Do not mourn for him, Vhilkote."

Ravel nodded and gestured behind him. "One of my friends could use your help. My knowledge of life is more theoretical to your practical, so I could only do so much."

Macuri nodded and walked over to Suri's prone form, giving the kender a slight shoo as she kneeled.
"Let me see...A rib may be broken...Her shoulder is dislocated...A few cuts...That one might leave a scar...A bruise...Well, other than that, she's just a bit dirty. Ravel, come here and let me see what you have in that pack of yours. I think I heard a clinking."

Ravel blinked, but walked over and opened the pack for Macuri to see. Various vials of different colors and labels glinted from inside, and Macuri began rummaging, muttering to herself as she did so.

"Let me see...Willow bark elixer...one of mine...distilled water...don't really care to know what this one is...Is this brandy? Yes? Well, then I'll take it, too...and...hmm...here."

She took out another one of Ravel's vials and uncorked it. After sniffing and nodding, she tipped about half of it into Suri's mouth.

"That'll ease her pain when she wakes up, but you'll have to bandage her up so she doesn't move too much. Ravel, if you don't mind, I'll take these and use them for the other townspeople. They're the ones I gave Whiteguard anyway."

Ravel nodded and closed his pack again, but not after noticing a large tome hidden at the bottom.

Tossing his curiosity aside for now, he began gathering some sticks and made a small fire next to Suri with a match. After motioning Jon to come over and join him, he sat down next to the flames, waiting.

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08/09/2006 7:36 PM

Jon finally noticed Macuri doing . . . whatever it was that she did . . . to Suri. Jon knew he should feel relieved. Macuri was the best in the village. Though, for some reason, Jon was still quite anxious. He saw Ravel motion him over to a small fire he had prepared and went to sit next to him.

"So, Ravel. What are your thoughts for the future?" Jon picked a long blade of grass and started chewing on it to relieve his nerves. "I didn't see me ma and pa out there. With Darlan gone, Suri's all I've got left. Our house was demolished. Fields burnt or torn apart. . ." Jon trailed off. He wasn't sure what to think the future might hold for him. The town might be able to be rebuilt, but Jon wouldn't be able to restore the farm with just him and Suri. That's if Suri could be convinced to stay after all this. She always was impulsive.

Jon laid back and looked at the sky. The sun had set low on the horizon and night was encroaching. People would be tallying their losses and putting together everything. Jon spared another glace at Suri's unconscious form. His life destroyed. Her life destroyed. Jon vowed then and there that he would do whatever he could to protect his elder sister. Even if it meant going out on some foolish quest with her. He would save her.

08/09/2006 11:17 PM

" Is she going to be alright. "

Harpyn suddenly bent over the stricken woman, thrusting his face into hers, thankfully she was unconscious otherwise the sight of a looming Kender in their face would no doubt scare anyone. " My she certainly is a pretty woman isn't she! She reminds me of someone I met years ago, another pretty lady, want to hear the story? It really is fascinating... ", he stood up sharply, on hand on his hip and the other stroking his hairless chin. He had seen dwarves do this action, though obviously it look much more impressive with them because they had beards. "....well, if I remember correctly.... ", which would be a first for a Kender, "....I was having a drink in a tavern, a rather nice one actually in Palanthas, wonderful city, have you ever been? Very beautiful in a kind of cold and dispassionate way. Anyway, I was sitting in the tavern, well, not so much sitting as walking around and introducing myself to the other patrons which is only polite, afterall we Kender do not like to be rude to anyone. The most amazing thing happened aswell, a Knight of Solamnia, he had very shiny armour on, must have dropped his money pouch because the next thing I knew it was in my pouch! ", he waited for an audilble gasp, which wouldn't come.

" As I was saying.....wait.....what I saying? ", he looked at the others, stratching his Top-knot. " Hmm. Oh well, I'm sure it will come back to me soon... oh, she not awake yet? I thought she would have started to hear my story and be so interested she'd wake up! You know, she may be pretty but sleeping in the middle of a burning village is not what I call responsible. Especially with a rampaging dragon. SAY! Didn't you think that dragon was amazing! I was very intrigued...I tried to speak to it, but it blasted me with a woosh of flame... ", the Kender spun in a circle, pouches flying and his arms waving, " I had to cast a shield spell to stop from becoming a toasted Kender, which would have certainly been an interesting experience, I'm all for them, however I doubt I would have lived through it. Just aswell I did, otherwise you lot wouldn't have my help! ", he beamed at this, thinking himself entirely heroic.

