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07/06/2006 2:35 PM

I got the idea for this RP from the TV show LOST. This is not a "hack-and-slash" RP. It is entirely story-based, and there are no stats whatsoever. And no, you don't have to be a LOST fan in order to play in this RP.

You are a passenger in the front section on Worldwide Airlines, flight 666 from Sydney to Los Angeles. Beginning to doze off, you idly stare out the window, at the endless expanse of ocean gleaming in the sunlight. You are jolted awake as the entire plane starts shaking. This is the second time the plane has hit turbulence this flight. You fasten your seatbelt. The pilot's voice comes on over the intercom "We're heading into some..." before he has a chance to finish speaking, there is a loud crash, like an explosion, and the entire tail section of the plane is somehow torn off. The front section of the plane goes into a nose dive. You take one last glance out the window, and see that the plane is heading towards a large island. There is a deafening crash as the plane slams into solid ground. You feel your head hit against something hard... As you lay semi-conscious, you hear screaming and moaning from all around you... your entire life begins to flash before your eyes.

Anyone who is interested in joining, write a description for your character. Be sure to make it elaborate and interesting. The format is below:


Don't get out of the wreckage or start wandering around the island yet... We'll start the RP once we have enough people.

07/06/2006 3:53 PM

NAME:Jakk St.George Meron
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:Tall and muscular.Deep blue eyes.Short black hair with red highlights,always wears it pointed.Wears red contacts and black clothing.
OCCUPATION:Scientist of the occult,magic and medieval times.
BACKGROUND:Put into an orphanage at a young age.Jakk never knew his parents and always wondered why his parents would have left him at the orhanage, but he could never think of a good reason so he made his sole purpose in life to find his parents and he would do anything to do that so he studied occult and magic plus medieval lore because he was raised at the St. George orphanage that had lots of medieval artifacts that he always liked so he studied for years he also studied animals,but mostly cats because he could talk to them and they wouldn't laugh at him or tell anyone else,they would still be his friends, but still no avail so he went into a denial sort of stage and gave up life,but kept on studying just in case he stumbled across something that would help him locate his parents...
PERSONALITY:Pessimistic with a passion for occult,animals,magic and medieval lore.He's usually the one that doesn't talk unless everyone is still trying to figure it out then he says it like they are all idiots and goes back into his blank stare into the sky pondering the mysteries of life like its reason or what his parents are like.He's been through tough fights and being teased a lot because of what he studies,even the other scientists thinks he isn't a real scientist, but he's learned to shut them out of his life and keep pusuing his dream.He's never had any friends because nobody was like him,nobody had a purpose that he pursued,but still didn't pursue because he thought sometimes he wouldn't like his parents,but like the people he shut these thoughts out and kept on going...
REASON YOU WERE ON THE PLANE:To study the animals and go to the occult festival they were having.

07/11/2006 12:20 AM

Shouldn't you be doing this in the OOC??
I'm thinking of joining maybe, just gotta think of my character...

07/14/2006 7:20 PM

NAME: Aletta Elizabeth Black
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v358/greystar24/anime/prettygal.jpg[/IMG] This is basically what Aletta looks like but the only difference is that Aletta's eyes are a deep jade green.
OCCUPATION: Clothing Design Intern
BACKGROUND: Aletta lost both of her parents in a horrible car accident when she was only a toddler. Her brother and herself were lucky to be alive. Her brother, Jeremy, who was 6 at the time, and Aletta, who was only 3 years old, lived alone in their parents old house. At the age of ten, Aletta got her first pet, a kitten named Spkie. Spike was given to her by her brother, who was 13 then. On Aletta's 14th birthday, a life-changing event occured. Her brother Jeremy commited suicide, at the young age of 17. Aletta went to live with her aunt but was kicked out after a year because of accusations that she was sleeping with her cousin. Aletta lived with her grandmother for a year also but her grandmother ended up passing away at the age of 98. Aletta has been living on her own ever since, moving back into her parents old house and fending for herself. She has always been an outsider with very few friends. Her one true companion is her cat Midnight. Aletta turned vegetarian when she was five years old and the thought of meat makes her gag. Aletta also has a passion for all types of animals. She is sometimes seen talking to them. She feels that they listen better than humans do. One of the things Aletta wants to do in her life is just to find some true friends who don't judge her for what she eats or how she dresses.
PERSONALITY: Aletta is the type of person who sees the glass half empty. She keeps to herself and is perceived as being shy but she is quite the opposite. If people actually tried to talk to her they would be surprised to see that she's actually very talkative and outgoing. She only reveals this to very close friends. Aletta likes to draw and most of the time she's listening to music. She writes lyrics and poems but she's very possesive of her sketchbook and writing book. She lets hardly anyone see them without a fight. She's been teased all of her life for looking different, eating different, and acting different. People have ridiculed her for being vegetarian but she just ignores them. The only time she really gets mad is when people ask her about her family.
REASON YOU WERE ON THE PLANE: Aletta was visiting L.A to scout out new designs and ideas for her boss's clothing lines.

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