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07/12/2006 10:32 AM

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Laucian stumbled down the deserted street wrapped up in a dark cloak - that looked more like an oversized cloth than anything - so that little more than his face could be seen. The former bard stared wide-eyed at the crecsent moon's reflection on the treacherous Sea of Swords. The seas that had taken his lover. He squeezed his eyes shut in a desperate attempt to stop the escape of fugitive tears. Sniffling he rubbed his nose with his forearm. "Still smells like blood," he thought to himself remembering the murder.

Laucian shook his head as he cleared his mind of the many troubles of the past. He had to focus on his destination: the docks. There he'd find a ship to take him back out to the waters to find what he needed. To find what he had waited long enough to capture, the truth.

07/18/2006 11:59 AM

Eduard left the small hole-in-the-wall tavern in a hurry. He looked back, somewhat amused, at the sign that read "IN." In fact, he was so caught up by the misspelling that he didn't even notice the cloaked figure that he was about to run into...

He hit the solid man with a thud, his hat falling to the ground. He bent over to pick it up, and found that the man had not moved. "Oy, mate, you'd wanna watch where yer steppin'." His hand moved subtly for where he kept one of his flintlocks concealed. "All Toril won't move for you."

07/18/2006 10:53 PM

Laucian had been wandering in thought so deeply, he never did see the man who had emerged from an inn and bumped into him.

"All Toril won't move for you."

Laucian frowned, finally exiting the twisted halls of his mind. In no mood for jokes of any sort and far too troubled to be intimidated the half-elf simply turned his face up and replied, "No, 'pparently only those more polite will." He pulled his hood lower and his cloak tighter as he walked around the man. "Dam' sea dogs," he muttered as he moved away in the direction of a closeby tavern.

He had to find a ship that would take him out to sea, where he might find more about The Justice's disappearance and the strange forces that had attacked them. But there was also something else troubling him deeply. A single though nibbled at his mind annoyingly, reminding him that he had been informed of the danger beforehand.

07/19/2006 7:27 AM

It took a couple of deep breaths and a reminder that these were not the Pirate Isles before Morgan cooled down. He relaxed the grip on his flintlock and loosened his shoulders up. he spat on the ground and muttered to no one in particular, "I've been ashore far too long." Eduard began making his way for the docks,unaware of what lay before him, and unaware that his newest acquaintance was headed there, too...

07/21/2006 2:07 AM

Laucian prepared to enter the infamous Dead Sailor's Tomb by loosening his rapier and checking for the most accessible of his plentiful knives. Also, he removed his gauntlet, for it was not wise to enter such a tavern with valuables in plain sight, and the gauntlet was far more valuable than Laucian would accept. So he hid it, and entered the bar, not at all surprised at the loud noise and constant commotion. Keeping well away from "heated arguments" the half-elf managed to make his way to the back of the tavern.

He had decided to kill two birds with one stone, and was paying a visit to a friend: Aross, tradesman of communication and information. As he reached the farthest part of the room, where an unconspicous staircase led to the tavern's upper level. Seeing that a cloaked stranger was heading for the stairs, the barkeep was quick to move towards him and ask, "Will it be just a room for you or... a little company too?"

"I'm here to see Aross," the outlaw was quick to answer pulling back his hood, to reveal his face and let his unkempt black hair spill out. "Laucian," said the owner of the tavern, disbelief clear on his face. Then, quickly he shut his mouth and nodded, turning back onto the table he was cleaning. With a frown Laucian dismissed the barkeep's strange behaviour and climbed up the shadowy stairs, wisely keeping his hand close to his weapon.

07/21/2006 9:59 AM

"Cap'n, She be docked an anchored an the watchmen be 'negotiated' with. Any chance that we be travelin about as we please now?"spoke the filthy mass of rolled flesh with a monocle and a bandana that served as treasurer of the ship whose darkwood rails he was petting with pudgy hands. His hands stopping along the silver capped posts that held the nameplate of blackened iron sporting one of the most feared names on the seas for a half a dozen years now...Umberlee's Breath. The dread ship of Captain Salverin Custlar or "Scarface Sal" One of the most feared and respected pirates of his time. But Custlar was no more, victim to an unfortunate accident invloving falling asleep with a rope-hatchet in his head. A terrible loss, but with such 'coincidental' gain for the crewman known as Claude DeFranz. He'd been 'given' the ship for his fine service and had proclaimed it as his own not 10 nights after Sal's untimely demise. This was
"Captain" Claude, and now he spoke, more akin to the sound of a heavy rake dragged along thick gravels than an actual voice, but with a certain appeal and a biting wit and sarcasm that kept secret his true cruelty, and the moral at a steady up-and-up dispite the loss of a captain.

"Aye...Ye've three days to go about as ye please, but I'll not have the charity to spare another for yer carcass. Ye lost me quite a large sum of coin last we docked...with yer thief-whores on me ship, convincing us to stay," he said with a wink. Suddenly, his voice turned grave and menacing.
"Be sure ye return in time...I'd hate to have to...'return' ye meself. An if I do feel so obliged, it'll be in pieces perfect for the sahagin's snackin'. Now grab me things matey, we search for room and board." With that, he stepped off the edge of the ship and walked down to the dock on thin air, causing quite the commotion...