" Maybe I can do something to wake her up.... perhaps I have a spell or two... ", he promptly sat down on the scorched barren earth, not realising his white robes had turned an off grey. The Kender-mage took out a small book, well, small to the others, it fit perfectly in his hands. " What was that spell again... ", he flicked through the pages, pausing every now and then. " Fireball? Hmm, might wake her up and she'd certainly be warm.....no you daft Kender.... ", he went back to turning the pages.

08/10/2006 6:04 PM

Fire drowned her dreams, fires of vengence and hatred...fires that mirrored the ones that burned fiercely in her heart fires that threatened to overtake her very soul.

Darlan was gone... she knew that the moment that she became concious... she lay there in despair, hearing the concerned voices of those around her... and it was all her fault.

If she hadn't tried to be a hero, hadn't tried her magic against the crimson beast... Darlan may well have been alive right now. She ran along this line of thought for several minutes struggling to contain her misery and tears. She heard the Kender ramble on, and only stirred when she heard him say "fireball" She knew that particular spell well, and didn't have any desire to have it cast upon her.

She opened her eyes, blinking to adjust her eyes before easing herself into a sitting position. Her chest hurt, bad...but she welcomed the intense pain... a minor punishment considering what she had done...

She would make this right... she didn't care if she had to do it alone, or if she died before she managed it.. but that blasted Wyrm would pay...

08/10/2006 6:51 PM

Jon was the first to notice Suri stirring. He jumped to her side and supported her so she wouldn't have to sit up herself. "Relax. You're really hurt. Don't push it." Jon fought the urge to hold her tight. He knew that would only hurt her more. When Jon heard the kender say, "AHA!" he reached over and pulled the book away from him. "You're [b]NOT[/b] going to be casting any spells on my sister today."

Jon ignored the hurt look the kender gave him. He knew it wouldn't last more than five seconds anyhow. He set the book down next to the kender. "I appreciate the concern, but there's no need for you to do anything." Jon looked down at his sister's face. He hoped his own would lessen her suffering, knowing that she still had family left, but Jon didn't know how he could explain that their parents were most likely dead.

Jon settled for supporting Suri's head with his hand and saying, "You need to rest, Suri. Let me handle anything you need?"

08/10/2006 11:30 PM

The look the Kender gave Jon was not one of hurt, something far different and very un-kender like. His large green eyes flashed with something close to ire as the big human snatched away the Kenders spell book. All foolery vanished from his face and his mouth opned, however it was then he noticed the pretty woman had awoken and this was enough to distract him from whatever he was about to say, " Oh she's awake! How wonderful, did you have a nice sleep? I don't think you did....you certainly don't look like you've had any sleep, normally when someone sleeps and they wake up they're supposed to look all refreshed and full of energy, but you don't. Did you have a nightmare? That can sometimes stop you having a good sleep.... you know I don't think I've ever had a nightmare....I don't think I've ever had a dream. Come to think of it, all Kender never dream. ", he shrugged and looked back at Suri, having heard Jon say her name.

" That was kind of silly trying to trap the dragon in the tangle root spell, it wouldn't have held it for long. Are you a sorceress? Why aren't you wearing robes then? I wear robes.... well, I am a Wizard of the White Robes after all. ", he say this proudly, lifting his head high, or rather lifting his chin and tilting his head back so much that he lost his balance. " ....the only Kender-mage on Anaslon, as far as I'm aware anyway. I was going to cast a spell to help you wake up, but this big man...", he gestured to Jon, " Snatched my spell book away. ", he turned to Jon, shaking a finger at him, " You know Mr, its not very polite to just snatch something out of someones hands, all you had to do was say 'No I would rather you did not cast any of your wonderful spells on my sister' and I would have just as politely put the book away.... you know I've often found humans can sometimes be lacking in manners.... ", the latter was said under his breath and followed by an exaggerated sigh.

