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07/05/2006 12:54 PM

I seem to have a decent amount of luck generating interest in my threads thus far, but I AM new and have only started one...so...

Here's my idea:
I want to set an RP in the marvel universe using certain elements and characters from White Wolf's Abberant d10 RPG. Basically, lots of familiar faces (Spidey, the X-men, the Avengers, etc.) plus The Teragen for those of you who may be familiar with Abberant. However, with all of the familiarity also comes the pioneering of new territories as more and more events unfold all over the world.

Also, using the elements from Abberant in establishing a storyline will allow those who are entirely unfamiliar with Marvel, White Wolf, or superheroes in general to jump in and enjoy themselves in a fully free form, play as you will, type of environment. If a player chooses not to progress the story further at a certain point in time and wishes to go on to a newer task or challenge, that character may adventure as he/she pleases and return to the main plot in his or her own time so long as it doesn't hinder other player's RPing.

Basically the story would begin shortly after the explosion of an exploratory spacecraft the aftermath of which has people all over the world "Erupting" so to speak and discovering they have superhuman abilities. Be them mutations, learned powers, gadgets, etc., everyone wants a piece of the superhero pie. The powerful and the posers are all claiming special abilities and vying for the attention of the public.

During this time the players would emerge as their own original heroes of any type and take to the world in any number of ways. For example, joining a super team, pursing personal fame, taking a more sinister or evil path, or even mundane tasks like getting a job or voting. (seriously)
Eventually I would try to steer the story towards choosing a side and joining either the evil Teragen/Brotherhood/whatever or a good or neutral super team. Plenty of opportunities for a VERY intense RP experience in my opinion.

If anyone has any ideas, if you are interested in this RP, or just want to correct me in any way (lol) please, feel free to post and more importantly, if you are serious about starting this thing Mail me personally with your thoughts. I look forward to seeing what you guys think and I really hope to generate enough interest to make this idea an actuality.

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07/26/2006 8:57 AM

Dude amazing is all I can say. Sounds like a solid RPG, and I wouldn't mind jumping in. I like the original idea, of creating your own superhero and steering him in any which way. Very cool idea. On the down side though, it kinda sounds like the new Marvel series, "Marvel Civil War". With verations of course (I have already began reading the series, and it isn't really to similar to your RPG). But dispite this, I say start the thread up and let's do this!

07/30/2006 10:08 AM

Ideally, I want at least one more player...so if one more person would post their interest.

08/01/2006 9:46 PM

i wouldnt mind hittin up this shit, i generally dont trust anything regarding superhero's but what the hell, gunna die of old age someday so i might as well do a variety before then eh? entirely clueless as to how i would make my hero though, probably get my inspiration from "The Watchmen"

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