07/22/2006 2:00 PM

"I specifically asked not to be bothered," said an obviously troubled Aross as Laucian entered the chamber. The information dealer sat far from his desk on a stool, his face buried deep in his hands, ornate rings gleaming from between strands of blond hair. "John, show this man out," he addressed a young errand boy standing near the door.

"But mate, I brought the rum," argued the half-elf referring to an old inside joke between the two men. Abruptly, Aross' head shot up, "Laucian? We thought you were dead!" His expression was filled with confusion.

The former bard shrugged and helped himself to a chair in front of the desk, "As did I. But life keeps ye guessin'. You seem troubled." The tradesman moved to sit in the chair opposite as a grin spread across his face, "I thought I lost my most valuable customer," he jested; an information dealer never gives an answer unless there's money on the table. "Glad to see you back. How may I help you tonight?"

With a fluent motion, Laucian pulled a small clinking pouch and threw it onto the table. "Ye can start by gettin' me a pipe, and your strongest herbs." Aross gave the errand boy a meaningful look and snapped his fingers twice. "Heavier than usual," he observed as he picked up the pouch. "The usual..." repeated Laucian, "Let's begin there."

"Well," began the information dealer in a business-like manner, "a group of Cromyrean soldiers did enter the city, but they were only escorting some high-ranking noble. I'm sure they only sent a few low-ranking Purple Dragon Knights to flash their shiny armour. You have nothing to worry about."

"Nothing?" asked Laucian outraged and fearful. "That could perfectly well be my father! Of course they would make an excuse like that just so I wouldn't know of it." Calmly Aross responded, "You're being paranoid. There was no high-ranking officer, I assure you. Now what else was it you came to ask me?"

Laucian wasn't convinced at all, but nevertheless he continued, "I want to know about The Justice. What of its disappearance?" The information dealer leaned back on his chair and let out a chuckle, "Many people want to know that my boy. This will not afford the little I know." As if he was reading Laucian's mind, Aross asked, "But were you not on that ship yourself?" Information for information, the currency of knowledge.

"We were attacked by Halruaans, or at least a flying ship. Somehow, I had heard of the attack before it happened, but I can't recall the source. This was a set-up, they wanted someone on that ship," explained Laucian.

Aross smiled with satisfaction, it was a slightly disturbing smile like he knew far too much, "Paranoid indeed. Interestingly enough, the only two known survivors from The Justice were you and the ship's wizard, Garandos," at the mention of the name Laucian tensed a little, "who was found dead in his home, a few days ago, even though he was known to have parted with the ship. But when you murdered him, you knew not he was my brother. NOW!" Laucian had stood up, reached for his weapon, and turned, but it was too late. His last sight, was of the errand boy holding a club high above his head...


"What should I do with him, master?" asked the young boy standing over Laucian's limp body. "Finish 'im off?"

"Nay, this fool knew not his disloyalty to me when he killed my brother. Take anything valuable and sell him to some dingy pirate ship as a slave. In fact I think one of Claude's boys is recruiting downstairs."

07/22/2006 2:06 PM

The captain felt the change in The Weave, long before the magehound appeared. The sailors were now calmly moving back and forth on the deck, as the skyship rolled like an adventurous feather on the winds of the Sea of Swords. They were high above the water and the air was dense and cold. Suddenly - to the few who hadn't felt the magic - a portal appeared in the middle of the deck and an old man stepped out. His dark gaze searched the ship for only a moment before he wandered towards the captain who awaited with a knowing smile.

"To what may I owe the honour of the visit of such a royal guest on the humble deck of my vessel?" asked the captain in the rough tongue of the Halruaans with a low bow. "My time is short, captain," he said sharply in a deep, low voice, dismissing the bow with a wave of his hand, "and I have some important matters to discuss. What is your business in these lands, so far North? This is nearly the farthest our people have travelled from the kingdom."

"I'm in search of a certain object is all," said the captain in a nonchalant manner. "I would speak more details but you never know who might also be hunting." He winked.

"Listen," he said, his words grim, "word has reached me that two ships of Waterdeep have disappeared."

"You are accusing me," the captains voice turned just as serious. "I am warning you," said the magehound as he began to turn away, "do not anger the Eldars."

"I have had nothing to do with these northern-lings," stated the captain and the man sensed no lies using magic, but he was well aware that there were ways around magic. "You'd better hope so." He disappeared off the deck as suddenly as she had come.

As the captain moved towards the stairs to the lower levels he smiled to himself. Through the ring in his finger he heard the whisper of a raspy voice. "They know nothing. The map has escaped once, but we shall soon have it back." The captain nodded.

08/09/2006 6:50 PM

Morgan wandered back towards the city, his efforts at the docks proving fruitless. He found himself in The Dead Sailor's Tomb. He walked into the crowded tavern and found himself a spot at the bar. "Barkeep." He said loudly. A gruff looking man came over to him. "Aye, whaddya need?" "Rum. And keep it coming." The bar tender waddled off and came back with a glass and a bottle of old rum. "That's what I like to see," Morgan said with a smile and handed the man a purse of gold coins. Eduard didn't bother with the glass; just drank the rum from the bottle and began surveying the crowd, looking for any seaworthy souls...

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