Harpyn's small hands clasped together. " Anyway! Now that we're all friends, what are your names? Its only polite after all. I'm Harpyn Bubblesqueak. My friends normally just call be Harp. ", he smiled broadly, offering his hand to anyone that would shake it.

A small frown suddenly marred his brow, darkening the Kenders otherwise bright features," Still, there is that Red Dragon to take care of.... ", his words were soft, almost a whisper, " ....and I'm rather tired just now.... dragons returned to Krynn. I wonder if Par-Salian knew of any of this... "

08/10/2006 11:51 PM

Alaran was relieved to see the young lady awake. He then turned and looked at the kender "A kender mage eh? by Mishakal I have never heard of such a thing." Unusual for most humans, he had always liked kender, he thought their innocence and cheerfulness refreshing. "Well Harpyn Bubblesqueak, I am Alaran Broadaxe, knight of the crown, I am pleased to meet you." The tall man knelt down and offered his hand to the kender.

08/12/2006 7:43 AM

Ravel, ignoring the white-robed kender for now, left his place by the fire to join Jon and Suri. He could feel a voice in the back of his head say, [i]You were stupid[/i], but when he opened his mouth, all he could do was repeat Macuri's diagnosis on her.

"So you need to lie down, even if only until everyone manages to figure something out," he said. "You feel alright now because Macuri gave you something to ease the pain, but once it wears off..."

He didn't say anything more. He didn't have to. Whiteguard had died needlessly, driven by a wholly unpractical feeling of debt- a debt he did not owe. Darlan was dead too, his body crushed under the weight of fire-blackened stones. His was a death that may very well have resulted from Suri's folly. No ne said it, but the truth hang thick in the air.

[i]You may very well have killed him. Not exactly the heroics you dreamed of is it?[/i]

08/12/2006 3:09 PM

Suri heeded their advice and eased herself back down. She ignored all other questions in regards to her comfort, and focused on the Kender. The fact that he was dressed as a mage was lost upon her as she focused on his question on why she wasn't dressed as a mage. Anger seethed just under her pained facade... anger at her own failings.

That selfsame anger shadowed her words as she answered the Kender's question. "I haven't the power to pass the Tower Test... Magic runs within me only as a trickle... I would surely die if I attempted to take the Test. So I learn what I can, and go with that alone. Thus why I have strove to learn the ways of the sword as well." Memories of Darlan teaching her what he knew made her throat constrict, and she wished for some stronger painkiller so that she could run, shed her tears and grieve alone...

Instead she could only turn her head and squeeze her eyes tightly closed against the tears that blurred her vision.

08/13/2006 2:02 AM

The Kender-mage took the Knights hand, his larger one dwarfing his own. " A pleasure Sir Knight! I met a knight before, he was Knight of the Sword however, I had the most charming conversation with him.... though I think he thought I was deaf or something, as the man kept shouting and shouting at me... we were playing a game at the time, one in which I was running and he was trying to catch me so I never really did hear what he was saying, I suppose thats why he was shouting.... ", the kender glanced at Suri, " ....but I think its a story best left for another time. "

A Kender had stopped his own story without the need for interuption. The world was going to end....

Harpyn moved closer to Suri, ignoring Jon and Ravel, focused on the woman lying lying on the ground. " I'm sorry, Suri. ", his voice had lost its high pitched squeek, sounding somber and low and deep. In that moment the reason why a Kender-mage existed was explained. His large green eyes were shadowed with kindred pain, memories of failure and anger flaring in him. " I know how it feels..... trust me however when I say the Test..... ", the Kender visably shuddered, " ....is not all its cracked up to be. ", there was wisdom in that voice, experience through hardship, suffering. What exactly could make a kender shudder? The Test is designed to make the young mage learn something of himself as well as test their magical capabilities..... what did Harpyn learn?

" I am sorry for pointing that out. ", Harpyn smiled slightly, one she missed as Suri turned her head from him. " Well you never know, I might have a spell or two I can pass on to you! ", his child like naivety and sqeaking voice returned suddenly. " Hey we have a dragon to take care of here! Its still burning through the village..... ", top knot bouncing, Harpyn moved slightly away from the small group, seeking the red dragon. " Though I don't know what spells of mine are going to be useful against it.. ", the white wizard went over his memorised spells, of which there were only several...he had forgotten to memorise the ones he had already cast.

