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06/23/2006 8:19 AM

Alright,try to stay with me here. Why don't we have a modded RP? Let me tell you what a modded rp is. Everyone who wants to join, must creat a character approved by one mod from the forum. This character gets a set amount of money apon creation, which may be spent in stores and such. But how do you get more money? By going through quests. Quests are judged by mods, and awards are given. These awards include exp points. Once a character gets 100 exp points, he may update his character profile, and add to him another skill/ability.

Starting character profiles will include a history of the character, and a physical description. THe character may have one moderent abiltity, OR two low level abilitys. A moderent would be like Moderent sword weilding, and a low skill would be Novice sword weilding.

As for the world it self, it would look like Earth as placement of Continates and such. However, its midevil time. With swords, sheilds, lances, and magic. Their are many citys, and it seemed like the golden age. But then suddenly, an army of evil attacked the main citys. Dragons, orcs, trolls, goblins, giants, and other monstrucities attacked them. Soon their were only a few citys left. Now, the forces of elf, human, dwarf and other minortys are joining in the remaining citys and mountains to fight the enemy.

It needs work, but what do you'll think?

06/24/2006 2:53 PM

we dont... why? simply because it's hard to organize online with the resources we have at the moment. However, we have thought of, and planned to work on something of the sort for sometime in the future... right now it's all in the planning stage.


Thanks for the suggestion!

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