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06/09/2006 8:43 PM

This is only the ruff draft, Im sure I will be adding more over the next few days,

Year: 2026

The former united states is now a fascist country run by an elite group of corporations and is the worlds largest superpower, Iraq is no longer a separate country but instead a subsidiary of the united global company's or the UGC. Former citizens of the united states of America are under constant surveillance in the form of phone taping, Data monitoring and monitoring of funds. Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada were able to remove them selves from the UGC and now form the United Democratic nations along side Hawaii, Alaska has been absorbed into Canada after some conflict with the former soviet union. Shortly before the Fall of the USA the two focal points in United states technology was Seattle In Washington, and Silicon valley In California, Allowing the UDN"United Democratic Nations" to arm them selves with every bit of cutting edge military technology. Some have posed the question why don't they*UGC* just launch a few nukes? well the answer is in the long run it would prove only to destroy the UGC due to the weather modification technology which UDN has perfected leaps and bounds over Its rival nation, along with laser based defense and Unmanned border patrols.

The UGC's military has taken to likening them selves to gods, the most apparent being the title of many wartime projects such as The Halo project,HARRP,The voice of god, The duel projects that make up the Eye's of god and lastly Messiah Solders. Now the Messiah solders are something to note, As a single Messiah solder possess a duel core processor, Meaning they are able to hold two thoughts within there brain at the same time cutting the time needed to calculate there maritime environment. They also are able to record data for almost 100% recall up to sixty four hours later. Upon need the UGC is able to Shut down the solders singular consciousness and "Boot up" a number of algorithms which then allow them to use multiple solders as a hive, All working under one mass Artificial intelligence. The major short coming with that is that any data transmitted must be broad casted to the operator and then depending on it's priority sent back as a command to the surrounding "Hive"were as the Seven solders that make up SBOI"SERVER BASED ORGANIC INTELLIGENCE" UND's equivalence of the Messiah project" on the other hand work much like current Peer to Peer networks. All Data is shared between the seven solders Which has evolved into a sort of group consciousness, allowing multiple views of the same target, Which Has increased there Lethality and survivability. Granted the Scale of the SBOI project is minute in compression to the Many Many Messiah solders that UGC has at there command, The bulk of the UDN's infantry are conventional solders armed with advanced Caseless round assault rifles.G11 heckler & koch ([IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v236/vampirelcs/g11k2.jpg[/IMG]" target="_blank)

The UGC was unfortunately able to recover thirty one seconds of video feed from one of SBOI's stealth missions, which was a complete success other then the recording which was recovered. The one of the UGC's generals released the video to his squad of special forces in hopes to prepare them if they were to come in contact with them on there upcoming mission. The special forces were amazed and one solder went AWOL after witnessing the efficiency of SBOI, Now Thankfully we know what the UGC saw on that video,SBOI's mission was the silent infiltration of a chemical production plant, there were fifty two solders guarding the plant, No alarm was ever raised, and all fifty two solders were killed along with twenty two civilians working at the plant, none of those were from the detonation that destroyed the plant. Now the clip the UGC got there hands on is from a surveillance camera who's attendant was killed, It showed the killing of four solders and two civilians, within a thirty by fifty room Which was fully lit and only contained two doors, The actual deaths were within seven seconds of the video feed.

85% of the UGC's citizens can now be tracked from within, via a modified version of the VerIchip which was laced "thanks too the patriot act" into what was believed to be a vaccination against bird flu which was released to the general public shortly before the fall of the united states of America.

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06/12/2006 12:08 AM

Does any one have any comments about how I can flesh this out?

Im having a hard time figuring out where to go from here and any thoughts are helpful.

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