Harpyn whipped back to the group. " Do you think a fireball will work against a red dragon?! Or make it stronger.... I have an ice spell that might be handy against it! "

08/13/2006 4:11 AM

"Don't be a fool," snapped Ravel at the kender. "The reason we are all here is not because we decided to fall back for now, but because we were damn lucky. It's a dragon, the gods damn you. Haven't you read the tales? Scales harder than the hardest of stones, nearly immune to magic...And just what do we have? A [i]knight[/i] of lowest rank, a farmer whose hands are stained with manure, not blood, an incapacitated dreamer, a kender-mage still scared shitless from memories of his Test, and me. Just what do you hope to gain, kender, oh, great magus Harpyn? Because the only outcome of this little venture will be certain death."

Ravel glared at the kender for another moment, but averted his eyes and stood up. He sat down again, although this time next to the fire and began to calm himself down. Images of his master's calm smile before Ravel had left the house began to float up before his eyes before he pushed them away, tossing another piece of wood into the flames.

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08/13/2006 12:08 PM

Jon looked at Ravel in amazement. He wondered what could have happened to get Ravel so riled up. He was right, but something else . . . perhaps the dragon had affected his life more than Jon knew. Well, whatever the case was, if Ravel didn't want to talk about it, Jon wouldn't push the issue.

Jon glanced once more at Suri, laid out on the ground. She was crying, even if she didn't want others to see. Jon had seen this happen one other time, when Suri realized she couldn't take the test to become a mage. Suri was normally a very strong-willed woman. For her to break like this.

Jon stood up and scanned the crowd of people. Most had found what remained of their families and had huddled in small groups talking in hushed tones. Jon stared up at the night sky. The stars were barely visible over the glow in the distance where the village still burned. [i]So this is war?[/i] Jon thought. What a horrible thing. Why would anyone ever [i]want[/i] to do something like this?

Looking back down at the kender Jon said, "Ravel is right. We can't fight a dragon. It would only assure our deaths. We have escaped death tonight. We should appreciate that. I say we stay here for the night. Keep a watch out in case the fires from the town spread this way. . . unless you've got something to douse the fires, mage?"

08/14/2006 12:06 AM

Alaran bristled at the insolence of the boy, Ravel, he believed they had called him. "Est Solarus Oth Mithas" he said to himself as a means of restraint. "I am no squire lad, I am a Defender of the Crown, on my way to becoming a Knight of the Sword." He said, his anger slightly overpowering him. "But he is right worthy Harpyn, we cannot stand against a dragon."

08/14/2006 9:57 AM

" I would watch your words. ", the Kenders eyes fixed on Ravel, a dangerous gleam shining in them, " Especially when referring to the Test. It is an event which should be spoken about with the upmost reverence and fear that it deserves.... I did not go through such a humbling experience to simply be down casted by a witless squirming boy. ", his tone and attitude where once again not that of a normal kender. " And as for you, human, my name is Harpyn, not merely 'mage'. Remember it... and use it. ", he had swung his strange gaze to Jon, thunder building behind his words, " As a matter of fact I do have a spell that might help....however I am too tired to concentrate properly. "

At this point the kender promptly sat down, exhaustion suddenly overcoming even his excitement and adrenline rushes. It was only the beginning of the adventure and already these humans were boring him, if they didn't liven up he would simply have to leave. Though he held high hopes the woman would provide some entertainment, maybe she had a spell he could learn for himself. As for the Knight, he was the only one that had acted cordial to the Kender and as such Harpyn held the knight in high regard, higher than any of the others around him.

" Perhaps your are right, we can't fight the dragon....their breath alone his death and only the most powerful of Archmages stand the chance of overpowering the great beasts magicks. ", he sighed, head in his hands.

" I wish I was back at the Tower, there are books on dragons.... I could have looked for something to help. But you're not Harpyn... ", his latters words were whispered for himself. " ....so stop blubbering, Par-Salian sent you out into the world for a reason. You have to find it.... ", all he wanted to do was sleep at that point, but the prospect of missing something fascinating was the main reason he maintained his alertness, which was aided by the kender physically holding his eyes open.

