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07/10/2006 8:47 PM

Blackness, lieutenant commander Frost, the acting security chief, couldnt see anything, his awareness was slowly creeping back to him, and then it hit him in one massive wave, Panic found its way back into the lieutenant 's chest. Frost was headed to his post on the bridge when a bulkhead collapsed, throwing several pieces of shrapnel in his face, knocking him out cold. The Bridge, the lieutenant threw himself to his feet and wiped the haze from his eyes as he ran, he reached the turbolift and called for the bridge, the turbolift began to move. A few moments later the doors opened, revealing a massive hole opening into what remained of the bridge, and cut into the deck beneath it. There was an emergency forcefield keeping the air in the turbolift. The lieutenant fell to his knees; he felt a lump in his throat, the turbolift doors closed.

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07/11/2006 8:28 PM

The turbolift doors opened again on deck six, the damage all across the ship was extensive, the power surges, and plasma conduit breaches alone had begun to rip the ship apart, not to mention the numerous "Lucky" shots that the dominion got off into unshielded areas. A group of engineers ran by, they split off to tackle several jobs at once, the lieutenant called one of them to stop "Ensign, do you have a damage report?"

"No sir, sorry sir." the ensign replied, snapping a rushed salute. "I haven't left deck six since the attack, and all the comms are out."

"Thank you, carry on." the ensign saluted again, the lieutenant responded. No communication was bad, it meant that there could easily be an uncontrolled hull breach, of fire that no one could call in, let alone finds assistance in repairing or putting out.

Lieutenant Commander Frost returned to the turbolift, and turned to face a keypad. He quickly entered a specific Co-ordinate, he had to battle several error messages that stated his destination didn't exist before the doors finally closed, after a slightly longer travel the turbolift doors opened once again, into a dimly lit, moderately sized room that was lined with over two dozen stations strategically placed along the walls and the floor... The War Room.

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07/14/2006 12:38 PM

The war room was almost completely dark, hopefully that didn't mean anything bad, the entire room ran on a completely isolated, and self sufficient system, with its own sensors, broadcast points, weapon control, and power plants. "This is Lieutenant commander Frost, Activate War Room, authorization Frost. Omega. Strike." The room lit up, the consoles turned on, and readouts began pouring onto various displays, first things first, re ran to the main console and began pulling up statistics...

30 hull breaches, across 13 decks...

Port nacelle Compromised...

Ablative armor compromised...

Transverse bulkheads minimal, but functioning...

Primary and secondary shields disabled...

Emergency force fields at 13%...

Frost keyed on the comm. "This is lieutenant commander Kainen Frost reporting from the war room, any and all senior staff please report immediately"

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07/19/2006 6:54 PM

The turbolift doors hissed open, inside was a young girl in her mid twenties, with long cut brown hair and green eyes; she was dressed in a yellow cut operations uniform. "Katelyn!" Kainen stammered, stepping away from the console he'd been madly attacking. "You're the chief engineer, I need a hand making this stuff work."
"Kain... what happened?" Katelyn asked back as she moved to begin unlocking stations.
"Not a clue in hell." Kainen answered back.

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