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06/27/2006 3:11 PM

Last year I started a thread called Forest Queen, which was a bit muddled. At the beginning there wasnt much of a plot, but it developed into something what I thought to be an interesting story.

Anyway&.Ive decided that Id like to start the sequel which I am determined to make better. This story has a firm plot which is as follows:

Set six years after Forest Queen.

The Great War between the Allies and Curtis is over. The Allies have emerged victorious and are now busy repairing the damage caused by Curtis and his armies. The City of Manhelm lies in ruin and many of its people starve. The humans, determined to blame someone for their predicament, begin to turn on their liberators. Thievery is rife and at the heart of the ruined city the last remaining followers of Lord Curtis are amassing to await the return of their Lord and their rise to power.

In the Wild Elves forest the Wild Elves are busy rebuilding their Capital far from the burnt ruins of Lilunya. Peace has once again been restored to the great nation but not without a cost. Many families lost loved ones in the Great War and are demanding retribution. A small union of renegade elves from the High Elf Grey Elf, Wild Elf and Sea Elf nations are gathering to destroy the mortal cities and return to the days when the Elvin Races ruled.

Deep in the darkest regions of Asvirah Forest an Ancient Power is stirring. A power that can either be used to cleanse the world or destroy it. The Allies must once again unite to find this Ancient power before their enemies do. With danger at every corner only the worthy will enter Asvirahs heart as the forest forces them to face their greatest fears.

For the sequel there will be most of the original characters, with obviously some new ones too.

The races include:
Wild/Forest Elves
Grey Elves
Sea Elves
High Elves

(any other suggestions for races are also welcome)

There are of course several different sides which are&
The Allies
Curtis and his followers
Renegade Elves

...which you can choose from.

If you have any questions just ask, and I hope to have as many interested people as possible.

Also i'd just like to say that if any decide that they do want to join then they must continue, not once everyday of course but at least once a week as during Forest Queen there were several people who started posting then after several posts just stopped.


- Ashlah

06/27/2006 7:19 PM

I've been waiting for this. You know I'm in. So do you already have a plot in mind? involving the child Azrael?

06/28/2006 2:31 PM

It's good to see you're still interested.

As to Azrael, yes I do have a plot in mind for him. The end of Forest Queen saw the death of Curtis and his child growing within Xya. In this story Azrael is of course six and appears normal but as the story progresses he will begin to change. Nicholas possessed Elvin blood from his mother, the queen which is why he did not age like the other humans.
Azrael also possesses Elvin blood from his mother which is why he too does not age as the humans do. Azrael also inherited Xya's ability to communicate with animals and use their senses. Lord Curtis wants to posses this power and Azrael's 'immortality' so he begins to seep into Azrael's conscience and try to control him through their blood bond.

Azrael will for whatever reason accompany the allies, (along with Xya and if you want Sevril), on their quest to Asvirah Forest. Curtis uses this opportunity to try and access the Power and use it for his own means. Azrael becomes in effect a puppet as Curtis begins to control him.

06/28/2006 4:50 PM

Awesome. So I'm considering a few character ideas. I will still play sevril, but I don't plan on him being my main focus, if he becomes that, then so be it. I'm toying with ideas about the hiearchy of rule in the leftover human nations and possible high positions within the high elf nation. I'm also considering intresting returns for characters whose stories were kind of left open ended, such as Faedra and Kiros both of whom might have a bit of envy which could play an intresting role. I know Feadra was left without any real closure, but Im not sure about Kiros. Ive only been skimming the original story the past couple of days. Anyways, I really hope more people join.

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