08/15/2006 6:38 PM

Suri was getting tired of the bickering in the group... ha.. Group.. as if this little rag-tag could ever survive any type of quest. A low-ranked Knight, A hot-headed Techromancer, A farm-boy, A Kender mage, and herself... A dreamer who has just had reality show up in one nasty surprise after another.

"Let's just rest for now... we should try to head south for Haven at dawn...." She said softly, the dead-pan quality to her voice momentarily startled her... had it just been this afternoon where her dreams seemed so easily in reach?

She didn't bother to listen for replies, simply closed her eyes and allowed the healer's medications carry her off into oblivion.

Kaseihouseki was now bored... his crimson eyes surveyed the burning and charred remains of the town. When no other movement caught his eye, he spread his blood-red wings and launched himself laborously into the sky.

This was one less town to stand in the way of his Queen.

08/17/2006 4:35 PM

Dawn awoke to find Suri already up and about. She had already doused the banked fire, and was inspecting her own wounds. The haunted look in her eyes hadn't faded, but it had been joined by a determination that definitly wasn't there last night.

Using several stips of wet cloth and leather, she bound her lower chest, where she could feel the unevenness of the broken ribs... they probably wouldn't heal straight, but they were as straight as she could get them herself, as she fought to keep hold of conciousness, bitting down on a piece of leather to stifle her cries as she tried to reset the broken bones.

faint and sweating with fatigue and pain, she panted for several long moments before her vision cleared and the pain subsided to a dull ache. She glanced towards the group and sighed. It wouldn't do to just head for the ruins of their village alone, she would have to wait until they awoke.

08/18/2006 7:23 AM

Ravel had fallen asleep before the fire, his sack substituting as a pillow. His mind was muddled and grey, filled with mixed emotions that he did not want to address. Simply, he was fatigued both physically and mentally from the events of the past day.

His pack, however, had proven something of a godsend. The bottles he had placed inside [i]were[/i] sellable, and the tome had contained Whiteguard's alchemy research notes alongside his journal. Ravel had been too tired to sort out his inventory or even go through an eighth of the tome, but the knowledge had brought some sort of consistency, at least, to his confused mind.

He awoke amid dreams of hazy paths and far-off voices to listen to the stifled screams of Suri across the smoldered flames. Still fighting sleep, he half-watched her as she attempted to secure her own bandages before he sighed and stood. After checking to make sure his pack was still the same (he'd check the kender later), he made his way over the fire and to a panting Suri. Sleep had not solved his cloudy mind, but his resentment for her had calmed somewhat overnight.

"Here, you're doing it all wrong," he said, easing her sweaty hands from her maligned bandages and taking a closer look at them. "Hold your shirt up a moment while I try to fix this mess, although you might want to keep that thing in your mouth as I tighten a few strips. By the gods, you can be as stubborn as a gully dwarf counting past two."

08/18/2006 7:38 AM

Jon heard some people stirring about, but rolled over instead of checking things out. He could note a bit of light through his closed eyelids. Morning was upon them. He had a rough night, sleep comming in fits. He would sleep for about an hour before waking in a near-panic. Dreams of watching his family die with nothing he could do filled what little sleep he did get.

Slowly, Jon opened one eye to the light of the world. He saw a few people just starting to get up and about. He knew he should too, but was too tired to get up just yet. Just five more minutes. Jon closed his eye again, hoping to get a bit more rest. He had done so much work the day before on that field before the dragon . . . [i]the dragon?![/i] Jon bolted upright, looking about. The same scene he had seen with his one sleepy eye greeted his now wide awake eyes.

Jon blinked hard to adjust himself to his sudden awakening and looked around. He saw Ravel finishing up bandaging Suri. Suddenly the reality of the day before hit Jon in the gut again. He blinked hard again to fight down the sudden nausea that crept up his stomach. Suri was all he had left. Slowly, as if suddenly feeling every year he had seen and then some, Jon stood up and streched his limbs. He was sore from sleeping on the ground with no pillow other than his arm, but since more than half the people there had to sleep like that Jon wasn't so distraught about it.

Jon walked over to Suri and Ravel, "Good morning." He said as the sleepiness sank back into his mind. He blinked yet again and stifled a yawn.

