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07/05/2006 8:39 PM

So, here's the deal. I don't know if this is highly different from the way most people here may do it. I'm used to doing it the Gaia way. So, well. It doesn't matter if it's somehow different neh? Different is good.

The story takes place in what someone would call an Organization for Assasins, and as each goes there always seems to be some odd rumor going around. Someone in this organization will soon betray everyone for a female. He wants to run off with her, yet he isn't allowd as an assasin. No one can have any real social life as an assasin.
So, here's the story. This males best friend finds out, his best friend... will do anything for the group. He is the best afterall, but. He can't find himself to do it. . .
So, the rumor leaks on and on and somehow, someone finds out, and the betrayers best friend somehow gets drawn into the situation. They must run from it all, fight to live. Fight for life.

Now, I prefer for you to describe your characters in your posts, but, if you prefer a profile just tell me.

Riku (the best friend drawn into the situation): Played by~ Grave777
The friend: (name you choose) Played By~
The girl whose Riku's friend falls inlove with:

Organization Members:
None at the moment.


Here's my first post. I will be playing the betrayers best friend. . . . and yes, I'm playing a male.

The sun slowly rose up, echoing it's light somehow into the room. Scaring away all the darkness into shadows as it woke Riku up, but, as tired as this young male was. He didn't want to move, but he had to. His friend was draging him everywhere now that he was in this mess. No longer was he in the Organization, he was a runner. A betrayer, and that had been his mistake. He hesitated to speak, and no assasin should do that, but then again . . .it was his best friends life that was at stake...

Slowly bringing himself to get out of bed, Riku ran a hand through his dyed black hair. This would only be proven by the blonde roots slowly revealing his natural hair color. And, now as he gave a small yawn to mock the morning he open his eyes, only revealing a deep blue one covered in black eyeliner and dark grey eyeshadow that was smeared from the day before. His other eye, being a different color, a dull grey almost white color, but, this eye was unseen as it was hidden by what one may call bangs from his semi-long choppish hair.

His clothes perfectly matched his usual cold expression and dull-like mood. It only consisted on the one color that he truly adored, black. His lighter shade shirt, wrinkled from the night with the band Evanescence on the front, seemed to be the brightest thing he wore. Especially when his Tripp pants were so completely black, with a few chains here and there. Everything else just seemed, there. His usual acessories and whatnot were on the floor by the bed, as his old black combat boots laid hidden under the plain bed.

He was stuck here, for the rest of the morning probably. In a plain old motel that his friend had thrown him in. This only sucked, and nothing more. He didn't like it here and he just wanted to leave, but he wouldn't leave without knowing if his friend would make it through the day. The others really seemed pissed off. Wanting each of them dead along with that idiot girl his friend has fallen for. Well, he only saw her as stupid for he merely saw love as stupid. He was judged as emotionless afterall. He didn't see much in love or even happiness. His friend was the closest thing he had to that. He didn't have much to live for except to be the best in the Organization and to keep that up. Sure, he played the guitar and sung and whatnot. But, well. Nevermind.

So here he was, walking to the bathroom to take a shower and to change into whatever he had managed to drag along. He wished he could go back home, but, well one would figure why he couldn't. Like said before, he was stuck here. Stuck. All because of his friends idiotic mistake and his hesitation....

Walking into the bathroom and slowly stripping his dark clothing from his slender, yet muscular, six feet tall body. He gave an annoyed look in the mirror just before turning on the hot water and steping in.

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