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06/19/2006 7:04 AM

Hello all! It's been awhile since Ive come up with an rp thread(and followed it through, for this I apolgize) But this is one one I am willing to commit too, but of cousre I'll need your help!. After seeing X#(whith mixed feelings to be sure, it was good and bad) This kinda came around as inspiration so here it goes:

A small group of teenage mutants(us, around 4-5 rpers please) are being hunted by Sentinals, this band of mutants is only just discovering thier mutant abilitie's, and they have seen what a Sentinal can do for it os now open season for mutants, after the incident involved with Dark Pheonix(this is sill in question, im not sure if I should do it based off of the movie, or in the comic setting, ill leave it open for now) the goverment as been secretly utilizing Sentinal technology to try and purge 30% of the mutant population in everymajor city, and as we travel, dodging Sentinal attacks and using what we have just o survive, we flee into an open manhole blasted open by a Sentinal laser, after fleeing aimlessly in the swewers we accidently come upon a small scavenging party of Morlocks(3 or so) in are panicked condition we kill one and pehaps critically Injure another, Now with the Sentinals tearing apart whole streets in search of the Morlocks and perhaps us, WE are now on 2 most wanted lists, The Morlocks are out for blood as well as the Sentinals attacking form above.

This is a rough idea, but I want u all to tel me what u think, btw being a mutant doesnt necassarily mean u have a great gif, as both illustrated in the comics and in the movie, and I know with an Imaginative group like you we cam amke this work!

CHeers for now,

06/22/2006 2:02 PM

I think you have a very promising concept on your hands. I am an active player of a game by white wolf called Abberant (about superheroes) so I already have a few good teenage mutant ideas for characters, powers and the like. I am VERY interested in this project and would at least be able to commit a couple nights a week to it. The base story is very solid with plenty of room to grow and branch and I wannt to see where it can go. Please PM me if you decide to do this one or want assistance or ideas...

06/26/2006 1:07 PM

Hey man Im very interested mail me when you start it ok?

06/27/2006 9:02 PM

If the story gets a little more developed it would be awesome. It would be a small band of mutants that come together, though there should be like a mission or something. Just a story running around seems odd, maybe a theme or something is needed.

Also, restrictions on the mutants, because it would be great to create brand-new characters, but power levels are curious.

06/27/2006 9:37 PM

Orion I <3 your RPs They are always fun to do so ofcourse I'm going to try and get in this one. I'll have to think of something really intresting for this concept.

E-mail me when it gets started up.

06/28/2006 9:19 AM

The main thing would probably be escaping to the Xavier institute, and now that we have enough people I will leave it up to discussion. Thanx for participating guys, Ill work on a more concrete story this week.

06/29/2006 7:57 PM

I would certainly like to participate, if there's still room...

06/29/2006 7:57 PM

I would certainly like to participate, if there's still room...

07/15/2006 8:32 PM

There is plenty of room, and this thread will be up bye tomorrow Ill mail u all in case u do not see this

07/15/2006 8:43 PM

I want to join too, I'm looking for an RP thread to play in:).

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