08/18/2006 9:57 AM

The Kender-mage was already awake before Ravel and Jon, yet he did not bother Suri, having sneaked off to a quiet secluded area, leaning against the base of a tree, the white robe removed his spellbook and starting memorising some his spells, committing them to memory as was the curse of the magi. Not far from his silence, he could hear the others stirring, voices carrying on the dead wind, the smell of ash and smoke still pungent in the air.

Eventually, he gave up studying, his concentration not the best at times anyway, he stood, brushed his robes off and moved back to join the others. His mind was alert, ready to take in the days new experiences and adventures, the sights and smells yet to force themselves upon his senses, Harpyn was practically buzzing with excitement as he descended up the trio. " Good morning to you all! ", his wide brimming smile radiant.

" I hope you all slept well... are we going to be leaving soon? Oh, what about breakfast? Is there anything to eat here? I might have something in my pouches... ", he started rummaging through his various bags, being out some stale bread, mouldy cheese and a brown apple. " Hmmmm. Maybe not...pity I can't conjure up something up. Beyond my ability just now.... "

08/18/2006 2:36 PM

Suri did as Ravel suggested and held the leather piece between her teeth as she held the homespun shirt up and clear of his ministrations. Though she gasped and yelped a couple of times, she didn't cry out as loudly as she had before.

"By the gods, you can be as stubborn as a gully dwarf counting past two."

Ravel's voice became clear as he said these words, and she frowned. "Sometimes its the best way to behave... especially in situations like this... else I would only slide into dispair..." She tugged her shirt down, and stood, gasping only once. she was lucky she hadn't broken an arm, or a leg... She glanced towards the smouldering ruins of the town.

"We should try to see what, if anything, there is to salvage back there, but I still say we should head for Haven as soon as we can..."

08/18/2006 7:53 PM

Alaran kept watch the whole night, sitting with his blanket around his shoulders, his sword at hand, and his pipe in his mouth. He heard Ravel going to help Suri with her bandaging. He got up and walked over to them. "Shall we head into town to salvage what we can?" he asked them.

08/18/2006 8:37 PM

Jon looked at Suri, "You're not carrying anything in the condition you're in. Just sit and wait here. I'll check our house for anything we can use." Jon then looked at the kender, then at Ravel. "Well, Ravel, I assume you've already got everything you need in your bag, and Harpyn, you don't exactly have anything here. Can you two keep Suri company while Alaran and I go check for stuff?"

Jon moved closer to Ravel and whispered in his ear, "Make sure she doesn't go anywhere or do anything to further hurt herself." Looking back at the knight, "Well, shall we go then?"

08/19/2006 5:27 AM

Ravel followed Suri's gaze towards the blackened ruins of the town and frowned. His mind's eye began to wander around the darkened stones and the ruin of the hut he had taken as his home.

"On the contrary, Jon, I...I think we should all go to see," he said softly. "If you're so worried about your sister, we can support her as she walks."

If they were to leave, then so be it. But he would not leave without paying his respects for the dead.

Darlan and Whiteguard deserved at least that much.

08/19/2006 3:06 PM

"If you think she can manage, she may ride my horse." Alaran whistled "Boreas come!" Boreas trotted over and Alaran patted his snout. "This is Boreas, my only true friend, as smart and true a steed as could be asked for." Alaran stared at his horse fondly, the horse being, along with his sword and armor, all that was left of his inheritance. "Shall we go?"

08/20/2006 3:29 AM

Harpyn actually threw the mouldy and stale food away with a sigh, knowing it was unedible. " Oh well! I'll find more food...maybe in the village unless everything was burnt to a cinder. ", standing up, he brushed down his robes and rearranged his top-knot, finally making sure all his pounches were there and in order. He would have to sit down and see what interesting objectd had fallen in to them, objects had a habit of doing that.

" Well I'm ready! ", he smiled broadly, his grin as bright as the sun, excitment glinting in his large green eyes. " I wonder if the dragon is still about? I would very much have liked to talk to it... I have so many questions about dragons! But I suppose it would just breath fire on me again, while its interesting, its not something I would advise someone to do on a regular basis. It can't be good for your health, all that smoke and fire.... "

08/22/2006 10:21 AM

Suri frowned, visibly bristling at her brother's words. She hated to be hedged in, treated like she was no more than a child. She was hurt, but not so badly that she couldn't walk. Besides, nothing would keep her from the Town now... not after what happened to Darlan.. she had to... At least say goodbye.

