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07/09/2006 4:39 PM

Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums, obviously, and hope to make some cool friends. I got a few RP ideas I'd like to give a shot at around here and hope at least a few people join.

More About Me: I'm a big role-play junkie. I pretty much spend my entire day role-playing and writing stories for others to read. I'm currently writing a post-apocalyptic story revolving around zombies, demons, and cybernetically-enhanced killer teddy bears. I do martial arts (Karate and Judo), read fantasy novels, watch Sci-Fi, and collect anime DVDs.

So, um, heyllo!

07/10/2006 12:00 AM

Im SO cool...I'll SO be your friend...your life is now complete! YAY ME...er...YOU!!!`LOL.

Anyways...Welcome to RPGC. I'm sure you'll have a great time and the members here will definitely lend a hand whenever you need it. Me especially...If you have any questions, feel free to mail me.

I currently have one thread up called Back to the Primitive. If you're into Forgotten Realms, check it out in the Forgotten Realms section. I also have a query for a marvel RPG...I hope you take a look at them! : )

Anyways, Welcome, and you now have a friend.

07/12/2006 5:49 PM

Hi and welcome to The RPGC! :)

I'm Lunitari (Luni) and I'm co-director of the RP Sages (along with Kalia_Majere), the group that runs the show on the Free Forum Role-Playing Forums. Kalia's badge is silver, being an Executive Producer - the Sage badges are purple. Don't be afraid to Intra-mail or PM any of us with questions or if you need advice. We'll help you out anyway we can. Hope to see ya around!


07/13/2006 11:50 AM

Hi there, you had me hooked until you mentioned 'killer teddy bears'...

Welcome to the RPGC, Mapkus. :)

07/13/2006 8:07 PM

Hi there, you had me hooked until you mentioned 'killer teddy bears'...

That was a little bit of a surprise for me too...

Well whatever your ideas are Mapkus, this is a good outlet for them. :)

Welcome and enjoy your time here!

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