08/29/2006 2:03 PM

Suri shook her head. "No... I'll walk... while I can." She stood, wincing. The pain was still there, and while stronger than it had been last night, it was bearable. She brushed past her younger brother and led the others back towards the village...

08/29/2006 4:12 PM

Jon stood and watched Suri push her way past him. Bloody hard-headed woman. All that awaited her back at the town was pain and misery. Jon had been trying to spare her at least that much if he could, but his sister was so head-strong when she wanted to. All Jon could think of to do now was support her as best he could. All the pain and sorrow of the past few days washed across his eyes as Jon surveyed the survivors one last time. So many people he knew weren't there. So many friends he'd never see again.

Jon closed his eyes and took a deep, slow breath to calm himself. He then turned and followed Suri, not saying anything. There really wasn't anything he could say at this point that would make a difference. Knowing Suri would take any help as saying she was unable to take care of herself, Jon quickly caught up to Suri and walked beside her. He kept his eyes forward, being sure to not look directly at Suri while keeping watch on her in his periphreal vision.

08/30/2006 3:56 AM

Blackened stones under an overcast of grey. The remnants of burnt human remains here and there, a crow perching upon a coal tree.

It was fitting, almost.

Ravel wondered what had possessed him to come back here. Surely not to pay his respects to that cooked arm that lay next to a wall with the imprint of a human burnt into it. The town was dead, and it seemed that there would be no doubt tortured souls would soon wander the nameless tombstones of black.

Ignoring the others for now, Ravel began to make his way around the remnants of his old home. He noted the spot the dragon had thrashed around - claw marks and a few broken twigs littered the ground. Kneeling, he picked up a glinting stone, dull and covered in grime. It did not take him long to realize the ruby red stone in his hand was the scale of the dragon and he pocketed it to study later. Perhaps, he mused, he would wear it around his neck, as a testament to what had happened here.

Finally, he turned to look around himself, saw the villagers, tired, forlorn, injured, and grieving, were trying their best not to cry as they looked at the corpse of their hopes.
Turning away, Ravel continued on to Whiteguard's hut on the outskirts of the village, expecting to find little more than rubble and fire-blackened limbs.

What he found instead was a hooded figure in brown robes walking amongst the stones, obviously looking for something.

"Who are you," asked Ravel bluntly. He didn't have the time nor the patience to partake in the lies of thieves. Especially magical, Conclave thieves, he thought.

The hooded figure turned slowly, its hands in its sleeves, but kept its face hidden beneath the shadows of his hood.

"The mage who lived here. What do you know of him?" asked the figure. Ravel could not make out the dialect of common being spoken to him, but felt shivers run up his spine in the process.

"He was my father, but what is it to you?" asked Ravel. He was suddenly struck with the question of whether the [i]gun[/i] hidden in his belt would work properly.

"It was nothing, merely curiosity," said the figure, bowing low and walking past Ravel back to the village. Ravel followed him with his gaze, but turned back to the remains of the house with a shrug. The young technomancer missed the slight breeze that blew the figure's robes just high enough to see scaly feet and tail glinting dully off the overcast skies.

"You fool, old man," said Ravel, sitting down in front of the place the porch should have been. "You could be alive and kicking with me, selling your...no...our inventions and getting rich and fat off this war. But...you've left me to do it all alone, haven't you? I always knew you'd be a white robe if you ever bothered."

He sucked in a trembling breath and continued.

"I've read enough of your diary to understand what you were doing. What you were looking for. I'll find it. And when I do, I will achieve your dream for you. I swear it, old man, I swear it."

He nodded briefly to the blackened stones before standing up and walking back to the village. He found the Ravenwinds and stood closer to them.

"Suri, Jon. The faster we leave and get to Haven, the better. If Suri's fine, we should get going."

The resolution in his voice startled him, but he shook his head and shrugged it off. He needed resolution, with the journey he thought he knew he was about to take.

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08/30/2006 8:17 PM

Alaran led Boreas through the wreckage of the town, Even his warrior eyes were shocked at the sheer devastation that had been wreaked by one creature in such a short time. "I think the boy is right." Alaran said "Sooner to Haven the better."

09/01/2006 1:30 AM

" We're going to Haven? How exciting! I've been there before, not sure how many times though.... ", his gaze was distracted even as he spoke in that shrill ear pericing voice, "....the jails are far from my usual standard, though few jails can keep me locked in, more so than other Kender. I say the town took a far beating. Can anyone see anyone else alive apart from us? I wonder how many survived, probably enough so as to spread the word of the horrific and dreadful yet interesting experience! I mean, how many can say they survived an attack from a Dragon, a fire breathing, big and red Dragon. "

He paused a moment to catch his breath, which was when he noticed the brown robed figure Ravel was talking to. " Say, are you some kind of cleric? Or a Mage? Not many people wear brown robes these days, only clerics I have met, of course they were all charlatans, but I rarely said such to their faces as that would hurt their feelings..... ", hang on you doorknob! He might be a renegade....I've never met a renegade wizard! How exciting!

The others were talking about moving on, and Harpyn, though the village poised an interesting diversion just, thought the sights of Haven far outweigh that of a town thats been burnt to a cinder. " So when we going to Haven?! ", his smile was as bright and broad as always, but inside something was squirming, while interesting, it was certainly an odd sensation, one he had experience only a few times before, and it was the presence of that brown robed figure that stirred it in him.

09/12/2006 12:42 PM

Jon frowned about the village. They had spent too much time here already. It was past time to head out. "I don't see any reason to hang around here any longer." Jon agreed. He had rummaged through the wreckage of their old house. He hadn't been able to salvage any clothing or anything of use for their travels. The only thing he did find that wasn't completely ruined was his lucky stone. That he stuck in his pocket. Of course, it's kinda hard to ruin just a plain stone.

If anyone were to ask him why it was his lucky stone, Jon wouldn't be able to answer. It just was. He had found it in the river the same day Ellie, the horse, had her baby. They called the foal Sahara, so that's what he called the stone. Unfortunately, they had had to sell Sahara a few years back to cover the expenses of a poor harvest. But, at least that meant that she had escaped the devastation of today. Perhaps one day Jon would be able to see Sahara again. Perhaps soon, even. The people they had sold her to lived in Solace.

Jon thumbed his pants where the stone was in his pocket. That thought helped remind him that no matter how much devastation there was, there would always be something left. You can always move on if you find the desire to. Looking about at their little assembly, Jon affixed his most amiable face and said, "Let's go?"

09/13/2006 7:18 PM

Alaran looked over at the farmboy. "I agree" he said to the others. "The quicker we move for Solace the better."

09/25/2006 7:41 PM

Suri knew well enought when to take a hint, even an not so subtle one. There was nothing left here for her now... nothing but bitter regret and ruin. She turned, and paused only when a panic-filled whinney of a horse reached her ears.

It wasn't a unusual sound, in fact they had heard such noises of dying or trapped livestock since they came within hearing distance of the town. However, this was one call that Suri recognized. One that she had become very familiar with over the course of three years.

Three years ago, Father's prize mare died while dropping her foal. The youngling colt would've died too if Father hadn't turned his care over to her. Quickly becoming mother and playmate all in one, Suri and the Colt were nearly inseperable. She learned to ride him bareback before he was old enough to take a saddle and bridlebit. Working only with a soft rope halter and a blanket.

The gelding wasn't nearly as huge as the Knight's horse, but he stood about sixteen hands, large for his breeding, and well muscled. A steely gray body with darker dappling on his rump, with a silvery mane and tail.

The gelding's halter rope had become hopelessly tangled in the fallen rubble of the stables. It was a wonder the gelding didn't get crushed. He had a few scrapes along his neck and along his nose, but other than that, he seemed hale. He was hopelessly caught though, the soft rope had tightened painfully along his face, as he struggled to free himself.

Suri whisled softly, tilting the pitch higher at the end. The gelding froze, and raised his head as far as his limited teather would allow, and whickered in response. Sure now that this was her horse, she jogged closer, speaking softly and soothingly to keep him calm as she tried to pull his lead rope free.

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